A Strange Situation In France: Something Big Might Happen Very Soon


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  1. May God bless all the people around the

    Universe it’s bad to kill innocent people in

    The name of Islam and it’s the Relegion of

    Peace and love.

    • Islam is not the religion of peace and love, it is the religion of a political cult that spreads hate, terrorism and torture and death and etc… .

      • As are all mainstream religions.
        Only ways of life are good, like Buddhism, Paganism (tree gods, etc not the demonized satanic nonsense the christian’s made it into), Zora, Ki, Nature-worship, Hindu, Shinto and other such “codes” like Bushido and Mythologies like Norse (Valhalla, Valkyries, etc).

        Main religions are completely whack, have people giving their money to churches that abuse their kids and lie to their face. Yeah, magical stone kingdom that floats in clouds and a guy made the whole world in a week, MY BUM!

        • and thats what an idiot says. especially one who is not well versed on the quran(koran). you can’t just take some bullshit from wikipedia or some hater who you happened to meet on the street. the best thing you can do is pick up an english version and read it

          • You are guilty of every bit of fucktard-etry that you just mentioned. The Koran does not advocate violence, in fact it takes a firm position against all forms of it. Please, if you are so knowledgeable on the contents of the Koran, please, reply with evidence sourced from said texts, in their whole and intended passage(s), or stfu and gtfo.

        • I hope you’re not lumping the original Buddhist philosophies that can be categorized as a religion, with Shinto, a ‘faux-ligion’ (just made this word up, I know it’s not a real word)?

          (but most others may not know who read your comment), isn’t actually a religion but instead ‘rituals and practices’, or ‘codes’ as you so excellently, and accurately, stated.

  2. The French and many other nations are looking at anti-Israel #BDS policy due to Palestine lands confiscation. Israel is working over time to stop BDS and will go to extremes to paint nations, groups, religious as middle east terrorists. You can expect unusual zionist actions over the next months.


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