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By anonews


Attempt at a summary:

The war in Syria against ISIS is essentially much bigger than just “extremist Islam stuff”. It’s a combination of 2 separate issues that have been going on in the country, one relates to religion, the other to oil and the global oil market.

Continue reading below the video:

Over the past couple of years there have been proposals (from Qatar backed by the West) for an oil pipeline from Saudi-Arabia through Jordan and Syria into Turkey (and Europe). This, proposed, pipeline would strengthen the US and weaken Russia’s position on the global oil market because Europe currently heavily relies on Russian natural gas for fuel. Assad rejected these plans and instead proposed (and started constructing) his own pipeline going through Iran and Iraq. This oil pipeline instead will do the opposite by strengthening Russia’s position due to their alliance with Iraq, Iran and Assad.

It’s also during these past couple of years that the religious rebels started their uprising against Syrian president Assad, with ISIS becoming the main face. It’s important to note that ISIS Muslims are Sunni Muslims. They’re fighting against the Shia (Assad) regime, which is a more moderate branch of Islam. In the region, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey are also considered Sunni (By majority of population/regime). Syria is considered Shia, as are Iran and Iraq.

Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, Israel and the US have been aiding these rebels (ISIS) in many different ways, though never official. (examples are given in the video) There’s common religious ground, oil pipeline interests or both.

In 2015, when ISIS started to earn between 1 and 2 million dollars a day off -conquered- oil sales (to presumably Turkey), the US turned a blind eye. Russia instead retaliated in November 2015 by targeting ISIS oil convoys heading into Turkey. Turkey “retaliated” by shooting down a Russian fighter jet which supposedly violated Turkish airspace. (I guess these are the first proposed acts of war between Russia and “the West”) In response, Russia released satellite images claiming Turkey is smuggling ISIS oil. The US dismissed this evidence, without much follow up.

That’s pretty much where we’re at today, however tension is building, as the video wraps up in the last few minutes:

With the Russian army already dug-in in Syria fighting ISIS, it’s hard for the US and Europe to find “an angle” of entrance. If Assad wins the war and beats ISIS, there’s the possibility that Russia will replace the US dominance in the entire region, triggering a collapse of the petrodollar. (As a result of the pipeline finishing) This is unacceptable for the US.

Then the video finishes with snippets of Hillary saying she will go to war with Russia if she has to, Putin his famous speech from last month (which definitely gets a more deep and eerie meaning) and video-clips of the tension at Russian borders in recent months.


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  1. no World War 3… only possible case of World War 3… lets not name a war yet… please… propaganda of war giving names and things to people think about a forged War name concept… so it could nothing happen as well as any of infinite cases in a spectrum from good to bad why naming something and submerging into a coincept of World War 3… it is not natural it doesn’t exist… it is a human concept tried to be pushed to execution through propaganda of war… not not name or call things that you dont know the form of the feeling of to be in and feel its presence… evitate calling naming war… no one wants to live in such presence of that environment and case scenario…

    • WW1 started because a resistance terrorist killed on one person.
      WW2 started because a false flag operation.

      See, the reasons for World Wars, can be very very small and even fake…and people like you think in the past days the people where more violent and more uninformed, but actually they had the same life, like the people now, just a bit less stress and speed…

        • I think he means that the US got involved into WW2 because of Pearl Harbor attack which was allowed to happen. But he might be referring to how WW2 in whole was started. It is generally believed among the more-well-informed that the world wars are just depopulation agendas perpetrated by those who think they control and own the world. After all, they don’t send themselves or their children to go die, they send all of us!


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