Student Makes Animated Video that Will Make You Love Your Fear


Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up ― Veronica Roth

Fear is an emotion, an unpleasant or anxious feeling caused by the presence or imminence of danger or pain. Fear of heights, water, rats, snakes, injections, rejections, flying, dying, sickness, loneliness, a fear of missing out and a fear of the unknown, are all real phobias. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, phobias affect approximately 10% of adults.

But, as Franklin Roosevelt famously asserted, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” Joy, fear, anger, disgust and sadness are human emotions that guide us through our difficult, life-changing events – if we didn’t feel fear we couldn’t protect ourselves from legitimate threats.

Through this amazing animation, Vancouver Film School student Nata Metlukh makes a pretty simple point that’s often forgotten: fear isn’t always bad, fear isn’t always negative, fear isn’t our enemy.

Why is fear there in the first place?

Human beings were built to feel fear. It’s part of our flight-or-fight response. Fear triggers our bodies into action, saving us from unfortunate situations, and allowing us to respond in ways that protect us. For example, a fear of cars can make us cautious when we go through a crosswalk.

Erika Napoletano, American Express OPEN columnist, writes:

Don’t be fearless. Instead, fall in love with fear. It’s the beacon in the night, guiding each of us toward the next better decision. It’s the challenge that asks us whether we’re strong enough to receive the benefits of all we’ve asked for. And it’s better than any alarm clock, giving us regular wake-up calls designed to help us rise to the next occasion.

Being fearless—that’s just plain dumb advice. Instead, look what scares you in the eye and say, “I see you. Now let’s get to work”.”

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  1. Very enlightened animation. I have always tried to make people around me understand that the so called ‘negative emotions’ are not negative if you process them. Embracing it and feeling what it has to tell you. It is far more negative to supress fear, anger and grief. Thus it will become anxiousesness, violence and depression. But if we allow ourselves to express it through sound, movement and vibration. It will heal us and teach us, make us grow.


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