SWAT Team Kills Dog in Front of Kid


When a SWAT team stormed into a family home one late night in 2010, what was meant to be a ‘routine’ raid on a drug dealer, turned out to be something more. On February 11, the Whitworth’s City of Columbia home was raided after information led the SWAT team to believe that he held substantial quantities of Marijuana on the property.

The SWAT team stormed the premises late in the night after busting down the door, shortly after, killing the owners dog, which you can hear whimpering in the video, and wounding the other family pet in front of his 7 year old son and wife. They were then held just feet from the dead dog while Jonathan Whitworth was arrested. In all, several shots were fired at the dogs.

[*removed: Check the new link for the video in the comments]

The police believed Whitworth was a major drug dealer, but later it was discovered that the raid only turned up a small quantity of marijuana, a grinder and a pipe. Since the raid, Whitworth has pursued a civil suit against the police department for damages ranging from vet bills for the injured dog and counseling for his family. The case has since been dismissed in late 2011.[1]

But it seems not everyone has forgotten the case and wants to remind the community of that eventful night. Claiming to have hacked the city’s websites in retaliation, the “Bit Coin Baron” has announced their dissatisfaction with the handling of the entire situation.[2]


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[2] Marciana, J., & David, Z. (2014, December 25). City websites hacked after SWAT team kills dog in search for small amount of marijuana. [Counter Current News]. Retrieved from http://countercurrentnews.com/2014/12/swat-team-dog/


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      • Weed is dumb shit?? Tell me since when is weed dumb shit? Have you ever heard of a pot head blowing something up, killing someone, or even having any hurtful thoughts?? Weed is a calm drug. Shouldn’t even be called a drug for all the useful abilities it has. I have not found 1 thing wrong with weed. So the real dumbass here, is you. Fuckin moron

  1. Of course the case was dismissed. Seems like even if the cop were to decapitate someone in custody they would get the case dismissed also…

  2. im not from america but from what ive heard if you look at a police officer wrong he will call an air strike on you where i live police is friendly but in america they are just bloodthirsty

      • In my country police are friendly too…. I know many of them and all of them are ok… Like when we wasn’t in school and was sitting near police station one cop came and told us to go somewhere we can’t be seen… 😀 then I explained him that we have free hour… 😀 nice guz I like him… Not like those in USA…

  3. That is fk bullshit that still not right for them to shot that dog in front of children . They should get suide for tromitzing those poor children .plus they will be so distrot by not having there family pet also . That that f..kin piss me off so bad .

  4. ”trust the law” they say, ”trust the police ” they say , for what? let’s kill this dog , maybe the kid tell us were the weed is. scrubs


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