Teaching Hate To Children: 6th Grade Muslim Girl Attacked By Peers And Labeled As ISIS – THANKS TRUMP!


by John Vibes at trueactivist.com


A Muslim girl in 6th grade was recently attacked by her school mates at a New York middle school because they suspected that she was a terrorist. Of course, the girl had not threatened anyone but was wearing religious clothing that would obviously identify her as a Muslim. The girl was reportedly attacked by 3 male students who called her “ISIS,” “terrorist” and other offensive names.

According to witnesses, the boys put her in a headlock and punched her, then they attempted to take off her hijab.

A 911 call was made to police, but when they showed up to P.S. 89 they never actually filed any kind of police report. This seems somewhat understandable considering the age of the kids, and the fact that police do not typically arrest underage children. However, there has been a slew of stories in the media this year showing police arrest children for far less.

The boys are now facing a disciplinary meeting at the school for their actions, but they have been given an extension so they can find lawyers.

“Unfortunately young Muslims have been experiencing this for quite some time,” Corey Saylor, spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told Inside Edition.

“Since August of last year… we’ve seen a cycle of Islamophobia that’s had a much more violent tinge to it than we’ve seen in many, many years. I would’ve argued that it was calming down until Paris followed by San Bernardino,” Saylor added.

Sadly, senseless attacks against innocent Muslims have increased since the recent terrorist attacks, and many are now afraid to display their religion in public.

“There is no burning bush solution… but for us, the problem that we’re trying to solve is that most Americans were introduced to Islam on 9/11 watching airplanes fly into buildings. If you’re subject to this steady diet of negative, and you’re getting it at home, we as a community have to figure out a way to overcome that. I would argue that the school could make this is an opportunity for inclusiveness, making sure all the students are treated as Americans,” Saylor said.

The school had no specific comment on the issue, saying only that, “We are committed to promoting safe and supportive environments and a community of inclusion in all DOE schools.”

What is most sad about this story is the fact that it was children involved, children who are obviously being taught to hate by the adults in their lives. New York City actually has one of the largest Muslim populations in America, so peaceful coexistence should be alive and well there, but sadly there are still many people gripped in the fear that has been created by the political class and the mainstream media.

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  1. This is so stupid I businessman like Trump how can say that ? I have a lot of muslims friends there a good people. People like Trump want to make a war between the religions!!! we need to protect your friends and keep the peace in the world, use your brains before you judge some one!!! Also we need to respect all of the religion

        • No, there is conservative islam vs the world.

          You do realize the Islam IS is practicing, except for a few areas, is how Islam is supposed to be practiced. Which is why IS supporters win every debate they have with most other sects/anti-IS.


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