Connecting The Anonymous Collective – Information Anons Everywhere Should Have


With 5.2 Million followers of Facebook and growing, we here at AnonHQ have the unique platform to promote and connect groups from all over the world to grow the Anonymous collective. Today we would like to tell you about a group called the Anon Insiders. The Anon insiders promise “to be honest, accountable, objective and impartial and do things legally, with no drama and no trolling.” The goals and objectives of this group not being far off from the philosophies of us here at AnonHQ, we are happy to spread their message. The insiders have set up and extensive web site featuring news updates, various detailed guides, an operations section as well as a directory connecting like minded groups.

Anon Insiders Goals

  • Be a reliable and accountable source of information for Anonymous.
  • Publish press releases and other information related to Anonymous operations.
  • Reach out to media and reporters to inform them of what is going on in Anonymous.
  • Share our experience with Anonymous and other internet activists.
  • Help the public get in touch with Anonymous.
  • Expand Anonymous outside of the virtual world 

Highlights From Web Site

Installing The Anonymous Operating System:

The Hacktivists Legal Handbook:

VPN/Proxy Guide:

How To Support Fallen Anonymous:

How To Interact With Anonymous

AnonBoardsConnected with AnonHQ. Open web chat and online forums:

AnonOps IRCHot action and adventure. Home to #AntiSec, #LulzSec: | |

AnonNet IRCThe father of anon IRC’s.  For lulz, fun, chat, tech:

CyberGorilla IRCThe only network to accept TOR connections. Small and secure community:

4Chan Random Board:

Reddit Anonymous Board:

Reddit WTF Board:

Groups To Follow

@YourAnonNews | @HiveComm | @AnonCrypt | @AnonyOps | @LatestAnonNews | @Anonycast | @AnonRRD | @AnonOpsSE | @AnonyInfo | @AnonymousVideo | @AnonymousGlobal | @AMaskedGuardian | @MrNegroMilitant | @CtrlSec | @An0nylulz | @blackplans | @GroupAnon | @AnonXaos|  @AnonsCTBA | @AnonJackAzzz |  @blazeart_ | @AuthoressAnon | @Ladyvip2014Anon | @AnonsGlobalOps | @AnonSwedenOPS | @AnonNewsINT | @TheAnonChurch | @anon8755 | @Anon6k | @gothgurly_steph | @Rosebudxxx6

Anon Insiders:

Twitters Endorsed By Anon Insiders:

Ghost Security Group:

Anonymous Intelligence Agency:

World Guard:


France Lyon Maraud:

International Anonymous Coalition:

Other Helpful Links

Anonymous Security Guide:

Computer Programming Guides for Beginners:

Hacking Tutorials From World Guard:

The Noob Guide:

Alternative Hacker Operating System:

This article (Connecting The Anonymous Collective – Information Anons Everywhere Should Have) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article using a creative commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ. Join the conversation at




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  1. I hope your for real but words are nothing we need to physically remove the bad eggs from life just my personal thoughts anyway the only thing these monsters understand is bloodshed and profit loss and so many people are dependant on our system they will fight for it every step of the way we need to remove these bad eggs the brain washers,spin docters the evil

  2. I need help anonymous Leaders & members 🙁
    Corruption in the Philippines is getting stronger
    Can you launch a Slogan ” Stop Corruption ”
    Please 🙁 many filipino die in straving and suffering And many filipino are poor because of Corrupt Goverment officials Do illegal doings .. I post this because I see you at news t.v and your activity

    i expecting .. for help 🙁


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