The Anonymous Podcast Is Coming……..Expect Us


The AnonCast, the Official Podcast of AnonHQ is coming…..Podcast listeners around the world….Expect Us….



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  1. The rise of anon needs to happen, this world is fucked and the only rule that we must live by is don’t harm other people for no reason and if possible don’t harm anyone at all… Pretty fucking simple

  2. Congratulations. ..will be looking forward to have some good old truth come out of this phone. You guys are GOLDEN in my world…precious!

  3. This is what we have been waiting for there have been riots around the world supporting Anonymous.I have been told at school that Anonymous are gonna get caught soon they are never going to make it they tell me that I am an anonymous freak Anonymous started slowly and rose to the top affecting many lives they won’t give up The fbi has to give up someday.right? Riots will continue until they are satisfied

  4. We are with you anonymous; we too do not forgive nor forget!

    The world is not going to turn into a barcoded chipped society & the corporations shall not turn the world into a giant CAFO of human slaves. With our minds & positive actions the community based & e-based networks will definitely overcome the monied ways of the vile elite.

    Social networks are changing to discredit or even remove negative remarks towards companies & ‘nations’ who pay those sites. The paymasters truly think people will be deluded into a slumber if they cannot bear witness to the misguided antics of the shadowy world that contorts lies & satanic ideals into being.

  5. Your ideas and remarks about society the government the branches that run this world the way you’re spreading the truth i agree with you 100% , you’re doing what most people are afraid to do and that is stand up against the illuminati the freemasons the corruption the bull shit thats really happening and i would like to join and help spread the word of whats really going on and making a change for the better , i do have to learn to hack keep my ip private and everything but im ready ! I really am! – i am with you anonymous we do not forgive nor forget

  6. I’ve brought down our crooked and racist police department and associates single handily. 12 years of embezzling over $278,000 from the local rescue squad and terrorizing, intimidating and falsely arresting Blacks in our community (2/3 African-American). I moved here hoping for quiet peace and found good company among the Black community but began to be immediately harassed as an unknown outsider who walked without fear in the “scary” neighborhoods that I “had no business” being in.
    Quickly being labeled a drug dealer, gun runner, pimp, bootlegger, etc without question or introduction. My simple job at the local golf course began to become a place of harassment and even the local community store. I was falsely arrested one day after work just to get my fingerprints to check my background. I’d had enough.
    I’d heard the stories of the police chief and the entire department, a magistrate and even the existing mayor. Without fear, I tried to contact the local fire marshal about the numerous (13) serious safety violations at the “cop shop” where the cops, EMS and town officials used as a base to prey on the communities nearby. No response led me to call the state office who took a quick look, called the SBI and now the Chief has resigned and most of his officers. The magitrate is holding on for now and due to my diligent efforts at voter registration (simple drug offenders were told they could never vote “LIE”) we now have a totally new city council and mayor (all African-American)thanks to me and just this week on FOX news, a lead story was how the L&M mart has been shut down by the IRS for suspected money laundering (true). The golf course ( the only other big cash only business) is under the gun and OSHA has been all over their ass with numerous safety violations (Yep, I called it in too) and OSHA sends me a letter every 2 weeks or so with their findings and fines. 3 visits so far and he refuses to completely comply so fines are now excessive and just. Working there for very low pay and doing the math on rates v. players, it had to be outside money (laundering) to stay in business and always buying lavish items for the club house while we kept the place looking good with junk. IRS will be there next.
    So, one brave soul, the strange talking and dressing white guy who walks through the darkest of neighborhoods with smiles and waves, made one phone call that started the avalanche of justice. Our town that was dying immediately began to issue permits and new businesses are coming online every week. Some franchises but most locally owned African-American businesses because the fear is gone. Like any shell shocked community it’s started slowly and the people are realizing now that the clouds of racism and oppression are gone and will not return. I proudly and publicly let it be known that I alone took on these assholes and I’ll be smiling on the front row as they are sentenced to prison.
    Once called “Public Enemy #1” by our former chief is now “Public Hero #1.”
    The L&M mart featured in the IRS piece shows a man who’s crying foul that he’s been targeted by the bully IRS and has done nothing but sell “hot dogs and sodas” over the years to make his money that’s now all gone. Bullshit! Even in that slick video, I can point out some of the many safety violations and the entire place was cleaned up and what is shown is false and just more lies. Several of the old guard have recently died of heart attacks and sudden poor health as their tiny empire has suddenly collapsed and more charges are rocking their world to the core.
    Game over. I won. We won. I walk these streets and am held as a hero to many and the Devil to the now powerless few. My enemies who sought a battle with someone they perceived as weak have fallen to the power of freedom and liberty by my hand alone.
    I now am amassing a fleet of drones to get the needed evidence of the dog and chicken fighter rings that run ramshackle throughout our area that the state officials alone seek to break up that insanity. No one speaks but my eyes see much and I’m about to single handily bring down that entire operation too. I’m not trying to be some super hero by doing any of this, just tired of watching it continue knowing the county sheriff’s department provides them protection. They already tried to murder me once but everyone loves or fears me now but they all respect this mystery man that doesn’t fuck around and has the courage and skills to destroy them.
    The kids all kindly ask if I’m a thug. Well, I used to be a mercenary and that title no longer fits. I tell them I’m an “outlaw” meaning I play both sides to get what I want. Over the years, friends became political candidates, got elected, then went for higher offices so my close contacts go all the way the US Congress an I have personally signed letters that say to contact them anytime I ever need anything. So far, I haven’t needed that option and their power only gets stronger every day.
    My resume is impossible to believe as I’ve done so many different things in my life that would take most anyone else a few lifetimes to ever get close. I’m glad I’ve found Anonymous because even though I make things look so easy, I’ve always acted alone in my endeavors and now I’m a part of something powerful by being Anonymous and I’m willing to help, although my methods sometimes are so very cruel and savage may not be welcome.
    I do not make threats and only issue one warning before taking action but when the wheels are in motion, some things can not be stopped once started. I can not say if I have or have not been in the military but I’ve worked in many very high security facilities I can’t mention and the NSA is actively trying to recruit me now. Either they are very stupid or very cold and calculating to contact me, however they say my many arrests v. very few convictions shows I’m already well trained in counter-interrogation, document recovery and cyber skilled beyond normal parameters. I speak 4 languages fluently (English, Perfect Oaxoaxan Spanish, Latvian and French. I can read and follow 15 languages in print.
    I almost think I’m too much of a liability for Anonymous. I may be one of the most powerful assets. I’ll let you all decide and I can provide more info if anyone needs. I use TOR and have a New Zealand e-mail address. My Moldovian address suddenly disappeared after only two conversations with Snowden, but that may be because of the Ukrainian war. Kim Dotcom assures me my NZ accounts are safe for now.
    Expect Us. “Is that a threat?” ~ “No sir. That’s a promise. Don’t get it twisted.”


  7. This is nice, any thing anonym related in norway…im up for it! Free the people ny opening their minds and eyes!

  8. Se ve muy bueno, por lo que pude leer en los comentarios, pero no entiendo mucho del vídeo ya que solo hablo español, pero estoy de acuerdo con todo lo que ustedes hagan, ustedes son lo mejor, lo que necesitamos todos para destapar al gobierno, que nos quiere neutralizar.


  9. For all you people commenting they are teaching us to think not to fight back we need to learn that our selfs and have someone leading the charge and a place to start it all..they can’t do everything people..

  10. So excited!! Some sense of peace has come over my heart and mind knowing I’m not alone with Scientology gang stalking along with other corruption facing our world! Anonymous is my heart and will support as much as I can. God Bless.


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