The New Ebola Virus and the Truth They Don’t Want You To Know


Written by: Anon Watcher

In 2012 an official study was conducted to show how Ebola transferred between pigs and monkeys in separate cages, never placed in direct contact. The experiment suggested that the spread of Ebola could occur through droplets suspended in the air.

The official line on the Ebola outbreak and its transmission, however, was only through exchanging bodily fluids. This line has been used in the mainstream news since we first heard of the virus. Public health officials and the corporate media haven’t been telling you the truth.


It has been suspected for some time that the CDC honesty on this matter was questionable. The CDC recently made changes to its criteria for Ebola transmission; the ease of transference and contamination is concerning.[1]

According to the CDC update:

A low risk exposure includes any of the following:

  • Household member or other casual contact with an EVD patient.
  • Providing patient care or casual contact without high-risk exposure with EVD patients in health care facilities in EVD outbreak affected countries.

Casual Contact” Definition:

Casual contact is defined as a) being within approximately 3 feet or within the room or care area for a prolonged period of time while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment or having direct brief contact (e.g., shaking hands) with an EVD case while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment.”[2]


The argument then presents as to why the public haven’t been made aware of this sooner, so as to implement more effective procedures to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus?

With the Ebola presenting as a virus that can spread somewhat similar to that of the common influenza, and the mainstream media (backed by government) insisting that it is transferred by the exchange of bodily fluids, somewhat turns the general population complacent.


As suggested by the new outbreak of Ebola is cause for alarm. It is not the Ebola Zaire that the world population is familiar with. Yes, it is 97% genetically, the same, but what isn’t been publically announced worldwide, is that this is a new strain that has the ability to “jump” boarders and spread aggressively. It is harder to contain. It has a three week incubation period, it has “hitchhiked on international flights” to Nigeria (due to the infected not being quarantined), and is “unprecedented” in its spread so far, in West Africa. The biggest question on anyone’s lips is, will it be contained or spread outside of Africa? [3]

The 2014 Ebola outbreak is the worst since its initial appearance in 1976. In five short months, 1145 lives have already been claimed, with the latest official figures of August: Liberia 413; Guinea 380, Sierra Leone 348, and so far Nigeria with a reported 4 – though this number could be underestimated at time of reporting, given 12 cases reported so far with a further 200 people under “surveillance” for the disease. [4]


But to put in perspective, it was widely reported that only a week ago, from the time of this article written, the total lives claimed throughout the four countries so far, was 961. That is a jump in one week, of a possible 184 new deaths; an alarming rate. [5]


Nigeria is the fourth country to have been affected by the Ebola spread, bringing the tally of infection up to at least 2100 people throughout West Africa, according to the World Health Organisation reports. The Doctors Without Borders state that it will take “months to curb the outbreak,” even with precautions taken to discontinue airline flights to isolate the quarantined countries.

It is interesting in light of all of this, that the FDA has released a statement stressing that “Ebola does not pose a significant threat to the U.S. public,” according to the data released by the CDC. They go to state that the virus is not “water-borne or food-borne” and that it is “not transmitted through the air…spread through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person.”[6]Ebola-Virus-in-Nigeria-VIEWNIGERIA

The roundabout nature of reporting on the Ebola crisis in West Africa, is running a detrimental risk in the containment of the virus. Without implementing practical strategies that are used to fight the spread of other viruses, Swine Flu being an example, how can we expect the containment of the deadly Ebola, with a death rate of between 50 and 80 percent upon contraction of the virus?

After all, if the World Health Organsation is scaling up its response, saying “extraordinary measures are needed to contain the virus,” [7] then it is time for us to stand up and read between the lines about this potentially true horror that could reach us through our media and government implemented ignorance.



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  1. Hey, I just wanted to thank you for doing all that you do in the way of unbiased news uncovered through the only medium possible.

    p.s. I am an editor, so I habitually notice things like this, but in the 3rd to last line of World Health Organization, “Organization” is spelled without an ‘i’.

    Just to be clear, I don’t care because I’m not a douche, but I thought you may want to know.

  2. infect the defunct bush administration and all their cronyistic twats that brought the planet to near total disaster,cheney and monsanto fat cats in their currupt and disgusting palatial homes that were built on the sweat and blood of millions of innocents throughout this planet. they deserve it more than the poor africans.would’nt surprise me if it was another one of their wee experiments on a poor populace, to make the banks stronger and fill their already overflowing coffers with more blood money, and to “divide and rule” with the usual totally currupt tactics, “FECK EM” JUST A THOUGHT. X

  3. Let me be clear, I don’t believe what the regular media tells us and the pharmaceutics industry is using ebola in my opinion to make a lot of money I think this article is flawed as well.

    Why you would probably ask? Well if you take a calculator and pick up the general facts spread around about Ebola. First victims where 5 months ago and somewhere between 1100 and 1600 deaths while the mortality rate is 50% till 80%.

    Also taking the fact that a lot of African people are not reporting when they are ill cause they are afraid of being killed of excommunicated from the societies. And if they die they are not burning the corpses in all instances but dumping them in the streets.

    With the criteria I summed up above and adding that Ebola can spread like stated in this article even 1600 deaths would be very very very low. The 3 countries (Liberia, guinee and sierra leone) have 23 million people combined say with a infection rate of the flue let’s say 25% of those people should be infected to keep the rate low. Of those almost 6 million people, 50% should definitely die what would be 3 million people.

    1100 people died until now instead of 3 million, so I actually believe that ebola is not as contagious as they want you to believe it is.

    Yours Sincerely,


  4. Im not saying that there isn’t a new dangerous strain of ebola. But i am skeptical because some of your sources are not credible sources of information. ncg news is not a credible source of information for example.

  5. What organisation did the study in 2012 with the monkeys and the pigs in the opening paragraph? Was it the CDC? May I have a link to that study please? The reason I am asking is because I am scheduled to do humanitarian work in Africa in a year and I wish to know the truth. Which is why I am here…
    Thank you.. CV

    • That is the game of, lies for misdirection and controlling the public, I refer to this as sheepherding. Then a culling for population control and much more importantly advanced Control. Harvesting. Sad but true. Facts don’t lie unless they’re facts the government has said to be true. I call that The inner circle of lies.

  6. I read in some article, that one centre that was holding infected persons was robbed of their gloves and what little equipment they had all whilst yelling.
    Its a lie, its malaria. Which then lead me to think hang on, they’re taking infected persons (many of them) into centres where they hold them pretty much until they die. Who knows what they’re “treating” them for, or if they’re treating them at all? or even if what they’re treating them with is making them sick.
    I don’t know, I don’t trust much of what I read I just think anything is possible and whilst yes Ebola is most probably very real and a huge threat, it wouldn’t suprise me if these centres are another way of depopulation. Just a thought, if that group that robbed the centre were shouting that, whilst taking things from the infected they obviously aren’t very afraid hey?.

    Just a thought!, x

    • The African’s believe that, this is the Western World once again trying to suppress them. And Ebola is “witchcraft” A little silly and naïve. But not much more to it. It will Spread /and it will stop . you really think this is unplanned?

  7. My local news shared the american aid Dr Kent has fully recovered from ebola and is being sent home is this true? Or are they trying to tame the lion?

    • This seems too suspicious and the card the docotr read felt like it was preplanned it seemed like the “recovered” doctor looked nervous like if he wasnt supposed to say something

  8. There WAS a website with news stories from around the world about the ebola, things we wont hear on the news,…and it was hacked and presumably will not return. Can Anonymous find out who hacked the site? I figured it was the feds,…

  9. to nita (there belive the virus is brought from animals to humans be eating the meat (like monkey meat that there get out the forest) ) second of all is to keep the pubic from the realy problems like (how controle america) well america say yes we gone fix it we got the science ) the true of all this shit is we need to chance of life ore we fuck up this world (global warming, nuke war, ore just a small part of the people how controle the world and YES THIS IS NOT DEMOCRATIE

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  11. I don’t know who to believe anymore. I mean, what good can come out by lying to the public? I would have to make the studies myself to find out whether such thing is true or not. It sucks to doubt.


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