Who was Behind the Vicious Verbal Attacks on African-Americans via Social Media?


Written by: Captain Planet

Michael Brown, 18 years old, was shot dead by the Ferguson Police Department after he was caught shoplifting a small item from a shop and running, choosing not to stop for the store owner or for police. He was shot six times, with the fatal head shot that ended his life being shot after the unarmed African-American had turned around to face police.

An attempt to justify Brown’s death was made by the Ferguson Police Department, who released video evidence of the “robbery”. A further video, recorded by a witness and taken by police as evidence (although not released to the public by police), has come to air. It shows two white police officers pacing back and forth next to Brown’s body.

“From it all initially happening, I knew this was not right.”

Piaget Crenshaw, a local resident, videoed the aftermath of the shooting that has sparked night time protests. After watching police chasing Brown and firing at the same time, and also witnessing Brown turning around to face officers only to be shot in the face, Mrs Crenshaw explains why she decided to film, saying, “It was something that clicked in me, like, somebody else needs to see this.”

“They are feral and violent”

It has been claimed that alongside the shocking revelations surrounding Brown’s death, the wife of Ferguson’s Police Chief, Patricia Jackson, posted a vicious, racist attack on African-Americans on her Facebook account:


“They are feral and violent. They murder each other. They murder their unborn babies. They murder white people. They hate police officers and murder some of them, even black ones. They destroy neighbors and entire cities with garbage and drugs. They live their lives off the hard-earned tax dollars of other Americans. Yet somehow they are the victims. What insanity is that?”

However, it has since emerged that the picture of Patricia Jackson and the Facebook quote was a hoax, and the post was eventually traced back to a Catherine Nardi, not Patricia Jackson.





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  1. Any idea if the released autopsy report is truthful? It claims that every bullet entry was to the front of Brown’s body, even the multiple bullets that hit his arm and likely were the reason he stopped to turn around… I would very much like to know about this. If only we could reference a famous death and a fudged autopsy report to deceive the masses…….. 😉

    • Well the released autopsy report was that of the one done by the family of Michael Brown. Many people are skeptical because it was down at the behest of the family. Many thin that they have reason to release a false report. the private ME was Dr. Baden, 80, he is a well-known New York-based medical examiner, who is one of only about 400 board-certified forensic pathologists in the nation. He reviewed the autopsies of both President John F. Kennedy and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and has performed more than 20,000 autopsies himself. But if his credentials aren’t enough to convince you then know that the Ferguson ME agreed with the autopsy report.

  2. Why is this put up like this? It is misleading and gives the wrong impression, it could be better worded, hint. Take it down, do you not think there is enough hysteria surrounding this tragedy without adding to it? The right wing has enough racist comments posted to keep the left wing going for decades, without making stuff up. If you fall to their level how can you claim the high ground?

    • Agreed. This sensationalist bullshit is not helping, at all. Trying to grab page hits, not fight the good fight. Not relying on anonhq anymore…

  3. An error-riddled piece such as this provides fodder for your opposition, while it hurts you and everything you stand for.

    “shot dead by the Ferguson Police Department after he was caught shoplifting a small item from a shop and running, choosing not to stop for the store owner or for police.” What the F are you talking about?

    – He was not “caught” doing anything. Ferguson chief Jackson reported himself that Officer Darren Wilson had zero knowledge of a theft report.
    – They were stopped for “jaywalking” down the middle of the street. Every witness has said that.
    – “witnessing Brown turning around to face officers”. There was only one cop. Every witness has said that.

    Seriously, take this down.

  4. If was her son or daughter who got shot when was unnarmed, i think she wasnt be posting this type of comment in social media but the otherwise she would be in the street against the police(Like the ferals she talking about), or maybe she just accepted that fact or go to court to wait for the “system” justice. lol

  5. Is this supposed to be journalism? I hate how half the stories that surface are garbage. This is the kind of thing that makes people bitter. I guarantee at least 30% of the readers of this article take away from it that Patricia Jackson is a flaming racist. So, who benefits from this story, between the writer, the subjects, and the readers???

  6. The headline of this article is misleading. It should reflect the truth not stir up more hate. Without reading through to the end you would not know that another person had posted those idiotic remarks. We expect garbage reporting from mainstream media but I dont expect it from sources associated with anonymous.
    What is your purpose? Do the right thing
    and retract your deceptive headline

  7. Michael Brown was NOT caught shoplifting. There isn’t even any proof that the person on the store video is Michael Brown. There is 5 minutes between the time stamp on the video and the timestamp of the time this young man was killed (radio recording?) and where he was is too far away from the store for it to have been Michael Brown.

    Are people unable to think anymore?

  8. This story needs to come down Now! For one it is filled with multiple wrong reports. He was caught jaywalking not shoplifting the officer had no idea of the shoplifting which you called burglary. But at the end of the report you say it was found out she was hacked and didn’t say it at all. That is so irresponsible to leave this story up that you know to be riddled with inaccurate information. Its unbelievable you didn’t take down the story. Bad journalism for sure. Idiots!

    • it doesnt matter the crime, none the less a teen was murdered by police. the point of this is to show how disrespectful and barbaric the comments are, and 1 alot of people claim they got hacked to cover there asses when theyve been caught, and 2 calling the biggest hacktivist force on the planet idiots is not wise, yunno hence the word hacker?…

  9. well anon i know you dont do small things against small people but i think this should be ur next target. regardless of his crime he was unarmed and was murdered in cold blood, cops cant shoot becuase u dont listen, thats what taser knight sticks and hand cuffs are for, still being abused but better than being dead.

  10. Toxic journalism- there is nothing about this article that is decent or truthful. One of these days someone will take revenge on a person who has been headlined because they did not take the time to read down through the article to find out it wasn’t in fact true. Shame on hqanon for writing this.

  11. Anonymous, not sure why your posting this or what the purpose of it is! But I think since you released the wrong name claiming it was the office who shot Michael Brown and also releasing a picture, that you would think twice before releasing and posting more crap! I really want to believe in you guys, we need more groups like you that speak the truth but this is false and you know it! Please remove this!

    • People what if the article is true? And this person really said them harsh words against African-Americans. And someone is covering for her! What then? Are we going to keep letting Caucasian people in uniforms! kill African-Americans? We all know that racism is a reality, not just a story! We also know about all of their plans of not letting us black people or pore people be critical thinkers. So my question to all of you people is! How can you not see it for what it truthfully is? Layers up on layers, of lies and liars in the government. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  12. this woman is not in her right mind. they are not feral animals…yes we were here before them but that does not make it an excuse to say something so degrading as that towards African American people. especially the ones that are hard working. like…not all of them are gangbangers not all of them are murderers…some of them…like my friend…when e was younger he HAD to steal so he could survive…his mom and two younger sisters barely had anything and the food stamps they got weren’t enough to feed him and his mother…he sacrificed his food for months on end only getting a fraction of it so he could feed his sisters…he would go out and steal every day to help his momma until they got on their feet. he has a fulltime job now working for a welding company and his sisters are in public high school they have a nice house in a rich part of the city…and they are doing just fine…but like I said not ALL African Americans are bad people…this woman is a disgrace to the united states. she is the one who deserves to rot…not the poor boy who got killed.-Silence


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