The Outsider Provocateurs of the Ferguson Riots


Written by: Anonymous Watcher

Most political demonstrators will protest in the streets in a peaceful and non-violent manner. To do otherwise is an attempt in vain. Most know and understand that the firepower and man power of the police force alone – without military intervention – is more than one large group of protestors can hope to withstand. Essentially, the notion of a mass protest is to demonstrate the support behind the message and make more aware along the way. The motive of destruction and injury is usually far from the peaceful protesters motivation.


But in recent events, during the Ferguson protests that the world has come to view in Missouri, it seems that the notion of peaceful protests has taken a turn for the worst. The looting and destruction that has moved throughout this community appears staged. According to one local, it is a possibility that the looters have “come from out of town…that they are not affiliated with the protesters in any way.”

What this suggests, is that it is highly probable that provocateurs have entered the scene to create trouble and enhance police intervention. This allows for the unsympathetic authorities to initiate and engage in heavy force to anyone who is involved with the protests. And it wouldn’t be the first time this tactic has been engaged in throughout the community of activists, western world and alike.


Generally speaking, agent provocateurs are people who work for the local government, funneling down to an authority level. They act on the false pretense of being ‘anti-establishment’, but soon their behavior escalates to that of riot psychology. It can almost be deemed as a ‘false flag op’ on a small scale. This in turn, allows the authorities to march in so that they can control the entire situation, turning a peaceful protest quickly into a civil dispute, more akin to a war zone.

Multiple locals have commented on the appearance of “strangers” responsible for the looting.

“There are a lot of opportunists running around trying to take advantage of what’s been happening in Ferguson, but it’s not people in Ferguson doing it. Why would you ruin a store where you live and need to go shop at?” Lindsey Johnson, a Ferguson local stated.

Another local, Craig Ruffin, told the Riverfront Times, “This is really tragic – we shop at all these stores…I’m with the peaceful protesting. But this right here, this is not what we’re about.” [1]

What remains ever present when you investigate or discuss the Ferguson riots with people, are a peaceful protest by day, and a violent standoff by night. As quoted by a journalist on scene for the Daily Telegraph, “Things change by the setting of the sun…Protesters appear during the evening; those who aren’t local to the area. Bandanas cover their faces…only a handful of men…” But they force their angry way into the town, agitating the already fragile state of Ferguson.  “Protesters and police alike have blamed outside agitators of trying to use Ferguson’s anger to ignite a global revolution.”[2]

The connections between Ferguson, and the other riots that have taken place over the USA, and not to mention its Western neighbors: Australia during the Summit meetings of 2006 and most likely 2014, and Toronto in 2010 for another G20 summit – the theme is becoming a common thread if you dare to look closer. [3],[4]

The demographic is obviously different in each situation. However, the illustration of left vs right, and the breaking point of the public when the law enforcement’s stringent, almost militaristic nature intervenes, displays the similar characteristics. A brute force is relied upon by the law enforcement, the rage evolves for one reason or another (including outside forces brought in to poke the already angry bear), and the heavy-handed tactics suddenly become “justified.” Images of a militaristic police state begin to surface.

It is not an unlikely event that Ferguson could erupt into a civil war type scenario, if the provocateurs continue their aggression. The ramping up of the militarized police responses, and in turn, locking down the entire town as a result, are not unforeseen events. Treating the civilian population as the enemy will only provoke this response. The question that arises from all of this: is this the overall intention of the state?[5]

So far, reports notate at least 10 people have been injured, and 75 arrests have taken place. Of the 10 injured, 3 were police, and 1 was a 54 year old male trying to stop looters. He was attacked with a baseball bat. But depending on where you look and read, the statistics will differ, with some stating that journalists have also been arrested in the heat of the riots or during an evening curfew which is not always imposed.


According to some of the latest figures, 2 people have been shot during the escalating riots. What is interesting in one report, is that of the arrests, 93 percent were non-residents of Ferguson. This only adds to the plausibility of a potential provocateur group being introduced for the sake of “public control,” by the police. [6]

The simmering tensions are far from over. As the week approaches, so does the court’s decision regarding the outcome for Officer Wilson. Will he face the charges, moving the political ‘hot potato’ to the decision of laymen jurors, while tempers continue to flare? What will the outcome be? One does wonder.



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  1. I saw one pic of looters, they were young african american males wearing prominently crypt colors. I’m not saying a pair of blue jeans or something but Blue themed outfit with bandana and all. They probably rolled in from another town to take advantage of the chaos.

    As for plants in the crowd, I can agree with that. All the cops needed was a 1/2 ass attempt at attacking them to give them the go of unreasonable force. I remember at a protest I was at in Miami, they said CI’s in the crowd told them we were up to stuff and they used that as the legitimization to overrun our protest.

  2. I don’t know what a crypt is but I do know about the Crips. Both the Crips and the Bloods were working together in Ferguson to prevent looting.

  3. This should be a standard issue with methodology to deal with it at all organised protest activity. Who ever is charged with the logistics of a protest should deal with and agree with the ring-fencing and protocols of engagement to be setup and controlled by a protest intelligence and security resource

  4. I was at the G20 protest in Toronto and still believe the whole “blac block” was a setup right from the start.
    On Friday, there were more armed police in one place than I have ever seen in my life, at one point Friday night, 8 of them followed me into a convenience store.
    The following day, we were given a flyer announcing the intention to riot several hours before anything had happened, yet when things started getting destroyed there wasn’t a cop in sight

  5. I have a friend in prison from the g 20 summit in toronto… He was definitely not a government placed provocateur… just saying.

  6. Maybe if these useless blacks would stop acting like crazed rabid animals they wouldn’t get shot!! Hello??? You attack a cop in his car what do you expect? Id shoot him too! I hope you know how pathetic and insignificant you look to the rest of the nation by wanting to riot over a cop protecting himself!! What would you have done had it been you in that situation?? How come you don’t start rioting when its black killing black, or black killing white??? Your ignorance is shown through ALL of your decision making to be that of a cave man!! How is rioting, looting, and destroying a town showing that you want peace? Maybe if you assholes would quit being so racist toward whites you would get somewhere!


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