The Real reasons for Western Hatred of Russia’s Putin


Why do Western Politicians & media hate Russia’s head Vladimir Putin that much? Let’s have a look at the claimed and after that, the real reasons.


 Claimed reasons:

Highly emotive, and open to interpretation, these reasons are plausible excuses that make harsh reactions more palatable

  • Russian troops and tanks are in Ukraine, proven by social media and the presence of independent Russian volunteers (I would point out that independent foreign volunteers was not a problem in Syria, even though many of these men would go on to help found ISIS).


  • Crimea was taken illegally (bloodlessly, and ironically it remains one of the few Ethnic Russian areas in Ukraine that is completely untouched by conflict).





  • Were Russia assisting the rebels, and apparently OPENLY doing so assuming they had sent tanks, why is it that Ukraine has not been conquered by the much more formidable Russian military?


  • Were Ukraine already bravely fighting Russian forces, why is it that they did not decide to retake Crimea, unless they truly did fear the presence of Russian troops?


  • Which party immediately launched into military action to crush dissent, ironically after claiming that their voice had been suppressed by the prior democratically elected government that had never used military force against its own people?



The real reasons:

Energy Dependence and Europe

The EU is dependent on Russia for its energy needs. Severing this relationship would push EU countries closer to America. Russia’s oil pipelines pass through Ukraine, which makes it a strategic area of control. The same argument applies to Russia, highlighting the fact that neither party has only noble intentions when it comes to Ukraine.


Competition for Global influence/dominance

Russia and China are leading members of the BRICS , and are spearheading initiatives that move away from US dominance. The new BRICS bank is a challenge to the IMF, which had been largely influenced by the US and had refused to give the BRICS greater say, proportionate to their growing economic clout. Also, China and Russia have openly stated that they wish to break the US dollar’s dominance as a reserve currency .  A new “Silk Road” proposed by China stretches between China, Russia, the Middle East and Europe would completely bypass America. The plan can be seen as a response to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which ironically did not include one of the largest Asia-Pacific countries in its negotiations.

According to RT’s Pepe Escobar, China in particular has decided that it was time for action and is actively promoting a de-dollarized world. The below quote from a Xinhua Daily writer is telling, as China would normally avoid using such strong language against other countries:

“Instead of honouring its duties as a responsible leading power, a self-serving Washington has abused its superpower status and introduced even more chaos into the world by shifting financial risks overseas, instigating regional tensions amid territorial disputes, and fighting unwarranted wars under the cover of outright lies.”


China has at least three parts to this new strategy. The first is to stop the military adventures of the US. All nations must respect international law and deal with conflicts within the framework of the UN. The second is to broaden membership of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to include countries in the emerging and developing world. The third is to work towards a “new international reserve currency that is to be created to replace the dominant US dollar.”


Russia Stopped another Iraq/Libyan scenario in Syria

Between August and September 2013, a NATO surprise attack against Syria was foiled by Russia. On the 31st of August, France was ready to launch an attack at the command of Obama, and had already put its fighter jet pilots on notice. Obama suddenly decided to go to congress instead, stalling the process. Three days later, The Telegraph reported that Russia had detected the launch of two missiles from a NATO base. These missiles were thought to have crashed into the sea later, speculation abound that they had been shot down or jammed by Russian defense forces. Although claimed to be missile tests, their proximity to Syria and trajectory is hardly coincidental. NATO war ships were massed in the region at the time, suggesting a readiness to strike.

Russia was the only country willing to stand against US aggression, and the world repays it with sanctions and was ironically labelled the aggressor. Although every political commentator wailed about the atrocity that is Iraq, we can see that few had really meant wanted to stop these transgressions from occurring. This does not mean that Russia and China are the saviours of the world, far be it, but they also represent the only balance that prevents America and NATO from doing whatever they wish to weaker nations, regardless of the wishes of the American and European people.

Remember this: the American people had voted overwhelmingly against Syrian engagement in a poll, and the British parliament had voted it down. Just just a year later ISIS becomes a problem, beheading British, American and even Japanese aid workers and journalists (after four years prior of conflict that had progressed with only “moderate” rebels, as reported by the mainstream media) and America is in Syria anyway, hopeful that after all the sanctions, Russia will not resist again.



It seems the no good deed goes unpunished; Edward Snowden had chosen carefully where he believed would be the safest place to flee from the US, and Russia was the only country that had dared assist him. Soon after came the accusations of Putin being homophobic. Although allegations regarding NSA surveillance and other covert activities were well-known prior toe Snowden, he was the first to successfully retrieve proof of these, substantiating the claims of every other whistle blower before him.

Were it not for Russia, Snowden would likely have faced the exact same fate of Bradly Manning. Or worse. Bradley became Chelsea Manning soon after suffering a truly horrifying ordeal:

After Manning’s arrest on May 29, 2010, he was transferred to a Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia, where, during his nine-month stay, he was reportedly held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, forced to sleep naked without pillows and sheets on his bed, and restricted from physical recreation or access to television or newspapers even during his one daily hour of freedom from his cell, all under the pretense that the private was a suicide risk. Manning’s treatment while in prison sparked as intense a public outcry as his arrest itself—drawing comparisons to the conditions of suspected terrorists at Guantánamo Bay.


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  1. i really wonder what is the amount of corruption in both IMF and NATO. Is anybody supervising these organisations at all? And what is the real purpose of these organisations? Please spare me of official bullshit 🙂

    • The whole purpose of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was to prevent Russian expansion into Europe and across the Atlantic territory. NATO, officially and unofficially, is meant to be an alliance of countries across the North Atlantic meant to stop devastation from spreading into the NA. Back in the day, it was created to stop the spread of Communism and Russians, now it’s the World Police, the military arm of the UN in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s also a means of bringing countries closer together on military terms.

      Conspiracies against the West are easy to make, but do they survive for long? No, because they have no arguments, no facts, no basis and no real means other than bashing your own government. Everyone likes to bash our own governments every once in a while just for the heck of it.

      NATO will do its job regardless of criticism, because it’s NATO’s job to save its people and allies, and it will keep doing it regardless of how many people bash it.

  2. For those who haven’t woken up yet, the greatest enemies all seem to want to destroy their barbed fenc– I mean their freedom. Vladimir Putin wants to invade us! ISIS wants to cut our heads off! Ebola is coming to kill us all! Remember what happend in WWII! It is the dark cave that the people fear because they have been told that monsters reside there. Only those who have the courage to search for the monsters, will find out that the only creatures that reside there are normal beings who present a threat to those who tell the stories. Only those who have the courage and willpower to go down the rabbit’s hole find out that their reality is a dream. A carefully designed illusion for your mind and your environment. I want to advice everyone who reads this to re-examine their knowledge of the 2nd World War, for one of the darkest secrets reside there.

    • Please be more specific about secret hidden in WWII history. It’s been an interest of mine for years and I can think you many things I question but which might be the one?

  3. Aversum, I could not agree with you more. The powers that pushed the world to war withdrew in plain sight, then rewrote history as they saw it.

    People need to re-examine WWII for themselves…indeed…for in many ways, the greater evil won.

  4. Countries need to be ran like businesses and trade with countries as nothing more than a business transaction. And stay out of the way when it comes to political or social “issues.”
    You can buy stuff at a yard sale without telling someone how to raise their kids.
    All counties have a dark side, some worse than others,and that alone is why they all need to mind their own personal business.

    • Brad: the world and its countries are already run not like businesses but BY businesses. And when happens, as it has, morality, ethics and love go out the window and all that is left is the profit motive regardless of how many people die.

    • yo brad, the world is already run like a bussiness, and if it would be any worse every human life will become a number on a statistics chart. if we not already like that.

  5. There is a spelling mistake in the article I believe. Under “Snowden” on the fourth sentence the word “To” is spelled as “toe”

  6. This is in response to many of the articles recently published on As a potential tool for good in the world- for exposing corruption & standing against it, I truly appreciate the Anonymous community. The fact that it is a leaderless community is key to its’ values & makes it different from the establishment. Unfortunately this also seems to mean that the articles written on this site in the name of Anonymous are not edited or held to account by anyone. While I agree that everyone should have a voice within the community, the quality of writing & the evidencing of claims is not of a good enough standard to be taken seriously. If we are to alert doubters to the true state of the world they need to be confident in what they read & be able to respect it. Please consider some kind of editing group of members experienced in critical, academic writing & journalism to address this issue. If not, I fear that Anonymous will fail to reach many people & worse, may fall into the category of crazed conspiracy theorists.

  7. If Cremia is taken illegaly what about Kosovo…??Albanians did etnich cleaning on Kosovo and than after few years they made a vote…Of cours the wont the vote cause there was not so much Serbians after cleaning also Nato and Usa bombed Serbians with sumpor so they keep dieng even after years and years amd there was not blood on Creamia everithing happend in peaceful way even russains went there with tanks…also Russia and Putin did the same thing that albanians did 7 yeards ago they made a vote and they won it so they did what albanians did and UE and USA said that vote on Kosovo was legall so vote on Cremia is legall cause Russians did the same thing…its just a fucking propaganda for war and you guys are brainwashed buy it…thats all from me

  8. I honestly do not think that America is scared of an Energy Crisis. We are sitting on more oil than any other country. There are an estimated 19 BILLION barrels worth of oil in Utah alone. When you add up the amount of oil that multiple officials have admitted to, they estimate, in total, around 1.442 TRILLION barrels of oil. To say the least, we have enough. Not to mention we are the #1 producer of Natural Gas, which is growing in popularity. It is believed that gas prices are not rising as quickly because we are accidentally coming across oil as we retrieve Natural Gas.
    I do believe there is a competition between America and Russia, but I have to admit that Russia is an extremely terrifying threat. They have UNDETECTABLE submarines that have been found off our coast. Our Navy calls them “Black Holes” because our most high tech radars can’t pick them up. They have new missiles and Rockets that could do DOUBLE the damage of the bombs America dropped on Japan in WW2. Not to mention the amount of money that Putin has reportedly dumped into expanding his military. I would recommend all who don’t know about this look it up. There is some very intriguing information that suggest that Russia may be getting ready for war.
    All this is occurring, and all the while Russia is making friends with Middle Eastern Countries, some of whom hate all westerners, specifically Americans.

    So the least to say is that there are very good reasons for America to be scared of Russia. But don’t trust what I say, LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF PLEASE. you can never form an opinion off of a single source.

    • Double the damage? IIRC, Japan bombs were… 19-25 kilotons in yield so why should the US be afraid of 38-50 kiloton bombs when they have triple digit kiloton bombs or double digit megaton bombs, plus a system to knock down any ICBM?

      Why would America be afraid of Russia, when Russia is notorious for making things that break down after a short while of usage? If you look back at ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING made back in the Soviet Union, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING broke down after a few weeks of use, while even stuff that the Chinese make breaks down after months at the very least.

      • Oh, and by the way, America is making friends with ME countries as well. Plus, America has NATO and a bunch of allies all across the world.

        Russia doesn’t have any ally. A Russian politician once asked, on Russian TV, ”why don’t we have any allies in the world?” for which he was attacked and beaten up, because Russians don’t want anyone to hear that, or find out the answer.

  9. Energy Dependence and Europe

    =>The EU is dependent on Russia for its energy needs. Severing this relationship would push EU countries closer to America. Russia’s oil pipelines pass through Ukraine, which makes it a strategic area of control. The same argument applies to Russia, highlighting the fact that neither party has only noble intentions when it comes to Ukraine.

    ive been saying this for years, europe’s energy dependence is also why the americans sabotaged the russian pipelines for providing europe with gas.

  10. So is this a result of many psychopathic players jostling for strategic advantage or a great dark hand orchestrating many entities in order to achieve world dominance? And why in an age of more productivity, education, and technological wizardry is the majority of the world’s population sinking into poverty and despair?


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