“The Snowden Effect”


The Snowden Effect: a term given to the end results of Edward Snowden’s 2013 move to whistle blow on the NSA tactics of collecting bulk telephone and internet metadata that prompted one of the largest ongoing debates of individual privacy. The media critic Jay Rosen coined the term, and it seems to be sticking.

In recent months, Snowden’s latest Q & A with a meeting of independent Internet engineers reiterated the risks involved with mass information collecting. “People are being killed based on metadata, this is real,” he said. “Who is the Internet for, who does it serve, who is the IETF’s ultimate customer?”


The IETF that Snowden refers to is the Internet Engineering Task Force, a group of around 170 engineers when they met for a webcast session of Q & A; for the most part are embarrassed that the NSA cracked some of their key internet protocols. Some of which responded with a Request for Comment (RFC) entitled “Pervasive Monitoring is an Attack.”

The question time followed a screening of Citizenfour which documents Snowden’s journey of leaking the NSA files to trusted journalists. Though the conference wasn’t recorded, many tweets outlined his concerns.

“We need not only to think what the problems are today, but how we preserve the internet for the future,” he continued. “Everybody should be safe all the time, else we let others choose who will be safe or not.”

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  1. Edward Snowden is A true American Hero and everyone that is American should stand to learn from people like this. If we keep choosing to ignore truth tellers by making them out to be terrorists and keep believing the media that is know to lie and twist the truth but, even though it’s proven a thousand times over, Americans still choose to follow like a walking corpse chasing any form of food that it smells good, than we are all surely doomed to be controlled by the wealthy and by the people hired to protect the people. Example…Over militarization of police, excessive spending of our tax money that should go to social programs to help people instead of funding our over reaching military. Come on America, when will you all wake up and see the truth for what it really is instead of falling for all the hate mongering.


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