The Top 25 Most Hacked Passwords of 2017


Hackers and hacking shared a strong bond this year. The rigging of US presidential elections to Wanna Cry Ransomware, CIA’s Vault 7 & its hacking tools, Verizon, Equifax, and Freedom Hosting II, warned us to use strong and secure passwords in order to protect our security and identity online.

Splash Data, a cybersecurity firm, published its yearly report compiling the most common and easily hackable passwords of 2017. The list is made up of more than three million leaked passwords. This data comes mainly from users based in North America and most of Europe. It does not include passwords from Yahoo breach, where more than a billion accounts were compromised.

People don’t like to change their passwords and many of them use the same password across most of their platforms. Many of the passwords that Splash Data has on this year’s list is same as last years, because people are lazy and tend to show zero creativity when it comes to passwords. For instance ‘123456’ and ‘Password,’ have always been in top 10s of the most hacked password lists year after year.

Here is the list of 25 most hacked passwords of 2017. We hope this list will encourage people to craft complicated passwords to keep their data secure:

a) 123456
b) Password
c) 12345678
d) qwerty
e) 12345
f) 123456789
g) letmein
h) 1234567
i) football
j) iloveyou
k) admin
l) welcome
m) monkey
n) login
o) abc123
p) starwars
q) 123123
r) dragon
s) passw0rd
t) maste
u) hello
v) freedom
w) whatever
x) qazwsx
y) trustno1


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