This Is The Best 9/11 Video You Will Ever See


This is an amazing piece of work that should be shown on every channel on every TV station in every country. Not even 5mins long and blows the official theory out the water.

This Article (This Is The Best 9/11 Video You Will Ever See) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and


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  1. You forgot to mention that it was all part of a broader plan to con the world into thinking that events from the book of Revelation were coming true, with the hoped for mass inference that G.W.Bush was the saviour mentioned therein whose destiny is to rule the entire world, therefore wielding more power than any political party could ever hope to wield. But other than that, you nailed it! Nicely done. 🙂

    • I thought they were saving the contrail enabled gigantic astral image of Jesus up in the sky for the final con? Or was it going to be aliens? I heard that plan was in the works back in 1907! I would just add to the video (well it’s later b/c this is Loose Change) the names of all of Bush’s dual citizen pals in his administration – the ‘Israeli-Americans’ who have the only real motive for hatred of Islam in this world – they occupy ‘chosen’ land – chosen by Zionists that is. 9/11 MUST be re-examined – we can not look away any longer – the future depends on it.

    • Dubya was an idiot for sure but if you’re talking about ‘world control’ look elsewhere. Start with the Bilderbergers, UN Agenda 21 and the ‘European Project’, spawned by the Kalergi plan of the 1920’s, The 9/11 report was FACTUAL, evidence based and most of all, TRUE.

  2. HOW does this blow he orginal theory out of the water?! it provided no evidence its hardly even news worthy at ALL! omfg… i agree everything about 9 11 is bullshit and there are more holes in there story then swiss cheese but holy shit THIS is what you provide as evidence and THEN and THEN you go on to say it blows the story out of the water… seriously… okay this site has to be a joke my minds made up….holy FUCK i thought fox news was bad..

      • “Hole”?

        Fuck, why don’t you people learn how to spell?

        “Hole” is something you dig in the ground with a shovel, Or what you get in the knees of your pants when they wear out.

        “WHOLE” is the word you are looking for.

      • No, honey, the film was ‘Loose Change’ – the entire thing is on Youtube along with so much more that we now know, 15 years later. IMO Every American needs to look 9/11 right in the face – no more emotions to lead us away from the truth – we owe it to 3,000 human beings who were led like cattle to the slaughter for the NeoCon never ending war. Don’t be a sheep – don’t relax and sooth yourself with thoughts that America would never kill it’s own. All of the terrorists events were staged to keep us in fear and ever ready to advocate for war. Seriously though – 9/11 was such a shoddy job you will be shocked you didn’t see it for what it was at the time, but shock and emotion are the tools used to pat us on our collective heads and lull us back to sleep. Don’t go back to sleep and be vocal about 9/11.

        • Ginger….youo are right you know…have you ever recalled something similar was planned against Cuba….in the Bay of pigs fiasco?….The neocon/neo nazis in the government then would want us to believe Cuba attacked the US in order to gain our support for retaliation……it is called false flag in the military…

    • Yes… This is totally worthless.
      In fact, I think a good conspiracy theory might be that the FBI (whuteva) put this out to discredit the 9/11 nuts, except they always discredit themselves with garbage like this… lol.

    • godisgothic – I believe you meant to type ‘their’ instead of ‘there’ and ‘than’ to replace ‘then’. People who live in glass houses…

    • I thought it was quite good – brief, punchy, to the point . . . and probably the main point, ‘tongue in cheek’. So rather than rehashing the millions of entries about 911 since 2001 the contributor opted to package it a different way that can be ingested in one bite. Great! I’ve probably spent close to 10,000 hours researching everything I could get my hands on related to this event – and it’s rather refreshing to come across this piece. Thanks to whoever put this out there!

  3. I’m not an engineer or an expert, but if 95+% of engineers and scientists worldwide think this is all nonsense, I am going to be inclined to agree with them. You are a silly person. Get a job, do something productive with your life.

      • NO need to be an engineer but basic physics and chemistry (that clearly you didn’t do at school, or if you did you didn’t do very well) will give you the answers to your doubts ..

    • You couldn’t be more wrong. And yes I’d like to see those polling results too – lol, I love when people assert with confidence their biased notions and then insult those who don’t agree with them. Pilots, attendents, pursers, engineers, architechs – these are the voices we need. So much of what is wrong with our world today was set in motion by 9/11 – how can you lull yourself back to sleep without even examining the evidence with an open mind? The entire story stinks to high heaven! Aluminum planes slicing through steel and concrete buildings and then vaporising them? Seriously? And the media all knowing ‘who’ it was within 30 minutes? Did you ever hear of real time editing (the NFL uses it all the time)? Oh we know about it now – but the military had it for decades – as with every new technology – we don’t get it until the military takes what it wants out of it.

      • Another k00k with no knowledge of physics, chemistry and science in general. Planes are (or were until recently as composites have made increasing inroads) made of *aluminium ALLOYS* plus even some steel and titanium, all MUCH harder than pure aluminium. Then there’s the little fact that the twin towers WERE NOT exclusively made of steel and concrete. They were in fact of very lightweight construction with aluminium cladding panels and not intended to cope with several hundred tons hitting them at 500 mph! I have seen many aircraft crash scenes where high velocities were involved and the first question is often “where’s the plane ?”. Often it’s dug itself into the ground as it happens or totally disintegrated and/or burnt. I despair at the total ignorance of Ginger and his ilk.

        What happened to the video by the way ? Did someone have the good sense to remove it ?

      • Actually, at least one flight attendant DID manage to contact her base to report the hijacking, using an ‘airphone’. You wanted their voices ? Here they are. That rather blows the k00k theories out of the water doesn’t it ? “Okay, my name is Betty Ong. I’m [Flight Attendant] Number 3 on Flight 11. Our Number 1 got stabbed. Our purser is stabbed. Nobody knows who stabbed who and we can’t even get up to business class right now because nobody can breathe. And we can’t get to the cockpit, the door won’t open.” – Flight attendant Betty Ong to the American Airlines emergency line. “Of the four hijacked aircraft on 9/11, the nine minutes of advance notification about the hijacking of Flight 11 was the most time that NORAD had to respond before the aircraft crashed into its target”. This level of detail basically confirms all the conclusions of the 9/11 Commission’s Report.

        “On September 11, 2001, Ong assigned herself to Flight 11, so she could return to Los Angeles and go on vacation to Hawaii with her sister. During the hijacking, she used a telephone card to call in to American Airlines’ operations/Raleigh reservations center, from the plane’s rear galley; identified herself and alerted the supervisor that the aircraft had been hijacked. Along with fellow flight attendant Madeline Amy Sweeney, she relayed a report of the seat numbers of three hijackers. During her Airfone call, she reported that none of the crew could contact the cockpit nor open its door, a passenger (Daniel M. Lewin) and two (unnamed, cockpit key-carrying) flight attendants had been stabbed and that she thought someone had sprayed Mace in the business class cabin” ….

        The REAL TRUTH is easily found. In fact ALL FOUR planes made contact with persons on the ground.

        Now READ THEM and stop your inane drivel !

  4. Are you kidding? Anybody who has seen a controlled demolition of a build knows wtf happened. There is no way those buildings would’ve come down like they did without a little help from “their” friends. You want to choose to be ignorant fine, follow your sheep herder. I choose to open my eyes. @ Jimmy can you please state where it says 95% of engineers say this is possible planes brought down these buildings?

    • Actually by saying- “there’s no way those buildings could have come down the way they did without a little help from “their” friends” is pretty much the act of closing your eyes and being closed minded. But that’s okay, no law against wearing blinders. It’s a free country!

      • All too true, It is in fact, if you study the construction which was based on a central core taking the load, EXACTLY how you would expect them to fail, including the ‘pancaking’. Not much fun to watch live on TV as I did. The failure mode has even been independently verified by mathematical modelling, rather than an opinion.

        • Perhaps you would like to explain to everyone here AEC how it was that Building 7 tumbled in the exact same fashion just after 5pm the same day? Or why Larry Silverman, the guy who leased the towers not long before this event can be seen on a PBS special saying they decided to ‘pull’ the building. Or how it was that many samples of the dust laying all over Manhattan showed traces of nano-thermite – that’s military grade stuff btw. But no, I’m sure given your agenda you would prefer to ignore these ‘troubliing’ intrusions on the official party line. I weep for your country and those there who are worthy to be called ‘patriots’.

  5. Show me in person how jet fuel can destroy steel without another source such as compressed oxygen and I’ll believe that terrorists did it. Til then thanks all you pasty white old assholes in our government for terrizing us.

    • You don’t have to DESTROY steel to cause a building to fail, as firefighters know very well. You merely need to weaken the steel by heating to a temperature at which it will no longer take the design load (say orange hot, the way horseshoes are made by bending steel). On top of this, metals expand as they are heated, exerting destructive loads on the building structure.

      • And so, based on your earlier conjectures AEC, you would stick to your story that ‘heated’ steel that is ‘bending’ would allow 2 towers to completely collapse in near free fall velocity even though only a few floors near the impact area would have had said steel heated to anywhere near the temperature you agree it would need to be at to be soft and malleable? Give the folks here a little credit – or perhaps you need to go rethink your reasoning?

      • yeah but the fires were 80 stories up thats not going to melt steel at the bottom, plus jet fuel wont make it hot enough to melt,i can’t believe all you people who still believe the melting steel story its like you’ve lost your brains or something,please all you govt story believers go to you tube and watch the 100’s of videos that prove the govt lied,they are liars,they’re liars,watch this video proves the towers were brought down with f-in bombs

  6. Im a ironworker n know for sure its all bullshit first off the way the buildings came down. Bullllshit. That was demo work….jet fuel doesnt even burn that hot its low in octane regular gasoline burns hotter….secondly the moment a plane goes off course its reported to airforce and any plane would have gotten excorted or blown the fuck out the sky….peace

    • A lot of claims your making without any evidence to back it up. But I guess you “claiming” your an ironworker negates the need for evidence.

      • I think the video of the second aircraft crashing into the tower will answer any doubts! The aircraft struck off center to the right of the view with only parts of a semi destroyed aluminium wing touching the center column of the structure, and the fact of the possibility of the left hand engine striking parts of the center column (it did not damage the left hand side of the center column due to it’s trajectory) will reinforce the fact that the building was brought down by demolition charges. 1. The right hand side of the view shows quite clearly that the main damage and fire occurred on one side of the building. 2. If the left hand engine (solid steel construction) did damage any part of the central column to weaken it on one side. 3. The ensuing heat from the fire on that level would only have continued to weaken that side of the building faster than the other side. 1+2+3 would mean that the physics would lead to the top portion of the building toppling to that side (the side of the ensuing fire) meaning quite obviously that explosive charges had to have been used for the building to fall vertically!
        BTW the cell phone conversations in Flght93 were impossible as the passenger compartment is a faraday cage AND the max velocity for base station handover (transferring the call to the next base station en route for continuity of call) on the mobile network was only 180KM per hour (50M/s) so no conversation could have been carried out!
        Also the pentagon crash site showed only one hole in the outer wall! Where were the holes for the heaviest parts of the “aircraft” the solid steel engines?

        • There’s so much nonsense in your comment that I barely know where to begin, except possibly to suggest that you change your name to McCrackpot. If an aircraft fuselage is a Faraday Cage, how is it that you CAN make cellphone calls from inside one. Simple answer. It ISN’T a Faraday Cage. Amongst other things I’m something of an EMC expert, so I know about this.
 “A common misconception is that a Faraday cage provides full blockage or attenuation, this is not true. The reception or transmission of radio waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation, to or from an antenna within a Faraday cage is heavily attenuated or blocked by the cage. However, a Faraday cage has varied attenuation depending on wave form, frequency or distance from receiver.” On top of which, a fuselage is peppered with open RF ‘holes’ called windows !

          • You appear to be working pretty hard on this comment string AEC. Faraday Cage or not, what you fail to mention to everyone is that the cel phone technology at the time of this event (2001) did not support communications between ground towers and phones about 4K feet. This was proven by a 911 skeptic who decided to run a few trials in a light aircraft – his report is on YouTube and you can see the results for yourself. Given the detail with which you obviously involve yourself in this topic I’m sure you’ll manage to find it for yourself.

        • As a matter of FACT, jet engines are NOT made of solid steel. They would weigh too much for starters and not be able to withstand the internal temperatures. There is *some* steel used in them but most of current jet engines is made of highly complex special alloys (whose formulas and method of manufacturing are highly protected trade secrets). YouTube has some excellent videos of how Rolls-Royce go about building an engine – if you want the TRUTH ! Slightly older jet engines used lightweight titanium for the high temperature and high structural strength fan blades.

      • R u for real?????????????? you are actually comparing that skinny little pole with beams from the trade center. You have to be taking the mick. There is no way you can actually compare, what looks like a 8 year olds experiment to what happened on 9/11

        • Apparently you don’t understand the concept of scientific experiments and the validity of ‘scaling’. Do you think aircraft characteristics are studies in full-size wind tunnels ? NO, scale models are used. It works perfectly. But for such tests, the Boeing 747-100 would have had a wing prone to structural failure. “The “Sutter Twist” is a good example of how much aviation technology has changed over the years. During testing when the first Boeing 747 was being developed, they found that the wings would develop a strong vibration that could have caused serious damage to the aircraft in flight. Because of this hazard, the “father” of the 747 project, Joe Sutter, found that if he twisted the outboard wing structure by 3 degrees, 80%-90% of the loads on the wing structure would lessen, thus alleviating this dangerous vibration. This twist came to be known as the “Sutter Twist”.
          ” ….

    • Ummm…..Jet fuel is high octane, and higher octane actually slows the burn. That is why low octane fuel causes knocking; it burns too fast and causes pre-ignition. Iron worker you may be, but you certainly aren’t a rocket (or jet, or fuel) scientist.

      • Jet fuel is a low octane product its in the kerosene boiling range. Naptha is what gasoline is produced from and it is high octane.

        • OMG!!! Jet fuel is High octane!!! It takes a very high temp to ignite it. Low octane lights at a low temp. You’re all back asswards.
          If you want proof, simply put low octane fuel in a high performance car. It will ping and knock because the fuel ignites to early for the cars timed ignition spark. If you still aren’t convinced just advance the timing on the car to fire sooner and the ping will disappear.That’s the simple minded test for the simple minded man.

    • Jet fuel burns hotter than you think. Jet A1 (the norm) burns in the open air at 1,030 °C (1,890 °F) and you’re forgetting the ‘chimney effect’ “The stack effect is also referred to as the “chimney effect”, and it helps drive natural ventilation, infiltration, and fires” Source: – that causes it to burn at up to 2,500 K (2,230 °C) (4,040 °F). Source: – So much for the k00ks saying jet fuel can’t melt steel, not that it had to, just soften it. FYI, jet fuel doesn’t have an octane rating because it contains no octane! It is in fact mostly kerosene, utterly different to gasoline.

    • Foolish video. There isn’t a ‘hijack button’ for example, so the guy being interviewed is talking out of his arse (ass). You have to manually change the transponder code to 7500, setting 4 separate digits from the assigned code for the flight, not exactly easy when several guys are knifing you to death. The k00k level here is stunning!

    • I’ll repeat my comment above. Foolish videos. There isn’t a ‘hijack button’ for example, so the guy being interviewed is talking out of his arse (ass). You have to manually change the transponder code to 7500, setting 4 separate digits from the assigned code for the flight, not exactly easy when several guys are knifing you to death. The k00k level here is stunning! As for Dr Niels Harris and his nano-thermite, there is no such thing! Read this …

    • Taking back ‘your’ country and mine requires the re-introduction of real Democracy. Vote Bernie.

  7. People need to remember that we are talking about structural steel I-beams, not iron. Jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel but with buildings the size of the wtc it doesn’t have to. The heat is hot enough to cause the I-beams to lose their structural integrity. All it took was the failing of a few internal structural beams and we saw the buildings come down. The temp got so hot so fast that the structure failed. We as a Nation need to be worried about the here and now. We have far more problems and more imminent dangers now than America has ever had.

    • You’re 100% correct. All that needed to happen was that the I beams had to soften, not melt. As it happens, under the right circumstances, jet fuel can burn hot enough to melt steel anyway!
      Jet fuel burns hotter than many think. Jet A1 (the norm) burns in the open air at 1,030 °C (1,890 °F) and there’s also the ‘chimney effect’ “The stack effect is also referred to as the “chimney effect”, and it helps drive natural ventilation, infiltration, and fires” Source: – that causes it to burn at up to 2,500 K (2,230 °C) (4,040 °F). Source:

    • oh come on worried talk like you have some sense,you obviously dont know what it takes to turn a 100 + story building into dust,you must be working for the govt to say what you just said,you cannot get pyroclastic flow,from a fire,you can only get pyroclastic flow from,an avalanche,a volcano,or a demolitioned building,watch this video,and listen to the bombs going off

  8. your all dumb, take your balls back and see the truth for what it is, the american government is “evil corp” and will ruin the entire world if you people (americans)don’t stand up for whats right. not what you feel, or the prejudices that have been bread into you, i mean whats really right and just.

  9. Since the hole is much smaller than the wing span of the supposed airliner why no destruction where the wings would have hit the side of the Pentagon or do airliners have wings that fold up and that is what happened just before the impact. 84 cameras confiscated by the FBI including the camera that points toward the impact site at the Citgo.

    • Yes, that’s EXACTLY what happens. The wings on jet airliners are already ‘swept back’ for high speed flight performance reasons. Hit something solid and they will INDEED ‘fold up’. Happy now ?

      • Hmm, so you see wing imprints splayed across both of the World Trade Center towers but somehow, conveniently they just ‘folded up’ on the one that hit the Pentegon huh? I suppose you will come back to us all now to explain how structural I-beam steel and concrete is much softer and prone to damage than the stone cladding on the Pentagon walls? Perhaps the wings just came off that plane as it performed an impossible fall from the sky in a 270 degree spiral and the guy at the yolk just got lucky by directing it at the last minute into the ONLY department in the Pentagon dedicated to finding out what Rumsfeld and his military pals did with trillions of dollars??

  10. Why would anyone take the opinion of a ‘jet jockey’ over factual evidence studied by appropriately qualified engineers ? Where’s the video ? It would doubtless be a laugh to see it. Sorry, Anonymous, but you backed the wrong horse this time.

  11. I prefer the cut & dry answer: Someone is lying. 3,000+ people died in those towers that shouldn’t have. People use this atrocity to incite violence against the United States. This nation, unfortunately, has become emasculated due to ass-kissing and simpering politicians who would rather cheat on their spouses than attempt being honest and forthright.

    Those guilty of 9/11 WILL pay for their transgressions at some point. They want us to bicker about who is the real criminal behind 9/11. The United States of America has been castrated, becoming impotent politically and ethically. We are prisoners of the politically-correct Masters.

    But, the thing is, we allowed ourselves to be imprisoned. We fell asleep, turned our backs and walked away. We, in most respects, did this to ourselves by being ignorant, irrational, and purile in belief. It is up to US, not politicians, to clean this mess up. How do we do this? No one knows, because it SEEMS like no one has the cajones to step up and shout “ENOUGH!”. Until that happens…until we stop being so weak-minded and let OTHERS think for us, this will be our lot in life again and again.

    No violence or war will ever change these things. Sitting around and doing NOTHING will not take it back. Religious wars…political wars…no, that just isn’t the solution. Perhaps, it’s time we ALL grow up, dust ourselves off, and make the changes we know will work. Anonymous is a step in the right direction. Because, we all need to remember: sweeping our problems under the rug says one thing: the problem is still there, unsolved. Better to go through a little pain, and solve the problem completely, than to whine like a bunch of little children and become ignorant simps who WON’T think for themselves, and WON’T quit their arm-chair citizen job flaming those who don’t agree. Solving these problems is more important than staying sheeple.

    The government is supposed to be US, not “them”. Shoving a gun in someone’s face only makes things worse. Shoving religion up someone’s &%^ only increases the hatred. Pacifism/arm-chair warrior insanity never accomplishes anything. Get out there, and take action. No guns…no violence..just use the brain God gave you and solve these problems once and for all. You don’t need to agree with me, you don’t need to like me.

    I’m doing what I can to not add to the problem. How about YOU?

    • You make some good points. If the US agencies responsible had taken adequate notice of the warnings given to them by foreign nations (including Russia!) then 9/11 need never have happened. Even one of the flight schools that the terrorists used to gain the limited flight experience they needed passed on a warning, probably to the FAA, that their student was only interested in flying the plane, not take-off or landing. It was ignored.

      This raises the question that a decision was made at a VERY high level to allow the atrocity to take place, in order to provide justification for war against the wrong country (LMAO – except that it’s not funny). The real target should have been Saudi Arabia which is well known to provide funding for terrorism but they were an ‘ally’, weren’t they (a 2 faced one at that). Military and oil contracts with the Saudis stopped the correct response, so a ‘fall guy’ had to be found. Dubya decided to attack Iraq instead on bogus evidence about WMDs and the like, for which I hope Colin Powell should hold his head in shame, whilst the poodle, British Prime Minister, Tony Bliar, went along with plot, using the infamous ‘dodgy dossier’, cooked up by a pressurised British Intelligence Service. Investigate the death under unusual circumstances of Dr David Kelly, a British weapons inspector who had been in Iraq and KNEW that it was all phoney.

      I suspect that Dubya wanted to ‘finish off’ the job his Daddy had started during the UN mandated Gulf War which was entirely justified, following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait which was an insane over-response to disputed oil rights. Bush Senior had intentionally not taken Baghdad, since the UN mandate didn’t call for it, although the genuine alliance, including Arab countries, could doubtless have done the job there and then.

      Instead, Dubya did his own thing, overthrowing Saddam Hussein who had actually kept Iraq ‘in check’ previously.

      With Saddam gone, multiple factions arose in Iraq with different aims that have ultimately led to internal wars, the failed ‘Arab Spring’, notably in Libya and Egypt, ISIS etc, increased terrorism and Islamic hostility to the West, the problem in Syria and so on. This is, I think why Russia want to keep Assad in control in Syria, because without his control, events will worsen further, in line with the loss of the controlling figure of Hussein.

      The ultimate irony is that the Iraq War *could* have worked ! The Iraqis mostly wanted Hussein gone but a lack of leadership on the part of the USA, nil reconstruction of any note etc caused it to fail. This is because the Iraq War was done ‘on the cheap’ and a totally ineffective US administrator appointed to oversee the situation. The Iraqis were almost begging ‘the allies’ to get matters under control but we failed them, with the current consequences. I can remember well the documentary videos of that time. One thing the USA pointlessly did was to start constructing a huge Embassy in Iraq, from which Dubya may have thought he could control the country. Massive contracts were given to the likes of Dubya’s friends like Halliburton for this entirely wasted work which didn’t even employ local workers to get the economy back in control !

      If you haven’t seen it, you must see the film ‘Green Zone’ which tells part of the story rather well. You may still find it on Amazon Instant Video, as I did.

      Concluding, Dubya, Tony Bliar and their accomplices and ‘advisors’ in this unjustified and unjustifiable act should be properly investigated and charged with High Treason. In the UK, a TV film has already been made. …. ….

      • As a result of 9/11 Bush attacked Afghanistan not Iraq.

        The current borders were drawn up after WW1. Iraq sees Kuwait as a province of Iraq and have invaded before.

    • Hi Julius, I fear that my first response to your interesting comment fell short of addressing all the issues you mentioned. I became more concerned in my reply about *post* 9/11 events (interesting as they are) but failed to address the issue of ‘why 9/11 happened’ and ‘what can we do about it now ?’. I’ve been musing over this and think I can provide some answers in the comment I will follow up with soon.

      In the meantime, you stated “People use this atrocity to incite violence against the United States.”. In fact I would also say that Americans use this atrocity to incite violence against Muslims especially Islamists, such as IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh (the embodiment of pure distilled EVIL) or whatever you care to call them. Is that what you originally meant or is it indeed a tit-for-tat situation ?

      • @an engineering consultant….You are spreading disinfo. You also talk too much, like all trolls. Apparently, you’re an expert in EVERTHING-not! Go fuck yourself, troll, and quit wasting everyone’s time.

    • Very well said Julius – you’ve cut through all the clatter and gotten to the real point. I don’t see many like you in these feedback threads and I salute you for taking the time to write your insights here. This is indeed what the American people need to read and take to heart! You even managed to get the first intelligent response from AEC that I’ve seen him post so far. Well done!

  12. I really grow tired of seeing Wikipedia links, especially the same ones when trying to prove a theory. Wikipedia is not a reliable source because anybody can add or edit the information on the page, it is not even accepted in Junior high schools as a credible source for English research papers. All I see is a lot of propaganda that sounds much like Government purported information. There have been independent studies by prominent engineers and physicists that show that the planes could not have caused the buildings to collapse the way they did. No building constructed the way the 3 WTC buildings were have ever collapsed due to structural failure from fire…and we are supposed to believe that all 3 buildings did on the same day.

  13. I think it may be worth adding a couple of other interesting points here that have surfaced in case any posting want to check them out. The jet engine found on the streets of Manhattan that is apparently the only trace of the jets that hit the tower doesn’t match either of the aircraft in question. Second, an independent check-pilot got a few of his better flyers together for a simulator test in a 737 simulator – a much more manoeuvrable aircraft than the larger jets that were purported to hit the towers. Traveling at the speed listed in the reports of over 500mph was impossible stucturally at that altitutde but they did manage about 390mph and even at that speed none of them could hit the towers dead center after a few tries. The only one that did finally hit reasonably close was the check-pilot on his last attempt. This pretty much rules out a rat pack of Arab terrorists who logged a few hours on a Cesna for sure on the Pentagon strike and most likely on the towers as well. More and more facts just keep piling up on why the official story is pure fantasy and why sceptics of that report are not ‘conspiracy theorists’ – as the CIA coined the phrase years ago to discredit anyone who dares question the government/s official statements – but true patriots who are exercising the rights set out in their constitution. Keep at it and don’t give up – sooner or later enough pressure will come to bear that they’ll be forced to reopen this case and those who were behind the most polarising event of our time will finally face justice.


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