To Torment ISIS, Anonymous Unleash Their Most Powerful Weapon Yet


Anonymous’ biggest operation ever, #OpParis, has a new weapon – Rickrolling. After taking down 5500 social media accounts related to the terrorist group, the hacktivists have adopted rickrolling to disrupt ISIS militants from communicating with each other on social media.

According to Bloomberg, Anonymous are using the age-old rickrolling meme – in which a person pretends to hyperlink to one site but instead links to the video for Rick Astley’s 1987 song “Never Gonna Give You Up” – to disrupt the terrorist group’s efforts to create threads and trending topics on social media.

Among the group’s strategies is finding out and flooding all hashtags that are used by ISIS and potential recruits and spamming them with memes and rickroll videos, so that they become unusable and extremists find it harder to communicate.

#OpParis supporters have also taken to calling members of the group “Daeshbags”.

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  1. Well, think about it. Rick Astley gets to relive his glory days while fighting terrorism without the use of violence! Other than the occasional brain melt that’s bound to happen to every few of them. Some minds just can’t handle Rick Astley.

  2. Hahaha reminds me of what the singer Spike Jones did with the nazis of WW2 with the song Der Fuehrer Face. “Never Gonna Give You up” entertaining yet mellow XD

  3. Go go go what a brilliant plan. IS acts below the radar and what better force to combat them then you guys and girls who also act below the radar. It is probably the only way that they will be held at bay. By the people for the people with the people. All praise to you and wishes for success with your lateral thinking and creative ability.

  4. What would make it more fun is to maintain the sound track but create a custom cartoon of Muhammad dancing… OR? What can you come up with?

  5. Do you guys think you could mount your own counter-media campagin ridiculing Daesh? Just as there are thousands of videos and posts glorifying the caliphate, perhaps it would help to issue thousands of videos and posts making fun of them, and the insecurities they play on? Here’s some analysis of the phenomenon:

    Charlie Winter does a great job of dissecting the propagandist machinery of Daesh element by separate element, showing what they mean in unison and what they want to achieve. The Daesh message is comprehensive: the caliphate has something for EVERYone. The media agents keep on churning out new content on a daily basis, flooding the social media with carefully tailored messages. If one of them doesn’t get to you, the other will.

    This is what WE need to be doing in response as well. Churning out counter-propaganda, for lack of a better way to put it. If this is a way to access and motivate the simple minds of people, who get swept up in Daesh’s false promises, we need to be doing the same thing, glorifying and stating the obvious about the West, Europe and the free and individual-respecting society.

  6. well, thats nice. BUT, may we get a list of those accounts so we can see them?
    can we get the names of all the users, all the photos posted, all the real names , emails, ip addresses? why not show that info? instead of just hijacking twitter and getting them banned. they will be back in no time, we need to find em and destroy them. tag gps locations! ip addresses, any personal info their families friends, everything u can get.

  7. I Hope You,anonymous Friends,a similar Attack againist the Rede Globo Tv channel,from Brazil,this is not a Joke,they are responsible to show real evil content and manipulation againist brazilian population,they are Using Soap Operas to promotes Violence against family,children and illiterate people,and they are promoting Organized crime and opression and Racism,using actors,that are only Mercenaries,that are egocentric star ego status,cause they doesnt care about what they are broadcasting,the Globo Soap Opera esque is pure”psychological torture,and warfare”againist Brazilian,For example:the “Totalmente Demais”(tottaly awesome)is about a girl that are suffering rape attempts,she scapes from her stepfather(always these step-motherfuckers)and she scapes from home,after that she scapes from a Half Black thug,that are trying to chasing her on streets,sounds stupid but its fucking dark,its illegal to show this on 19:00 pm o clock in Brazil,other stupid Soap Opera,is”A Regra do Jogo”(the Game s Rules)is about a Sociopath gang,called”the faction”that infiltrates in the Society,and their objective is control the Rio De Janeiro police and the Drug Traffic areas,their methods are dirty,like torture,rape,murdering and terrorism(no,is not isis),this horror show is aired 21:00 pm,this Show promotes,racism,with co operation with some african brazilian actors,violence againist family(fathers and sons,violent relashionship,violence againist woman,class prejudice,villany,corruption)i hope you destroy Globo Tv broadcast,jamming their digital sattellite signal,we are tired of them and their extremist s support.


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