Tweet Perfectly Summarizes The Racist Nature of American Police



The Tweet contrasts Eric Garner, pictured on the right, with footage of the police handling Dylann Roof.

Garner was stopped by police for selling loose cigarettes in Staten Island, New York, on July 17, 2014. Even though Garner was not violent, nor harming anyone before police stopped him, the situation quickly escalated to four officers tackling him to the ground, and one placing him in a choke-hold. He was ultimately killed, after informing officers repeatedly that he could not breathe. The police officer who placed him in the choke-hold was, in accordance with any rational human being’s sense of morality, not indicted at all. Not even with manslaughter.

However, the  the man who is believed to have shot and killed nine black people in a cold-blooded hate crime, shows several officers handling him respectfully and in accordance with the law, even protecting him from the media. Heck, they even provided him with a bulletproof vest. They chose to protect this ruthless killer, while ruthlessly killing a man they should have protected.

Source: News.Mic

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  1. maybe that’s the difference between The North and the South, or maybe it’s the difference between a gov’t plot and everyday policing…. Who knows? Smoke and mirrors

    • He didnt resist lol, they tackled him cause they thought he was dangerous, and he quoted stated ” i cant breath” he wouldve been harmful?

  2. That’s not even comparable. They did the same thing with Lee Boyd Malvo. He had a vest and was calmly escorted away. The difference in treatment is how you react to being arrested. If you know that your time to argue is in COURT, not on the street with the arresting officer, you’ll be fine, barring you don’t grab for his gun. This is simply more fodder to incite a race war. STOP RESISTING ARREST, YOU’LL GET YOUR DAY IN COURT, AND STOP GRABBING FOR OFFICER’S GUNS.

  3. I do not believe this should be compared. Like you can find all over the internet, the guy on the left surrendered, while the guy on the right resisted arrest. Both commited a crime and both had to get arrested, the left guy didnt resist so they didnt have to use violence, while the guy on the right did, which resulted in a different approach. I certainly do not always agree with police actions, but this was justified.

  4. So, to be Crystal clear…Eric Garner was not at the time of his murder in possession of single cigarettes…he was not committing any crime. He wasn’t resisting arrest he was resisting his unlawful attacker.

  5. Whoever posted this is a complete dumbass… the ONLY reason the outcome was different because one guy did not resist arrest, while the other guy who was “selling cigarettes” was not only doing it illegally but clearly resisted arrest, had he just turned himself in he would still be alive.

    • One had a very nice knocking at his door, with very nice arrest warrant and maybe some flowers to make him feel better cause he just killed 9 people, and the other had 9 people jumping on him at the same time with no obvious reasons or even read his right and got shot, so clearly he had no right resisting “arrest”, bottom line we have 10 people dead.


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