Awakening To The Truth: You’ve Felt It Your Entire Life


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If this sounds like you, pass it along and wake someone else up…


If you haven’t seen this short video by Collective Evolution (entitled You’ve felt it your entire life),  it’s well worth watching (and sharing). With Morpheus‘s message to Neo making a powerful voice-over, the video uses a montage of clips from films like The Matrix, Into the Wild and cult classic They Live to illustrate a few (difficult) truths about the society we live in.

Contrasting some beautiful shots of nature with some ugly shots of our violence towards it, this video has a powerful message. Morpheus says it better than anyone could:

“You’ve felt it your entire life. There’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.”

It doesn’t have to be this way, the film tells us. There is so much more to life than consumerism, mainstream culture and media lies, environmental devastation, working in jobs we hate until we die, eating junk food and spending more time on social media than we do speaking to our friends and family. This is a real-life matrix. But all of us have the power to take the red pill, offer it to others, and makechoices to change our lives- and the lives of those around us- for the better.

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    • The answer is simple, you communicate by talking, sharing thoughts, ideas, laughter, joy. You hold someone’s hand, give a hug, realize faith and hope aren’t just words associated with church, they actually have feeling and emotional connection with a higher power (I don’t want to discriminate against fellow religions). You embrace the earth, our world given to us freely from a higher power(god), you embrace life and enjoy what you have trust, love, loyalty, respect, integrity, free water, free earth, free sunshine, free rain,god has supplied it all. You just have to quit focusing on the greed, don’t be ruled by green ink dyed paper!! See its that simple

    • Jesus is not the way. Seriously. You deluded people are a serious problem.I don’t understand how you cannot see that you are being exploited by power mad control freaks.

      • it’s the religions fault. more their leaders for giving them shit guidance. my mother is catholic and was brainwashed to believe 100 % in the bible and was learned that everything else is a lie if it doesn’t fit the bible. until i came with my idea and understand about religion and the way of life. it’s a guide how to live and if anyone ofthe ppl did exist or any of gods did exist, then would they hate us for not believe in them, but still do great actions, or would they hate us for believe in them and we have the result like now and we commit all the crimes that we shouldn’t do. told her to follow her brain and her heart, and not a white guy in a tower sending minions to conquer like a game. now she believe in god but respect other ppl for their belief, even those she was told to hate and bc of war in her country, she did hated them. it’s not about what or who you believe in, it’s what you choose to do and act on. god or gods are great if the idea itself are great, it’s the leaders guidance that are corrupt and the ppl have become sheep while they have become the wolves. knowledge and freedom is all we need to become better in so many ways!

    • government is the problem. church is a part of it. other than that, why should i trust someone who says he loves everyone but still kills (in some way) his own son? there are contradictions everywhere in these believe systems. “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”. i dont believe in any godlike entities, but if you just see it as a “simile” (like religious people love to do when out of arguments), would you rather obey every order just for the promise of eternal life (or whatever promises the government makes) or just want to life free, without being fooled by governments/church/…, no matter what these oppressors say? if there was a devil, all he would say is ‘just live your life’, while god says: do this and this and this to get eternal life (what he cant even proof), and if you dont do as i say you’ll be in hell forever (i see a clear motivation here. this god just wants to have power. over your life, as well as over the whole world. and like our governments, he need something to focus the rage/rejection/… of the people: governments use terrorists (paid by them), your god uses the “hell”. this image of fire and chaos is the same as the image governments want to give freedom today: anarchy movies etc. make an image as if as soon as there is no government anymore, everything would be fucked up, burning to ashes, dieing, or whatever the common folk fears the most (at the moment, terrorists). in reality, “hell” is just another word for “freedom”. there is no eternal life, nor is the image of a working capitalistic society true. read 1984 by george orwell, and try to relate it to religious believe systems. there are many parallels.

      TL;DR: government(=church/god) is not the solution to our problems. government IS the problem.

  1. please dont switch off the internet, i get you don’t like the world we live in. but some of us do like the world we live in. some parts of it are shitty, instead of attacking internet, help the people who need it.

  2. What can we do and how can I be apart of these so called protectors . . . I’m enlightened and willing to see how far you all can take me. Follow the white rabbit I’m ready

  3. Why would we turn off the internet? Its our mean of communication. What we need as a whole is revolution. We need productive anger, bening anger against our oppressors.
    We need to start helping others in a society where stepping on others head is rewarded. We need to cooperate together towoards common goals. We need to oppress the rich and powerul until they no longer can grasp power. Doing this will not take us back to the stoneage, if we work together and dream outside of this prison. We might automate food production and other basic needs. You can still keep your internet.

    • To fight fire with fire will only get you a bigger fire. To oppress the oppreser is flawed as you/we would then be the oppressor thus oppression would remain a constant. Revolution is not what is needed ( in my opinion) by definition revolution is cyclical. What is needed is a clean start. Those that oppress are only able to because the oppressed allow it. Those that have power only have it because the powerless give it. We only need say no, no more. If the system doesn’t suit you don’t be apart of it. For an easy example, when offered an illusion of choice in an upcoming election it what ever part of the world you reside, your choices are inevitably Blue or Red and in reality there is no diffrence and you don’t like either, Don’t vote, encourage others to do the same, organise voting boycott. That’s how you send a message that it’s time to change, that we no longer support the status quo.

      • Although this idea is good as a symbol of more enlightened thought, or a quest of Reason over Strife, unfortunately by simply “not voting” you are only allowing those in power to have an easier time in their ongoing quest for power. Because by not voting, you are simply allowing their $election to be chosen by an even smaller “few”.

        No, the solution in getting to a “clean start” means burning the house down to rebuild a new one.

        Those in power will simply not give up what they have achieved… it must be taken from them.

        • This sounds like the only way. Unfortunately people are scared(rightly so) to stand up. But it is going to take a lot of people that ARE NOT SCARED to stand up ALL AT ONCE! I don’t see these scared ass sheep helping anyone, let alone someone going against “The Law”. It’s sad to see our freedom blatantly taken in front of our faces and no one says or DOES a thing. I’m tired of it. Let’s ride on these fools!

        • Voting does not matter. Whether you do it or not, the elections are bought and paid for. They are raising BILLIONS over dollars in these campaigns now. You really think they are going to risk that just so joe-blow can vote and potentially ruin their investments? No.

          The real change needs to come from us, tossing these corrupt politicians out. But no one has the guts or know-how on how to do such a thing.

          What Anonymous really needs to do is infiltrate these guys, get all the dirt on them, and mass dox everyone of these corrupt slimeballs. Prompt a worldwide march in the streets. The system is corrupt, we know its corrupt. So why do some people think voting is the only thing left to be uncorrupted? You’re wrong. Our power of choice was taken away a long time ago. Just like we continue to lose that power of choice and free will as time goes on.

  4. Religion is a tool of the Matrix

    A tool to control people in past times with no radio or television.
    A tool to devide and conquer over others.
    A tool to manipulate, coerce and deceive

    They have taken the love of your parents and turned them into shackles, a cage, a prison for your mind.

    You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

    If you do not understand this, you are just in another layer of it.

    -The Matrix :
    -eXistenZ :

    See how this impacts your own life, or better your childrens.

  5. people listen up the goverments that run our countrys are just goverment puppets that work for the real goverments that are called shadow goverments and do what their told ,also these shadow goverments are working hand in hand with aliens yes thats right aliens, we are controlled by the (NWO) NEW WORLD ORDER ILLUMINATI ,IF YOU FIND THIS HARD TO BELIEVE GO DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELVES THE ONLY WAY WE CAN MAKE THIS A FREE WORLD AGAIN IS TO BRING ALL GOVERMENTS TO AN END ,WHEN WE VOTE FOR A NEW PRESIDENT ITS ALL RIGGED, AND BY THE WAY PEOPLE OBAMA ISNT WHO HE SAYS HE IS .

  6. We all have our core beliefs, and our God’s our one in the same. There’s no reason to fight each other, because we all get what’s coming to us. In the end we all get what we deserve. Nearly all religious texts agree that if you have faith in an afterlife you may well have one and if you don’t believe then you’ve no chance at an afterlife. It’s very simple… Just read what your prophet said. Not what was said for them. I believe the government is corrupted, sure. It’s easy to see this but I also believe that God has sent my people a way out of bondage,unfortunately for most it only comes after a full life in this realm that we will inherit His kingdom. The key to religion is easy: Have faith in an ideal until you’re freed by it, and when death calls don’t flinch because what you call death I call salvation. The hardest part is sticking by those ideals until you’re freed by them. Death is our only birthright so why fear it? It’s the constant in a life full of variables, it’s the process we fear because we’re born to live… It’s ingrained in our DNA. Once we’re freed from our DNA our faith remains, and it’s what we cling to. It’s our ticket in, our pathway to salvation, our remedy. If the world is run by lizard people that’s fine, all that I hold dear is in His world, and lizard people can’t run His kingdom. Good luck, brothers and sisters. Buckle up, buckle in, note down and hold on, we may be here for a while.

  7. The world is beautiful , but we not see that. For us: money , power, luxury , profit are more important ……. and that is our truth … unfortunately.

  8. Jesus’ real name is Yahushua, and it insults him to call him by any other name! The name of your so called Jesus is really an apostate misnomer provided to you by the apostate religion of ‘Christianity’ which has nothing to do with the Yahushua’s truths! So if you profess to being a ‘Jesus Freak’ you haven’t done your research and are definitely not on the right path. Get smarter about religion people.

  9. See …. look at all this posts … makes me laugh … no love, no understanding for your neighbor or your friends opinion … even after watching that video the majority still did not get it.
    Sad indeed … sad … even the Christians don’t get it(mostly because they did not read the Bible) they just believe what the priest or the pastor said.

    Just stay in the Matrix … you love it to much and the real world is just not for you.


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