U.S. Backed Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Crucify and Burn Pro-Russia Fighter



A shocking video has surfaced on YouTube showing members of the U.S. backed, Ukrainian army’s neo-Nazi Azov battalion executing a pro-Russian separatist fighter in a heinous fashion.


Warning: Video contains graphic content.


The authenticity of the video has not yet been proven, however many agree the footage appears real upon first glance. It is reported that the video message was sent to the hackers of “Cyberberkut”, a modern organized group of pro-Russian hacktivists, as well as the authorities of the People’s Republic of Donetsk.

As to be expected, the controversy is beginning to stir as many believe it to be Russian propaganda.




The video is gut-wrenching, and one can only hope it turns out to be fake. It appears it was created as a message to the opposition battling for control in eastern Ukraine. One of the masked Ukrainian soldiers in the video is reported as saying:

All the separatists, traitors of Ukraine and militia fighters will be treated the same.”

They then bound the man to a cross, nail his hands down, and after standing the cross up, proceed to light it on fire. This is where the footage ends.

The Azov Battalion was converted into a regiment last year, making it an existent part of the Ukrainian Army. The paramilitary group forms “the backbone of the forces fighting against the local self-defense militia advocating independence from Ukraine,” according to a report by RT.

Many Ukrainian nationalist volunteers have been repeatedly accused of committing “ISIS-style war crimes”, including beheadings. They openly identify themselves as neo-Nazis and routinely adorn their helmets and uniforms with Nazi SS logos and swastikas.




Prison Planet reports:

Arming and funding bloodthirsty militants who carry out ISIS-style executions would be a repeat of Washington’s disastrous policy of doing the very same thing in Libya and Syria, a strategy that directly led to the growth of ISIS throughout the region. However, a Pew Poll conducted in February found that a majority of Americans support doing precisely that.”



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  1. Die Ursache ist die USA. Wie hier im Bericht. Es wird von Nazis geredet anstelle von Faschisten. Heute verwenden nur noch Faschisten das Wort “Nazi” ! Sie verwenden es, um den Sozialismus zu defamieren. Denn es kann und wird nie nationalen Sozialismus geben. Sozialismus ist immer International ! Auch wenn er nur auf ein Land beschränkt ist. Das war die Erste Kritik.
    Wieder ist die Ursache die USA. Wie auch hier im Bericht es total verdreht wird ! Die Menschen reden alle in der Ukraine russisch ! Und es geht ebend nicht um Pro-russisch. Es geht nur um den eigenen Souverän ! Es hat absolut nichts mit der Krimm zu tun. Die hatte noch nie zur Ukraine gehört. In sozialistischen Zeiten wurde dieser “Prospekt” zur verwaltung lediglich Kiew zugeordet.
    Nochmal ! Es geht hier um den Kampf gegen den Welt weiten Faschismus ! Ob in der Ukraine, Syrien , EU oder USA ist vollkommen egal Leute !
    Lest Euch das Buch The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness durch ! Dann werdet Ihr in den USA auf der Welt nicht so viel Destruktivität erzeugen.

    Freundliche Grüße B. Rue

  2. BS. Azov Battalion is a paramilitary force of fake nationalists loyal to Israel, and paid for by Jewish oligarchs. To draw attention away from their true colors, they often wear National Socialism symbols.

  3. The end of this article where it says most Americans would support such a thing is completely bogus. There would be more riots that Baltimore if our government was supporting Nazis. There’s been a massive uproar with people walking on the flash in protest, and the flag represents freedom of speech! You think those same angry people would except being called a Nazi? na

  4. It´s fake – it´s not fake…. this bother the people most it seems, another proof the world is populated by idiots, by a lot of them.

    There are dozens of proofs of burning people in Ukraine, burned by NAZI´s or better Facist´s, as they are no National Socialists, they are simple rassists.
    The Odessa Massaker is just one big proof of the sick Ukrainian country, were the president said in German TV, that russia attacked ukraine and Nazi Germany in ww2…the russians attacked them! They were allies. And while germany is nearly rassism free, the ukraine glory their NAZI´s and their past.
    They are proud about their Galicia Waffen SS. And for those who doesn´t know they started the mass genocidce on the slavs, jews & all other, it started in ww2 in Ukraine, done by ukrainians not by germans. Such a crap job wasn´t done by germans, they used their fanboys for it.

    And this symbolism of NAZI flags allover the ukrainians are just another peace of proof, beside the fact that most of the Ukrainian government is multi national, they all have backup passports, canada for the most of them. Jazenjuk, the one who said Ukrainian and Germans had to defend themself as allies from russians in ww2, is half canadian. He is fully supported and backed up by NATO, USA & Canada and all he is requesting from YOU, ME, US is more money & more weapons – to kill more russians – what a wonderful world ^^


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