An Unarmed Teenager Shot By Police In California, Cries For His Mum Before Dying


As usual, the police are at it again. They are now the law. They pronounce death sentences based on their discretion. How many innocent souls do the police want to take, before they become satisfied in the United States?

A police officer at the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) in California, has shot dead an unarmed teenager. Hector Morejon, received a fatal shot from the officer before crying out desperately “Mommy, Mommy, please come, please come”; soon after, he sadly gave up the ghost in hospital.

Hector’s mother-Lucia Morejon, said she was at home when she heard the shots fired by the police. She then went to a path near her home to see what happened, there she saw a flurry of police activity and her son lying in an ambulance. Lucia said she closely approached and heard her son calling her. She had wanted to go to the hospital with him, but she was pushed aside by the police. Hector later died in hospital.

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The LBPD said in a statement, explaining the incident, that officers received a report that several people were trespassing and vandalizing an empty apartment around the Long Beach area. When they got to the scene, they saw an open window and a broken window. When an officer looked into the apartment through the broken window, he saw a man (later identified as Hector) standing against a wall.

The police continued to describe, that the officer saw the man turn towards him, whilst also bending his knees and extending his arm out, as if pointing an object, the officer presumed that the unidentified object was a gun. The officer then fired his weapon.

“The officer observed Hector turn towards him, while bending his knees, and extending his arm out as if pointing an object which the officer perceived was a gun. At this point, an officer involved shooting occurred, a weapon was not recovered from the scene,” LBPD said in a press release.

Sonia Mercado-the lawyer fighting for justice for Hector’s family told The Huffington Post, that the family has officially petitioned the Justice Department for an independent investigation into the incident.

“Long Beach police should allow an independent inquest. How can they investigate themselves? He was reaching for her, reaching out to her for help. She identified herself as his mother, expecting to ride with him to the hospital, but they refused to let her in’’.

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“The only thing the police have said is the same worn out excuse, I thought I saw a gun, we often find in these cases that evidence was lost or destroyed. The public is entitled to know how this happened,” she continued. “Therefore, this investigation should go to an independent inquest by the Department of Justice or another police department. The family is very concerned and wants justice and accountability,” Sonia said.

According to the Los Angeles Times, from January 2000 to April 2015, 41 people have been killed in officer-involved shootings in Long Beach. The area is said to be the 72nd most deadly neighborhood out of Los Angeles County’s 270 neighborhoods. Per 10,000 people, there were 13.78 killings and 12.28 per square mile for that period.

We are all waiting to see what will be the outcome of this incident. There is no justification to commit a crime and later expect that a brief and unproven explanation will be sufficient. Once a crime is committed it should be treated as such. All eyes are watching with keen interest on this matter.

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  1. Police brutality should not be tolerated. They should be fired, jailed for a year, and be deported in the most dangerous and crime ridden countries in the world and see how they like it. If crime is reduced all over the world with the great works of Anonymous, deport them in small islands, and tell them to survive for the next ten years. That should teach them a lesson.

  2. Things are getting to the point where drive by’s are going to be done on Police. They are killing everyone indiscriminately, men, women, children, elderly, homeless, black, hispanic, it’s becoming an everyday occurrence with no end in sight, only escalation. People are going to begin to defend themselves, and it will be blamed on the individuals, not the police (as always). Police are becoming trigger happy vigilantes that prefer to kill rather than use restraint (do they even teach that word to cops?) and let the law decide the fate of those “guilty”. Baltimore is just one more of the areas that is tired of it. Soon, how many more are going to rise up? Then, the government, like in Baltimore, will send in the National Guard and Military, put the city, state or country under Martial Law, and innocent people will die by the hundreds simply because they want the police impunity to end and to protect themselves and their families. I say take away their weapons, only allowing special response units to have access to weapons, and give them billy clubs instead. It’s time to end this crap. We’re in 2015, not the era of the Wild West.

    • Your right, but you can’t take there guns away, at the end of the day they need to deal with the actual criminals that pose a threat to there life. Police do deal with absolute scum rats every day, but that’s no excuse for these idiots shooting to kill

  3. Cops do not hate us. We are collateral to them. They commit their violence to intimidate and maintain their power over us. Their commanding elected officials stand by in fear.

  4. Though the police do these things in actuality it is the government fault.It has changed the training of police to a more militant slant. All these shootings are happening because our government some time ago decided police should be trained like soldiers in war. Easy to blame the policeman but he has been taught and drilled that its you or them if there is the slightest chance the suspect is pulling a gun shoot. Look at all these nice military weaponry and equipment police departments can get through the dept. of defense. I laughed the other day when the Davis city counsel told the chief of police he didn’t need an armored mine resistant vehicle MRAP.and to get rid of it. He whined like a puppy. This has become the problem of our police. The swat people are suppose to be the more militant arm and they are suppose to be only used in extreme situations.

  5. I think justice is unobtainable for either party in this case, as such if you cant get justice and hopefully closure from the systems in place they need to removed or replaced. In regards to the individual drama, I think the officers first kid be placed in mandatory state custody for how ever many years old the kid he killed was. Its not fair but, it is equal to the life he denied and frankly that’s the best anyone of us can hope/pray for at this point.

  6. I strongly believe if this young man was white, he would still be alive. There is a lot of racism in LAPD and surrounding areas, like Long Beach in CA. Most cops are white in Los Angeles.


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