Baltimore: Police Servers Hacked by Anonymous (#OpBaltimore)


Anonymous, as usual, is once again standing up against injustice and involving themselves in yet another major issue present in the world. Operation Baltimore (#OpBaltimore) has been engaged.

To show solidarity with those protesting the death of Freddie Gray, Anonymous has hacked into the police servers in Baltimore and released the hacked data to the web via Pastebin. This data includes email addresses and passwords of police officers.

We don’t have any information yet as to whether or not the data is legit — some reporters did try to contact the specific Anonymous hactivists behind this operation but there has been no response from them.

Once again, this operation was announced on Twitter. The message reads:

We are shocked and angered by the recent events in Baltimore. We will not sit still as our brethren are killed in the light of day.

UPDATE: Pastebin has since removed all pastes posted by Anonymous about their hack.


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  1. I think it’s time that anons STOP using pastebin, and find an alternative.

    I have several reasons for saying this:

    1) Pastebin cooperates with law enforcement, often times without requiring subpoenas, and often upon unofficial request alone.

    2) Pastebin has recently started to delete bin’s created, sometimes without even receiving a request from any agency.

    3) Pastebin info, even when password protected, isn’t secure in any way, shape, or form.

    It’s really time for these leaks to be published some place a little more secure, and a little less gun-ho for cooperation with governments.

    • what sense does it do to leak something to the “whole world” on a more “secure” website with password?

  2. yo this man is takeing people’s private info and i did what rescherch i culd and i culdent ddos him he has been harassing manny people and my firends i know this dosent pertain to this but if you guys stand for justice you know this is rong igot his ip
    may be vpned he lives at 8809 bay parkway i beleive thanks if you read this

  3. Anonymous you are the best, my dream is that anonymous become a World wide leader.

    Anonymous is legendary.

    keep up the good work!

  4. what might be the outcome of having some emails of some cops anyway? interesting would be the exposure of “critical orders” explaining and catching those cavemen happy to initiate, to maintain and to gain stars on civil battles, because and indeed there must be a cynical level orchestrating in the background. Nationwide! this is going far beyond racism and I cant stand the black talk anyway, the mess is with ALL the people at the massive low level of society no matter what skin color dressed. Their principal crime: being poor, abandoned, without resources and tools, being desperate and doing some minor issues any judge in the world would find comprehension anyway. And, if social help and attention failing to appear some ppl. crossing the line and becoming a true danger to everybody. Stop voting everybody for idiots in townhalls, state and national governments or christian, jewish, moslem hipocrites and show with your own behaviour what does it take to be a good human gifted with intelligence and wisdom. Fight the fire with fire and not with vanila ice cream!


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