Windows 10 Rollout and Upgrade Plans: Is It Really Free For All?


Windows 10 is on its way and one of Microsoft’s greatest decisions last year was, “who and how to charge for it?” Wes Miller, an analyst for Microsoft, was apprehensive however, stating that ‘upgrade pricing’ is not the most critical thing at this time and brought up the fact that Microsoft ordinarily reveals that information a couple of months before delivery, or ahead of schedule in mid-summer when it announces another operating system in the fall.

There is also still some mystery around the deployment of Windows 10 and Microsoft administrators will not disclose the following cycle in Windows 10’s series of sneak peeks. However, Chief Satya Nadella has stated that the rollout for Windows 10 will begin with cloud-based devices (netbooks) first and foremost, then portable devices (cell phones) and lastly platforms (PCs).

In December, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, said that the firm would reveal its full Windows rollout plan in mid-2015. As mentioned, subtle elements of this rollout model have still not been revealed, but it would definitely incorporate how Microsoft figures to profit off of Windows 10 after it starts doling out licenses to phone, tablet and OEM PC manufacturers.


Image Source: Google Image – Microsoft to provide Adapt in new Windows 10

“Windows 10 will be the genuine representation and a deciding moment as to whether Microsoft can reinvigorate the consumer adoption of its PC client base,” were the words of Miller.

Jan Dawson, central investigator at Jackdaw Research, saw it in an unexpected light. Despite the fact that he had no expectations for what Microsoft would uncover in two weeks, he has called the overhaul estimating question a standout, among the most vital confronting the organization this year. “The single most noteworthy test may be whether Microsoft can effectively charge a lot of cash for another working framework to shoppers and still see critical uptake,” said Dawson, in a piece distributed a month ago on Techdot Opinions.

Furthermore, Microsoft must get their evaluation model right to begin with or face additional backtracking; something it ought to be reluctant to do, what with most end users retreating from Windows 8 (back to Windows 7) in the last couple years.


Image Source: Microsoft Windows – A screenshot from the website delivering its inspiring message, “Windows 10 isn’t for all of us, but for each of us.”

Out and out, the focus appears to be a reconsidering of Windows 10, including its value. This begs us to ask the question, what are Microsoft’s alternatives? With Dawson helping them, below are the three plausible options:

Option A: A free upgrade from Windows 8.1 appears to be a lock. “This would be for the most part about appeasing those clients,” said Dawson, alluding to the grievances held up about Windows 8 and even Windows 8.1.

Option B: A free upgrade from more established versions of Windows may be a stretch, however a free option for Windows 7 users would quickly support the client offer of Windows 10, where clients could be adapted through application and administration buys.

Option C: A free upgrade to all purchasers of Windows and potentially free licenses to all PC OEMs, as well, while continuing to charge big businesses for volume licenses — this would be the most radical move.

There is expanding proof that Microsoft will not have the capacity to breeze through Dawson’s test with Windows 10, and thus will require a new strategy to accomplish it… and, at least this time, overlook its previous practices.


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