Uruguay’s president José “Pepe” Mujica nominated for 2014’s Nobel Peace Prize



Above : One of Mujica’s supporters

The 79 years old and 40th president of Uruguay has now a chance to win the Nobel Peace Prize. The main reason behind his nomination is his campaign for legalization of Marijuana as an instrument of peace, which started in 2012, in his country.

Below are two interesting graphs showing the opinion of USA citizens on the legalization of marijuana, by age and political views.


UnbenanntIn conclusion, it seems like young adults who vote Liberal are most likely to vote in favor of the legalization of marijuana usage.

Some may say legalization of cannabis would bring nothing great to society but according to http://sandiegofreepress.org marijuana could be quite interesting for economy. First, there would be taxes on the product, which hit the Cartels where it hurts the most. Secondly, jobs and business opportunities would be created.

On the other hand, studies have shown that marijuana usage on a refular basis can cause serious brain damage and other side effects such as reduced resistance to common illnesses, growth disorders, reduction of male sex hormones and many others.
The production, usage and production was finally legalized in Uruguay on December 10th, 2013 by a 16 for and 13 against vote in the Senate.


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  1. Im against marijuana and the usage of it, but to be fair, if marijuana was legalized in the USA and other places with high rates of crime, there would be less crime productivity and a general peaceful feeling. Again, still against it because its a drug.

      • Agree with Fernando … Yes, the truth is that Marijuana is classified as a drug now, but really, who ever said alcohol is not? Look at statistics and you see that its easier to die or cause death drunk than high … U can’t OD and so on, so should we follow the “rules”, when someone said “Let’s make alcohol leagal, we make money of it and if people die, hm, its their problem …”?

    • Aspirin is a drug, Tylenol is a drug, COFFEE is a drug, ALCOHOL is a drug, I bet you aren’t against those are ya? You hypocritical bastard. Cannabis is a PLANT.

    • I think you are wrong. It should be legalized, taxed and regulated by state laws just as alcohol is. The war on drugs is lost. There was never a chance of winning it. However, just as state regulation has controlled who and at what age cigarettes and alcohol, marijuana can be as well. I don’t know about where you live but here in TN one has to show ID to purchase either proving that you are either 18 for cigarettes or 21 for alcohol and there are severe penalties for anyone buying for minors. Severe enough that if someone asks me for a cigarette if they don’t look old enough to me … I won’t give them one. Prohibition did not stop alcohol, alcoholics, or alcoholism, it merely created a ready business for those inclined to crime to make massive amounts of money from. It’s the same with almost all Illegal drugs today .

    • Alcohol is a drug aspirin is a drug Benadryl is a drug So you would probably have it that people would no longer be able to have painkillers after a major surgery?

    • Weed aka the good shit is healthy and never caused a death, unlike alcohol and cigarettes which are filled with rat poison and some other shizzle

  2. Hello, i am the writer of this article and i totally agree with you but don’t you think Marijuana could be worse than alcohol ?

    • Yes that´s why longterm Alcoholics don´t die wtih liver damage that´s are always the weed smoker…….. IDIOT

    • Cannabis is way worse than alcohol????!!! I was a professional drug worker for over 6 years…. and thats not something we were EVER taught from research, if you write an article, make sure you are informed by impartial research. You are making yourself look very ignorant making statements like “On a long term usage, cannabis is way worse than alcohol… ” where on earth are you getting your information from?

  3. to be accurate, legalizing it is destroying jobs and business opportunities since a lot of smugglers/corrupt policemen/politicians lose their jobs and relatively few new jobs in retail would be created.
    plus it would harm the secret services all around the world, even cia and fbi used drug money for hidden operations, probably a main reason why its still illegal

    • you haven’t seen the results then of the cannibus movement. it employs growers, shippers,delivery drivers sellers, promoters , clubs, advertisement and then you have to look at the fact of the tax money it creates. that is a lot of money for the people and not for off the book government ops.
      yes its bad huh? doesn’t create jobs, no not at all. doesn’t benefit the people, nope not a bit. i think you should educate.

  4. Wtf cannabis causes brain damages? Gtowth disorders and a reduction of mal sexhormons not to talk about reduced ressistance of illness?! R u kidding me? So my husband actually does not want to have sex with me at least once a day and i am more than once or twice sick in one year… hmmmm u guys know more about it than me and i am actually consumer… my brain works great except in things i’m not interested in and after smoking weed for 13 years i grew bigger than my grandma who never even smoked a cigarette… and now sry for my bad grammar english is not my motherlanguage

  5. seriously guys we are comparing pears and carrots here! marajuana is a natural substance that grows and can be used to heal a miriad of diseases. Alcohol on the other hand is distilled from wheat or corn. there are zero known deaths attributed to the use of marajuana, whilst alcohol related deaths are in the thousands in the US alone..
    sounds like some one needs to do some serious research fellas! think about it.. when was the last time you heard of someone dying from smoking weed as opposed to a person drinking themself to death ( alcohol poisoning)? with all thats wrong in this world i think marajuana and the legalization of it is the least of our worries

  6. You know , marijuana is shrinking tumors. AKA killing it. What can be better. I thought it ridiculous but you should see the result. Drugs are MANUFACTURED. Processed. Marijuana is a natural herb. It is something you don’t even want to put miracle grow in. Who wants to smoke or eat that. There are more chemicals in our food and water supply than you get with this HERB. Alcohol causes deaths, cigarettes cause deaths, cocaine causes death, methamphetamine cause death, heroin causes deaths: marijuana does not. It shouldn’t be everyday all day usage. I agree that addiction but anyone can be addicted to anything.
    I am a huge supporter of something so beneficial. I can smoke a joint and relax, I take my klonopin as prescribed and nada.
    The biggest thing though is the FACT that it shrinks tumors in cancer patients. That is SIGNIFICANT information there. Also the things marijuana help with the phrama companies make billions off of every year. Marijuana free if you have a MMJ card.
    Again I do not condone it for people whose brains have not formed all the way. Unless they do have cancer or some other form of illness that can be helped by this and I don’t mean glaucoma. LOL

  7. in NZ this stupid wee politician called peter dunne has always blocked any discussion on the legalisation of this wonderous usefull plant,therefore creating the so called “legal highs” that are sending our youth loopy because of the chemicals in them.you could buy them from any dairy etc.but now,,after a time and taxpayers money study they’ve banned most of them, but can still buy some in certain outlets!! all be cause of 1 little insignificant snivelling so called politician,who never actually gets anywhere in parliment except to be used as a pawn because of the 1 seat he somehow manages to get,that whatever govt is in uses him how ever they feel,then throw him a couple of insignificant portfolios and the rest of the baubles that all politicians get.just make it legal and all these legal killing highs will dissapear, along with lots of organized crime and corrupot police and all these warped parochial so called christian values that make up these inept laws on a wonderfull plant that is not just to get “high” on but has a plethora of fabulous uses.stop sending our youth loopy and phsychotic with all this legal high shit, and just LEGALISE IT!!problem solved!! thanks.xxx peace.

  8. Most anything can be dangerous if you don’t know enough about it when they told you knowledge was power they actually meant and this world has not been quite honest with you there were several books with more information than we actually have today about the study and use of some of the so-called plants that were made illegal for certain purposes that I’m sure even if I told you why you would oppose me for that’s what you’ve been taught to do how the truest of all knowledge was burned and the guardians of it kills if the library were around today the books you could read In the information you could gather was enough to make certain people fearful there is never been anything quite like it even our modern history may be the Internet is coming close but a place where the greatest minds could go think and collect knowledge and then leave it behind for another generation that was the truest meaning of a library and humanity let it be burned to the ground so forsake knowledge close your eyes and don’t look into the face of the monster for if your government knows you’re no longer afraid if you are willing to oppose them they shall focus on you is thy enemy and if you’re close enough to stare one in the face surely you’re too close and about to be eaten

  9. Making it legal would stop a lot of crime. Stop making criminals in the system because they smoke. And most of all its a natural plant organic. Not made in a lab buy a UN trained tec
    Making your drugs in a toilet with toxic chemicals acids drain cleaners ECT.
    And yes it is a drug. Yes it effects you. But it is not made by man it has no man made poison in it.

  10. Weather you think it’s okay to use marijuana or not is beside the point. What exactly gives you the power to tell me what I am allowed to do with my own body?! If I want to experience a high from smoking marijuana thats not your concern. The world would be so much better if everyone quit trying to tell everyone else how to live. Take care od your own self and leave me alone.

  11. im from Uruguay and you don’t see people smoking in the street, it’s not how all of you imagine, my country it’s still normal, this didn’t make any difference to me, or to my friends, here a cannabis cigarette costs 1 dolar… it’s not hard to buy it. Legal or not, the only difference it makes, it’s now the smokers can smoke without preocupation of police.

  12. I’m against governmental control of marijuana – all they will do, is infuse dangerous cancer-causing chemicals into their brands and strains like they did with tobacco. As for the drug cartels – who do you think really is at the top of those? Many drug lords also have higher ups they need to answer to, and those higher ups give the drug lords their orders, which just get passed down the chain of command. The “higher ups” i speak of, ARE the sneaky bastards who have ALWAys been “the higher ups”….down with the elitist cabal (nazi-zionists, New World Order, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Illuminati etc. for they have many names)

  13. Alcohol kills everyday. And its legal. Marajuana should be legal. It would help the tax deficit and slow down the war on drugs as far as marajuana. Everything we do has its limits…. theres going to be accidents regardless so fuck it. It should be legal. And its a plant not a drug. It jus grow that way and if u jus so happen to set it on fire lol.

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