Former Danish police officer Lars Andersen released two civil registration numbers a week ago on his website – now he’s facing jail time


Freedom fighter Lars Kragh Andersen released the civil registration number of Nicolai Wammen, Danish Defence Minister, and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Danish Prime Minister.
He did so in protest against the Danish governments »surveillance and control of citizens,« and for the »politicians to get a taste of their own medicine.«

Prior to the release, Aarhus Municipality shared 1.600 civil registration numbers in an error, so the Danish CPR-system (Danish version of the civil registration numbers) definitely have some kind of problems.

Lars Kragh Andersen also shared the method on how you could easily find any Danish citizens CPR-number. The how-to listed, a part of the Danish court of justice’s systems, as the main road to access every CPR-number – including the names and addresses of civilians.
His method involved zero hacking, and could be done in a matter of minutes. allegedly removed the vulnerability in their system, but Lars has already found a new way to get a hold of the CPR-numbers – also via

The CPR-numbers can be subject to identity theft along with numerous other illegal actions.

Lars has acknowledged that he might be sentenced to jail time, but he is »prepared to take his punishment «, although he classifies his actions as »self defence.«


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  1. Wow, this guy really is a freedom fighter. Good for him standing up against the system and the strict laws we all face, no matter what country.

    • we need more like him, just like the recently incarcerated in Michoacan, Mexico, Dr. Mireles, defending the population from the coalition government-drug dealers.. we need more role models, like them……

  2. i love it and him.more and more people are taking a stand on this world police secrecy shit,about time. i congratulate you lars,x

  3. Er stolt af dig Lars, vi skal ha flere som dig der tør gå imod. Visse ting er værd at komme i fængsel for( det er vi jo allerede i forvejen såååå) Keep Fighting


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