The Venus Project Celebrates Jacque Fresco’s 100th Birthday


On March the 12th, a spectacular event was held in Ft. Meyers, Florida. Jacque Fresco’s 100th birthday celebration was held by The Venus Project. Near the blue waters of sunny Ft. Meyers, nearly one thousand people attended what turned out to be an incredible and mind opening experience. I happened to be in the area and couldn’t help but attend. Stepping out of the shadows and into the real world was an experience unto itself, a tale best told another time. Having a chance to meet Saso Luznar, Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows was a humbling experience I won’t soon forget. I cherished being in the presence of those who dedicate so much of their time and themselves to a cause, with so little expected in return.


The Venus Project, the brain child of Jacque Fresco, aims to literally change the world. Throwing out old concepts such as money and our scarcity based economy, TVP shows us how a resource based economy can provide the world with a lifestyle that far succeeds our current standards. Not only that, it assures the benefits of the earth’s resources to all peoples of the world. Our current system is dominated by greed and divisiveness. TVP looks to put to use currently underutilized technology to free up the human population from jobs which could be easily automated. Thus humanity could be free to pursue new hopes, dreams and goals. The elimination of greed and the utilization of the earth’s resources to better humanity are among the primary goals of The Venus Project.


The first half of the day was spent screening TVP’s new documentary film, The Choice Is Ours. The Choice Is Ours is but a short two hour preview into the mind of Jacque Fresco, a man who has spent his entire life working toward one goal; to better the world. The film is available on YouTube and is linked above. In a short time, The Choice Is Ours has racked up nearly a quarter of a million views. It features such speakers as Abby Martin of Russia Today, behavioral psychologist Dr. Henry Schlinger, Roxanne Meadows co-founder of TVP and Jacque Fresco himself.

All of the speakers from the film were in attendance at Jacque’s 100th birthday celebration. Abby Martin spoke about the mainstream media and what it was like working in Washington under political eyes. Dr. Henry Schlinger, a behavioral psychologist discussed human behavior as it applies to our current societal model. A musical performance was given by hiphop artist Bonez, who performed his song, A Better Place, written for Jacque and The Venus Project. At the end, Jacque Fresco himself took the stage and spoke from the heart about what it takes to make real change in this world. All in all, the celebration went off without a hitch.

For more information on The Venus Project and resource-based economies, please visit TVP website at



  1. Bless this man and his fantastic ideas.This is what a modern pioneer and hero looks like.İ wish him many more years and may mankind realise his grand visions.Happy Bithday ! 🙂


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