The Venus Project: One World, No Government. Could It Work?


Architectural designer and futurist, Jacque Fresco, is considered an inspiration by many for his innovative ideas and his blueprint for a sustainable society and planet. It is known as the Venus Project. While some of his ideas are considered radical and far-fetched, we are now reaching a point in technology where it may be time for a reappraisal.

The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalogue of problems inherent in today’s world. Today many people believe what is needed is a higher sense of ethical standards and the enactment of international laws to assure a sustainable global society.




Fresco’s idea advocates for a society that runs on socio-cooperation, and uses science and the advancement of technology in clean and efficient ways. He calls this system a “resource-based economy”, and it would involve reconstructing the entire planet’s infrastructure. The planet would need to work together as one, “eliminating the false borders that separate continents and countries and looking at our planet as an open trading highway system.”

Because our current system is based on mass consumerism, which promotes environmental neglect, we are not living in a sustainable society, and it’s only a matter of time before we drain the planet of its resources. Fresco suggests that the answer is to automate as much as possible in the shortest period of time. By doing so, we can use technology to produce and distribute resources for the entire world in a clean and efficient manner. In this way, technology can work for everyone.




Two common concerns at this point are whether or not there would be enough resources for everyone, and whether or not mass automation will have a negative effect on the job market. The first thing to take into consideration is that the Venus Project would terminate the need for a monetary system, thereby having no effect on the job market, and if we can get to a point where the level of production is high enough (which Fresco claims is more than possible), scarcity will no longer exist. The theory is that with most jobs automated, and resources in abundance, the average person will only have to work a couple hours a day, and they would have everything they could possibly need.

Fresco also suggests that computers can be used to benefit mankind  by using a global intelligence network to oversee things such as the production and distribution of goods, and to ensure there would be no shortages or overruns of resources. “Decisions being made in this innovative society would be based around the needs of the people and the conservation of the planet, not corporate interests.” Our corporate-run society uses the monetary system to stress a need for vast resources that don’t have to be used—it promotes waste.


the-venus-project-motion-picture-update (1)


Fresco has numerous ideas for this new system, all of which are outlined in the documentary provided at the bottom of this page. From clean, renewable energy, to transportation, it seems Fresco has thought of nearly everything.




Fresco’s system would also eliminate the need for a government. As of yet, “none of the world’s economic systems—socialism, communism, fascism, or the free enterprise system—have eliminated the problems of elitism, nationalism, racism, and most of all scarcity.” These government-run systems are centered primarily on economic disparity.

When money is used to regulate and distribute resources for profit, people and nations are out for themselves. They will seek advantage at any cost. They do this by maintaining a competitive edge, or through military intervention. War represents the supreme failure of nations to resolve their differences. From a strictly pragmatic standpoint, it is the most inefficient waste of lives and resources ever conceived.

Fresco believes that people are good at heart, and that negative ideals are taught. It is his belief that when people are provided with everything they need, from the necessities required to survive, to the things that give us pleasure, the need for greed and corruption evaporates. There is no need for a governing body or military in a world where everyone is provided for. There is no need for police if greed and desperation, and ultimately crime, are not present.




In the world Fresco is suggesting, technology can be used to advance mankind in positive ways. Rather than using science to advance our weapons technology, we can concentrate on the true necessities, such as the medical field. Fresco believes that with medical care available to all, as well as advancements in technology, those conditions and disorders that cause violent reactions in people can be detected and treated from an early age, without the need for a prison system.

This has nothing to do with those who want to form an elite world order with themselves and large corporations in control and the rest of the world subservient to them. On the contrary, a global resource-based economy enables all people to reach their highest potential where they can thrive and grow in a society that works on their behalf. A society that protects and preserves the environment as well—one that understands we are a part of nature, not separate from it.



There have been a few arguments against the Venus Project, with some even claiming that Scientology, Hitler, Mao, and Stalin all pale in comparison. This mainly seems to be due to the fact that there would be no need for currency, police, prison systems, or a government in Fresco’s vision.

Some have commented that a system such as the one Fresco is suggesting would eliminate competition, and without competition humans would lose their creativity and imagination. It should be noted that the desire for competition is not a human trait, but rather a cultural trait, and there was no direct link found between competition and the ability to create or imagine:

Mainstream culture in the United States emphasizes assertiveness and individuality, so many Westerners are competitive and reluctant to give in to others. In more communal societies, people have less individualistic perspectives and are less likely to focus on winning conflicts (Ting-Toomey, 1991; Van Yperen & Buunk, 1991). Similarly, in Japan and many other Asian cultures, open disagreement is strongly condemned (Gangwish, 1999). Great effort is made to avoid winning at the cost of causing another person to lose face. In Japanese sports, the ideal is not for one team to win but for a tie to occur so that neither team loses face. When there is to be a winner, Japanese athletes try to win by only a slim margin so that the losing team is not humiliated (“American Games, Japanese Rules,” cited in Ferrante, 2006). (Wood, 2013).




The most common argument, however, is that the Venus Project is another form of communism or socialism, though it appears to be difficult for skeptics to make a solid connection. For example in one critic’s study it was noted that the Venus Project opposes the Leninist Bolshevik brand of communism, and openly rejects the George Sorel approach of “ongoing blood riots and violence”, therefore meaning that the Venus Project is not a form of revolutionary communism. A connection was immediately made afterwards to socialism though, due to the fact Fresco’s system rejects police, prisons, and military.

In a quote from Ludwig von Mises’s 1947 work entitled Planned Chaos:

“The state will ‘wither away’. In the socialist commonwealth of the future there will be neither judges and policemen nor prisons and gallows.”

The critic also states this does not conclusively prove that the Venus Project is socialist.

There are other similar comparisons made between the Venus Project and communism, as well as socialism, however these details seem minute in comparison to the major differences. When asked directly how Jacque Fresco’s system compares to communism, those at the Venus Project responded:

Communism being similar to a resource-based economy or the Venus Project is an erroneous concept. Communism has money, banks, armies, police, prisons, charismatic personalities, social stratification, and is managed by appointed leaders. The Venus Project’s aim is to surpass the need for the use of money. Police, prisons and the military would no longer be necessary when goods, services, healthcare, and education are available to all people.

In a report from Collective-Evolution:

Some argue that Jacque Fresco’s plans are idealistic and crazy, and that our world is too far away from such a utopia. However, if we take a moment to observe our current state, it is easy to see that people are not content with the way the world is currently run. Countries all around the world are standing up to their governments with hope of reconstructing a future which provides equal and harmonious living standards for all. We are aware that we need to create something new, and perhaps Jacque Fresco’s blueprints hold the key to the new Earth we’ve been waiting for all along.


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  1. I like this idea. I always said Star Trek had it right…..eliminate monetary consumerism and everyone simply works for the sole purpose of bettering the human race. Makes perfect sense.

    • I’m definitely interested in this, and am hoping that this becomes an eventuality. I think, however, that we need to prepare for the possibility that – in the far future, when we attain interstellar travel – we may encounter an advanced civilization that is similar to our present society, if not primarily warlike.

      • Ridiculous idea! Every large group will have people that want to lead it. Then come rules. Then come people to enforce the rules. Then come cliques. Then come leaders of cliques. Then come agendas……………………

        • True in today man. But as idea its great IMHO. The problem would be that it would take few generations of chaos to shape that kind of a human. I’m not sure, that ego is something that would be easaly suprest. The idea of no jail or police could be problematic due to numerous nut-cases but it could be overcomed

        • LOL. There is no “socialism” in Sweden. Sweden is a country with high consumption and high cost of living. It also for many years had high unemployment and outsourcing of many jobs.

          We could perhaps say it is a crooked/failed socialism. But that also depends of what we want to define as socialism. The Labour parties of today are far away from Marx.

      • In socialist countries there is money, there is a class stratification, there are banks, army, navy, prisons and police. The Venus Project is not any oh that.

        • Exactly. It does need a more formal set of laws and that responsibilities lie in the hands of scientific expertise (instead of in the hands of chance, or politics, religion, profit etc) .

          If not it would not have any chance of functionality. But that is one the very few weaknesses it has. No other model is interesting anyway or has succeeded much.
          IF you look to the history of socialism and capitalism, as well as religious regimes, these have had loads of very big weaknesses.
          The perhaps only exception is Singapore. They started with nothing and ended up with a very well functioning society. But where still there too many hierarchies exploiting workers.

          The benefit in Singapore however was the constant focus on low cost and progressive society planning (Lee Kuan Yew). He had a very different view than the communists and capitalists. And was definitely not a Labour guy or Democrat.

      • Capitalism has also failed. There has been no perfect system yet, but there are elements of positive modeling and priorities within even existing failed systems. The question (and quest) should always be: What would be BETTER. What do we care most about? What would serve to make more people healthy, happy and living, and what would help ensure a sustainable planet, which is our home?

    • Knowing a Crash is coming, What do we do the? watch it happen, WW3 and Global Warming is virtually upon us. we can’t do nothing its all our Childrens Futures!

      My Answer: Annonymous and the People of this Plane Globally declare war on Consumerist Capitalism and its Cousins.

      As they say we starve the corporate Beast: Simple buy less produce more, Create Abundance which supercedes demand and False Demand.

      We need a Global General Strike which will take 6-12 months to have the required global effect, we agree globally to this action with commitments that no individual will suffer during this period, its up to us to help each other to make it succeed, if we deleigitimise money or negate it all together, then governments don’t have their life blood to perpetuate and Subjugate us. Grow food, produce electric/clean water, Share food share knowledge, lend a hand.

      OK: We could fight the system on its own Terms, lets create the Venus Project crowd fund Charity, lets announce the launch of the project, lets make our 1st city in the Sahara Desert area, lets procure the land and simply walk away from capitalism. Its an idea: we can all literally buy into, until we reach tipping point when we create Abundance in everything, we can open our arms to the less able or oppressed to join us in additional city communities!

  2. GJ Anon, please spread the word about the venus project more 😀 I can’t wait for this broken and corrupt system to fall apart and a new, more humane, one take its place. People all over the world are waking up and seeing the corruption and asking themselves important questions like: Wait a minute.. This isn’t a world run by machines.. this is a world run by human beings.. So why are we all forced to act like robots and live in such a disgusting way when computers can do all that crap? If we’re all CHOOSING to live this way then why the hell don’t we just change it right now since everyone hates the way things are with the inequality and forcing to work jobs you hate and deliberately producing less food than we can and leaving and robbing the poorer nations, etc… When will all this idiocy end!? It’s up to us and the people are getting tired of waiting for their govt’s to do anything because it’s becoming more and more obvious that not only are the govt’s not looking out for us or doing what we want, but they’re in fact doing the complete opposite and creating wars to maintain inequality and hate and the division of people. This is a disgusting world they’re forcing everyone to live in and the people are getting sick of their selfish misrepresentation of what humanity stands for.

    • OMG! I couldn’t have said it better myself Mystic! I can’t stand when I’m all excited about the venus project and want to talk to people about it just to hear that person say something stupid like “Aw, that’s crazy talk.That will never work or happen”. The only thing I say to that is,”Your point of view is exactly why it wouldn’t happen, thanks for keeping me, my husband, my children and grand children enslaved to the ignorant powers that be.”

    • Like your precious money system failed in 1929?
      Nothing changes when far too many are still stuck on $$$$$$
      I hear you CHOOSE to be selfish, egostistical and lacking any thought of humanity.

      What will you eat, when the world is an arid wasteland and you sit on a pile of green paper?

  3. The U.S. does NOT emphasize individuality. Your a citizen of the U.S., you are not an individual. In The Venus Project/Resource Based Economy you can be an individual because you will be able to thoroughly think for yourself. Think about this, if money wasn’t an issue, would you really be doing what you’re currently doing for a living? I know I wouldn’t. We are born and we are taught to focus on making money to live. Realistically we could live off the land for free if we really wanted to and took proper care. But it comes down to proper education specifically learning to think critically which is why the world is such a terrible place today.

      • lets get anonymous to create a trust fund from all the anons,of 1 dollar a day for one year if anon can secure 1,000,000 anons to a dollar a day in one year we could start this project with 365,000,000 dollars…..might be a plan, i will sign up

    • I dont put making money as a priority in my life, i dont care if someone else can “live better” than me because they chose a job that needed more skills or a greater risk than the one i picked, i didnt pick it i chose my job because i love building electrical systems and watching them work together. I choose to live within my means however difficult it can make life at times. I agree the current systems have all failed except free-market since it has never once been attempted in earnest. personally i would prefer a Voluntaryist economy since anything else would be government enforced through violence.

      • Skills and risks aren’t really the issue when it comes to bankers or people like Trump. Trump isn’t skilled, he’s just good at being an asshole and this world rewards the biggest assholes of all.

    • If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, who would? The simple fact that someone will pay money for my labor proves that the job needs to be done. Would anyone choose to pick up trash or clean toilets if they didn’t have to? Even so, the trash needs picking and the toilets need cleaning. Think about it.

      • Simple fact is that we have the technology to make most peoples jobs obsolete. You have seen those little robots who can vacuum or mov your lawn?

        But nothing changes as long as you work for free. You get paid peanuts, forced into doing this work, to pay of a debt. Mortage or tuition or anything.

        What I like the most about TVP, is that we must NOT be ruled by a fortunate few, while the rest live in squalor to the “masters”. Where all humans can eat, sleep in a bed at night and be forced into a life of slavery (debt slavery is a thing) or forced into a life of crime, due to a lack of funds.

        Equal rights and an equal say in the day to day operation.

        Utipian idea? Yeah, kinda like CAPITALISM!!! No such thing as Utopia, as long as humans are involved. And honestly, I hope to see the collapse of the worlds banks and the following chaos and scramble for the little food left in stores. At least I know how to hunt and forage, how would YOU survive?

    • This place, this earth, this world is not terrible. It is not a planet, it is my home and my playground. I like it and I like you and all the people. I like the animals, the plants, the stones and the raindrops. I even like war and I like conflicts. It makes my home interesting and cosy. There are changing things and I like them too, but change is not needed, nor has to be afforded.

      • listen to what you’re saying. ‘war is interesting’ well It may be for you but what about all the people suffering? think before you speak, I know you don’t mean that so don’t say it. This world is terrible and it does need to change, that no opinion that is fact.
        I hope you rethink your whole view because its because of that selfishness that people are dying everyday when everyone could be happy and live free.

      • You like war and conflict?!? Good to know, only need to know where you live so I can stay well clear of a psychopath like that.

    • You’re right Spayd, we could live off grid and off the land, but the city governments have us there. In a lot of cities, your not ALLOWED to have rain barrels,solar panels on your roof,wind turbines in your yard,and in some cases, not even a garden.They say they have ordinances we must abide by, even if what we’re doing on our own property is not hurting anyone nor an wild life.All of our rights even to provide for ourselves and be self sufficient is being striped from us little by little.

    • Your first sentence is exactly why this will never happen and it’s not just the US. Global business interests have much to lose in something like this. Science and education have been used wrong for far too long and besides, who are those interests gonna sale to every damn minute of your day. We have been conditioned to the point that even our emotions are “by design” and most of us don’t even realize it. To push something like this too far is seriously risking the lives of you and yours but, realistically, it’s exactly what should be done, even at your own detriment. It’s the only way our freedoms, rights of existence and liberties can be kept, otherwise, we might as well join those who wish for the bangstick at the end of the longest line.

  4. if anyone has ever looked into the time travel theories im not saying by no means they are real but there is a man who claimed he went to 2077 and that the world was run by a Artificial intelligence that over saw everything and there were a few other examples but what he described is incredibly similar to this and this is the first i have ever heard of the venus project so with an open mind it makes you wonder

  5. i have always believed there has to be an alternative to the political or religious agenda we are indoctrined into. Sadly the mass population follows blindly absorbing through centuries what they are force fed. The Venus project can only succeed with the worlds population agreeing for total change, not step by step gradual technological advancement that we are now being allowed, but a unprecedented major introduction of such a concept. We need to conserve our planet, equality life for everyone and use our intelligence for the benefit of all.

    • Dear Gary,

      I gladly invite you just to take a brief look in the Hannah Arend’s book ‘The Origins of Totalitarism’ to have a picture regarding your “total change”. Giving up to politics, is like giving up to your entire world, not taking care of anything is happening around you – cultarally, socially, economically. You don’t have to believe in God to see the pozitive lesson of religion. If the religion is the one that tells you that the Heaven is in the sky, Hell is underground and the “nasty” world we live in is on earth, then is because it is simply impossible to be otherwize, not because someone powerfull decided that it must be like that. And I have a question for you, a friendly one: why do you think that the masses could be indoctrinated so good, despite the democracy we live in and despite the huuuuge access that we have to information? My personal answwer is “ignorance”. If someone does not like being indoctrinated, if you feel that you are indoctrinated, than you could start informing yourself, exploring your culture, your past and your world and a system will no longer be able to indoctrinate you. In a system like this, you could say ‘bye bye’ to liberty, freedom, selfdevelopment.

      Friendly, me. 🙂

      P.S.: if I have done any grammar mistake, sory for them. Too lazy to correct.

      • Dear Bogdan.

        I kindly invite you to entertain the possiblity that the mind is eaily shaped in the early years and as such, we take on our parents way of thinking, so democracy is what we were made to think. But can you honestly say that it works as intented? It doesn’t work, because barely over half of a nations population participates in the elections.
        And this system let’s you improve on your self AND you are free to pursue what you find interesting. As it is now, only that wich is deemed profitable will be addressed. Not the real problems of scociety.
        And ignorance is the educational system failing mankind. We should learn to think for ourselves and not think in the straight lines that are presented to us.

        In this system, I would pursue ways of improving sustainable and renewabe scource of energy. Not like today, when I am forced to walk a thin line between survival and crime. All for money, wich I can’t eat.

  6. This man is a genius, and a true humanitarian. I found out recently that Edgar Cayce, prophesied that in the future our cities would be circular…I believe…Welcome to the age of Aquarius…

    • people reacted exactly this way to Communism, Nazism and Socialism. we all know how those turned out don’t we? I think if there’s one thing we need to fear, it’s a SYSTEM, because a system will expect everyone to conform to a set of rules, no matter how small that set of rules is. there will always, always, always be a group of people, usually a minority, that will disagree. that will feel they’ve been robbed of some kind of liberty… and you will therefore never have unity.

      • do not fear what you don’t understand… instead, look it up some more. research it… fine, be a skeptic and scrutinize the RBE system thoroughly with facts and with reason and logic. but don’t make your conclusions basing on the failures of the past, making up your mind that it is so and no other way and making assumptions without knowing relevant facts about the subject… as that way, it will not help u understand it better. RBE/TVP concept is like Algebra. You will not understand how it works, if you don’t put the time and effort to research and study how it works. it’s a much much bigger picture. you have to take into consideration everything there is to know to make some credible judgement.

      • Unity is not necessary to begin with. This plan can apply to a smaller community that believes in it and extend when and if people see it work. Communism, nazism and socialism had money, army, racism, factories where it was used human force. This would all disappear. It is impossible to say if this would work without giving it a try. The only thing I know is that we can feel the tension in the air and we can see the Earth not being able to cope with this anymore and it is time for a new system.

      • Kinda like humans are FORCED into a way of debt, to get an education? Or like the great 1929? No money in the world can feed the hungry, food will.
        Any system thought up by man is flawed by nature, because humans are flawed by nature.

        I still support this idea over anything, because what we have now?!? That’s hell on earth and it’s only getting worse, because more debt to the people and the money in the pockets of a few.

  7. This project discounts the very real threat of totalitarian death cults like progressivism and radical Islam.
    You cannot reason with those people, whose only goal is to subjugate the world under their boots.
    No matter how you design the world, there will always be people on one side that don’t want to participate and on the other side that want to burn it down.

    • You do realize the State does this on much more massive scales, correct? In fact, the State empowers these groups while acting like it’s figthing them. Let go of your indoctrination, brother. We all know there will be ‘those people’, but without the State there will be far less.

    • Happy to read this 🙂
      I support the Venus Project all the way!.

      Maybe Anons start thinking about provide usefull in practice knowledge helps people to start be more indenpendent from govs and their money. Inform about some interesting project ongoing around world and How to build house by self provide to house own energy…IDEA is share info what spread knowledge about how do it good things what helps in fight for freedoom as ex:if we know how provide energy for free to ours houses we cut it influencces of greedy companies etc Maybe is time to THINK GLOBALY to help ACT LOCALY.
      Anons is new state and act of disagree humans small socciety what awake. We can hack some webs to show disagreement but is nothing for some organisations.If anons will be bigger problems they will put already ready scenario who disarm V-masks.
      What they afraid is that people awake globaly. And way to do this is not even to show greed,fear untrue growing by them…. But if you cut sources for parasites they gone… Maybe is a time for Anons to show people how use some tools and where they can find it?
      Hope I am clear. Is only idea it needs strategic think who to develope and menage GUIDE TO FREEDOM 😉

      Of course it got chance to success but is unrealistic cos is like is no like should be. Reasons are well know…

      Let’s see co-operative villages where inhabitants choose life amongst friends and friend’s friends. Based on personal experience(Project:inhabitants are friends,most of us are owners of ground for houses-most of them are experimental like adobe and everyone who got ground together bought ground for common space for events, guest tents and for sources wisely use it from our forest,meadow.For now everything is OK even despite differences like nationality, educations, occupations etc Law is common for all-do what you want to do on yours ground and be part of comunity:example pay for network cables,give hand in bulding toilets for guests.FUNNY thing is that this law is not annouced even.We using heads,hearts and souls=is ok; we still got problems but somehow even biger ones desapire solved very soon-think about it and i think in help is no greed, no authorities, respect for others belives and behaviors.Plus we talk dance create together…Is few rules what we set up together No one use any stimultants in our holly ground,inform others about some actions what can afects others. And is now happend in real world.

    • The Venus Project is a posthumous work! Jacque Fresco is realized in the last years of his life? It will not always like you said, because we are close to extinction of humanity, if not happen a change in thinking. The Venus project fits, day after day, in case humanity solve avoid its own extinction. Understand?

      • Guilherme Schmitz, Mr. Fresco has been asking people to bring to fruition a resource based economy since 1974. His interview on Larry King from 1974 is on

  8. My question is… “Where can I go to be a part of this? All for it and subconsciously believe and search for this opportunity during my existence.”

    • What a mind this has. I just want to hung the guy. Such a beautiful human being that made me feel hope. Hope for a brighter future full of happiness and no greed no anger and all the time we want to do the things we want not what we have to do to get by. I’m glad there is people like Jacque Fresco out there with a voice and see what is wrong and don’t turn a blind eye to it. But not only voice their concerns but also come up with a resolution to all our world problems that are really not problems to begin with. They are all just made up by all the currupt governments in and around the world.
      Go Fresco, love your brilliant idea and I hope the whole gets behind it before we all lose everything.

  9. I like this idea too. It is an updated version of what Bucky Fuller was talking about in the 1960’s Some of his books include Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth and Utopa or Oblivion: the choice is Yours and of course Synergetics I & 2

  10. Jacque Fresco has always been an inspiration to me for many years… I wish somebody would go ahead and 3-D print a circular city for the man!

  11. How do you know? Have you tried ever? I know scenarios that in healthy organism ilness is rare and if come is cure imiadietly.

  12. My name is Roman Sklyarov (Kyiv, Ukraine). I am the founder of the Creator Society Movement (

    We consider that:

    1. Creative class is the driving force of the transition from capitalism to a cooperative model. Capitalism creates the creative class, but the creative class, unable to meet their higher-level needs in Maslow’s pyramid in the framework of capitalism, brings the transition to co-operatives. Not the proletariat, as Marx believed, but the creative class brings the end to capitalism.

    2. The transition from capitalism to cooperatives confirms dialectics of German philosopher Georg Hegel, namely, that the struggle of opposites (thesis and antithesis) is overcome in the synthesis. In economics, the struggle of trade unions and corporations owners is overcome by combining them into a synthesis – collective worker-owner of cooperatives.

    3. Mission of a human being is to create, rather than to consume. Capitalism creates a consumer society, because the masses do not have access to the means of production, which are controlled by the small group of oligarchs. Without the means of production, it is impossible to create. In the cooperative model, the masses have access to means of production and can create in the framework of all economy. Cooperative economy forms a creator society.

    4. Extension of civil liberties from political democracy to economic democracy is a logical development of world history. Hegel called the history “the progress of freedom”, and in cooperatives that progress appears, coming to a new level.

    Fully you can find it here:

  13. You cant both have this venus project and new world order, the goverment already have plans for us all, sorry to say friends. Nobel project anyways!

  14. We cant both have this project and new world order, the goverments already have plans for us all, sorry to say friends. But it is a nobel project anyways!

  15. in theory, just like Star Trek, the concept could work. However, when you’re dealing with humans and their inadequacies and stubbornness, that’s where it would fail.

    humans as a species also need to struggle to survive. I cite the fact of people who have come into a lot of money soon become lazy, overweight and nonproductive.

    While I agree in a sense that logically at some point the world will have to come together in order to survive however that will also mean that some people will win and some people will lose in order to make that happen.

    And just like religion… It’s an area where most will not budge.

  16. This whole idea is based on that everybody has a global open minded positive mindset. If there would be no evil people in this world that use others to get better this maybe has a chance.

  17. so no police , no military ? question what will happen with people like me who would not mind living in such society but refuse to contribute anything ?! because i know i would not be the only one, i at least only coexist in any society i live in, many leach as well .. what about partying ? what about endangering others with your activities , like making fires , driving intoxicated ? you guys really think you can just eliminate the need for party just with wealth ?! think again 😉 wealth bring even more people like me, i dont have to worry about food or a place to live, i can focus on how to party harder.. im 48 btw , and i would not live my life any other way, it works for me

    • Mr. Fresco purposes autonomous vehicles (cars that drive themselves) so drunk driving is not a problem, he also has said in his explaination of the venus project that if you drink, smoke do drugs that is your choice, but he would just ask that those who over indulge in these activities would educate themselves to see just what overindulgence is doing to your body.

  18. I can’t see this. I get that a utopian society is the ideal format for inhabiting the earth but I just can’t see it happening.

    Human Nature for one, will cause an inherent sense of chaos. I try to be as nice as possible, generous and kind, I get that there are others that can be the same way, but even without a monetary incentive, some people will still feel the need to stand out, to achieve something, to win at something. Taking out the competitive nature will inherently cripple our motivation. It’s what I’ve unfortunately seen and experienced and For that reason I don’t think it can work.

    But so help me I’d love for someone to prove me wrong.

    • Human nature changes based on its surroundings..and yes people will stand out more than ever making a the world a better place .. did you even watch a few videos ?

    • It’s easy to prove you wrong. This is taken straight out of the films. I suggest you view them:
      1. This is no utopian society. There is no such thing. It is just way much better than what we have today.
      2. Money boosts the external motivation. The internal motivation is much stronger, as proved by scientific papers over and over again. The internal motivation gets its boost from doing something you believe in. See “RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us” on Youtube for more details about this.
      3. It is difficult to grasp something like this vision, because it requires much knowledge about our current monetary system and the latest technological advances to seam feasible. Even after watching all the films I made some research myself just to fill in some gaps. And now I am more convinced than ever. I do not only think it’s possible, but unavoidable. No conspiracy theory, just plain logic. Much goods have decreased in value over the years, and continue to do so. Jobs decrease as well. This cannot continue for much longer before we see a crash. Out of this crash we will either destroy ourselves or build a society like this one.

    • Although I kind of agree with what you said I still believe this utopia can be achieved, it’s just a thought process, if we all changed the way we think about things it’s highly possible, just leave the competitiveness to sports, if enough people think in the right way then the actions to it soon follow……..

    • I don’t believe that monetary incentive is essential for the proper functioning of society. Remember this whole concept is predicate around changing some core aspects of human culture; namely materialism and physical labor based economies. So the whole point is to replace the current incentives for people to work; money, possessions, land, with something else; scientific pursuits, overcoming some problem, or just merely for creative pursuit. It’s basically the Star Trek future; material wealth is no longer important; personal accomplishment and working to improve the collective as a whole is the most important goals in society. In that sense it is a socialist utopia. There is a lot to be said if we did consider the benefits of living under a system. And in some sense we will have to consider it when you think about the looming prospect that soon physical labor will no longer be the foundation of our economic system. Automated labor will make the majority of the population on this planet obsolete. What will happen in a world where there aren’t any menial or physical labor based work? How will people not only survive but thrive under that kind of environment?

      I don’t agree about the government free aspect of his ideas though. I don’t think you can have that level of cooperation without an overarching authority controlling and coordinating resource distribution and large scale projects. While sadly relegated to the world of conspiracy theorist as a evil threat a one world government would be crucial to guaranteeing every human on this planet is treated fairly and justly.

  19. I dont think the politicians would be for this, because if money had no value, then they would be powerless and without a job. But I’m all for this.

    • FUCK YEAH BRO!, I reckon the most important place to start is with more powerful and efficient forms of electricity like windmills, turbines, hydro- electricity and solar electricity, honestly, I don’t get how the fuck almost every-one is dumb enough to think that coal mining for electricity and coal seam gas are better alternatives when all coal mining does is pollute the air we all breathe and is not a renewable energy source and hopefully sooner or later every-one will be able to eat organic food that isn’t poisoned by pesticides and no-one will have to drink water that is contaminated with fluoride which is a staple ingredient for rat poisoning and most importantly people can be treated with natural medicine because any-body with half a brain knows that those pills from your local chemist only create new problems for their profit!

  20. I like the idea. Who will write the international laws? Who will elect the people who write the laws? Will we vote to accept the international laws? Will there be provisions too amend the laws? How will we insure equality in wealth? How will we prevent corporations from controlling the laws for their own benefit? Will there be freedom of religion? Will people be able to obey their own religious laws? Good luck.

    • Just watch the movies if you really want to know. There would not be any laws or coorporations in a resource-based economy.

    • bobby9, if you think about it logically, most evil, 95% I would guess, is because of the inequality that exsists between the rich and the poor, and governments have gone to great lengths to insure there is inequality monetarily.People largely kill and steal for what they don’t have, Mr. Fresco wants everyone to have what they need and want without killing yourself for the crumbs the wealthy throw you.

      • Joy. Ah! people won’t kill and steal if they have enough?? what a joke! some of the biggest villains in history did those things just because of greed, or simply just for the fun of it! they certainly had more than enough!

  21. Love this idea. Actually, the system we have today is the one that stops the creativity of the many, a lot of people are in survival mode ‘coz of the money system, working and working and not having the time to think for the better and for themselves. The project sure promotes good education for the many and will let everyone to think for themselves and sharing of ideas for creating solutions is very possible. With this project, sharing of ideas for creating solutions is very possible, wars will be over and the world will surely act with unity for no one is in power any more, we become our own ambassadors and managers. Competition creates fear making people act like wild animals, fighting each other, pushes a lot of people to commit crimes, making us slaves of our own system and emotions. I say no to competition. We don’t need to fight anymore, we humans have conquered mother nature already. New Age!!! Shift! It’s about time…

  22. maybe when we have the other foot out of the caves. man is too instinctual still. we’re all just monkeys with car keys. most of us living in terror of a deity we invented to punish us.

    maybe in 2400…

  23. This would only be possible through coercion. There is no scenario where this world does not forcibly coerce everyone to live in it and abide by its rules, as does any system. So to pretend that somehow this is nobler or better because it forces people to do what you think is right is hypocritical at best and egotistical at worse. No two people will agree on any system and when you get to the point where people no longer have to work for their needs the society falls apart. The Romans got to that point through slaves, their slaves (contrary to Hollywood) were bred and raised as such and not only never wanted to not be slaves but felt as much a part of society as anyone else. Once the Romans got to the point where the average Roman barely had to work and the state provided all necessities the society fell apart in short order. Also you cannot just dismiss conflict and war, they are part of EVERY animal species on this planet, violence is a part of life for everyone from seals and butterflies to Whales and your household cat, who given the chance would take out some aggression on another animal in a heart beat, because nature.

    So the type of massive coercion required for this society to work would not only have to be an oppressive police state, it would also have to be a particularly brutal and authoritarian one with a dictator who could act in what he or she though was “your best interest” without fear of reprisals from elections or other worries.

    • Smilidon
      Oh for God’s sake. ” . . Slaves wer raised and cared for in such a way that they never wanted to not be slaves. . ”
      What history book did you find that crock in? ?
      The human psyche always and ever strives to be free and self governing!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I suppose we need our utopians around, for the entertainment value. But totalitarianism is totalitarianism, no matter how prettily it’s presented. I forget who said it, but this quotation (or something like it) has stayed with me: “Those who would create heaven on earth inevitably produce hell.”
    Oh, and good luck getting the muzzies on board for this.

  25. after listening to jacque’s views and ideas for the past years, he’s changed my life and my thinking forever. thank for this fair article that does him a good justice.

    • Other then the domestic economy (taking care of household for example) almost everyone will have no job due to automation, AI, and the removal of growth as the ideology of the economy. Currently we have an anti-economy

  26. All peoples will be cooperating with each other? What approximate year might this begin? Quite a leap. I suppose Mitch will want to bring along his coal. . . (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

  27. We certainly need a better society. Unfortunately I don’t think this is it. I have many criticisms of this techno utopia, not least of which is who programs the machines – might they not have an agenda or be an elite?

    However, this anarchist no laws or crime society run by a computer was dissected years ago in Ursula le Guin’s masterly science fiction novel The Dispossessed. Although the planet Annarres certainly seemed better than here, it had many flaws. So already someone has envisioned it fictionally and it didn’t work properly….

    BTW, I don’t know if any of you have been involved in the smallest of local community unpaid groups, but if you have you will have observed power-struggles that would make machiavelli blush. I fear that this is inherent in our social-animal nature – all social animals form hierachies. This does seem to be a flaw in the venus concept. Obviously it is not the whole situation, there are many other inputs as well.

    Also 2% of humans are psychopaths. They can’t be reformed. Whatever else, you’d need prisons for them.

    • Sure there could be power struggles, but what would it matter if the person being pushed out of power or the person acquiring power have their basic needs met and the person being kicked out of the group by people more powerful could just form their own group on their own time? What makes power struggle costly and potentially violent now is that the person being removed from the group has their material privileges taken away. Nothing of the sort would happen in a society like the Venus Project. Access abundance to freely available goods replacing the concept of permanent ownership and familial inheritance means the person that’s forced to leave a group could still have full access to the wealth that high tech. automated machines produce for the society. Machiavellian maneuvers by a person would be as pointless as it is ineffectual for the purpose depriving someone of their friends or material necessities.

  28. “The only way to, Fix it is to, Flush it all away, Any fucking time, Any fucking day, Learn to swim, I’ll see you down in, Arizona Bay.” – TOOL Aenema

  29. I love the ideals this project projects, and Jacque deserves to be taken seriously as a wonderfully creative idealist with… Um IDEAS! Something most of us have not even thougth about. I believe for this kind of society to work, there needs to be a mass awakening within humanity, an awakening to our spiritual selves as oposed to our evolutionary egoic selves. The egoic self was needed, but we now have the ability to transcend our animal minds and create the paradise all the great religions talk about. Learn how to transcend your evolutionary egoic minds and create our little heaven on earth at:…/the-present-universal-truth

  30. This is a brilliant idea. Too brilliant for out state of evolution. But I know this will be the future one day. So, start your evolution people. We wasted enough time. We have all the means and the resources. Missing part is… us.

  31. “Communism has money, banks, armies, police, prisons, charismatic personalities, social stratification, and is managed by appointed leaders. The Venus Project’s aim is to surpass the need for the use of money.”

    Fresco completely misunderstands Communism, probably consciously. Communism is a moneyless society without wage-labour, commodity-relations etc. The Bolshevik states were not communism and nobody in this states said that it was communism. They said that “We are going towards communism” (which was not true). I know because I lived there. Please read the original sources, like Marx, Engels, Kropotkin (Who was anarchist-communist), or at least the Wiki:

  32. Religion will be a major stopping point with a one world government. There is no such thing as a separation of church and state. One government can’t handle satisfying all of those religions.

    I think everything else can be worked with. Money, government spending, jobs, all that. I just think religion would be the major stopping point.

    My blog:

  33. After 100++ hours of studying this project I can safely say it will work.Its research and foundations are incredible.Contrast against the world today and this should be a easy choice make

    Please do as I have done and look at it seriously.Our youth depend upon us to fix this catastrophe

  34. How can we do this? Let’s make it happen. Why are we just dreaming it and not living it? I do not care if people call it a commune of PC’s. I want out of this crazy life where people are always trying to hurt each-other. It only takes a few people to make it start happening. So where do we start? As to the comments about religion: There are plenty of people out there that would put religion aside. The test should be simple: Can you abide by the rules of no government, help sustain the community equally, and acceptance of all religion, races, and sexual preferences? If yes: those people are welcome to help build. I don’t care if I am simplifying it. Maybe we need to make it that simple. Maybe we are just over complicating the whole living thing.

  35. I find this project to be interesting a nice dream but unfortunately deeply unrealistic, flawed and missleaded from the very core. The human nature and instincts witch we had evolved over millenias in order to survive are standing against this project.
    The main failing of this dream is the ideology that people are inherently good. They are not! The notion of good and evil is only a human ideological and abstract concept. Worse: the notion of what is good and what is evil is perpetually changing. All of us we are good and evil, depends only from what angle you look at things. We are governed by our nature, our instincts and our needs. We have the same life cicle like any other life form, at the basics we do the same things like a pack of wolves or monkeys. And from our nature comes the failments of this project:

    First of all we are all having the instinct to gather things to be greedy, in times past the instinct assured that we will survive when resources and prey was scarce. People do not want to live having only what they need now, people always want to have more than what they need, they want to have what they estimate that will need in the future and a lot of extra just in case, they want also things what they think that somedays might be need or usefull. People are even wanting things who are unusefull . . . just because they be shiny, or fashionably or interesting. People want to be rich, to have more than they will ever need. And preferably with the minimum of effort. People are all the time buying stuff what they do not need, because they feel the need to gather.

    Conflicts always are existing betwen people, watch a primitive tribe or watherver herd or pack of whatever animals. Verry good people do sometimes very bad things, because we feel, we love and we get hurt. How many murders are made in a rush of furry over something stupid, how many are done from jealousy or from feeling hurt or betrayed. Then a harm done demands vengeance or justice. Who gives justice? Is it a good idea for people to make their own justice? To carry feuds even over generations?

    All pack animals desire a leader and mantain a hierarchy, and that goes hand in hand with the need of safety, survival and PROSPERITY. Some are wanting to folow some are wanting to lead and some are wanting to master. Why do you think that we have religion why do most people pray to a shepherd/father/lord? And why do you think that everytime there is a vacuum of power somhere that vacuum is filled fast?

    People are not equal, one is smarter, one is stronger, one is more resistant. We do not want to be equal, we want to be better to best others and better ourselves. That is the why we have sports for example. And always the competition for reproduction: it is how evolution works.

    And as a species we have the colective need to grow and to expand. It’s the way how life exist and had endured on this planet. Expand, grow so that when a disaster happens and many die somewhere some will still live.

    We can never dream to live in harmony with nature and in the same time to denny our nature. Ideology, our invented ethics might be nice but whatever we do we are always flowing what is natural for us . . . If not, we are perpetually at conflict with ourselves, we create aberations (like the inquisition). How could one who is at conflict with himself live in harmony with others?

    And all that without even discussing the mental diseases, the personality disorders like for example narcissism, any form of drugs and dependency, traumas . . . or going even further as sociopathy or pedophilia.

    Our very nature is what makes this nice dream broken at the very core. To get to live like that we should be a hive species, not a pack species. To put computers to rule us . . . will mean to create an overlording authority, an authority which will need to be enforced. Would not that be like jumping from the frying pan in the fire?

    Maybe some day if our minds would be linked to eachother like computers in a network. If we would develop a common consciousness . . . then such project can be feasibile. In conclusion we would have to evolve technologicaly or biologicaly maybe even in order to survive. Because at the present time our nature that rised us is also our doom. As we are devouring our planet and resources soon we will reach the point where we have to evolve or die. Or maybe that point has been already reached . . .

    • when it comes to human instinct, the needs come first, this situation ,described by the documentary, cover all basic human needs. We are not inherently good nor evil, we are however inherently social, and when the necessities prior to the social instinct are covered, we desire social acceptance, which will come easy with the simple recognition that aiding one another naturally brings pleasure to one another, ourselves included. So human instinct will not destroy, but actually aid the self sustaining concepts outlined. Conflict exists when people have conflicting ideas or desires, but when raised in a society where solutions are found scientifically and conflicting ideas bring positive change, conflict will be progressive, and usually not end in conflict at all. And, if everyone understood the differences in each other via capacity, yes, jealousy in capacity will exist, but the fact that noone ends up with more for their differences on a large scale, typically caused by varying living conditions or resources, then noone will fight large scale, leaving war in the dust and history books. And you are correct about some issues such as pedophiles, narcissism, psychopaths, etc, however, they would be able to learn new ways to handle such issues collectively, so far no society has collectively been able to effectively manage those problems, but this was never intended to be a utopia, there will still be problems, the point of the Venus Projects concept was removing the very systems of competition and regional loyalty (nationalism and such) as well as other barriers that prevent, misdirect, or simply drastically slow research into solutions to such problems. Also, the machines would still be at core programmed and partially maintained by groups of electrical engineers and mechanics, so they would not be self over-viewed, simply programmed effectively to self maintain for foreseeable situations, but still overseen by humans to guarantee no flaws exist. A hive mind is by no means a necessity, and this system solves all the core issues impeding human social, mental, and technical progression, the rest will be solvable via cooperative and efficient self motivated studies.

  36. I love this idea but its not going to work unless you force it on to the world and after 2-3 generations and it becomes the norm then yes it might work, but I can’t see many people around the world getting involved with something like this.

    And also the rich people of the world that has power and influence will 100% make sure this will never happen…. money is power and I hate to agree that its true but it is! Everyone needs to get over this mind set!

  37. This is just one vision of many that are now within our grasp. The common thread is post-scarcity. Power works by denying needs. Meet all needs and power diminishes. What remains when we are all fed, sheltered, educated…?

  38. It could work, the hard part is getting everyone to work together and stopping these wars before they occur. To destroy the dividing line between countries, races and genders.
    To be humans living under earth.

  39. Yes , all this is beautiful, touched me to tears . Grandfather tells beautifully . But he forgot one small but very important matter . Breeding populations , as we solved ( do not negatively or racial ) problem with pedophiles, necrophilia , bestiality , homosexuality , etc. ?!? !?! I know these are psychological disorder very complex and miraculous brain that are the image of our society, our government , our black media. of sex they do business, and the ability to erase most girls want love and family. These ” mental ” disorder takes a bit longer to resolve. So we would need something like the police. Each having carrier opinion. I love each and my entire Earth and Space miracle 🙂 *

  40. Comparar el proyecto venus,con cualquier corriente política o monetaria,es irrelevante,en los 3 documentales esta bien explicado,utópico les resulta a los espectadores,a los que están en el ecsenario,jamás lo piensan,porque ni siquiera hay tiempo para eso,el proyecto ya se empezó a realizar en distintas partes del mundo…

  41. I get the philosophy…but I can’t get over certain things. Who is gonna build these wonderful buildings and trains and infrastructure? Won’t there be money required to build this stuff from the ground up as described?

    Wasn’t this sort of thing tried in the first colony days of America and the colonist almost died off. It wasn’t until they were each given individual plots of land to grow for themselves, ensuring survival that they could use the remaining produce for the community and for trade.

    As today…I see that eventually there will be people that do more and those that do less and if all get the same amount, at some point those that do less will become more than those that do more.

    • Think about what you just said. The Venus project removes money. That is a vital part of the model’s design. It moves resources functionalistic, meaning to where it is required for either ethical or functional/progressive reasons. Immediately.
      Money is a parasite between this today. Money is basically just prolonging the old barter system. Old rulers and opportunists would see that “hmm, people need to swap things, so what if we require that they have to pay us a virtual resource(money) as middlemen, to help them store and swap something?” This is ,of course simplified here in the explanation (as this is a forum, not a book), the reason to why the monetary system took over.

      As hierarchies saw that they benefited in power from this (tax systems, private companies) by preserving and achieving power from the ability to make money or from inherited money (feudalism) ,they would make sure that all that prevailed.
      The VP however want to go much further into progress than barter or monetary systems, by using modern methods and infrastructure to move resources directly from a to b.
      In this way you change motives in society over time, you remove much of the primitive greed that still rules today. By RBE we can solve social problems, and solve much of the high cost problem that prevents progress in medical science and space explorations.

      The problems however with the VP is not that they want to remove money (the path to it can be what you know as bitcoin, the modern version of Gold standard principle) ,which is clearly progressive. The problem is that they have not yet defined formal responsibilities.
      This is perhaps a 1900s bad habit that sticks with it. The idea of the anarchist that everything takes naturally a functional turn once no rules are applied.
      As I see it, The VP would be brilliant if it is merged with asian culture and formal responsibilities that are local, and that there is actually a police. The surgeon at a hospital must be better qualified to decide what medical treatment to give to a patient? Today this is much decided by money and politics.
      In Norway we recently had a case where cancer lifesaving medicine was refused given by the state to a patient, due to high cost for the public budgets… In capitalism she wouldnt get it without money, in socialism she wouldnt get it without money.
      In the VP there is no political system or money, so she would get it technocratically – by the means of functionalist decision.

  42. The current system has battered us all into insurmountable debt and subservience.The only solution to the world in its current status is the commence action. The time for conversation is done. The answers are as clear as the purest water here. Humanity needs this just as much as we needed the small-pox and polio vaccines. Both of which science and technology have accomplished. Not voting,nor having faith. I’m willing to lay my life on the line for this.

  43. So far every single negative comment here either hasn’t educated themselves by watching the documentary or hasn’t paid attention. This is new – it is not in any way communism, socialism etc.
    The other common mistake being made by critics is that everyone’s going to live off the land and be hippies I guess or that we won’t have anyone to do common work or make new technology or that we won’t have the luxuries we do today.
    What automation can do will eventually replace all the people doing the work but you’ll still have great tech, gadgets, games, movies etc.
    This is not some hazy future that can’t be imagined or understood. It’s been mentioned before but it needs to be repeated – Roddenberry thought out how this would work already. In the Star Trek future there’s still artists and engineers and chefs and explorers and every kind of occupation we have now but its not based on currency. Its not based on doing some job you dont really feel fulfilled by just to make money to buy things. Its based on people that have the freedom to pursue any interest or profession or passion and if you don’t like it going back to school and learning something else.
    I think some people are also afraid that no one will be motivated to do anything but stay at home, play videogames and eat Cheetos. And you know what? Some will, but so what? In a resource based economy their inaction will have no impact on others around them and I’ll guarantee that eventually they’ll get tired of being left out of society and tired of not doing a anything to better themselves.
    Star Trek’s society and economy on a global scale have been written about in intricate detail and you’ll find very few people in economics or sociology or psychology that can dispute how well such a world would work.

    Everywhere in the world right now populations are growing increasingly active in changing their governments and societies into something more fair for all. This idea is in the air and it’s growing stronger by the day. People are waking up to the reality that there are literally billions more of us than those holding the world back.

    For those that think this is just another of history’s failed revolutions you need to understand that this has never happened before. Not like this. Not globally. These ideas are being viewed more positively every day and we’ll either make them happen or our race will fail. The path we’re on now cannot continue and when it fails something else will take its place. At this moment we have the ability to decide what that is.

  44. This seems to be the natural evolution of the technosphere and humankind. I don’t think it can forced, but I think that it will occur naturally as the technologies of A.I. and robotics mature. It’s going to be interesting to watch it unfold. I’m really excited to be alive at this time in human history.

    I do wish people would stop talking about “points of no return” however. The data actually shows that the planet is healing without our help as more and more people migrate to the cities around the world. The farms are going back to nature. Otherwise, I’m all in and have actually seen this coming since the late 90’s when computers really started to take over.

    We, naturally, have a linear view of history and continue to think that tomorrow will be much like today, but man, is today anything like yesterday? This is really the natural evolution as we rely more and more on our technologies.


  45. It’s a commendable dream. In my opinion, what’s being ignored as stated by several replies preceding mine, is the capacity for evil. Don’t even try to say it will simply “evaporate” when the needs and wants of all people have been addressed. It’s human nature. There are too many people out there with a mean streak that will still make police and some form of incarceration/rehabilitation necessary. Be it attributed to mental illness or whatever, there is still going to be crime, a lot of it horrendous. For instance: crimes of passion. How are you going to address problems stemming from basic human emotions such as jealousy? Education should minimize such problems, but I seriously doubt it would completely eliminate it. Until global human psychological problems are completely solved, the Venus project will remain just what it is, a dream.

  46. A few years ago I designed A future city where transportation was flying cars & small trains no lower than the 2nd level & house’s everything from kindergarden thru college with all kinds of intertainment & the cost would have been minimal by the supply’s I had in mind. On ground level would be normal wildlife. & I have a invention up for sale =Patent 6913248 for $500 Million or lease with 25% coming to a bank of my choice quarterly. Have a nice day. Mike

  47. Like parts of this idea. I hate money and what it does to man. But this sounds a lot like new world order to me. Something anonymous has been posting about like no tomorrow. I feel like humans will always take something that potentially could be good… And try to control and abuse it. Sounds like communism and Nazism. Before those backfired

  48. How does one go about bringing this about? How do you immerse the indigenous tribes from the deep jungle into a worldwide modern utopia? I dont see how this could work.

  49. the gaining of power is a seduction where one will have more than his fellow man and thus be empowered to demand excess.the question in my mind is what would you go back into a burning building to retrieve,knowing you had only time for one trip. knowing what you need and understanding that your wants exceed this is a start.each of us can move toward a still point regarding this.the question may well be “what is enough” especially when you must use the days of your life as coinage

  50. In my mind…we are already living in a society that begins with FREE. The only difference is you have central bankers and politicians who reap off the FREE printing press and enslave society into debt. It is they who live in Yachts and castles reaping from the free money they create… WHY not share this with ALL humans.. ALL people deserve to have a home, food to eat, water to drink. I love the Venus Project Idea. But we all know this is going to be terribly difficult to change into. What will happen is this. With the capital system, we will destroy ourselves first…and whomever survives will then need to build this city…it’s the only way. Because, you can ask any central banker and they will tell you that they are not rich. The rich are just lost in greed and until they are truly gone…change will be hard.


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