Victory: Cancer Cure Released by the Feds, Now in Beta!


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We all know that chemotherapy is the treatment used to kill cancer cells from the human body, but is the world doomed to be stuck with only this one solution? Do any other alternative treatments for cancer exist? Fortunately, yes! One such cancer treatment is offered by Dr. Burzynski, but as you could probably guess, the western medical associations and the Texas Medical Board want Dr. Burzynski to remain silent. This has led to the targeting of the philanthropic doctor to stop distributing his cancer healing treatment all over the world. Dr. Burzynski has fought through multiple attempts to make him remain silent, and this evil conspiracy has been here for decades. However, the good news is that the medical establishment and the Texas Medical Boards have been forced to dismiss the case against Dr. Burzynski. Clearly, this is a true triumph for this loyal physician who wants the entire planet to get rid of cancer.

Dr. Burzynski has found a cure for cancer without the need for traditional American medical treatments, and this does not make western medicine supporters happy. Houston doctor, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, has won yet another huge victory against the medical establishment. And yet, instead of the win being reported from every television and radio in the United States, it barely squeaked into existence.

The patented cancer treatment of Dr. Burzynski uses a non-toxic, as well as natural, substance known as “Antineoplastons”. Because it is a natural ingredient, it is unique in terms of providing a natural treatment for terminal cancers. However, the Food And Drug Administration is against the prosperity of this useful treatment and has made numerous attempts to discredit the efforts of Dr. Burzynski.

Antineoplastons, combined alongside with the remarkable new gene-targeted therapy, threaten to eliminate the financial state produced upon the conventional treatment of cancer and the care of cancer patients in western medicine. Unlike traditional treatments, patients don’t need additional medicine to treat the symptoms normally created from said treatments. In effect, by curing the cancers, indeed there no longer needs to be excessive costly treatments and/or support given to the patient, thus, the money dries away.


Regardless of the higher level of pessimism about cancer treatments spread all over the globe, Dr. Burzynski’s proposed cancer treatment is verified to be extremely successful for cancer patients. Here is one such example: Sandi Kavanagh is forty-eight years old, living in Crystal Lake. She was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a severe type of cancer that is associated with the brain. Just like the case with many cancer patients, Sandi’s cancer also did not respond well to conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Nevertheless, Kavanagh still had hope to live a healthy life. She and her family started to look for alternative treatments to cure her cancer in the best possible fashion. Obviously, they had to look beyond the recommendations of modern medicine. Eventually, their hard work paid off when they realized a great alternative treatment for cancer, the use of Antineoplastons. Surprisingly, after taking this cancer treatment, the MRI results of Kavanagh revealed that her tumor had shrunk by 33% after the very first treatment. This encouraged her to carry on her treatment with the miraculous cancer treatments of Dr. Burzynski.

Happy with her treatment, Kavanagh is pleased to express that she has finally found a sincere doctor who has actually helped her combat cancer, without affecting the other functions of her body. Kavanagh is now looking forward to getting another MRI scan. The results are expected to be positive.

Some thought-provoking examples: How the enemies of health led cancer to spread even further.

Not too long ago, the Burzynski Research Institute, Inc (BRI) delivered a press release to the media, alerting them to the lifting of a two-year partial clinical hold on an investigational new medication that had been submitted for Antineoplastons A10/AS2-1 Injections.  This allows for Phase 3 trials to get started for patients who have just learned that they have cancer.  For now, the Phase 3 trial will be dealing with Diffuse Instrinsic Brainstem Glioma.

The data collected will provide the Food and Drug Administration with scientific data that they claim will confirm the worth and possible success of the treatment. There are four phases of clinical trials in cancer treatment. Each of the phases focuses on a a variety of purpose:

  • Phase One: Safety determination of new treatment
  • Phase Two: Response determination of a certain cancer to new treatment
  • Phase Three: Verify that standard treatment  is less effective than new treatment
  • Phase Four: Find more specific information about the new treatment after it has been approved  for human use

In addition to recommending Antineoplastons, Dr. Burzynski’s clinic assesses 24,000 different genes and then prescribe petro-chemical based medications and diet changes based on their individual specifications.  This is definitely in contrast to the conventional treatment a western Oncologist would recommend.  These, and other doctors, are trained to prescribe medicines which are the most likely to work for most people.  The specific treatment Burzynski provides his clients has come to be much easier now, through advancements in the study of the human genome.


Recently, US Government agents, members of the larger pharmaceutical companies and other individuals worked with one of Burzynski’s own research scientists in an attempt to file eleven patents on the very research of Antineoplaston medical technology.  One must wonder, if Dr. Burzynski’s practice is such quackery, as the mainstream would have us believe, why then would these individuals seek to patent the integral part of the treatment?  The patents were not awarded to the individuals attempting to hijack them, but rather, after a Grand Jury found no reason to bring criminal proceedings against Burzynski.  This was the establishment’s fourth witch hunt.  They’d attempted to incarcerate him three other times for using the same technology they were quickly trying to patent.

With any luck, Phase 3 will proceed quickly and effectively.  Lives will be saved, less money will be spent and cancer can finally be beaten.  After all, getting rid of such a killer among humans is Dr. Burzynski’s lifetime concentration. It is completely up to all of us to realize that every disease has a cure. This includes alternative treatment options for cancer as well. Therefore, get up, fight for the cancer patients and give them a helping hand!




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  1. Why would anyone want to hide a ‘true’ and ‘successful’ treatment for Cancer?

    Will it also eliminate the cancer called ‘The Conservative Party and David Cameron?’

    • Simple , is more expensive to try the chemotherapy who it’s not always showing results and try again and again ….. so that’s mean more money to them

      • The answer to why would they hide such a break through is simple… Big pharma make more money using chemo than curing cancer. I have been following this doctor and watched both his movies and it is an utter disgrace what the FDA and ACSD put this man through to run him out of town. Anyone who thinks I am crazy or wrong need to watch his first movie. You will be enlightened!

        • I too have been following him for years after searching for the type of cancer a friend was diagnosed with. I suggested Dr. Burzynski to the friend’s family, but don’t know if they looked into the doctor or his high success treatments. My friend has since passed. 🙁

    • Cancer treatment is BIG money. You think the companies behind chemotherapy treatment want to give up those billions of dollars just so mankind can live healthier, longer lives? Money runs society, not goodwill, unfortunately.

    • It’s simple. Money.
      Greed drives people to do inhumane things all the time. The USA is a prime example of it.
      A successful cure without massive cost or ongoing needed treatment will not only shut down facilities dedicated to cancer treatment, it’ll also cause a lot of hospitals to lose money from such sources.

      Basically if you love to eat a certain thing, and you have a scheme going that causes people to give you said certain thing all the time, wouldn’t you want to keep an alternative to your scheme quiet for the sake of sustaining your eating habit?

    • In the Uk, the NHS cost the government millions, so a cheaper alternate treatment for cancer would be very welcome. So why would they cover it up? You also have countless charities working on it and yano, people who actually want to help exist.

  2. Thankyou for freedom of speech……I wish dr royal rife had lived in these modern times…..big business has to give these days

  3. Holy f*ckin sh*t, I have a film on how Chiropractic practices can cure almost anything and it tagged this guy in at the end, said he was curing people for free. I was expecting to see him dead in the news, but, lo and behold…

  4. Sadly, I also believe most of the money that goes to cancer research charities ends up in the back pocket of pharmaceuticals and their renowned acquaintances. The lack of media exposure of this incredible breakthrough is astonishing, yet expected. In turn, such lack of exposure leads to people disacknowledging genuine progress as faux. Like war, cancer is big business!

  5. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want the cure for cancer they are making too much money think about it every thing in your community related to raising money is for cancer research none stop gold mine enough said.

  6. I did a quick google search for “Sandi Kavanagh”, the woman mentioned in this article, and found something interesting:

    The article on is almost word for word identical with the one written here. The article on is accredited to being written by the site. On on the other hand, the article is accredited as written by “M” (no sources given.)

    I then clicked the “Submit an article” icon on anonhq and it says: “ONLY ARTICLES WRITTEN IN GOOD ENGLISH AND WITH PROVIDED SOURCES WILL BE PUBLISHED OR INVESTIGATED!”

    This article provides no sources, and is obviously a cut&paste job by this “M”.
    Naughty M..very naughty. If you want to write articles it’s ok to get some inspiration from sources, but only if you inform readers about it instead of just copying the entire thing and passing it off as your own.

  7. Seems like these Antineoplastons aren’t a good idea to use. Other than the massive costs in the therapy to use them, they seem to have a lot of big side effects that might really hurt people, and for something that might not even be a “cure”.

    Stay skeptical, people. Don’t get played by one side just because the other side has been trying to play you forever.

  8. Big pharma will do anything to stop this, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the good Dr ends up silenced for good! Like so many that refuse to cooperate with the rich and powerful usually meet an untimely death! May God protect him and others who believe in doing good and the right thing!

  9. Antibiotics work…. A daughter of a docter on a cancer ward asked her dad why cant you give antibiotics to cancer patients like i have them when im ill.. She was told its not like that sweatie antibiotcs wont work cancers differant. He later went back and asked his colleagues if they had indeed tryed antibiotcs on cancer cell to which the reply was no i dont think so, with cancer we have always asumed they wouldnt work… Bit trails have no been dpone and they are finding that yes in some cases antibiotics do kill cancer cells..this i have been told by a family member working on said cancer ward…. So theres one more possible cure for those refuse the canabis oil solution because canabis is illigal lmao unjustly but thats a diffrent story

  10. The key word here is PATENTED. You need permission to manufacture or treat. It is like a franchise. YOU PAY TO USE THE CURE. This doctor should publish all the info so anyone can use / manufacture the cure. What would you want to do , eat a turd ( The pharmaceutical company),or a sterile turd (This Stanislaw ).

  11. If he really has come up with a cure why does he make people pay a lot of money to do clinical trials? In order for them to be real and unbiased clinical trials they have to be free. I believe that for now he is just out there to make money and pray on the desperate and almost dieing individuals who have cancer and will spend there last money for a miracle cure.
    If he is serious about this then he should go through all the clinical trials to prove that this cure really works, and market this cure and make it available to the public. He should then take only around a small profit and make it affordable to the masses since he is such a humanitarian and he is not in it for the money 🙂

  12. A quick look at a Wikipedia article would tell anyone that you need to steer well clear of this ‘therapy’. This man is arrogant to say the least in his belief that he can cure people, and it’s unfair that he’s giving these people false hope.

  13. I can’t believe how many people are trying to discredit Dr. Burzynski’s cancer treatments when Big Pharma has been trying to steal his patents for years! When unsuccessful at stealing his patents they then try to prevent him from practicing medicine. I’ve been following his work for many years and I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to go to him for treatment if I had cancer.

  14. This is legitimately the most uneducated article you’ve ever soo IRRESPONSIBLY published. This man has killed his patients and is nothing but a greedy fuck who chooses to purposefully mislead dying individuals and their families.

    You publishing such a biased and uneducated article should hold you responsible if it sends JUST ONE CANCER PATIENT to this monster’s door. This “physician” has eluded all government oversight and approval since the 80’s and if you had done A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH you would’ve thought twice before posting this damaging nonsense. Furthermore you would have realized that what you quote as proven fact is nothing short of LIES. ANONYMOUS has their own agenda people, just like mainstream media, and we should hold them accountable alongside the other blabbering idiots!

    • Your comment is so DUMB and BIASED.
      Tell me ‘smart guy’ .. HOW MANY PEAPLE DIED in ‘normal’ cancer cure.

      Dr. Burzynski cancer cure treatment, have ‘only’ greater rate of cured person.
      so my conclusion about u person is 1 of this 2 choices:
      1. You are idiot
      2. ‘big pharma agent’

  15. Like the liberals and democrats are any less of a cancer? You have to realize that all political parties are bad in thee own way. Stop generalizing a group and look more at individuals. We are trying to FIGHT this kind of madness, not join in…

  16. Microbi, in questo caso,Helicobacter Philori, da curare con Miele e Curcuma, integrata al 10% max di Pepe Bianco, pepe raccolto maturo e, non Verde !, come per il Pepe NERO !.

    IO lo integrerei con tre cucchiai di succo centrifugato di Cladodi Cactus Opuntia Indica, dette volgarmente pale verdi sulle quali nasce il frutto del fico di India, con 100-150 ml di succo di limoni gialli maturi all’albero, anche per max presenza di Ribosio, per miglior ciclo di Krebs, con ivi sciolto 4-6 g di Micro polvere pura di Perla di Ostrica Marina, Coralli Marini, gusci di Crostacei-Molluschi Marini o, Come faccio io, per pari proprietà terapeutiche, con micro polvere OSSO SEPPIA, essiccata a monte a max 35°C,contenente, già tutti metabolizzati dalla Seppia, I Minerali-Oligoelementi-Bio-Catalizzatori, attivatori di Enzimi acceleratori reazione biochimica nei Mitocondri-Cellule , quindi maggior energia ATP e distruzione delle cellule tumorali con rafforzamento delle cellule SANE, anche perché, tutti i prodotti marini elencati, contenenti il PLANCTON marino, primo ossigenatore pianeta Terra, e quindi portatore di ossigeno alle cellule SANE ! oltre che, con i suoi Minerali-Oligoelementi, rafforza la base del Sistema Immunitario,perché potenzia il Miracolo-Alchimia, presente nell’organismo che, chiamasi “TRASMUTAZIONI” e in seguito, ripristino totale del Sistema immuninitario, unico e solo baluardo Naturale per sconfiggere qualsiasi tipo di Tumore in atto ! ! e, a livello Fito-Terapeutico-Alicamento con 50 g di germogli, semi di Lino e, 4 g di polvere gialla e , giammai verde, di Ginkgo Biloba, ottimi per maggior fluidificazione sangue, rigenerazione delle cellule ENDOTELIALI , vene-arterie-cellule, e Omega 3 a catena corta che l’organismo, in parte trasforma in catena lunga, tipo EPA e DHA.

  17. A couple of thoughts: In 2001, I took my daughter to Dr. Burzynski for her breast cancer. He seemed more interested in Billing and Collections. She died at age 39, one year later. In 2006, I had high grade high, stage prostate cancer. The oncologist said i had 18 months to live with chemo. I treated my self with 4 herbs, and a hand full of almonds. Go to “Live smart, Journey well”, and search “Solomons 4”.


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