Video: Child Abduction Social Experiment Shocks Parents And Raises Concerns


In the United States, every 40 seconds, a child is either abducted or goes missing. To raise awareness, YouTube prankster Joey Salads, carried out a social experiment to warn all parents with young children.

To perform the experiment, he journeyed to some of America’s typical playgrounds and spoke to parents. Upon approaching, he asked the parents if they believed that their child would talk to him, a total stranger, and eventually even walk away with him.

All of the parents firmly believed that their child would either run back to them or ignore him completely.


The results of the experiment are not only shocking; they also send a clear and forceful message to parents. Within minutes, the parents looked on in horror, as Joey and his bichon frise puppy were able to convince every child to walk off with them.

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Clearly, better teaching methods of ‘stranger danger’ need to be introduced in order to keep our children safe.

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  1. No surprise, in this world we live in today, with facebook and everything,kids learn that a stranger is a friend, and not something they should be on the watch for.

  2. Totally funny that a parents believe a kid that has a phone with twitter, facebook, and even vine would think a stranger with a puppy would equal danger.
    today a stranger need only say he has free Wi-Fi to get kids to go with him/her


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