VIDEO: What Happens When A Jew Walks In The Streets of Paris & Another In Berlin


One gets hateful & hostile stares and cuss remarks, the other… see for yourself…

“Go fuck from the front and the back,” “Viva Palestine,” “Hey you, with the kippa, what are you doing here?” This was the reception an undercover journalist received when he was roaming the streets of Paris to experience, first-hand, what life is like for Paris’ Jews.

Fingers were pointed at him, people swore, yelled and spat at him and two youths, after hearing that a Jew was walking around, signaled to him that he’d better get out of here.

The terrorist that attacked Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket on January 9th, killed four people: Yoav Hattab, Philippe Braham, Yohan Cohen and Francois-Michel Saada, for being Jewish. Zvika Klein, the NRG correspondent wearing a tzitzit and a kippa, walked for 10 hours through the streets of Paris; from the Eiffel Tower, to the Champs-Élysées and through Jewish and Muslim neighborhoods to see how it feels to live as a Jew in the City of Lights. Watch the video below and see what he experienced:

Do you want to know what happened when the same experiment was carried out in Germany? The Israeli–German Actor Amit Jacobi, with a kippah on his head, walked from Schöneweide to the New Synagogue in Berlin’s Mitte district. THIS is what happens when you walk around Berlin as a Jew…



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  1. Ok, the guy walks in the worst area of Paris (round 19e district and 20e of what i recognized – I workd as a car salesman in east Paris so I know this is no Eiffel Tower or Champs elysee area lool ). So, what the point putting a jew in front of muslim pot dealers – kinda thugs – a minority of the parisian population oc -in the poorest districts of Paris with a Kippa, like saying hey, i’m Jew, trolololol.

    If I was a WASP walking in the bronx, suited up, would i only be spitted on ?

    I just feel like this is showing French minorities as the mass…but well, who would that serve?
    Just don’t share that shit lol.

  2. i am agnostic, so i try to stay neutral.
    1) just let a muslim walk on a french jewish place……and listen.
    2) french muslim are antisemith……ok
    3) french jew are anti-islamist and totaly facsist….
    4) the french zionist lobby is fucking strong and use
    a lot of antisemith blackmail to make law.
    5) inside all that shit,there is french people ….

  3. A jew walkin’ 10 hours in Paris… but where is the whole long video? How can they affirm that they have filmed 10 hours by showing us less than 2 minutes of video?
    And of course, where did he walk exactly in Paris? Is it representative of Parisian, muslim or French people. I believe no.
    But just think that in France, we have that kind of zionists idiots that spit every day on tv their hatred against muslims (and no one cares, even the law), and they call antisemith all the people that just call them “idiots”.
    There are many segregation between Jews and muslims in France, the fact that Pro-palestinian street protest on last summer had been prohibited by the governement, while Pro-israelian street protest was authorized.

    • Why do you say he’s an Atheist? I’m an Atheist and i couldn’t give less of a shit if he were gay or not. What does that have to do with anything in the first place?

  4. And then there is America where if you are black, Native American, gay, transgender, a woman, poor….it is an constant struggle for equality! I find it ironic that the focus is on Jews and European countries when America has…with it’s far religious right and Conservatives….it’s own stigma!

    • ok constant struggle for equality. Please tell me how woman are not equal to men. Please note the wage gap has been debunked every time it comes up.

  5. i don’t like jews….look what they’re doing with palestinians…so fuck them…funny thing…they want respect…

  6. Seriously? You guys should be more serious in your posts. This is completely biased. As Shroomy said, the guy wlaks in the worst part of Paris, even I (I’m a white blonde guy) would get insulted and verbally assaulted there.
    Now, ask a Muslim man or better a Muslim woman wearing a Nijab to walk in the jewish quarter of Paris and you’ll see how many times he or she gets verbally assaulted.
    The problem in France (I’m French by the way) is not antisemitism, the problem is sectarianism.

    • +1.

      Only French people should discuss on what is going on in their streets. As I said, the video is shitty by showing what, that only 10 people – mostly unemployed and waiting down the blocks, are mocking a full fitted Jew because they don’t have anything to do other than doing shit all day long – in the WORST and POORER part of Paris. So I just contest the fact the video is only generalizing Paris from a few stupid guys from the worst district to show what? That Jews are spitted on in Paris ?! Yeah, nice, so if you think this is the whole Parisian thinking, just don’t come to Paris.

      Religions should not be shown off btw, sectarism and communautarism is what split a population, not gather it.

      Btw, (i am agnostic) my jew friends don’t feel in security only when they go in “cités” in the suburbs to buy pot to some muslim dealers, so they hide their jew golden star. Otherwise, they have no problem walking in Paris whatsoever.

      Sorry about the bronx reference, it’s probably outdated. I just wanted to point out that going in any ghettos in the US or elsewhere, showing valors that are not shared by the majority of an area is risky. You can’t say the contrary. We all have heard of muslim families being harassed in some white areas after 9/11 in the USA.

      So no, Paris is no muslims or jews nogo zone, it’s just that, in general, don’t provoke some by showing off religions that are trouble-making today because of the political and geopolitical problems they create in some part of the world.

      To me, nowadays, showing off Nijab or Kippa is like walking in the street with a national flag around the body, without wondering what is going on in the world what their symbols echoes in the surrounding people’s minds.

      And to conclude, don’t forget religions are the worst plague of humanity and the biggest joke ever. Zeitgeist movie shows some clues about that.

  7. i really wanna point out muslim background in that two countries two which i assume dominant majority of the muslims in germany are turks and which they already accepted and used to live with jews and christians seing a jew on the street nothing extraordinary for a turk …… Just saying like ….

    • Yeu new, you’re an idiot. Zionists are giving Jews their bad name. But anyone belonging to any RELIGION is just as much of an idiot as you

  8. offcourse a jew is safer in germany the are still dealing withe the guild feeling from wo2. france is a left wing country that has not learn’t the lessons that the germans had to learn.

  9. I just noticed my comment is waiting moderation! What is up with that Anonymous. Why are comments being moderated right off the bat?

  10. walk in the streets of antwerp and ask a jew were the trainstation or hospital is or something. they will not even look at you. jews are racists.

  11. ANYONE purposefully dressed to look and standout like a sore thumb in ANY environment would be treated as such.

    Imagine: A white businessman in an urban mostly black environment.
    A black wearing baggy urban clothing in a mostly white environment.
    Jew in a mosque, muslim in a synagogue or church, etc.

    Heads will turn and comments will be made because the person seemingly looks out of place. Nothing revelatory was learned in either video. Misunderstanding and Discrimination takes place amongst all peoples and that is the REAL problem.

  12. De toute façon,au regard de l’histoire, question racisme, personnes ne peut nous donner de leçons.
    Nous avons toujours été (un peu moins maintenant) le pays le plus acceuillant.
    Mais pourquoi n’a t il pas été tourné sa vidéo en palestine ?
    Vidéo dégeulasse anti-français.
    Et je me dis que c’est a cause de ce genre de personnes que l’on devient raciste.

  13. the french video seems not to be true and folk have said that ! it’s need to be done again and again every where to see but the camera should not be seen !
    thanks for to be witness.



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