Video of Man Getting Detained for Walking with His Hands in His Pockets Goes Viral, Police Forced to Respond


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First broken by the Pontiac Tribune Friday evening, the story of Pontiac, Michigan, resident Brandon McKean’s encounter with an Oakland County Sheriff’s officer on Thanksgiving has taken on a life of its own, with critics voicing concerns over police invasion of privacy as well as potential racial profiling. Both police and McKean responded today.

 The Sheriff’s Office, in a statement posted to Facebook along with the officer’s video of the incident, claimed that the original video, as well as initial media and social media responses, mischaracterized the event for the purpose of advancing an agenda:

“Often times, individuals share things without knowing the facts and in some cases promote a specific agenda unrelated to the reality of the situation. Shocking that the internet does not tell the full picture or people use this for an agenda-right?”

Of the call to police sparking the incident, the statement reads that: “[the call] originated from a nearby business that had been a victim, as well as its employees, of seven robberies.”

“The caller and his employees were concerned about the individual who had walked by the front window of the business five or six times, while looking inside with his hands in his pockets. Fearing for their safety, the business dialed 911 and the Deputy responded.”

The details of the business having been robbed seven times was new as of this statement, and according to McKean, was not told to him at the time of the stop.

McKean also contested the Sheriff Office’s characterization that he had walked past the business five or six times, telling The Anti-Media on Monday that he had simply walked to a friend’s house and back, and that he was not notified of this detail by the officer, either.

Police detain man for walking with hands in pockets

Asked by the Oakland Press about the incident, McKean said he originally suspected racial profiling, but could understand why an officer was dispatched.

“Originally, I thought it was racial profiling, either on behalf of the officer or the civilian who called,” McKean said Monday.

“But when I heard the (911) call that was made … I guess I understand why they called.”

On whether McKean was ‘detained,’ the Sheriff’s Office denies that assertion.

 “The Deputy did not detain or pat down the individual and considering the nature of the call responded in a very restrained and professional manner.”

In the video, the officer’s cruiser can be seen on the road with its lights on, which, when asked by the Pontiac Tribune, McKean said that he believed this amounted to an involuntary stop, one that would not allow for him to keep walking freely.

While “probable cause” is required for an arrest, only a “reasonable suspicion” is required for a brief detention.

What police apparently fail to recognize is that having hands in your pockets is an alarmingly low standard for reasonable suspicion. And if Brandon McKean was not being detained, he certainly did not believe he was free to continue on his way.


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  1. Today, I was pulled over because my tags did not match my new car. When I traded, we just transferred the plates and I haven’t registered it yet. I broke no law, he was simply running my tags. I suspect my beanie cap may have implied that my appearance didn’t match the type of person who would drive such a car. This cop even put the siren on three different times before I could find a safe place to stop that would not impede other motorists driving during a busy time of day. I stayed still with both hands visible as he cautiously approached with hand on gun. I explained the trade and presenting a license. I asked for his permission to open the glove box to show proof of insurance and he handed back my license and said that wouldn’t be necessary because ‘you’re legit’ then reached out and shook my hand.
    I wonder what would have played out if my skin had been any other color than white. I so wanted to ask him that question, but thought better as I’m sure he would have been offended and… who knows what after that.
    This behavior: “it’s okay, you’re one of us” has to be eliminated and fair justice for all implemented at all costs. I’m in total favor of a full scale revolution where martyrs will be required. Whatever it takes to save the generations to come.

  2. there is a video on youtube that has both full videos from the police officer and the suspect, there was no arrest made at all and the police officer handled the scenario better than fine as did the suspect. Not even sure why this was made a big, but you guys should either correct this or remove it.

    Video Title
    “Remember the ‘police detains man for having hand in pocket’ video? Here are both videos. (HD)”

  3. If the store was robbed several times before, and you have a dude walking past the place 4-5 or even 6 times looking inside and stuff, and he says after that “he was only going to a friend’s place” it doesn’t seem to me like a very good story because if you were going to your friend’s house and back again, you would think that you would only see the guy in the storefront like 2 times; once on the way to his friend’s house and once on the way back. This is slightly suspicious in my opinion. “[the call] originated from a nearby business that had been a victim, as well as its employees, of seven robberies.” Thing is though, over what period of time did those robberies occur? Why is this not such a big deal when it feels like it should be?? Seven robberies sounds like a really serious thing to be happening to one store, so you would think a bigger deal would be being made in the media about it… “Store robbed 7 times in 7 days!” or something like that. And then the next paragraph is “A man with cold hands seen looking into the store is the only suspected suspect so far…” And was the suspect in appearance similar to the guy the police detained? More details need to be added to these articles.


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