VIDEO: US Marshal Smashes Woman’s Cell Phone


A California woman who was filming a public encounter with police, was frightened when a deputy US Marshal holding a rifle walked towards her, grabbed her cell phone out of her hands and smashed it with his foot. The appalling act was recorded by another bystander on April 19th and the video was recently posted on YouTube, prompting one US congresswoman to take action.

US Representative, Janice Hahn (D-CA), said in a statement that she was “alarmed and upset” at the video of the incident between a law enforcement officer and resident Beatriz Paez, and has called on US Attorney General, Eric Holder, to investigate.

“I condemn the actions of the US Marshal who violently and improperly responded by destroying Ms. Paez’s property, terrifying her and denying her rights,” Hahn’s statement read. She called the marshal’s actions illegal because Paez wasn’t hindering an investigation or arrest.

The 53-second video shows three US Marshals Service agents standing in front of a house in South Gate, California. The agency was reportedly investigating a biker gang meeting at a bar in the area.

Paez filed a complaint with police in South Gate, however, the police don’t have authority over the marshals. The US Marshals Service said it is reviewing the incident.

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  1. lol Id like to see the cops try and be above the law in my state. Id fix that real quick. I cant believe so many videos of cops doing fucked up shit yet I never see anyone stand up to them, fucking cowards. Both of them, abusing force and not standing up for others!


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