Vietnam Government Misuses Powers; Anonymous Brings Down Its Websites


Members of the online hacktivist group, Anonymous, AntiSec and HagashTeam have hacked and defaced a number of Vietnamese government websites to protest against online censorship and human rights violations in the country.

They left a deface page along with a message on 8 Vietnamese government websites against the imprisonment of thousands of political prisoners. The message claimed that on the 70th anniversary of independence, the Vietnamese government released over 18,200 prisoners, none of them were political prisoners including political activists, journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders.


In an exclusive conversation with one of the Anonymous handles on Twitter, HackRead was told that Anonymous stands with the repressed citizens of Vietnam. “Anonymous is a complex idea, born with the concept of freedom of expression and has as its main pillar. We warn Vietnamese government to release all political activists, journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders from the prisons.”

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    • Make your own group. Be your own Leader. Recruit your own Members. Be like the Rest.
      We Are Legion
      We Do Not Forgive
      We Do Not Forget
      Expect Us

    • i have been waiting for so long , we need anonymous and i’m trying to do something like anonymous , keep studying and avoid prison 😀

  1. Keep going Anonymous. Give that Vietnam Government a heavy punishment. They against human rights. Their police catch people who say truth and murder them not to let everybody know.

  2. The prisoners there were reactionary. They harm the peace of the people of Vietnam. I was an outsider, so I just tell the truth.

  3. i thought you’re different from the cow was led by f*cking killer under the mask of demoracy outside, anonymous, poor you, there’s nothing can affect me from your action, but, really, you had your brain, but where’s it was put on your body?

  4. seems like Anonymous are very idle, gossipmonger, we, the Vietnamese have enough freedom, you do not need to confer democratic,stay away fromm us, and do not show themselves as saviors.

  5. Hi Anonymous !
    I am Vietnamese, lives in Vietnam.
    Can you explain in more detail why the Government of Vietnam to the abuse of power?
    Human rights must be within the limits of law. They violate the law, they must be punished. Are they of course.
    “political activists, journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders” – They violate the law, they must be punished.
    You go to Vietnam, to see the reality of our country? In our country, the freedom to be guaranteed.
    I’m sorry to the world many people do not understand the situation of our country. I am disappointed, while those who listen only organizations with conspiracy against our country, propaganda, false notices.
    In their papers, the Government of Vietnam, after a national name “Socialist Republic of Vietnam” has always had a motto: “Independence – Freedom – Happiness” – enough to know that our government respect essential freedoms.
    – Thank you for listening to me.
    Welcome to Vietnam – the country of peace, freedom, friendly.
    Sorry, I speak very bad English.
    Welcome to Vietnam:

  6. Hey VNese
    Ever wonder why you guys see no iconoclast or if there is you see no legal and public criticism for him ?
    It’s because anyone trying to point out the wrongs of the system here is caught and jailed. He “vaporizes” when he speaks out his ideas and the ones in charge dont like it. You say he violates the law. So does the law say “Trust the system no matter what happens ?” (actually there is sth resembles this)
    The govt doesnt guarentee freedom it just says so. You guys only know what they want you to know. In addition, every VNese knows that there is corruption, inflation, bribery everywhere and you are still convinced that this country is free ?
    We are kinda like North Korean chicken-citizens now, very very happy, happy under control, with permission. If you open your eyes and compare you will find reasons why this happy country doest grow: citizens are hampered while communists cater for themselves and themselves only.

    • trying to point out wrong? or lie to slander? aimed against the state Vietnam? please do not amuse me, this is a peaceful country, no gunfire, no one prevents you follow any religion, so leave us alone.

  7. Tôi là người Việt Nam, tôi yêu cuộc sống và chính trị hiện tại của đất nước. Chúng tôi được hưởng quyền tự do và đang hạnh phúc. Các bạn đừng cố bóp méo sự thật để chống phá đất nước tôi. Hãy đến đất nước tôi để cảm nhận sự thân thiện của nó. Thân ái.

    • Xin đừng, khi các bạn thấy tham nhũng các bạn chỉ biết nói mồm, ông này tham ông kia tham, nhưng rồi cũng chả làm đựoc gì. Lúc được kêu gọi thì cũng chỉ biết hô hào, và chỉ biết thế thôi. Nói đúng ra thì cũng chỉ ngồi không , và ăn theo. Ta đều biết VN tham nhũng như thế nào, có tiền là có quyền. Đừng tự huyền hoặc bản thân, nếu muốn hãy đưa ra bằng chứng. VIETNAM IS A CORRUPTED COUNTRY

    • Thân ái cái ass! Nước mình nghèo hoài thì lấy đâu ra tiền mà phản động!
      Nước nghèo nó mới yên ấm, thanh bình chứ nước giàu mạnh thì nó khác hoàn toàn

  8. OMG Why there’s so many dumb VNese here?I’m living in VN now and i wanna say this fuckin’ country sucks.”we’re proud of our gov” WTF is that?Proud of the most fuckin’ useless govement in the world?Everyone know that,except the communists.Those fuckin’ stupid always proud of ”their” gov and they think everyone should do it.Don’t let those flashy things blind you guys,there’s shit in here.I’m waiting for you guys help.And why VN is a peaceful country without gunfire? Because nobody want to attack a FUCKING GARBAGE DUMP.

  9. There are so many brainless sheeps and zombies here no wonders why that authoritarian government continue to have such a strong grasp upon my country. Please do not let these zombies naysay you into stop doing what you are doing. That government deserved every bit of shits you guys throw at them. And a lot of Vietnamese support you in this. Not all of us are zombies!

  10. For all comunists and stupids,I’m a student who live and study in VN.And i wanna say this country is a piece of shit!VN is peaceful,you’re right!No terrorist wanna attack a fuckin’ poor country like VN! If you live in here,you won’t need to have sex anymore because the gov fuck you everyday!I’m a student,and do you know what they’re teaching us?They are teaching us to be terrorists now.My friend’s brother are living in Hanoi,and he had to walk on broken glass pieces.For what?”He need to do that to be brave”-his teachers say.You guys are saying VN is a good country,so WTF is this gov is living on our scot,and they’re not only useless,they’re harming this country,too.Why no VNese demonstrate?Cuz they afraid of being hit or being spayred with OC!If you show your hatred to the gov,the prison is your new house.So that’s why VN is so fuckin’ peaceful!No objetion,no evolution…VN is not a developing country,they just don’t want to develope…

  11. hey retards, If you say that Vietnamese-gov is 100% good then you are WRONG! For example, while the price of student’s medical insurance was approximately 200.000VND last year, this year it’s about 600.000, which means triple-time expansive. Or, the ridiculous rules of the university entrance exam make students and even parents sit on the fire. Moreover, they shutdown people’s top favorite website and they said it was because the site had sexual content(and it ƒucking doesn’t??? how the hell). Meanwhile, they kept the biggest porn site in the country so they can fap everyday.
    I’m not saying that the gov is 100% bad, but some of them keep doing what they like and don’t give a fuck to suffering people out there. Sorry if my English was bad, get lost if you are a Grammar Nazi, this is not 9gag.

  12. Plz doit guys! I’m beggin’ u, our gov had been corupted for a long time. Especially the famous “Uncle Ho”. UH is junky and most of the people in VN dont know about it

  13. I hope that you guys release all of the information that you guys found from the Vietnamese government networks. Just deface websites in Viet Nam it does not make a difference. Information is the best way to fight authoritarian regime. Thank you for your efforts.

  14. Dear Anonymous,
    I don’t need your fucking DEMOCRAZY or FREEDUMB, so I would be very glad to return it to you. Back to your hell, you really dissapointed me.
    BTW, you really think I don’t that you are just a piece of shit from China? Pretend to hack Chinese site doesn’t hiding your stupid identity. (Plz, go home, your mommy is waiting)

    • Oops, grammar mistake :)) BTW, you really think I don’t that you are just a piece of shit from China? → BTW, you really think that I don’t know you are just a piece of shit from China?

    • VN is not only harmed by China,VN is harming itself.Our govement sucks.You think Anynomous are bringing down some websites for their shit? You’re so fucking stupid.
      If you don’t know what are they doing,just shut the fuck up.They are not harming this fuckin’ country,they are showing you the missue of VN FUCKING USELESS GOVERMENT.And do you know how many people in VN are waiting for that?You’re showing your stupidness.

  15. some government internet commentators are commenting in this post like “oh the vietnamese have enough freedom”, “you are distorting the truth”,bla…bla…bla please shut the hell up because i have heard it for thousands times!

  16. Chúng tôi bắt bỏ tù phản động. Nếu ko làm vậy thì Việt Nam đã hứng chịu biết bao nhiêu vụ đánh boom rồi.


    We’ve taken down their main Government server… resulting in the loss of their fishing activities… It was The AEGIS Alliance… not Anons! Even though we support Anonymous causes. #OpVietnam continued on, we took the technology right out if their country. #OpVietmedia #OpVietcongs


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