The UK Social Services’ Disgusting And Corrupt Abductions – Amount of Children Being Taken Into Care Hugely Rising


Can you imagine your kids being taken away from you due to false allegations? Because you said something wrong? Because someone who lives in your neighbourhood is ‘apparently’ a rapist?

According to the video below, children in the UK are abducted from loving and respectful families every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day. If the social services see any excuse at all to take a child and put them up for adoption then they will not hesitate to try.

As seen in the video below, officers arrive at the door of a family in the UK and state that they are doing a welfare check on their child. After some debate the mother decides to allow two officers into her home to begin the inspection. Later into the video one of the officers state that they are taking the baby away due to the mother concealing her current pregnancy. This is where the police made their first mistake; The woman was never even asked if she was pregnant, despite the fact that she never openly told the officers that she was pregnant she did still not conceal it.

After this you will see 4 other officers barge into her home without any of the home owners consent, – the second mistake – which is illegal on its own.

One of the officers stated that the father was “obstructing” them when he was allegedly standing at the other side of the room. The officers asked him to leave but when he asked the officers why he was being removed from the home they decided to arrest him, without stating his rights – the third mistake.

Thousands of children are taken from their homes every year for similar ridiculous scandals and a lot of it is just for profit and competitiveness. Each social service company will compete to be the biggest and the best, seeing if they can achieve bigger goals than the other competing companies. Each child is a few more thousand for these companies, maybe even a better record for the police officers; but when it comes down to the reality of what is really happening to the mothers, fathers and children that are subject to this kind of corruption it is disgusting.

It is no secret that the amount of children being taken into adoption each year is vastly rising, but the question is why? Statistics show that crime is lowering each year in the UK and statistics are also showing that the amount of abusive parents are also declining, so what is the reason?

Lets start at the beginning; An application is supposed to be written by local authorities whenever it is deemed that a child is in serious danger or imminent to harm from either their household peers or those living around them, this includes things such as the mother or father taking or dealing drugs. The application should only be filled if it seems necessary for the child or children to be removed from the home due to this danger. The application will further be represented to the courts.

If you compare the applications that are present now you can see a clear difference in the scale of them; comparing 2011-2012 to just the 4 years before you can see a large incline in the amount of applications sent in. From April 2011 to January 2012 alone there was an 11% increase in applications.


Anthony Douglas, Chief Executive of Cafcass stated that “Agencies are working more quickly to ensure that children are removed from deeply damaging households where many have been for some time and are showing a lower tolerance for poor parenting. What we are seeing is an elimination of drift in neglect cases and a greater recognition of the appalling impact of neglect can have on children. Nearly every child involved needs love, care and therapy, either back home or elsewhere. All agencies need to factor in these much larger increases into their planning systems, resource allocations, workforce development strategies and service contracts, so that the most vulnerable children in the country continue to receive strong public services.” – apparently speeding up a child’s case to be removed from home and bypassing some of the important information is a good idea. These decisions will effect a child’s, as well as a parent’s entire life.

Whether it is for money, power or actually because these people are abusing their children, children in the UK are being taken away from loving families all of the time and it is beginning to become a serious caution that all parents now need to take. Take this article as an example for the future, how easy will it be for them to abduct your children in the future?


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    • Every single word in this article is true! In reality the situation of child snatching, forced adoption trade by UK social services is many times worts!

      Secret family court Representative
      A. McNeill

      • You are right. My daughter is was put in a mother and baby unit for 3 months, all the way through they said how good she was with her baby, but the final report says she blew raspberry on the baby’s cheek, she sang to him too loudly, she gave him more than one toy at a time to confuse him, she didn’t keep herself healthy enough as she sometimes skipped a meal because the baby kept her too busy. They have taken the baby from her now, are these really serious enough to take your baby away. They said she is now unable to care for her child anymore. She is her broken

    • I am a British Mother I do not suffer any kind of Mental health disorder, I do not drink,smoke or do drugs and never have. I had children because I wanted them and love being a Mum. I have not seen or had contact with my children I love so much for 21 years. Carcass wrote false reports about me. Judge Goldsack at Sheffield Combined Court tried to Bully me in court. I had No Solicitor present. Because I spoke up for myself and told the Judge it was supposed to be a civil hearing and I would not allow him to speak to me like that. He made an order there and then I should never see my children again. Despite every court paper saying I am a good mum my children had a nice home and were doing well at school I have not seen or heard from my Beutiful babies since that day in 1996. I have also been denied their entire Educational life. In every other case this would be called abduction. I feel like my children have been kidnapped. With the help of the British Family Court my children have been completely ailianated against me when I have done nothing wrong. I have written a Book about this whole case. I have had No help or support at all. Being a Mum is the Best thing I have ever donO I WILL never give up on my babies this case is never ever going away. I love my children and are now grown up. I do not have one picture of them I still have lots of questions and want answers?

      • You have my heartfelt sympathy. When i QUIT thé Jehovahs Witness church IN 1991 my ex wife TOLD lies about me just ENTIRELY so she could get a divorce which is forbidden to that church.
        She then NEVER let me even have a single photo. My son is now adult, and was never told thé truth.
        I never did ANYTHING or Saïd ANYTHING she liedi had.S S did not lîsten. Shes a religion fanatic and has mental illness

      • My children were taken because they were smart and looked good. The Social services UK are corrupt. After waiting twenty years my son has come home to me.Never give up hope.

        • Many and I mean many atrocious criminals don’t have criminal records and many of them on in high paid professional jobs and positions and many of them belong to some occult based churches and religions whether big or small.

      • Sarah Driscoll, social worker, From Cumbria county council, but living in Dumfries and Galloway is very very corrupt.
        She sets up innocent mothers and fathers up with dodgy diagnoses from dodgy doctors who are paid to diagnose parents with mental illnesses they do not have.
        She takes bribery payments.
        Sarah Driscoll who also likes to use the name Sara Driscoll, also drive an innocent vulnerable young mother to commit suicide aswell.
        She has links to the underworld, career criminals and satanists

    • Actually everything is real as a parent going though it, I’ve had to prove social services have lied and failed me as a mother and then I was discriminated as a mother for having mental health you know that having a phonbia is classified as mental health right? Adoption in England has become a business so many people are adopting and the adoption companies have share holders so you stop chatting shit u naive individual

    • I guess you are the outright inaccurate horrifying stupid bullshitter or just outright plain ignorant of the facts but you want to ravel and rage about things that you are ignorant of.

  1. great article, Cafcass will belittled and humiliate you, they conspire against anyone who is speaking out against their corporation on national or personal case levels.
    The corporations employees will seek to protect the hand that feeds with a pack mentality that has formed a culture of overzealous and oppressive case management.
    They have a rigged and self governed complaints procedure which is designed to protect the best interest of the corporation and its £5.2 Billion turnover. they must be stopped. they must be taken down.

    • The torture manaul used by social workers from Swedish research is available here.

      Sweden led the way in child snatching after Hitler and his “Best Interest of the child” slogan.

      Its nothing new as the lebensborn program showed.


      Persecution strategies in a child care order investigation

      Also we must note that over 70% of social workers suffer sadistic schadenfreude disease- as described by a retired social worker.

      “There are a number of Social Workers in Britain who should be psychiatrically examined for Sadistic Schadenfreude Disease as a matter of considerable urgency as it does seem to be becoming highly infectious among their ranks.

      This Disease affects the frontal lobe area of the brain and destroys the part which controls emotions, most effectively destroying those emotions of compassion, caring, and concern.

      It seems to be being passed on during their meetings, conferences, and training Courses and is particularly rampant in certain parts of the U.K. such as Liverpool, Wigan, Essex, Suffolk, Surrey, Hampshire and some Inner London Boroughs where a highly virulent strain of the disease is apparent in those areas.

      Obvious non-medical symptoms are nervous jangling of car keys, waving the two index fingers of both hands in the air in front of their faces to denote “Quotation” marks, and comments in their speech such “I hear what you’re saying” and “What I think you’re saying is….. “. When it is obvious in the other person’s speech that they are making comments such as “F*+k off you heartless twisted bitch”.

      But it is their actions which give cause for most serious concern. They take gleeful delight when they see a highly distressed and distraught mother having her children removed from her (permanently) in hospital maternity wards or in Children’s Court precincts. They then go off to celebrate their `Victory for Rightfulness’ in the nearest pub, with large quantities of lentil soup, muesli, and to quaff generous quantities of Chardonnay.

      This is a very serious disease and is becoming increasingly virulent and is reaching epidemic proportions and the government must urgently intervene to stop the further spread of this disease among British Social Workers. (it seems also to be spreading among doctors and nurses and other associated professionals, who may be less seriously infected but the disease is apparent in their cognitive processes.)

      One of the most urgent steps for the government to take is to order every Pharmaceutical company to immediately begin research studies and tests into a vaccine which can be given widely and urgently, and with repeat booster doses at least every two years.

      A Treatment Programme for Sadistic Schadenfreude Disorder must also be immediately put into effect by the Department of Health. Top Medical Experts state that Frontal Love Lobotomy is essential followed by several years of Electro-Convulsive Therapy and a Rehabilitative Programme of gradual exposure to situations of caring loving relationships between mothers and children.

      It is not yet known whether the disease has an inherited component but in order to protect our society from future generations which these social workers may produce, a programme of compulsory sterilisation is essential.

      A full account of this Disease (Sadistic Schadenfreude Disorder) with accompanying data from scientific studies, will be appearing shortly in the British Medical Journal.”

      Dept for Infectious Disease Control

      Unless people are educated in psychology, there is no way they would or could define the abuse tactics as listed in the above research.

      Yes, follow the money and the conflicts of interest re social workers with their own “homes” for children and agencies. Once you begin to follow the money you see the life long pattern of the UK etc in child trafficking- now legalised.

      If children were so well cared for in care – why is the statistic that a child is 6 times more likely to be raped/abused in corporate care. That in itself shows corporate care is a failure. However follow the money and see over 70% of foster children and adoptees end up in prison, on drugs, with mental health issues etc….all creating money.

      Why do thousands of children in care disappear annually- are they running from love?

      Where do they end up- research and find out the trafficking though ports, private airports etc. …like children found in cages recently in a warehouse container bound for the child sex trade.

      The dark side of adoption of course shows again over 70% of mass murderers are adoptees.Ted Bundy etc.


      Steve Jobs spoke of the pain of adoption .

      The known consequences of seperating children from natural mothers was documented by psychiatrists in Australia in 1952- when the adoption experiment was set up.

      “Adoption was a social experiment in which babies born to unmarried/unhusbanded mothers were taken at birth and given to strangers for adoption. It was claimed to be in the best interests of the child, who would be protected from the slur of illegitimacy and would have a better life in the adoptive family.
      Adoption enabled infertile married couples to have a family, and the State saved money on its welfare bill”

      Then along came the Baby Thief- Georgia Tann and the lucrative business of stealing children for needy adults began- with a price of course. All Georgia needed was a judge to rubber stamp her wishes and the children were sold off.Natural mothers were told their creations were dead, but they were not dead.Sold off like human cargo

      “For almost three decades, Georgia Tann was nationally lauded for her work at her children’s home in Memphis, Tennessee. In reality she was selling many of the boys and girls – often stolen from their parents – to wealthy clients across America. While building her black market business Georgia also invented modern adoption, popularizing it, commercializing it, and corrupting it with secrecy by originating the policy of falsifying adoptees’ birth certificates – a practice that continues to this day.”

      Social workers rarely take abused children – they are deemed too difficult to warehouse and asimilate….remember the ultimate aim here is to create TRAUMA for the child and fragment the soul. One Irish psychiatrist called it soul murder.

      • I live in Columbia Tennessee, in the U.S. I’m Cherokee, Choctaw, white, and a hint of African American. My son, a 15 year old father of an 11 month old baby girl, was holding his baby feeding her the day after she was born in the Maury regional hospital. 4th floor charge nurse said native Americans are a bunch of prostitutes, alcoholic, junkies, that practice witch craft and didnt have any business raising children. She ripped up the birth certificate form, snatched the baby from my son, and handed her to a couple that has powerful roots in this town. My son was kicked out and they left with her. The adoptive father’s father set a jail fire in Columbia TN in 1977, killing 42 inmates and innocent visitors. Buck Rowland and almost his entire family were killed. Corrupt federal officer at that time, helped him cover his tracks, blame it on a mentally ill runaway teen from Wisconsin, and claimed he dropped the keys, but a local man tried to bulldoze the building to save them, but had a gun put to his head. Look it up. Corruption in Maury county. If u oppose them, they kill u in a fire or make it look like a suicide and refuse to let the good cops investigate. Our new Sherriff, son of Buck, will hopefully stand strong against corruption and not bow down no matter how nasty it gets. We have been threatened, harassed, almost arrested, and my son is now on probation for a reason that nobody will explain. They dont have to explain shit to us cuz they are above federal law. They kick my door in, have court appointed lawyers call us to their office so the other lawyers can break in our home to get pictures for court. My phone is tapped, my facebook is tapped, they post and delete whatever they want. My son and i are not charged with child abuse or neglect but yet my son cant have his daughter. My home isn’t fit because I am a bisexual woman that doesnt live under the same roof with my husband who is also native American. They want her in a “real family” with Christian morals and values. No Native American Church, Buddhism, long hair, vegatarian, bisexual, Kurt Cobain loving guitar playing, scientific nerds allowed to have kids. Our own drug task force will kick open peoples doors to put a sack of weed or meth on your table so dcs can come in and take your small kids and babies to their new homes. Judges get paid to rule whatever u want. One man let a teenager die of a drug overdose and then raped her dead corpse leaving his sperm in her. They proved he did it after she was dead, but he paid the judge to let him go. But we cant have our sweet little Angel cuz we are tribal. They court ordered me not to talk to my tribal counsel and to stop talking to the media. I love Che Guevara, hunter s Thompson, and I love Jesus freaking Christ, not as a Christian but as a man that had the damn balls to rise against the machine. I will die with a smile on my face knowing I stood for what I believe in and didnt bow down to the likes of you racist KKK drug dealing, dead corpse raping money lovers, running your own goddamn adoption rings. There will come a day that people will no longer follow you. They will ignore you. Without us you are nothing. I am a proud Heinz 57 native American Indian with a spirit stronger than Geronimo himself. I will not make the mistakes my ancestors made. You want my sons baby for her human evolution genes, not just adoption. You will give her back. I will fight you and if you burn us alive or throw us in jail, I have back up to continue the fight. You are guilty of RICO worse than Al Capone, the whole lot of you. You only kick me out cuz you think if I cant tell you then they cant prove you know, but its too late for that. You refuse to let us file appeals, motions, deny us access to our own files, but no matter what you think you are doing to outsmart me, I am one step ahead of you. After all, my DNA is superior to yours, you damn inbred hillbillies. Get the hell off our ancestors lands too if u have a problem with helping refugees. Isn’t that what your people once was too, seeking freedom of religion?

    • The third largest fostering and adoption agency in the uk is CORAM. funded by whom? CAFCASS. CLEAR CONFLICT OF INTEREST

  2. The writer’s ignorance is a astonishing, most significantly for not knowing that social services in the UK are run by local government under national guidleines, and are in no way profit generating. They are part of the welfare state that makes the UK one of the fairest and safest countries in the world. This is appalling psuedo journalism. Social services save thousands of abused children every year from neglect and abuse. Social workers are paid poorly and work out of compassion than any wish to make money. This article is utter utter garbage. Anonymous please try and act in a more journaistic fashion and research your articles, and publish your sources. Otherwise you’re just part of the problem you claim to be solving.

    • Ok so can you tell me then all these sw’s and their managers and the managers of safe gaurding children and so on, those of them who own there own private adoption company’s… Who pays there fees?? Does that go through the government standards?? Social workers who have there own private adoption LTD!!! Some of these registered to run down flats in south east London but yet £15,000 in assets etc??

      • The government pays for children’s homes,to be built and setup around the country but this is a disguise also to abuse vulnerable children on there pedophille rings and profits of the crimes,they commit in thereapparnt safehavens tarnish good loving parents and acts of indecency prevalent its nationwide on each doorstep I’m the UK

    • Smog has not got a grip on reality social workers are paid,at least £30,000 a year bonus incentives for adoptions given to local authority’s also bonus of 20,g for successful adoptions per child let alone the£400 a week carers amount provided by the local authoritys but to subsidise there I’ll gotten gains they lie via court procedures charge the parents on neglect to counteract there moves ordinary parents will find it difficult to come out in the open for fear of reprisals over allegations however its like this whocares? As no 1 takes note except the,sheriff at the criminal court were parents are presumed guilty of child neglect and the court process is farcical as the courts believe social workers and lead proffesionals every time you’ll gt blocked by the system and denied contact as now your children are happy elsewhere the fostercarers collude and side with permanancy planning to diminish your Right on contact the secrets given withinn these family courts are,not a,secret,but a disguise to with old your kids unnessasarily by interventions and backed by lead professionals or so they claim ??? Bollocks expose there wrongdoings and fight for justice don’t loose your kids to the bigwigs,of society and for clarification beast inn mind what you’ll be faced with by allegations that can’t be backed up however you look at it they’ll hold you in contempt to justify the removal proccesd without evidence and this balance of probability s is farcically wrong procedures and needs overturned by the public not the government for fairness on family values and bonds however there is a systematic abuse process going on and trial with conviction on no crimes commited abolish the system the private court room settings and judgements made before strangers unknown to yourselfs as stheyll be favouring your kids reception into care elsewhere and when you complain too senior managements they Dont listen ansay they’ve got input from multi agency s that confirm your a failure to add icing on the cake you’ll either have to make a deal over accusations true or untrue and be held accountable and be hu!iliated through the public scrutiny as a neglectful parent please wake hip and smell the coffee golkds never trust a social worker and there colleagues in partnerships schools nursery’s health police support workers etc they’re all a nasty lot looking yo make profits from your misery and expense and no regards whatsoever looking out for the children’s best intrests like they usually claim rubbish, hope I have helped familys understand how there process operates and expose there horror stories and claims to be criminal but no one takes note along these lines

    • You are a sick ignorant!
      Also,do go back to school! “The writer’s ignorance is “a” astonishing,”
      You can’t even write in English but, try to lecture thousands of us!
      How dare you?! You primitive creature!

      Social Services £1.2 billion child snatch fraud

      Unbelievably, social services staff and solicitors are milking £1.2 billion nationally from our council tax and legal aid, by snatching 4,500 children annually from their parents on false pretexts they need to be adopted.

      They pick healthy children, under the age of 4 because they can’t remember their addresses to return home. Each year, 2,000 of these are under one year old.

      The resulting court battles, council specialists and consultants are then able to stretch out the custody, care, foster and adoption procedures for a year or more, pocketing up to a million per child.
      Wrecking young lives

      All this is our taxes, used to wreck innocent children’s lives and devastating the lives of parents, all for private profit and political dogma.

      The racket begins when social service officers identify poor or defenceless parents, preferably a single mother. They then snatch her child or children, quoting a false deficiency in her parenting.

      The next step is to call in consultants, either themselves or their associates, to prepare expensive, falsified psychiatric reports on both the children and the mother, for which they pay themselves as much as £25,000 a month in additional fees. They call in solicitors they work with, one to represent social services, one for the child. Except the one purporting to represent the child is actually working with social services too.
      Solicitors from hell

      The two sets of solicitors then work together against the interest of the mother and child, dragging out the affair for as long as possible, demanding more psychiatric reports, often taking the mother in to care too. The solicitors’ bills can grow to hundreds of thousands of pounds, more with deliberate delays and adjournments; the social services staff make fortunes out of the consultancy, and by providing housing at up to £800pw per child.

      The trauma the mother goes though is unbelievable; the trauma the children suffer with the separation and moving around inside the ghastly council care system, where many of them are abused, can be with them for life. None of that matters: there’s an average of £270,000 to be shared between social services staff and solicitors.
      Common Purpose is complicit

      This exploitation is enabled via the EU’s Common Purpose, a criminal organisation that manipulates our legal and local government systems for private profit, using members operating inside and outside government.

      If social workers need a firm of solicitors to act corruptly, the Common Purpose network has solicitors as members. If they need to shut up parents or grandparents, the CP network has members in the police, including the Chief Constables of entire forces, who will arrest them on trumped up charges. If they need external psychiatrists to falsify reports, CP has them. It has magistrates and judges as members.
      Training in trauma and brutality

      The creation of massive “trauma through injustice,” the snatching of children for forced adoption, is just one of over 200 Frankfurt School subversion techniques implemented in Britain by the EU since the 1950’s, with Common Purpose and the Freemasons implementing at the local level.

      There are two objectives:

      1. Trauma makes people live in fear of government; it controls them and makes them comply.

      2. It trains local leaders, like social services, councils and courts, to rule with the brutality a dictatorship like the EU will need to stay in power.

      The result is some parents commit suicide, most are damaged mentally, which Social Services then callously use in court to further justify their case.
      Our corrupt legal profession

      The former Chairman of the Law Society, Janet Paraskewa, is in Common Purpose, which may explain why corrupt lawyers are protected, instead of being struck off. The Law Society did not act when firms of solicitors scammed £800 million from the government’s compensation for miners. The Serious Fraud Office had to be called in to solicitors like Beresfords. Its is almost impossible for a parent to find an honest firm of family court solicitors to represent them.
      Perjury in secret courts

      In secret family courts, social workers and solicitors routinely commit perjury to pervert the course of justice. Instead of sentencing them to time in jail, our corrupt freemasonry judges, who are acting criminally, protect them.

      With nearly all our judges freemasons, implementing the freemasonry agenda of trauma through injustice, and playing their part to bring about the EU police state, a fair trial is now a rare exception. If solicitors or judges are exposed, they furiously threaten newspapers and individuals alike with injunctions and arrests. They appear to see perjury as their automatic right.

      British justice is now utterly corrupt at all levels.

      Each year 200 parents and grandparents, who attempt to expose this miscarriage of justice are sentenced by freemasonry judges to up to six months on false charges of contempt of court to shut them up.

      Governments figures for kids in care are approx. 69,000, so why are there 100s of agencies throughout the country all making huge amounts of money and the employment also runs into millions all from around 69.000 kids, and most of the agencies are owned by social workers or ex social workers, many S/W are from third world and any one can buy a CV for a few pounds , then we have untold S/W employed by the SS with many S/W who have their own businesses registered at companies house, most companies are for assessments, or housing, so the S/W take the children on false allegations get paid by the SS get a back hander from the agency then use their own registered companies to do assessments. Many legal people and judges have shares in the agencies, many kids in care are down as ADHD and there is no such thing as ADHD but these kids are prescribed Ritalin which is registered as equal to cocaine, then we have the clinical social workers, another big fiddle, as you know kids in care are used for drug experiments, S/W who have their own property companies registered are used to house the kids from care, 3 years ago I went undercover to register a foster agency and was told most foster agencies are owned by ex or S/W, but the whole point is how can millions be made from 69.000 kids.

      We recently found that many foster carers are buying a second home in the sun with tax payers money, normally a foster carer takes the children on holiday in the school holidays for about 2 weeks all is paid for by the tax payers, so what they do is to put a deposit on a property, in Spain then rent their apartment out for the kids holidays and charge the SS which pays their mortgage then the foster carers now take the kids on holidays to their apartment in the Easter August and Christmas holidays so how much are they charging the SS. One foster carer we know said their apartment is for retirement.
      We also know that many foreign S/W usually from Africa are helping friends to come here and get a job as a foster carer.

    • How much do privately run children”s homes get paid for incarcerating our children.How much money is generated from so called experts in court proceedings.A psychologist is paid five thousand pounds to lies about you in court and help social services gain a care order.A solicitor and barrister gets a fee.As one solicitor said to me”Everybody wants to get paid.”After he refused to take my case and challenge a corrupt system.
      Why are they so keen to lie about us and keep our children?When did it become acceptable to take children from loving homes?Whose child will be next?Better be careful about who you upset.It could be yours!Whether you are too smart,too happy or too pretty.Somebody near you could be creating a web of deceit and just waiting in the wings ,rubbing their hands with glee as social services crucify your family.What is happening is everybodies business.Not just the victims of this atrocity.When are we going to march!When are we going to protest!Injustice for one,is injustice for all.These are our children’s lives that are being destroyed by a corrupt system.Illegal practices are being enforced and given legitimacy. Every player in the game knows what is going on but evil prevails over good because the good are powerless.Secret family courts ,threats of not seeing ones child and at times imprisonment gag and choke the throat.

    • you are sadly so wrong, I have just witnessed things that if I had not seen them or read the lies I would have not believed it. they are allowed to make false allegations that cannot be backed up with proof whilst the mother is unable to counter the claims.
      you need to study this more before you make comments like this

    • Wrong I cared for and loved my children well. The Social Services took them from me because they are good looking and smart. not because of their fictitious allegations of neglect. My son was adopted by people who treated him badly particularly the so called irresponsible mother who drank wine everyday and made him play out all day. I am teetotal and have never taken drugs or abused my children and my son knows this. He remembered how I cared for him when he was little and now after twenty years has come home. The Social Services in the UK are corrupt.

  3. Slagging off Social Seevices, yet it was police officers shown in the footage! And cash is not given to Sicial Services for adopting out children. I’ve been to, what can only be described as ‘fairs’ where agencies have details of hundreds of children desperate to be adopted, where potential adoptees can choose which child they’re interested in. Children being taken from parents for monetary gain is so far from the truth it’s ridiculous. What a load of shite this footage is.

    • Child abuse is a crime so it has to be the police who carry out the orders of the court/social services.
      However in law a child is supposed to be in immediate danger before being taken into custody.
      Social workers have no legal right to investigate child abuse as it is a police matter – but they do it and children are removed and adopted out with no criminal charges on parents.
      Does that sound lawful to you?

      When you allege child abuse, child protective services take over and investigate child abuse referrals.

      This show explains that social workers have a role but it’s NOT to investigate the crime of child abuse in fact, it’s the police that are OBLIGATED to investigate child abuse because child abuse is a CRIME! “

      • What is a crime should be investigation offcource so this applies,to each and every one of us if there is sufficient evidence recorded on no abuse disclosures and found to be thouroghly examined then this has got to be reflected to the investigators that made the allegations so the law applies,without crime merits,arrest,and investigation to the ones making false claims of abuse this is called,slander and a nudge to your overall good reputation or charichter unfairly so if its clear you’ve did nothimg and the kids have been removed charge the dept or workers,that’s,caused the upset and claim they’ve kidnapped your children but you’ll need two witnesses to back your claim and have them jailed and punished like,for like basis

    • Sorry,I have to disagree with you fostercares can be rich or poor but there is also a new trend of snatching kids not for profits but for gain to abuse vulnerable kids and have Jetset holidays with fun at the taxpayers expenditure

    • Dear Kneedeep,
      As l have wrote in my previous email,State funded kidnapping is routed in greed ,not welfare.
      Social service have powers over the police under the guise of safeguarding.
      Police are often ,merely marshalls.
      Lots of organisations are profiting from what is currently happening;solicitors,judges,barristers,social workers,privately run care homes,school who can apply for extra funding and so on.Parents are also used as scapegoats ,when things go wrong.Their is collusion and deflection with a Stalinistic and tyrannic approach.Parents are being cattled and flagulated.l hope that l do not sound patronising but you are not aware of what is going on.It is quiet scary that with all the false reporting ,it can be quite hidden.

  4. My sister is going through this now!!! false allegations= social services taking her kids police investigated and no charges were brought against her – but children haven’t been returned to her and she hasn’t been allowed to see them! she is looking at self representation as she can’t get any help towards a solicitor!

    • This is common practices they collude together investigation brings nothing and provided evidence shown on documents to non disclosure s but this seems unsatisfactory to the local authorities gt a appeal straight inn to a judge and specifiy good causes to appeal because a reason is required not just like I I’m not happy my kids inn care tell them why you disagree and there disposals are not merited after police investigation its a scaremongering tacktic used in the states but the UK is following suit by social workers referring to historical cases elsewhere in the world but now these references and approaches are common place,with nothing but believing there truths rayher than factual get a appeal straight inn yo your local court and good luck

  5. So 1 question that no one seems to answer when is this evil family destroying corruption gonna stop,How can they get away with it and is it not a crime to lie in court and destroy our lives,our hearts are so broken we love our children and they were safe and happy at home with us,Do we know that they are safe and no one can give them the love that we can I can tell you we lost to grandchildren due to complications has they were premature and we had to burry them ,so when the boys did arrive into this world ,well everyone knows how you would protect them with our lives,I would give my life if I could but this is so wrong.What help are they when they are against everything that we do and all we do is never good enough and they say it is the last thing that they would do,yer right.

    • Because the family courts are behind it aswell. They only listen to the professionals and when a biological parent is put on the stand yes stand the judge(s) pretend to listen n watch the expressions the parents face n change theirs to match it so to make the parent think they are equals and will be listened to but they do this to fool them

      • Well said hope this message registerers in the public minds theres coruption in the public services bigtime lawyers judges pfs socialwork health schools nurserys,police as,we know anyway but its sad that the,people instructed to uphold the relevent laws andprotect our mankind is e very ones aiming yo desyroy us in any shpe or form they can and public awareness needs adressed on therse issues quickly

    • Sorry karen for your heartache it’s horrendous treatment and unwarranted by the sounds of it,I can appreciate the anguish as same applies theyl always criticise you to the point you’ll give up offer you or your immediate family fuck all and write,you off under there control long ways too much powers given to there status so theres only 1 way to counteract these cunts counteract there opinions and use the internet to familiarise ordinary parents into education on there cunning ways speak IP and don’t be hushed that’s of revelence because if we shy away its icing on the cake,type thing for them good luck

    • Did anyone from Anonymous help you? I am not connected to them in any way but I am curious if they are actually doing anything to combat the terrorists (in every sense of the word) who are profiting from this?

    • Dear thesystemisbroken

      Goggle lan Joseph.
      He is based in monico.He gives free legal advice and responds almost immediately to emails.If you leave your phone number,he will call you.

      I support his advice on representing yourself.Solicitors work against you ,not for you.Take his advice.In hindsight it is pretty sound.l found him too late.Good luck.Remember,that only you know your case ,too.Only you can tell your story so tell it well.
      Find out what the threshold is for removing children and taking them into care.Read it!
      Know your legislation!Read and then read some more.Do not talk too much at meetings and take notes.I do not attend meetings at all.They lie about what was discussed.
      Do not share your thoughts with social workers or other professionals.Remember that these people are liars and do not let your guard down ,ever.
      Save it for the courtroom.
      Do not get dragged into spats or webs.
      Document abuses and remember that they all scratch each others back.
      Evidence that you can care for your child/ren and that they are best placed with you.
      If you are suffering from domestic violence ,contact Womans Aid ,for an update on legislation (new 40 page document,Practice Direction12J)
      Never let a social worker into your home.
      Never be alone with a social worker.
      Do not allow them to film your contact sessions.
      I personally would advice against a psychological asssement.Psychologist get paid huge amounts to lie about you and keep favour with social services by doing so.
      Keep a personal diary.
      Avoid telling everyone your story.Talk to only the people you think might help.
      Safe your energy.
      Surround yourself with positive people.
      Keep yourself fit,healthy and strong.
      Remember that they want you in a heap.Remember that your family needs you to be strong.
      Seek medical help,if you need it.Your are no use to your family unwell.
      Do not release your medical files to social services.
      Remember that they are evidence building.
      Always speak from the heart and the gut.
      Do not entertain their foolishness.
      Stay on your path and do not dabble in their merky waters.
      Do not allow yourself to be tainted by their abuse.
      Set a routine,get organised,get up in the morning and show the world how great you are.

  6. Oh yes the social services in devon county council are corrupt they make up lies and false statements and witnesses to steal children away from u

  7. Please help me, l am going through this right now. Social services took my 3 sons 15 years ago & adopted them out using the excuse “Possible Future Neglect” even though there was nothing wrong with my sons, they were happy & healthy & loved. They lied that me & my sons had no bond. My oldest was 2 & a half when they took him & they tried to get me to choose which child l would keep if l was allowed, it was all mind games. They took my youngest son at birth. It left me suicidal for years. I dont know how they get away with it, OR how they sleep at night!

    Now l have had a daughter who is almost 2, l thought things might have been exposed by now, but they are trying to do the exact same thing again with her! They tell so many lies, its unbelievable! I have tried to contact the manager of the social worker with voicemails & passing on messages, to try & change social worker, but l have been ignored for over 4 months while their corruption & lies continue. I honestly dont know what to do. The sw is narcissistic & yet she knows l grew up with a narcissistic mother. I will do anything to protect my daughter from those vultures, but l dont know where to turn. Politicians refuse to get involved, & the only one that does look into these corrupt child cases wont consider looking at my case because lm in Yorkshire & he is in London.

    • Dear Geena,
      I strongly advice that you do not print that you have been left suicidal.Even if it is just a figure of speech.If you have told a social worker that your mother is a narcissist,she has now been given evidence to use against you.
      Please see my previous email.
      Ian Joseph helps in particular cases like yours.
      Speak to him urgently.
      Goggle his email address .
      Bless you and good luck.

    Sign the petition! Save the children! Petition to save children from unlawful removal. I have signed, if you want you can do it by clicking. NO to the unlawful removal of minors. Let’s free the children and bring them back to the parents. Psychologist kidnapped the child just to see how he is without the family. An unprecedented case. Every child in danger because of the iniquity of psychologists, social services and judges. We can not tolerate it in a democratic society. It is urgently needed to put in place a package of measures oriented to the common european protection of the families from abuse by social services, psychologists and magistrates. That is the only way to revitalize democratic life and overcome the demotivation, demoralization and anxiety of a large part of European society.

    • Thank you for the information about the petition.As l stated earlier,every child is at risk.l completely agree with your statement.I am writing lots of letters.Until ,l am heard! I urge everyone who is involved in care proceeding to evidence abuse and corruption.Keep records.The world needs to know what has happened to us.
      Represent yourself in court and give social services as little information as possible.Solicitors are not what they seem.Save everything for the court room and show what a great parent you are.But l think it is so important that we have records of what has happened to us.The Jews in concentration camps did this and accounts were hidden within the camp walls and floors.Our story needs to be documented.
      Everybody who has been through care proceeding knows what l mean.

  9. Devon County Council social services uk, took are nephew away even though there was no reason to take him away for forced adoption they asked him where he wanted to stay and he said nannas the breach the childs rights,we continually was abused and harassed and defamed for the past 6 months and the final case was already sewn up before the final hearing numerous breaches of human rights not only for us but my nephew aswell,they treated up like criminals by spying on us,making false statements and putting obstacles in the way and humiliation at every opportunity it felt like torture everyday while there around,they breach article 6,8,14 they was also racist against are Jewish origin,and refused to acknowledge it on his birth record and ares they never listened to what he wanted,when he said he wanted to stay at his nannas,and they never gave us any chance,or help us in anyway until the court case was on they continually lied to us in order to make there case stronger we had all got clean records and therefore law binding,he also had suspected autism they would not let us get him diagnosed.and ruined Christmas for us by saying they was talking him away,they used unscrupulous witnesses that one had a court order on her,the other was known to the police for making malicious phone calls and behaviour and the other one had a grudge because she was a ex and is vulnerable and also the statements was falsified with lies and deception and they was not completed so how come there surpose to be child protection but there not because there the abusers he was happy until they kidnapped him with lies plus he is now unhappy keeps asking for us he’s under weight to he was I say that’s child abuse.they try and victimnise u tells lies about u my nephew was happy and wel loved and devon county steals from the innocent familys and they leave the abusing familys alone if anyone says different they havent got a clue what there talking about or there a social worker in disguise trying to protect there name there nothing but filthy scum

    • Hi Mark,
      My boy has autism and was taken from a happy home because his cruel biological father wanted this to happen.I watched my son loose his ,weight,hair,freedom and dignity as he sat in a corner and self harmed to the extent that l thought he might die.And they all lied about it and said that he was having a great time.The social worker at the time told me to see my GP because she thought that l was mentally unstable.
      All l know,is that my son needs me and that l have to record what is happening and l have to keep writing my letters to MPs,The House Of Lords,Charities such as Liberty,Sir James Mungby etc…I am so proud of his strength.He asked to come home after each visit.He still has hope and so should l.

  10. Devon County Council social services are very corrupt they make up falsified reports and statements breaches to human rights they send it uncompleted reports they always take off the innocent familys and leave the abusers because to me they are the abusers like they got there own pedo ring just like they did in Rotherham so if u don’t like the truth devon county u should not abuse the system and still peoples kid cafcass is just as bad they corrupt as fuck they should abolish all of the filthy lieing law breaking scum and prison all of the corrupt ones once and for all

  11. make a stand and and if you really want your kids home listen ,please,PROTEST,LIKE OTHER COUNTRIES,GROUP AND FIGHT XXXXXXXXX

  12. Absolutely true, every word of the original article, unless you have suffered at the hands of corrupt UK social services, what you are spouting in their defence is utter rubbish, if you defend social services in the UK you are as guilty as the social workers who have recieved convictions in the uK court system, am I wrong ? ok read the two books written by my wife {THE TRUTH WILL FIND YOU by ROSE ELLEN BENNETT} & {ESSENTIAL STEPS TO TAKE WHEN SOCIAL SERVICES TARGET YOUR CHILDREN}, then challenge me on ANY point in the books, and as a last thought, isnt it odd that although my wife has named and shamed social workers in her books, she has never been challenged by the local authorities in question, seems strange to me, after all, if she was incorrect on any point in her books she would surely have the might of the LA legal team screaming for compensation!, but no, not a single contact, let alone injunction to silence her!

  13. Hello parents who are victim of social service harassment

    Listen the poor story of Hate crime by social Services Southwark with Asylum seeker Family

    Punishment to Loving and Caring Parents without any crime by Social Services, Southwark.

    Social service Southwark council South East London did hate crime on our Muslim race and religions and treated very badly with my family we are the most loving family with 2 children. But social services got involved with us due to take revenge of their friend accommodation provider who didn’t give us house for last 8 months. On asking house, provider became enemy of Muslim family and involves social worker who has ruined our private life, dignity and self-respect and liberty. social worker from the last 4 months had given tremendous damage to health, privacy and confidentiality by putt CP in GP without telling parents’ consent. Then the same social worker whole corrupted borough sent the same CP, which parents never know, sent to new borough, who again harassed us through police. 7 Police officers broke our door, and threatened us to arrest, searched our house, bullied and did Incivility and frightened my little son.

    Social services have no fear of God, Allah, Jesues, any God which religion they belong to !! They are very cruel, now they are made the parents solicitors and now we are ready to sue them in the court and will fight for our Rights in UK, but will not meet any liar social worker who abused their profession just for revenge and take commission for their boss.

    Southwark social services has Damaged our private life from the last 4 months. Parents and little child cannot sleep at night, due to fear of police breaking door and cruel behaviour. We are under cyber stalking, harassment. but no police was lodging complaint. When we sent complain to commissioner then one officer lodge complaint very slowly. But now Social services have made the parents from different culture very strong and good solicitors and fighting for our Rights. Southwark social service are doing forced corruption to accept the fraud Child protection plan on my child by putting false allegations of parent’s ability whilst they know that paretns were very good, strong and had been struggling very hard to give children best life during the last 11 months when migrant help and accommodation provider didn’t give them no weekly money £39. This is very shameful that Southwrak social services put child protection plan in revenge and just to hate with Muslim family which is not tolerated and acceptable by parents now and will fight till the last breath of our life to save my family out of horror of social services.

    It is not fair and under diversity and equality that to take revenge grievance accommodation provider barry house East Dulwitch involve social services to Ruin my Muslim family love,happiness and private life. But now parents will go very far to call the Justice in London, because Enough is Enough with my Innocent Loving family.

    • We Protest against Social Services, Southwark Council– To Start Fraud CP plan on Little Child Without Parents’ Information:

    • Protest against Head and assistant head teacher , assistant head Heber School, Southwark — Mr To Disclose My CAF to New Borough Without Parents’ Information:

    • Protests Against Harassment and Terrorism of Social Workers to Family (mum, dad and little son Under Anti-Muslim Hate Crime.

    • Protest against Police Constables who broke my door, searched my House (Cupboards, boxes, valets), computer Under— Anti-Muslim Hate Crime and False Complain of Social Worker Southwark Council.

    • Protest against fake Search Warrant issuance by using false designation police and Two DC’s Police seized our all electronic items, and after that we are under horrible cyber stalking, spying and under cyber harassment. Those groups are taking display of our laptop on their mobile phones and always spying us, which is illegall in UK to harass any poor innocent Muslim family for no Crime and Offence.

    • Who Victimised and Offended Dad Was Hiding Something in House– Under Anti-Muslim Hate Crime and False Complain of Social Worker

    • Protest against Police Constables Bullied an victimised me that I was living in Free house and He worked Hard Under Anti-Muslim Hate Crime and False Complain of Social Worker Southwark Council.

  14. Social are disgusting and horrible and make me absolutely sick to my stomach!!!!!!! They’re honestly taken the utter FKN piss now like!!!! Everyone should sign a potision so they can get they’re kids back. I have had my lil boy taken into car for stupid reason like say my ex was beating me and then we broke up and apparently I wasn’t coping well enough when every single one of my friends and family are backing me up on this one! And plus, because I was a YOUNG MOTHER! Social are scums. Absolute joke they are. They make my blood boil he bastards.

  15. I understand feelings run high on this but do you honestly think using foul language cursing and swearing is going to show that you are a decent person yes the coruption in social services is horendious im going through it at moment but i will never allow anyone to cause me to stoop so low.
    I will say this you will get the odd decent one corrupt ones will get their day my advice is keep your dignity.

    • Yeah Yeah. You’ll be amazed how forced drugging and mental health workers provoke normally cool calm and collected people into using foul language and swearing. Get the facts straight. I’ve been dealing with corrupt physicians and psychiatrists and social worker case managers starting since 1981.

  16. This is not just children.

    My wife had dementia. She was eating and drinking well for me, was warm and so very well loved.

    The vermin from social services demanded that we have a hospital bed for her – she did not need one nor did she like sleeping in a bed (the psych said it was due to her dementia).
    She was able to use a commode – they wanted her to “de her business on the bed then you clean her up”… I said, “No, I’m not having her do that when she is perfectly able to sue the commode”.

    They did not like this refusal to accept their authority and started a campaign of harassment that lasted from Sept 2017 to Jan 2018 when they lied their butts off to a judge and got her taken away by court order, into a”care” home..

    A “care” home that could not feed her or “water” her properly… and she died of dehydration 10 days later.

    My last memory of her is them taking her away in their bus, her crying… and then, ten days later, by wonderful, beautiful wife was gone forever. I never saw her alive again after these anal-stains took her.

    It’s not just parents and children – these SS Vermin will do anything they want to out of pure evil vindictiveness.
    And the Court of protections sits in secret, secret hearings that you don’t even know about let alone get a “say” in (just HOW is that a “hearing” anyway if they only hear one side?)

    Do NOT trust the social services, do NOT trust the social workers. They are NOT your friends.

    I repeat – do not trust them!!

    • Sorry for your loss.. yes I’ve heard if them kidnapping older people into homes against family wishes so then they can seize the persons home as a asset to supposedly pay for the care home they’ve forced them to be in . The UK is evil

  17. I tried to warn the people in the 1980s about incidents related to Satanic Ritual Abuse but they labelled me and drugged me and then forced drugged me on never ending Commonwealth Treatment Orders. Many times I almost lost my life through these corrupt physicians, psychiatrists, social worker case managers, police, legal aid, magistrates, judges and of course occult based church groups and religious organisations. I probably would have been critical or dead even it wasn’t through life saving seed bearing herbs such as marijuana. Hail Mary Jane.


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