Most Wanted: Hackers Arrested In Pakistan


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested two Pakistani hackers, Noor Azizuddin and Farhanul Arshad. These two hackers were considered to be among the top 10 most wanted hackers in the world, as per the FBI, and last Saturday the FIA arrested the two hackers at the request of the FBI. The hackers were arrested at their residences, along with some of their relatives. According to news reports, they have been moved to an undisclosed location at this time. As per the FBI, these hackers were involved in various cyber attacks and fraudulent activity. They took part in an international telecommunication scheme to commit fraud against unsuspecting individuals, major companies and government computer systems, but that’s not all… these hackers have committed fraud valued at around $50 million by hacking into computer systems. The FBI had placed a reward on their heads of up to $50,000 for any information which would lead to the arrest of the suspects. They are also members of a criminal organization which has contacts in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia and many other countries. After an arrest warrant was issued by a US District Court in 2012, Azizuddin was initially found and arrested in Malaysia but was later released due to lack of evidence of his fraudulent activities. The FIA added:

“The issue was that the FBI didn’t interrogate Azizuddin properly in Malaysia and scanned only one laptop he had there [in Malaysia].”

After many more complaints were filed against Azizuddin, and at the request of the FBI, they finally arrested him in Pakistan, last Saturday. FIA also added:

“We will not hand the hackers to the FBI as we already have a registered case against them, but we will inform the FBI about the arrest of their suspects so that they can share evidence with us and help us in the interrogation of the hackers.”



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  1. Just look at the noor aziz ud din face, does he looks like a hacker ??
    For heavens saked, its seems like more of a terrorist bounty rather than nc3r case


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