Watch an Active Duty Soldier Perfectly Explain Military Suicides: “It’s All About the Money”

101021-A-2761H-662 U.S. Army Sgt. Larry J. Isbell, representing the Army National Guard, watches his firing lane for targets at the M-4 Range Qualification event during the Department of the Army's 10th Annual Best Warrior Competition at Fort Lee, Va., on Oct. 21, 2010. DoD photo by Spc. Venessa Hernandez, U.S. Army. (Released)

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United States — Criticism of the corporate-fueled foreign policy that drives U.S. military action abroad might be de rigueur for those who have never joined the service, but an increasing number of current and former military service members are shunning the propaganda to speak the truth.

“It’s all fucking money. They don’t give a shit about you … it’s all about the fucking money,” said currently enlisted military serviceman, Dylan, in a video rant posted publicly on Facebook.

Anti-Media recently spoke with Dylan, and though he gave explicit permission to use his full name and rank, we’ve opted for a degree of anonymity to shield him from potential repercussions due to his candor.

Dylan’s criticism of the forces driving the military’s various missions specifically concerns the ongoing, massive suicide epidemic among veterans — which, he says, has more to do with Big Pharma’s role in their ‘treatment’ than anything else.

“I’m going to talk a little bit about soldier suicide and why it happens,” Dylan states in the video. “The real reasons behind many of the suicides and the reasons that the Army, the military in general, never seem to want to talk about.”He explains having just been through the laughable excuse of a prevention course on suicides, which service members are required to attend, but says “they don’t talk about the real reasons” behind suicides.

“The reasons these soldiers are killing themselves is because they’re sending them away to unwinnable wars — undeclared wars — and when they get back, what do you do? Oh, you give them five bottles of pills. What do these five bottles of pills have as a side effect? SUICIDE … but no one wants to fucking talk about that in the military,” he said.

As Dylan explains, should a service member be injured while deployed, the military’s simplistic solution amounts to doling out countless pills — essentially ignoring, as well as worsening the epidemic of suicides. Most likely, those prescriptions include various opiates for pain and/or a wide range of antidepressants — which specifically list suicide as a known side-effect.

And it makes sense the military would turn to prescribing these so-called meds to veterans as a simplistic ‘solution,’ Dylan notes, because the military is “in bed with Big Pharma. And the pharmaceutical companies don’t give a shit about you, either.

“It’s all about the fucking money. That’s all it’s ever been about. That’s all any of this is about.”

When asked whether those in the military are as aware as he is about that relationship, Dylan said “it seems like most people fall for the typical finances, alcohol, and drugs” excuse given to explain their difficulties. “They take the symptoms and act like they’re the disease.”

His video critique continues:

“They don’t talk about the real fucking issue. They don’t talk about the prescription medication. They’ll say, ‘Oh yeah, one of the leading causes of suicide is alcohol and drugs’ — but what drugs? What specific fucking drugs? The goddam prescriptions that the fucking military is fucking prescribing you — and it’s going to keep happening. This isn’t going to stop.”

big pharma

After noting “more people are waking up” to the government’s and military’s true motives, I asked Dylan what he would tell people who are considering joining the service. He said:

“Normally I ask people why. If they give me the serving my country answer, I tell them ‘you’re only serving political elites and they have invested over there.’ I use examples like the facts that we funded and put in [place] the very people we’re fighting and the fact that most so-called ‘terrorists’ are only defending their homeland from us. I like to point out the PATRIOT ACT was written long before 9/11 and the Invasion of Iraq was being planned before 2001.”

Though he shied away from mentioning controversial conspiracy theories and discussions of false flags, Dylan said, “The bottom line is we have bases in over 100 countries. I ask [prospective military recruits] what they would do if there was a Russian or Chinese base in their hometown.”

Because government propaganda often boasts of the monetary benefits of joining the service — both during and after completion of service — I asked Dylan what he would say to someone who says they need the money. He described how the Army teaches you “basic skills like making a 12-month budget, how to apply for college, how to start a small business, and how to apply for a job,” including “multiple day workshops that go in depth on each subject”“Wouldn’t that have been nice in high school?” Sadly, he noted that “government-mandated education … doesn’t teach any actual life skills.”

But that still doesn’t constitute sufficient cause to join the military.

“I would encourage [them] to go into the workforce and earn their money,” Dylan told me. “Instead of becoming a soldier of the American empire.”

Iwo Jima Oil Iraq

To wit, Dylan explained, “if I could go back in time I wouldn’t do it again. Even though my experience led me to how I feel now.”

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  1. It is sad because a lot of these guys DO care a lot , and are patriotic. It’s good to see a guy starting to grow and figure out a bit more about why we have wars, and what that means for the gullible in our population. I would simply suggest the book ”War is a Lie” by David Swanson. I’d say it’s a good step in the right direction of a journey that’s probably close to a hundred steps further ahead.

  2. And this is why i believe they keep our military overseas….with them we could have a revolution killing off all of the old farts who did/do these things…..i am going to start going to our local military hospital and start handing out free baby mj clones(yes its legal here as long as you are over 21years old) and try to get them to use marijuana for everything from pain relief to stopping anxiety attacks and ending insomnia…..i have thought about doing it for years but am just going to get off my injured ass and do it this spring NO MORE BIG PHARMA ONLY BIG BUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have been fighting this issue since 2007, I run and . I can agree with this video, med are handed out like candy. But the men who return and even women. they goto war, when they get there they have to fight with one hand tied behind there back. The chain of command will burn soldiers and end careers for fear of a soldier using deadly force in self defense or the defense of others. Then the soldier returned to the land of the big PX. there wife n kids are gone, they get raped by the system they faught to protect. then they are labled and marginalized. there kids are gone they are reduced to wage slavery. ontop of ptsd, financial issues and a substance abuse problem . how do I know this? it happened to me. 80% of all soldier or military suicides have this common component “failed relationship” that means lost kids, and financial slavery.

    • Yes, it tragic but many of the soldiers bring it upon themselves. Cheating on their wives is rampant in the military. Bringing girls into the barracks, picking up girls when deployed to a school or even overseas. It works both ways. You can’t talk about administrative violence against your spouse, what a whore she is, and how you banged multiple women and left them as soon as you were done and expect sympathy. Of course you have failed relationships. You throw away women and have also given up on your kids. Is it any wonder that you are alone living on the fringe of society? Rant like a little bitch if you want to but don’t drag the rest of us real soldiers down with you.


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