Watch How Cannabis Oil Destroys Cancer Cells While Leaving Healthy Cells Alone



  1. Proof that cannabis is a miracle cure that solves a majority of ailments. Would seriously explain why it’s been made illegal. It’s nonprofitable.

    • This is only proof that cannabinoids kill cancer cells in a petri dish. Which is good. But nothing close to a “miracle cure” that solve the “majority of ailments”. You need to chill.

    • How is it non profitable?? How the fuck do all the weed dealers survive. You fucking moronic twat!

      Also Cannabis has been used medically for thousands of years!!

  2. Oh it works, it’s just the big Pharma companies have been making so much money off so called research. And the fact the canabis cost next to nothing to make and that it will substitute many pills. Just think how much the Pharma industry is set to lose with the general public being aware that this is actually works. There ain’t no putting the genie back in the bottle now…….

    • Funny thing is that Pharma will not loose a cent.. they will , and they are providing already pills or any other form of drug made by cannabis , or synthetic cannabis ..and though the source substance maybe cheap their drugs definitely will not be…
      so one way or another they will have their profit.. least this is how weed will be decriminalized ..hopefully ..


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