VIDEO: Muslim Couple Branded ISIS Supporter In Sydney Look Who Came To Their Rescue


A young Australian woman Stacey Eden, 23, has been hailed as a legend for standing up to defend a Muslim couple who were being harassed on a train in Sydney. It all started when a female passenger accused a Muslim woman of being an ISIS supporter and terrorist because she was wearing a hijab. The offensive rant continued for at least ten minutes before Stacey decided to step in to defend the woman’s choice of clothing.

Stacey is seen telling the abusive passenger, “She wears it for herself, OK? She wears it because she wants to be modest with her body, not because of people like you who are going to sit there and disrespect her. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything.”

The Muslim couple, Hafeez Batthi, 33, and his wife, Khalida, 26 , are ‘hardworking, honest and kind’ parents of a little baby boy; they moved from Pakistan several years ago seeking a better life in Australia. The two are ‘committed’ members of the community in Brisbane and regularly attend the Holland Park mosque, community spokesman Ali Kadri said.

NSW police sources told Daily Mail Australia a formal investigation is ‘definitely’ under way into the ugly incident.

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  1. Does anybody realise that the man being racist, is babbling on about the newspapers and the news etc. People need to realise that the media is what is brainwashing people to believe muslims are evil and they are all murderers etc etc…

    I bet if the man being racist had watched a news channel that reported every single murder a christian had committed against muslims, he would be very surprised! Good on her for fighting back at them though. Its good to see more people

  2. ISIS is not of muslims , and all Muslims are not ISIS . In fact every country has its own terrorists they forgot all those and come to ISIS and point Muslims . Whats going on in the World … Really Open Up ur locked brains in the deep fridge … Think Broad . 23 old young has a broad view than a old lady , what a shame on you accuser .

  3. Australia is overrun with Zionist Jews, New Zealand is the same. South Africa is stifled with Zionist Jews. The Zio is the root cause of all misery, from banking through to divisive xenophobia, the zios run everything, MSM, porn, drugs and disease.

  4. Paradox dieser asoziale Konflikt der Werte !
    Wenn es um die Emanzipation der Frauen geht, ist die Übervorteilung das Gegenteil von Emanzipation.
    Es ist so, das es religiöse Regeln gibt, die nur Frauen erlauben, sich zu Verhüllen. Sklavinen steht dieses Recht nicht zu. So ist in der islamischen Welt diese extremistische Sicht von Kopftuchlosen auch zu verstehen. Nirgens im Koran steht, daß der Kopf oder der ganze Körper verhüllt werden muß.
    So ist es absolut nicht nachvollziebar, wenn man sich in der Fremde den Bedingungen anpassen soll, was da geschehen ist?
    Es gibt leider zu viele, die in der Nichtmilitärischen Auslegungen des Dschihadbegriffs, noch nicht einmal die Erste Stufe erreichen werden.

    Aleikum essalem


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