Watch as CNN Cuts Live Feeds and Goes to Commercial When Things Start to Get Real


As you will see, twice within the last week, CNN cut off the mics and cut to commercials when interviewers began making points that did not conveniently fit in with liberal ideological rhetoric – clearly exposing the corruption of western journalism.  CNN has repeatedly been accused by critics as standing for the ‘Clinton News Network’ – the real acronym for CNN. As you will see in the following clips, they did not help their cause.

What the reporter is talking about here, is an anti-crime bill passed under then President Bill Clinton in 1994, a bill, which in retrospect, Hillary Clinton even conceded at a debate with Bernie Sanders that she “regretted” for its “unintended consequences.

So, what were those unintended consequences and what was the reporter talking about in the video above? As explained by The New York Times, “more than 2.2 million people are now behind bars, nearly double the number incarcerated when Mr. Clinton took office. Although the United States makes up less than 5 percent of the world’s population, it has more than 20 percent of its prison population.” The disproportionate number of people placed behind bars were, of course, blacks and minorities – directly leading to the racial divide surrounding crime, the police and politics we now see today.

About the passing of this bill 20 years after the fact, Bill Clinton said “I signed a bill that made the problem worse.”  It was legislation initially aimed to reduce gun crimes, limit assault rifle sales, impose background checks for guns, and saw the addition of over 100,000 police officers into the national police force – sound familiar? This was in 1994 mind you. Now in 2016, it appears the more things change, the more things basically stay the same.

The second video clip we bring you comes from Sheriff David Clarke. It surrounds the controversy of the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement previously embraced, supported and promoted by host Don Lemon on a nightly basis. As soon as someone in a position of authority questions Mr Lemon over his support of this group on live public television, watch what happens; he cant handle the pressure and tells the producers to cut to commercial.

Ever wonder why Americans are considered the most politically uneducated civilian population in the world? It is because of corrupt news organizations like CNN, who deliberately censor information; who deliberately choose to report along political party lines, rather than facts or information. The indoctrination of the American public at the hands of the main stream media is shameful, what’s more shameful is that so many ‘sheeple’ are completely oblivious to it.

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  1. I really like what Anonymous does most of the time but your reporting on the Media is total bullshit. I say this as a senior journalist.
    The article above is a great example and is clearly written by a novice who has no clue how thing really work behind the scenes.
    1. Anyone that has ever worked in a tv news room knows that young people getting started make technical mistakes occasionally. That’s not some conspiracy. It happens. BFD. In the case of Don Lemon, he was right to go to commercial because that sheriff is a total arrogant asshole and disruptive–in a bad way–every time I’ve seen him interviewed. He’s an Uncle Tom Fascist totally full of himself. Why they give him any air time at all is a mystery.
    2. Again, anyone that has ever worked on a decent paper witnesses the editorial meetings in the morning and understands how the decisions are made in terms of what to cover and where to place it in the paper. If your writer had actually been to a decent j-school he would have known how this was done instead of ranting about “corrupt news organizations who deliberately censor information…” etc. It’s pathetic to read.
    Righteous, go buy Melvin Mencher’s classic “News Reporting and Writing” and READ IT. Then you can actually write about the Media with “some” authority. And grow a pair and use your real name for your byline like a real writer. Be proud of what you write–don’t hide behind a fake name. That ain’t righteous, that’s cowardice.

    • Karen Peterson, We are anonymous, If you don’t like it, well you it’s your right not too! and cowardness is when someone uses his real name to spread lies, your typo was fixed and you’re welcome.

      • Spell my name right next time. Cowardice is also when someone uses a pseudonym to spread falsehoods, as your so-called reporter did above. I know the news biz as well as you guys know code, and this article is very poorly done.

        • I wasn’t aware it’s your real name, we have some trolls issue every now and then, and I’m not aware of any falsehoods, if so please provide your evidence without trolling the authors … next time.

    • Karen prefaces her argument by boasting that she is a “senior journalist” and then immediately launches into a completely biased, talking point filled rant about this sheriff.

      This is her proof that the media isn’t biased and that progressives are level headed, tolerant individuals that are willing to work together. I would say this is proof that she is indeed a senior journalist.

      • Hey Berk, oh that’s Merk, I’m retired and entitled to my opinion as a private citizen. I would NEVER describe that jackass that way on an assignment, no matter how distasteful I might find him personally. That’s what being a good professional in the Media means, but you neither understand that concept nor how it applies to the principles of reporting.

        • Karen sounds like she is part of the million dollar Hillary effort to spread propaganda. Don’t pay these paid trolls any mind.

    • Dont get me wrong, Fox News is not any better – in fact it is worse. Rachel Maddow (i know she is MSNBC), Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, the list goes on and on. The media is filled with people who are not hired for their journalistic prowess or ability, rather for their ability to hold, present and maintain extremist rhetoric with conviction. To say crazy things to get people riled up and angry so they will then get engaged and boost ratings. These are the people Americans follow and watch every night, who people get their “facts” from and it truly disappoints and disgusts me.

      The news has nothing to do with journalism anymore, it is all about appealing to your political base and telling them exactly what they want to hear in belligerent fashion.

      I wish I had the same platform these fools are given, I wish I could make more a difference in this world, but I can’t. This is all I have and I am grateful for it. I run a daily news server in our online chatrooms. Want to know what my “show” would look like if I could have one, what type of news I would like people to know? I sincerely invite you to join and read.

      • I would love to see more alternative news outlets on tv. Personally I am old school and when I defend the Media I am mostly referring to the best newspapers and magazines, and a few tv journos like Maddow, Matthews and Cooper. They are excellent. The rest I give up on.
        The problem is not the Media per se, it is the corporate structure and system of profits that make up the system of capitalism. Not a fan of that either.

    • Why is it that everyone that doesn’t follow the Democrat party line is an Uncle Tom? Black people aren’t bought & sold anymore. Each individual black American has a right to express themselves even if it isn’t with the majority opinion of most black Americans. Please stop!

      • What you are talking about is old slavery. The new version is the prisonsystem in the US (dont know the same rules for the prisonsystem applies for any other country), it is really profitable and it take advantages of the poor and uneducated people. The prisons are all privately owned. They gain an income because the US gov, who pays them for having the prisoners incarserated there, and that most of the prisons makes a lot of products whitch they can sell cheap because they dont pay their workers/prisoners/slaves any income, and if you dont comply and work you will be punished with isolation (in most cases).

  2. CNN also hired reporters who are destined to work for Foxnews. Gorgeous looking blonds. Sorry but Roger Ailes (aka Jabba the Hut) was let go. They’ll be avoiding hiring bimbo looking ladies.

  3. Was the question just asked why Americans were uneducated on politics and world affairs? Was there an attempt to actually blame that on a news organization? Americans themselves are responsible for opening a freakin book and READ. It is not the job of any news organization to educate people. If the masses are relying on the government controlled and regulated media for their ideals we’re lost. By the way, if you want an explanation as to the popularity of Trump, it’s due to the fact it’s already happening. The low IQ racist, divisive portion of the country have been convinced, thanks to what they thought they learned in the media, that a guy who has failed at everything, with zero political experience, zero, would be the best person to run the most powerful nation ever. That’s what happens when the media educates the masses.

  4. ‘that sheriff is a total arrogant asshole’ and ‘He’s an Uncle Tom Fascist totally full of himself’ ‘I say this as a senior journalist’ from Karen Petersen is a very interesting approach! Does anyone think that this Karen Petersen may just be a little racist?

  5. FAIR is a good site for monitoring the American press. But you should be aware of the Media worldwide and then you will appreciate the freedoms we have here. Just this page alone would produce knocks on our doors and jailings in some countries. Familiarize yourselves with The Committee to Protect Journalists website. Sobering indeed.

  6. People of the good life…

    Since you all have time to daily surf “The Web”. You clearly have nothing to complain about. Evil & good, walk hand, in hand. They are like ying & yang. One can’t exist, without the other. Chaos vs Order. Evil only wins, when good will look the other way. Visa, versa..

    When looking to your right, you won’t see what’s happening on your left. This is what happening now. And has always been the case, when it comes to lust for power. Media distraction at it’s best!

    This discussion isn’t about: THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA! It’s about you and why you all complain afterwards. While you/ we could’ve prevented it. How this all could’ve be prevented, is another discussion.

    The only thing you should realy understand is, that we all agree to the fact, that we’re not being told, what we need to know. The most funny part of it all is, that most of the common people, don’t even want to know. What is realy going on. They don’t care at all. The reality will only become clear, when their own life is in danger. Usually, this means.. that it’s already too late to counter-act. One can only prepare for the worse, hope for the best. Yes? No?

    You, we, are all being fooled, because we let it happen! Now it seems like we’re too late to change the outcome. But we got news for you all. Like those cooperate companies, bankers-cult and dirty politicians, etc.. (not going into detail), we also have our own plan and Resources. Not to disturb the order, with chaos. But to fight for our future. Not in name of religion, politics, greed and lust for power. But for the future of our children and the world, which they’ve to live in!

    Anonymous is no more than a name. And by saying this, we want to adress to you all, that people can post almost any crap on this web-page, aslong it is good publicity for the agenda. There’s no leader, who controls the legions of ANON! Therefore the claim: “ANONYMOUS HQ” is just a joke. But alway fun to check, for new crap going viral.

    We’re mentioning this, because we know, who is actually hosting this web-page. We use a regular IP (etc..). Meaning we don’t have anything to hide from. Staying anonymous, within the borders of the traceable. Come knock on our PORTS. We don’t mind.



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