Bloods and Crips Unite Across The Nation Against Police Killings


Members of the notorious street gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, have united in cities across the country to protest the rash of police violence this nation continues to face. The rival gangs have a long history of violence between themselves, the police and the public. Coming together in protest is also a part of their history. Since their inception in the 1970s, the Bloods and Crips have united against the police when the times call for it. With the rash of police killings of black men, these times definitely call for it.


Members of the rival gangs marched together on Friday in Atlanta, tying their blue and red bandannas together in an act of solidarity. Huge crowds of protesters took to the interstate, blocking much of I-75 for hours. Atlanta has been host to some of the largest protests in the wake of the Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile shootings. Following the lead of protesters in Minnesota, protesters marched to and surrounded the governor’s house, wanting to address the governor and police leaders. All in all, the protests in Atlanta have not resulted in widespread hostility from police, like we have seen in places like Baton Rouge.


Bloods and Crips in Baton Rouge also showed their ability to put aside their differences and come together to speak out. Two gang members, one from either side, spoke out on live television. “Because, black lives….all lives actually.  We’re making a statement. We’re making a point. All this racism, targeting people, individuals, is not cool,” the man in the blue bandanna said. The gang members made it clear that they believe the government and police want us divided. “We are all unified as one,” says an unidentified female gang member. “We are all moving as one, and it’s so beautiful to see my people, and so many other people and different races coming together and making a stance…saying, ‘you know what? We’re tired. We’re tired of it.’”

Snoop Dog and the Game even held a rally last week, in which he marched along side Blood and Crip members in front of the Los Angeles Police Department. The media was there to snap photos of the large and peaceful crowd.

This year isn’t the only time the Bloods and Crips have united. Scattered throughout their 50 year long street war, they have united at times throughout their history. Last year, Blood and Crip gang members united over the death of Freddy Gray in Baltimore. Police caught word that they were uniting to go after the cops, but just like the alleged war on cops, their conclusions about gang attacks were wrong. They were criticized for also teaming up with the nation of Islam and were photographed standing along side of them. “We can unite and stop killing one another,” Carlos Muhammad, a Nation of Islam minister. told The Daily Beast, “and the Bloods and the Crips can help rebuild their community.”


It is tragic that it takes the death of community member in order for differences to be put aside and people to come together. The uniting of deadly adversaries speaks to the incredible ability we have to rise above petty problems and to focus on the challenges that lie ahead for all of us.

Sources: NY Daily News, AOL, The Free Thought Project.

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  1. Your a pus if you cover your face. If you don’t stand for something!! You will fall for anything. No matter what colors you bleed!!!!*?

  2. When the FUCK did they come about this moment of clarity? You Mutha Fuckers out cha acting like police out here hunting people down and killing them in the street.

    I’ll have the Entirety of D Block protect me please. The reason you have a criminal record is because you broke on my house just last week. Held me at gun point and stole my shit.

    It’s only going to last for the next three months.

  3. I’m not a gang member but I feel the power all over me. It’s like my brothers coming back together for the first time in my lifetime.

  4. They don’t see gang members they see your black face. They don’t care bout your mask, they been wearing mask. With shields and weapons. With a permit, with a pension to kill you.

  5. they’re hiding their faces because its deemed against the law to be a gang member and when charged for a crime u are targeted and punished more harshly. 2. every gang member isn’t a drug dealer or murderer or even a criminal for that matter. The kkk wears masks its cool, cops wear riot gear and hide behind badges and since the people you would rather point your fingers at as the bad guys stand up for a cause u call them vermin. The color of the flag doesn’t trump the color of our skin.

  6. It’s certainly about time that they unite and bring about a peaceful resolution for themselves and the community. Maybe they’re becoming wise to the fact that they are NOT each others enemies and that it’s high time to unite against THEIR COMMON ENEMY, and it’s not each other. I pray that time will prove them to remain UNITED and FOCUSED on their common goals and aspirations!!!

  7. I can’t understand for the life of me why some ppl just can’t accept it when everyone come together!!! IDONT CARE WHAT THE BLOODS OR CRIPS OR ANY OTHER GANGS HAVE DONE FOR CENTURIES, IT’S a BLESSING THAT THEY CAN WALK AWAY FROM THAT LIFE AND UNITE!!! NOTHING AMD NO ONE IS PERFECT BUT IT’S GOD’S WILL FOR US TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER!! INcluding all of our wrong doings, selfish acts etc, etc, etc… It NEVA fails!! Someone will always degrade or stain a positive situation!! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!! So you rather see them.continue to kill each other rather than come together?!!! Smh!! Mad luv for the BLOODS and the CUZ!! TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!! TEARS OF JOY!! KEEP PUSHING AGAINST EVIL!!

  8. The question can they come together for the color of their skin and not the color of their clothes.. And stay united they stand divided they fall.

  9. Hope this isn’t a temporary thing, too bad they waste and wasted so many lives not realizing that their biggest threat is not each other but the systemic racism and hate that exist in this country! Wake up and rally against the true enemy and not each other, when will they learn!

  10. I have cousins who are both Bloods and Crips on both sides of my family I think its nice what their doing but why so many young people still have to lose their lives every day to gun violence just because of who they are does not many their thugs or punks people have feelings and family too its time that we all wake up and see that just one person or persons can make a difference in the world if we all try too it all starts with us and start helping out one another and stop the hate well see a big different in us spread love

  11. Its stupidity to be gang related anyway, and kill each other. They should have always stood together…the old saying is…..United we stand, Divided we fall, and this is what has been happening for years. The cops dont care about killing gang members because gang members dont care about killing gang members!

  12. This has to be the funniest shit I’ve ever read. These savages are protesting the POLICE???!!! WOW. The first time in my life I’m starting to actually feel bad for blacks. They are like the children of all the races.

    • Idk why some of you narrow minded idiots really listen to yourselves….actually trying to justify what the police is doing whether criminals are killing black people or not doesn’t mean that it is fine for the police to get paid time off killing someone black.We are powerful as people and the government is scared they never played fair when competing in something against us every sport we enter we dominate. Police job is to make the community a safe place it’s sad to see kids play cops&robbers now no one wants to be cops. Rappers aren’t all bad role models it’s them. Kkk are nothing but a bunch of cowards the system is very flawed forget the 4 father’s whom are no fathers of mine.They stole America,they stole slaves by tricking other African people into trading and stealing all of Africa’s wealth.Our culture is being ripped apart so they can claim it as they’re own.The government is just a bunch of bored kids.SMH! you people are lost trusting the law anyway my house get broke into I don’t call them criminals I call family…police only makes matters worse.


      Also Trump Supporters: BLACK PEOPLE ARE LIKE CHILDREN.

      Hey stupid, see ^^^ That right there? That’s the racism you idiots claim doesn’t exist.

  13. LMAO these guys will go right back to shooting each other in a few weeks. This has happened so many times and yet the same results followed and most likely follow again. Idk why they even give a dam about the police when the vast majority of black deaths from guns are from criminals….not cops.

  14. Count yourselves very lucky if it wasn’t for the book of Deuteronomy you guys would have been dead long time ago and you wonder why you see us the way you see us and the things we put up with from your people you wonder why we haven’t exploded on you you need to read the book of Deuteronomy those very curses that are on my people have kept your people alive count yourselves very lucky we can care less about what you got to say you can talk about who’s covering whose face but at the end of the day your people taught our people how to be killers and be destructive remember we didn’t come to this country with a Bible or guns and we did not learn English until much later are teachers where your great-grandparents we are tribal loving people and you have turned my people into straight killers This Is Not Who We Are but Point your fingers because there’s three more pointing back at you

  15. Guys “” is run by RACISTS. They hate all white people especially. The fact that they are making MURDEROUS THUGS out to be heroes just because they stand against police just proves this. What’s disturbing is how many racists still exist in 2019!!!

  16. Unity is always best. These were formed to fight against police violence against black people. If this ever happens to any one of you whether prior convictions or not, contact me

    • Unity is’s about’s like the strength of a black man that’s has been oppressed, is about to push up it’s beautiful head above water. Rise up rise up my people and those who have a fair and conscious mind . The world is ours. No race have the title deed for it.. peace over and out..

  17. Unity is a MUST for African Americans to collectively get to the next phase in our Freedon. We are no longer enslaved but we still aren’t free.

  18. @ Donald Trump.. Your a fuckn dick head.. Feel sorry for black ppl really? Just because they have united i wonder how YOU White or any other race would look to public if your kind had been gun down repeatedly over the last years.. Your very disrespectful. Gang Members have had there rivals for so many years but like the rest of the people are saying I can agree it doesn’t matter whether it’s blood Crips Mafia don’t fail to realize not all gang members are African Americans. Stupidity is what you spoke

  19. United as one… Is what they are showing us so all you, will continue to have their own opinions but dont forget just because they’re gang members in the majority are African American that are being killed with gun violence regardless is it’s the cops, military or ETC it’s never appropriate to be a hypocrite because of the same time there’s different races out here that are doing the same thing wearing colors, different racing cops, different races in the military and all around the world that are doing the same thing so what a coincidence when somebody mentions African American that they’re starting to feel sorry for black people now me personally i hate igorant Americans!

  20. But it sounds good coming from somebody that represents a racist bastard president that we currently have Donald Trump so if you ask me personally when people voted for Donald Trump and he was a racist, rapists sorry bastard that alot of Americans voted for the presidential Election.. just like the Crips and gangs and everybody else is wrong for coming together, the Americans who decided to vote for Donald Trump which is a racist himself really fell into his f****** trap so instead of feeling bad for African Americans just because they’ve United feel bad for the whole f****** United States. Stupidity!!

  21. the first thing a racist will say is to call other race racists ..the REALITY is that these black MEN who YOU people refuse to even call men, but yet yall rather call us that n word YOU people made up, and call them murderers & racist has stop killing each other and focusing on yall murdering ass cops..don`t get scared now and run like rats..yall was all brave and heroic in a group terrorizing & murdering black women & black children, now face our group of HEROIC BLACK MEN…the argumentation of it all is that YOU racists always been afraid & jealous of black men..the rage you have for black men is what gonna exile you, because yall are to stupid to realize that you all are SURROUNDED..AND THAT YALL WORST NIGHTMARE THAT`S DEADLY THAN THE APOCALYPSE..WILL BE THAT ALL BLACK RACE, COLOR, AND CREED BOND TOGETHER AS ONE..STARTING WITH OUR GANGS..

  22. I love it… I really was crying tears of joy…. I love when we unite.. we’re unstoppable!!!! United we stand, with all races & all gangs , we stand against police brutality!!


  24. So the biggest question is Gangs unite against the Police .But what about Gangs vs Gangs in our backdoor now that should have been United..Gangs and Police are our families if you don’t know who they really are I’ll tell you ..Our Mother’s,Father’s,sisters,brothers,neice, nephews,uncle’s,auties,Grandmother’s,Grandfather’s ,,when is it going to stop..God bless us all..


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