Watch How Commuters React to Breastfeeding in Public


Breastfeeding in public: it’s an age old debate about the appropriateness of it. Some are uncomfortable with a mother feeding their hungry child, while others have no issue with it. Some will argue that the hungry baby should have a bottle on standby for such occasions; that the mother should feed only in a private location; that the mother should “cover up.” 

Regardless the argument presented from the mother that a hungry child has the right to be fed, and that a private room is not always available, the disagreement, nevertheless, becomes heated. Those who deem it inappropriate will find the statement that “its offensive” enough to back their views.

Recently, a video of a social experiment was made to capture the reactions of the public as a mother breastfed her baby on a train. In the video she is recorded being harassed by a man who approaches her with his concerns about her “offensive” behavior. The mother explains that her baby is hungry and must be fed, but the man continues to point out she should have brought a bottle of expressed milk for the situation or find a private area.

Some people who overheard the conversation in the carriage intervened and told the man that the baby needed to eat. The arguments moved back and forth with him saying he felt uncomfortable with her exposing herself, and that she should move to another carriage. Others intervened as the argument got more heated, telling the man that he should be the one who changes carriage or to simply not look at her as she feeds her baby.

In the video, although some defended the mother, others were happy to not comment or intervene. It was later revealed to the commuters that the man confronting the woman was part of the social experiment.

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  1. selfish dickhead. hes exposing hes self, that hes feeling uncompfortable. that hes are asholl .. and hes are hero macho man. that childrens grow up in mikrowave ..

    • The youtube description says the film was made by Trollstation…

      Trollstation (previously named TrollStationUK) is a YouTube channel consisting of, as well as collaborating with, numerous British pranksters who base themselves on creating content which is, “intentionally provocative and controversial with the aim to offend and harass the general public in the name of comedic satire”. The pranks carried out by members of Trollstation are filmed covertly, often without the permission of those involved, however they are revealed to be pranks soon after.

      You can “moderate” my comment into oblivion, but you’ve been trolled. Good luck on the internets

  2. The description of the video mentions how it’s a “social experiment.” So yeah, it is staged, but they are not denying that fact…

  3. The man should not have started the argument, he could’ve just moved. But since he did, the women could at least be nice and move. I don’t like to see breastfeeding, not because it’s sexual or anything, just because I don’t want to see it.

    • Bullsh!t.

      It’s not her problem that he’s uncomfortable. It’s not a woman’s obligation to help the delicate and frail male psyche feel better. He has the problem, he should deal with his problem and not make it someone else’s problem.

      He kept on about how other should not get involved, when she did not ask his opinion at all, did she?

      It may have been a social experiment, but it represents real life events, because this happens ALL THE TIME!

      If you don’t like to see breastfeeding, that’s your problem. I don’t like dealing with bigots, sexists and douchecanoes, but I dont’ go around on trains yelling at people for being that way.

  4. if you dont want to see it dont look, peopple make me laugh, if you watch tv these days then im sure you have seen a lot worse either by choice or not but still will continue to view the remainder of whatever it is without starting an uproar. when it comes down to it women are following a tradition which has begun since man begun in which case human life was nurtured by the boob until artifical stuff started taking over. wind your necks in and realise that we are merely just animals and if it wasnt for social order you would see a lot worse, a mother at work is a beutiful thing and should be admired, whether you where breastfed or not respect the fact that you came from a mother so respect one when you see one

  5. I feel babies are human beings with natural rights. The first right is to feed whenever needed to alleviate the stomach cramps. Anybody having a problem with that can go starve themselves….

  6. too many hot head comments for no reason, the guy having the argument with the girl in my opinion are both in on it, the guys voice in the video is very clear like he has a hidden microphone and in the end he laughs the minute the camera guy comes in and puts his hand on the guy who sat in between them, as much to say sorry, i don’t like these social experiments, seeing too much of them on YouTube lately all looking for likes.

  7. This hole social experiment is stupid as hell. If you want to feed your baby in public you don’t have to pull your tits out, there are bottles for that, women have done it in ages, you squeeze your milk at home, and bring it with you. Also, it is a totally different situation if you are breastfeeding at the park, or in a train/post office/main square etc. You need to make a F racional decision about What is appropriate to do Where! I’m a women and I feel this topic is kinda getting out of control, this feminist bull**it is going to far. Why for the sake of sanity would you go this far and make “public breastfeeding” a “thing”?! God damn, this “modern society” is just starting to ignore same things that should be “common sence”.

  8. Really cannot see why they felt the need that the arsehole had to be Irish. This kind of stuff reinforces stereotypes within Britain of Ireland as a backwards country. The vast majority of Irish people are NOT like that. It’s a pity that people who are aiming to reduce one type of discrimination, end up reinforcing another (and can’t even see it).

  9. Can’t believe there are sooooo many idiots commenting without watching the whole thing! The experiment has proved there were no idiots in the subway car, but they sure popped up to comment!

    THE IRISHMAN & THE WOMAN WERE ACTING OUT THE CONFRONTATION TO SEE HOW THE OTHER PASSENGERS WOULD RESPOND! She didn’t expose herself, and there was no baby. So who gives an Irishmen’s dark space who created the video–the messenger!


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