[Watch] Tesla’s Autopilot Predicts Crash Before It Happens

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Dash cam footage from the Netherlands shows the safety features in Tesla Autopilot detecting a highway collision freakishly early.

Did you know? By 2030, it’s estimated that no human will drive a car. That’s because mankind’s driving error is responsible for 94% of all crashes around the globe, and self-driving car technology is much more efficient. At least, it will be. There are still a lot of kinks companies like Tesla must work out before the vision of futuristic self-driving cars will become a reality. However, autopilot technology has come farther than you might think…

In the video below, dash cam footage from the Netherlands shows the safety features in Tesla Autopilot detecting a highway collision freakishly early. The footage, uploaded by Twitter user Hans Noordsij, depicts traffic moving along at a brisk pace on a two-lane highway. The driver’s speed was 113 km/hr, or 70 mph.

Before the driver noticed anything unusual, an alert sounded in the car – the Autopilot’s Forward Collision Warning. In this scenario, the car pressed down on the auto brakes to prevent a potential impact up ahead. A second later, the car directly in front of the dash cam vehicle slammed into the rear corner of the SUV in front of it, resulting in the SUV rolling over nearly twice before halting completely.

Fortunately, no one was killed in the accident, which reportedly resulted from the driver of the hatchback not paying enough attention while navigating the vehicle.

The 8th version of the Autopilot feature was able to detect the imminent crash due to an extra radar processing feature which Tesla unveiled in September, reports Science Alert. The feature allows a Tesla to bounce the radar signal underneath a vehicle in front of it, enabling the technology to detect potential crashes.

Undoubtedly, more advances will be made on this feature. In fact, the company counts on it. Tesla says that the more cars on the road with radar, the more accurate their predictions will be. In effect, human commuters will be safer and fewer deaths from driving will take place.

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