What Causes Wars? Religion? Oil? The REAL REASON Will Shake Your Beliefs.


Was the Syrian civil war partly caused by climate change? In an interview with Sky News on November 23, Britain’s Prince Charles made headlines when he informed listeners of a direct link between climate change and the ongoing civil war in Syria.

“There is very good evidence indeed that one of the major reasons for this horror in Syria was a drought that lasted for about five or six years,” he told Sky News, adding that climate change is having a “huge impact” on conflict and terrorism. Before him, United States President Barack Obama, Al Gore, and the democratic presidential hopefuls Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, had linked climate change to the Syrian conflict.

Have you ever wondered why most of the wars and conflicts between and with countries are now being linked to human-induced climate change or against the Earth? Does religion, politics or oil have nothing to do with wars?

Climate Change & Wars

The National Geographic Channel’s 2007 documentary Six Degrees Could Change the World, explained that at 2 degrees Celsius warmer, urban Bolivians will move into rural areas in search of water; at 4 degrees hotter, we are set to experience worldwide political upheaval, economic disaster, and armed conflict as heat-weary migrants seek climate refuge in places like Northern Europe and New Zealand.

Climate change

A team of researchers in 2009 came to an alarming conclusion that almost 400,000 more people would die as a result of armed conflict in Africa by 2030 if global warming continues.

Environmental shifts were already causing wars, argued a team of experts in Nature published in 2011. The authors explained that events like droughts put strain on food and water resources, which can cause conflict. Natural disasters can also cause disease, famine, and economic distress, which may create tensions between factions.

In 2013, Stanford researchers Sol Hsiang and Marshall Burke conducted a Meta analysis of 50 studies on conflict and climate change and found that higher temperatures and extreme precipitation tend to correlate with greater incidence of conflict.

“Rising global temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, climbing sea levels and more extreme weather events will intensify the challenges of global instability, hunger, poverty and conflict,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in a statement announcing the US defense department’s 2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap.

The ‘Science’ Behind Global Warming And War

BUT there is something beneath global warming that nobody is paying any attention to. What looks like religious and economic violence has a strong ecological cause.

In 2011, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had warned that climate change posed as much of a danger to the world as war and therefore urged the US – the world’s biggest producer of greenhouse gases – to take the lead in fighting global warming. He was right in warning but he was wrong in urging.


What’s behind climate change? Industrial agriculture, a fossil fuel-based system that contributes more than 40% of the greenhouse gases; along with the globalised food system, industrial agriculture is to be blamed for at least 50% of the global warming.

How does Industrial agriculture contribute to global warming? Today’s industrial-scale farms would not be possible without synthetic nitrogen fertilizers – a high-temperature, energy-intensive process to synthesize plant-available nitrate from air. Manufacturing one kg of nitrogen fertilizer requires the energy equivalent to two liters of diesel. Energy used during fertilizer manufacture was equivalent to 191 billion liters of diesel in 2000 and is projected to rise to 277 billion in 2030.

Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers are based on fossil fuels – therefore contribute to climate change –AND use the same chemical processes used to make explosives and ammunition – therefore provide impetus to wage war.

Dr. Vandana Shiva, environmental activist and former adviser to governments in India, says, “There is a deep and intimate connection between the November 13 Paris attacks and the ecological devastation unleashed by the fossil fuel era of human history. The same processes that contribute to climate change also contribute towards growing violence amongst people. Both are results of a war against the Earth.”

“Industrial agriculture’s reliance on plentiful synthetic nitrogen brings with it a whole bevy of environmental liabilities: excess nitrogen that seeps into streams and eventually into the Mississippi River, feeding a massive annual algae bloom that blots out sea life; emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon; and the destruction of organic matter in soil,” wrote Tom Philpott for Mother Jones.


He also noted that the US fertilizer industry increasingly relies on cheap natural gas extracted by hydro fracturing, or fracking—the controversial process of extracting gas from rock formations by bombarding them with water spiked with toxic chemicals.

“To make matter worse, ecologically non-sustainable models of agriculture, dependent on fossil fuels, have been imposed through “aid” and “development” projects in the name of Green Revolution. As soil and water are destroyed, ecosystems that produced food and supported livelihoods can no longer sustain societies. As a result, there’s anger, discontent, frustration, protests and conflicts,” adds Shiva.

‘Ground’ Reality

There’s no doubt that climate change can, on some occasions, be linked to violence and warfare. Yet, land, water and agriculture-related conflicts — induced by non-sustainable farming systems — are repeatedly and deliberately mutated into religious conflicts to protect the militarized agriculture model.

Nigeria is one of the places in the world where wars with religious overtones are being waged. It is largely a Christian/Muslim conflict – with an underlying ecological basis. Northern Nigeria is close to the Sahara and has been the traditional home of herders, largely Muslim. Southern Nigeria is largely Christian, and farmers. As the climate has heated up, grasslands for the Muslim-owned herds are disappearing, and they are taking their animals into southern farmlands, igniting violent clashes. So what looks like religious violence has a strong ecological cause.

Lake Chad, which supported 30 million people in four countries, shrank as much as 95% from about 1963 to 1998; 50% of the disappearance of Lake Chad is attributed to the building of dams and intensive irrigation for industrial agriculture. The changes in the lake contributed to local lack of water, crop failures, livestock deaths, collapsed fisheries, soil salinity, and increasing poverty throughout the region. As the water disappeared, conflicts between Muslim pastoralists and settled Christian farmers over the dwindling water resources led to unrest.


Syria has borne the brunt of the worst drought in the country’s recorded history. For five years, from 2006 to 2011, the drought destroyed the agricultural base of the economy, pushed up food prices, increased levels of poverty, and caused mass migration to cities. When protests against government inaction erupted, the paranoid Assad regime responded with violence and suppression. In no time, civil unrest turned into an armed rebellion, thereafter a Shia-Sunni (two main divisions of Islam) conflict and now a proxy war. Today, half of Syria is in refugee camps, the war is escalating and the root causes of the violence continue to be actively disguised as religion.

Religion & Wars

The wars of the ancient world were rarely, if ever, based on religion. Most modern wars, including the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russia Revolution, World War II, and the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, were not religious in nature or cause. But this is not to say that religion is not a cause of conflict. People have and continue to commit horrendous acts based on religious fanaticism. But those, who believe that violence is the will of God and that the murder of innocents is a holy act are a small, are insane minority. Human desire for power, conformance, and control – is not religion.

Criticism & Conclusion

A team of research ecologists based mostly at Colorado State University has challenged the suggestion that higher temperatures increase the risk of civil war in Africa. They argue that attributing such causal powers to climate “oversimplifies systems affected by many geopolitical and social factors”. Halvard Buhaug, a political scientist at the Peace Research Institute Oslo, also has serious reservations about climatic supremacism. “Climate variability is a poor predictor of armed conflict,” he observes.

Of course, the weather shifts can’t be the only reason for a conflict. “But if you have social inequality, people are poor, and there are underlying tensions, it seems possible that climate can deliver the knockout punch,” concludes the researchers at Earth Institute at Columbia University.

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  1. Nothing has been said about the exploitation of the masses or about the crimes that have been committed by the banks and corporations…WHY?
    The banks and corporations have been permitted to keep the profits from their crimes instead of using them to end poverty…WHY?
    Read, “Real Estate Crisis or Government Sanctioned Racketeering?”
    It’s on Facebook as an editorial page and as a group page…
    There is also an e-book (30 pages) which can be read for “free” on Amazon.com

  2. The love of selfish, self-centered human arrogances, the flaw of our own DNA, is the root problem with present day Humanity. Without honesty, you will not live nor die in peace. So we must take prosthetic actions to overcome this.

  3. Very interesting article…I do think humans cannot continue to avoid the impact of over population…It isn’t rocket science..More humans=more consumption of natural resources=more agriculture practices=more fossil fuel used=Global warming…..Maybe birth control is another issue we need to address and religion does have an impact on procreational practices…

    • or further nations follow China’s recently announced paradigm shift off meat consumption, seeking to reduce it by 50% within the next couple of years. Einstein said nothing would help the human civilization as much as a global shift to vegetarianism. wondering what he would have thought about veganism if it would have already been “invented” back then. watch the movie “cowspiracy”, it depicts how severely animal agriculture impacts the climate.

  4. Somehow Geoengineering seems to be totally missing from this article. Daily chemtrails stopping rainfalls and instead making them fall elsewher. For next to the drought in Syria a bit further on in the region there were heavy downpours, flooding streets, never experienced before. As Al Gore slipped in an episode of Ellen Degeneres some 900 tons of toxins are sprayed in the air each year. Whilst science can make agriculture grown and florish in deserts, we are so gullible to believe that this drought was a coincidence. In my local neighbourhood most days are now grey and on the days the sky is blue the sky is soon littered with chemtrails and no not due to normal airtraffic. They make crosses and fly back and forth etc. All these conflicts are fabricated for one reason only. If you want to know why read the scripted future in the socalled prophesies of Revelation, no technologically feasible to be fully executed, ascension included. In a religion, Islam, where according to the Quran forming sects is forbidden, we have Shia, formed once by a jew waiting for Ali, when he did not become the successor of the prophet and then Wahhabi islam founded by Wahhab a jew who faked his entire genealogy and whose teaching are not in line with the Quran. With their oildollars they offered every muslim in the west and possibly elsewhere to pay for building mosques and sent their extremist, fanatic imams along. Again extremism and fanatism forbidden in the Quran. They are now reaping what they sowed. Frustrated youth, discriminated against in failing multicultural societies, due to their own doings as well as those of islamofobics in the cultures they found themselves in, topped with historic wrongdoings against their peoples, often suffering mental problems, lured with a possibility of the return of male chauvinism, egocontrol of others and respect without being questioned. Oppressive of women, whilst in the Quran it is stated many times that women are equal to men and preislamic cultures knew matriarchies, the amazones, female armycommanders and ruling queens. In fact pre christianity all land was owned by women. And in the King James bible it was women who ruled jerusalem, until they took to magic. Bibi has one grand illusion. The creation of the Greater Israel. Never did Israel define a border on the eastside, not even inclusive the West Bank. His speech for Ariel university some years ago revealed his masterplan. As promised by God????? According to Ashraf Ezzat Israelites never were in Egypt but were a small arabic tribe from Yemen. Is that why hebrew and arab are so similar?

  5. Fucken bullshit. Their was no drought during WW1 – WW2 – Korea – Vietnam – Balkans – and any other conflict around the world!

    Control the power, you control the wealth. Its nothing more than gangland style extortion Religion is nothing more than a bunch od “kiddie fuckers” making a play for their share of the greed. Oil Tycoons / banksters are all a bunch of cunts who coordinate the plague that ravishes our earth and for what “GREED.” Fucken climate change my ass.

    • During the wars you mentioned controling the weather was definetely being experimented with as the benefit from this is obvious. The agenda of our New World Order friends is to control everything that resides within the 100 light year radius of earth (100 light year quote not actual fact just opinion). Please mate uou must not shout down something like this just because you havnt looked as far into it as others.
      Mann im not sure you have looked into your religion quote too far either. In every race, country, culture, religion, city, town, east side, west side, school, classroom, book club, motor cycle club, prison and any other nook or cranny part of this earth where you find human beings you will encounter both beautiful souls who love to help fellow humans and motherfukers who have no problems in sacrificing your personal well being for theirs. If you box everything you cant see everything…

  6. To the clever cunt that wrote the above article, how the fuck is it that you weren’t able to connect the dots ie. most of the industrial pollution supports the weapons manufacturers by supplying the materials to make death.

  7. I’m sure the morons ruling this world will continue to blame global warming on other things too. Give me a break. What contributes to global warming? How about Geoengineering! They have to fund their world government somehow so why not tax CO2.

  8. Maybe instead of blast u.s. farmers (the people that could save this country) u should point out more of the real problems.like the seed producers(namely Monsanto)products are the root cause of the pollution this article speaks of.
    The american dairy farm produces large amounts of methane that many bitch about causing global warming.Which can be collected in an on site digester after the methane is farmed what’s left can be used for multiple other things fertilizer, fire bricks and combine with coal manure makes coal burn cleaner.people wanna think that farms are just old dirty dinosaurs but the fact o the matter is many farms are high tech and progressing becoming better everyday.

  9. So even though the middle east has had conflicts going on for millennia this conflict is climate change from the last 100 years. Doesn’t an increase in CO2 increase plant growth considering it is plant food. I understand that artificial fertilizers are the worst thing a farmer can do to his crop . But natural permaculture techniques will feed the world. You can also farm the desert with permaculture.

  10. Because everything in life is connected, everything is contributing to the ongoing conflict….there is no one single cause…..everything plays a part and not to look at the whole is mankinds biggest mistake….politics,religion, science you name it….they’re all to blame including ourselves for being a part of this era known as the Anthropocene in which humans take over the earth causing their own extinction.

  11. Its the war machine itself that keeps us in wars. They will use climate change propaganda or holy war propaganda etc but the war machine needs to keep turning. Some call the military industrial complex. Follow the money.

  12. This information is false, it seems certain governments are using Anonemous to spread their false information. Human activity has little or no impact on the global climat. The Earth is once again coming closer to the gravity field of the 10th planet in our solar system. This causes the Gulfstteam to slow down. The Gulfstream creates the Earth’s climat, when it slows down the Earth’s climat changes which humans are witnessing today. Finally the Earth’s ax wil Siddeley shift 20 degrees with hugh tsunami’s hitting all coastal areas. Exactjy as it is written on our ancestors mythical and religious books. After the shift a new Civilization will start, this is going on for thousands of years now. This is what the elite do not tell to ordinary people like you and me, greetings. Sorry for bad english, 🙂 🙂


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