WhatsApp Ranked The Worst In Protecting Your Information


People who are worried about the government prying onto their data need to avoid using WhatsApp, Microsoft, Google and Facebook and instead use Dropbox and Apple, in line with a new report from privacy defender. A new investigation by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, labeled as ‘Who Has Your Back?’, has rated the most powerful technology businesses as to how transparent and defensive they are of our data. The report happens to be a game changer since late 2010 and has recently broadened over the years, as well as dropping organizations such as MySpace.

WhatsApp ended up being criticized on almost every measure, as well as obtained the shared worst ranking with AT&T. The chatting application was purchased by Facebook however it was rated apart from its mother company — the online parent community received approval on each and every standards aside from its rules on disclosing when governments inquire about the information regarding a person or a group of individuals. Although Electronic Frontier Foundation gave the corporation a full year to prepare due to its inclusion in the document, they have implemented not one of the recommendations Electronic Frontier Foundation defined in their report.

Source: CNET

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