Who is Anonymous?



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      • Lol, the format cant go HD if so they would of done that. Don’t get pissed off bro not try to say your raging but keep calm.

      • You realize that to be anonymous, you don’t need to be a hacker… Hell, for that matter, you don’t even need to use/own a computer.

        To be “anonymous” you simply need to want it, and to believe that the government should be afraid of it’s people. You need to stand up against oppression RATHER than sit idle, and watch as the US spirals down into tyranny…

        It is our job as American citizens to control the government. The act of taking up that job, is the act of becoming anonymous.

        • That problem is worldwide in my opinion. At least in Finland too government is corrupting more and more each day. People need to open they’re eyes.

  1. You Guys Get More & More & More Supporters EveryDay! You Are The Hope Of The Freedom! You Are The Start Idea Of Starting Think About “Freedom”. I Want To Be One Of ANONYMOUS, I dont Care To Learn To Hack Or What Else, I Just Wanna Help To This Idea! To This Inspirational Idea For Our Lifes!

  2. Trying to understand anonymous more and more..the more I read and the more I know…the more true and darker each steps that I will understand. 5.18.1990-TY

  3. WHO IS ANONYMOUS? Being a new viewer of Anonymous & listening prudently while agreeing to much of your thoughts and views. I would like to know the anonymous group’s ultimate goal since their are many assailing fronts to contend with in I would term as a devolving world in society globally. Technological advancement and all its glorified wizardry doesn’t help the evolution of mankind. I’m convinced the achievement and glorified succession of a One World Order will ultimate end in a disastrous global nuclear war. Not every Superpower in this world wants a dominate One World Order controlled by a group of illustrious wealthy people hell bent on power of control their not evolved enough to handle. Call me weird or lacking or just fancying in my own mind. Their are other superior/supernatural powers above the perceptions of our puny mankind that has the last say how this world’s scenario will play out in its finality. Until then I’ll be listening and watching your webpage and YouTube Channel.

    Kind Regards

    I am hopeless and calling out to all ANONYMOUS!!!!!!

    I need help asap…. I hope this is not a fan page.
    I need to get in touch with anonymous people and hackers asap to help me.

    AI need to trace and catch a internet frouder with posted on bid or bay. A amount of 917.6 euro 7 worth R10 000 was transferred to a person in Greece with the following credentials:

    Name: Ahsan Panini

    Address: 364 Kifissias Av.&1 Delfon Str

    City: Athens

    Zip: 152 33

    Country: Greece

    I’ve still got the guy on speaking terms vi email and I’m not sure if the guy I’m speaking to is in South Africa or in Greece.

    THE working email is : [email protected] and [email protected] and the full functional sight is :

    They are looking for this guy for quite some time now and I’ve been caught in the act.

    Me and 4 others victims want to see this guy locked up.Because He is geting away with this and destroying peoples lives.

    I need help please I’m in South Africa and I don’t have any contacts in Greece to bring this to the Greece Police.

    The money was very important to me and now it is gone.

    How can we catch this people?

    I will make sure that the the SAPD Police give Anonymous Credit for the work ANONYMOUS are doing and I myself will do anything in South Africa to Help them in the future.

    I am hopeless and calling out to all ANONYMOUS!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME


    You have likely heard many things about Anonymous, some of them are true and some of them are not.

    We are not hackers.

    We are not terrorists.

    We are not violent.

    We are citizens of the world who bear witness to tyranny, oppression and censorship.

    We are activists who seek to change the system and the cycle of corruption.

    We seek to create transparency in governments and all institutions of public service.

    We resist those who seek to violate our rights as human beings.

    As a collective of autonomous individuals however,

    WE HAVE NO LEADERS who dictate the methods of resistance.

    Some of us are indeed hackers, who use our skills to make critical information available to the public.

    Some of us organize protests and rallies.

    Some of us volunteer our time to feed those who can’t feed themselves.

    We are your neighbours, your friends, and your relatives.

    We prepare your food, repair your appliances, write your books, compose your music, and create your technology.

    We are your postal workers, barbers, store clerks and lawyers.

    We are socialists, capitalists, we are atheists and we are religious, WE ARE EVERYONE

    and we are no one.


    United as One,

    Divided by Zero.


  6. Because we are human we all have a anonymous sides…I adore him! He speaks as if intelliegence speaks , he moves as if maturity in it ! because he exactly know what he is doing ,he has no any expectations but just some respect…
    I adore him the way he is , cuz the way he is , there is a maturity anonymous in him..
    Congrulate My Congrade

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  8. I got a Guy Fawkes mask with pink cheeks ^_^ so adorable πŸ˜› anyway, I am not a part of Anonymous, well almost. I need to pay for the VPN, but for now I use dotVPN a free vpn that works just like that one. Now where was I….

    Oh yes,

    I am part of Anonymous now,
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect Us.

    We are Anonymous.


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