Wikileaks Confirmed In 2013, What NASA Was Hiding Till 2015 – Aliens Are REAL

Recently, NASA, accused of hiding alien life, accepted that we are not alone in the universe and if all goes as planned, we will meet aliens in a decade or two.


Back in 2013, WikiLeaks released secret cables that disclosed information about ETs in our solar system. Documents released by Wikileaks, offered hints about aliens and extraterrestrial presence.

Recently, NASA, accused of hiding alien life, accepted that we are not alone in the universe and if all goes as planned, we will meet aliens in a decade or two.

Wikileaks documents didn’t bring down government or agencies implicated in the cover-up, but it did tell us, before NASA, that there exists extraterrestrial life. Here’s the proof:

  • This cable comes from the year 2006, from the American Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania. The statement was made by Albinas Januska, who at the time, was appointed adviser to the Lithuanian Prime Minister.

Prominent Lithuanian politician says that there are a “group of UFOs, who are making influence from the Cosmos.” That “there exists a decreasing group of persons, who are trying to rationally analyze the situation and objectively evaluate what is happening.”

  • This cable comes from Japan, in year 2007, it shows how the Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura, was unhappy with the government’s official view, rejecting the existence of UFOs.

“I am sure that unidentified flying objects exist, otherwise it is impossible to explain the Nazca Lines (In Peru), isn’t it?”

  • This cable comes from the year 2010, when the Tajik Mayor, said there is life on other planets and that peace and unity on Earth is necessary.

Chairman of the upper house of Parliament Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev noted that “war is very dangerous”, and said we know there is life on other planets, but we must make peace here first. In a platitude-ridden meeting, Dushanbe Mayor Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev asserted the existence of life on other planets, caveating this by noting that we should focus on solving our problems on Earth.

Dr Brian O’leary, former NASA astronaut, also reveled in the below video that “there is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any type of traditional materialistic western point of view. That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, they use co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems, that seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon.”

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  1. there is a life out there! Humans never have met them or had a contact.

    they all made up a story. and the only way to prove that they visited our planets and humans not was to make them intelligent and create such discs. There is a life out there. There also must be some watching us right now. And some maybe not even intelligent.

    • just like how some dude was born from a virgin, made blind people see, makes water into wine, died on a cross from the worlds sins, and then magically came back to life 3 days later.

      • To bad there were thosands of people who witnessed it and it was documented by the romans you should do your homework before you show your intelligence to strangers. u know the new york times did a study that showed across the board christians have an average iq of 45 points higher then it

          • Looks like our world is full of trash like you , in fact trash like you is the president of Isis. Once we get rid of the trash then we can evolve. You can’t see the air that hits you in the face so do you not believe there is air you turd? To bad your mother didn’t swallow you. If God was not real I would of already killed your disgusting family

          • David not only are you right, also recent studies state that it’s actually impossible to quantify I.Q. based on tests that are more math and memory based, I did several different ones at psychologists/school/online/whatever and most of them have different scores that range between 130 and 165, (i suck at math).

          • Caleb I am not into your argument between each other but if god does exist I don’t think he is into hating his own creations… Respect one another instead of hating.

          • Damn it. I came on here to read about the wackos that are reptilian dragons or whatever. Hear how they were born on orion and have tails not this Jesus is real crap. Someone out there please start with how your mom was a vampire from Pluto or some other crazy ass shit.

          • Wrong and right, politics have only 35 IQ and some squatter present day in the withe house have only 28, now you and me get over 60 and loose time to read that insane comments

          • Soomer then anyone realizes
            Because in fact there here is real i live in fontana calif.and people we all need to wake the f…up i seen on two nights ago it was no more then three feet from me he or she was on the roof and when oue eye made contact i like played it off like i.wasn’t. Scared bur let me tell you this it scared me so bad i shook from head to toe i shit you knot i now sit here at night wanting them to take me or do something i dont think thes e want ro hurt me or they would have done it they are transparent but you can still see then the matrics around you when they are present there matrics is disturbed and a vibration is visual and i know what i seen why is it i see them your guess is good as mine as god as my soul wittness i have seen them

        • Sorry, thousands witnessed nothing. There is zero evidence (roman or otherwise) that Jesus actually existed. Every reliable historian of that period wrote absolutely nothing about a man coming back from the dead.

          • OtterSimple you’re actually an idiot Jesus was a real person. It’s one thing to be an atheist but to think Jesus the person never existed is just wow, next level wrong

          • There is a god because if there’s a devil there has to be a god. Think about it and sometimes I think if these things really are aliens or demons. When I was younger a demon came to room and used to hold me down to where I couldn’t move or scream the only thing I could do was open my eyes I saw it was a dark shadow. When these ppl say that an alien comes to them at night how do they know it’s a demon not an alien why would a supposedly alien be scared of when you say Jesus Christ to it? The devil can come in different forms make ppl believe whatever they want he wants ppl to think God or Jesus Christ never existed that’s why he plays these games.

          • If God didn’t exist I would of already killed you for fun . Although u deserve to be burned and killed you won’t get it, but you are going to be burned but not die. Your mother must be really proud to have one of the three stooges and a son and a lover. I bet you slip that old fan bag the tounge when she kisses you bye cuz she’s happy your leaving and hoping you will die like you deserve when you go do what you do when you are stealing the oxygen from real people who deserve it. So slap that stank puss bitch the next time you slip her the tounge for having you grow after you invaded her rotting crotch casket

          • Haha notice how the one defending the existence of god (Caleb) is also the one threatening to kill your entire “disgusting family”. Funny how atheists never advocate mass-murder, isn’t it?

          • Vicky says “think about it”. You know, because logical critical-thinking is how one usually comes to be a theist (definitely not blind belief in fantastical concepts for which there is no evidence whatsoever). Please.

          • What OtterSimple says is true btw. They have yet to find actual conclusive evidence of the existence of who we know as “jesus of nazareth”. I know this because every few years archaeologists in israel start freaking out that they might have found something to that effect (and it has not yet turned out to be the case). People who blindly believe in the so-called “history” of jesus (whatever their belief in his divinity) are equally foolish & ignorant. How can so many people be so vehemently sure of a given piece of fantasy being reality..? It really speaks volumes about the human brain and how it can be infiltrated over time by mental/thinking-viruses which insidiously destroy a person’s objectivity & deductive ability.

          • Fuck me, you god folk are a right bunch of crackers aren’t you?!

            Bible is bollocks.

            Jesus wasn’t real.

            God isn’t real…if he was we wouldn’t need you bunch of mouth breathers to prove it, would we?

          • there is no real evidence Jesus was the son of God and rose from the dead….however he was a real man…a teacher and perhaps a prophet.The Bible was written by man,not God.

          • Actually if I recall there are roman records of a Jesus getting crucified… but ya no records of him rising from the dead lol. That’s all bible bull shit.

          • you are a sheeple ! along with all of you with your eyes closed shut ! the blind leading the blind ! get a education in a field that you can understand sheeple !

          • Wasn’t it Pope Leo X who said (and I paraphrase) “This myth of Jesus has served us well”?

          • Dude JC may even e an alien, we don’t know, it doesn’t matter everyone is entitled to believe what they want so long as they don’t impose it on others and respect other beliefs, we’re all human, besides, who knows, if aliens exist, maybe God exists too, there’s enough to go around ppl

          • First Council of Nicaea – They rewrote the new testament to change the view that Jesus was the son of God

          • I honestly wonder how many of you unintelligent judge mental cowards actually read the bible. If you’ve ever seen or been abducted by an alien maybe you should attempt to make a big scene about it so you become known just like all the other mental idiots that claim they’ve been abducted just because they got a finger to the ass. God and aliens aren’t even in the same subject.

        • Hahaha whuut? Theists do not have IQs 45 points higher than atheists. First of all, that’s not even remotely true as most theists are idiots and most atheists are logical, critical-thinkers. Second, if it *were* true, that would make all atheists literally retarded. I submit, that you sir are in fact the retard.

        • Lol! I’ve read ny times articles that had all the facts totally wrong. Christianity is probably the most “dumbed” down religion on earth. That’s why its also the fastest fading religion.

        • Lol 45 points?
          I am an atheist and my IQ is 145, that means most christians have a comparable IQ.
          Strange though I’ve never met any of them.

        • They also have the most paedophiles, we wont even talk about the way priests do it as well or that the church is a money making racket.

        • Hahahaha. No one witnessed Jesus come back. Only the bullshit bible makes such claims. There are NO gods. The bible also says god commanded Moses to tell his followers to smash babies on rocks and rape little girls. Try reading the book you fool.

        • I googled it. You have the facts reversed. In 53 out of the 63 studies reviewed, atheists scored significantly higher than religious believers on a broad spectrum of IQ tests.

          Next time you tell people lies and ask them to google it, pray that they dont google it.

        • “the new york times did a study that showed across the board christians have an average iq of 45 points higher then athiests”

          Not only is that complete B.S. but that claimst shows how dumb creationists are. First anyone who believes in religion has a lack of intelligence to begin with, that’s why they believe such B.S. to begin with. Second look at the fact that people with high IQs and are respected are atheists. Third most people who do believe in religion have not read or even understand their “holy book”, otherwise if they had some intelligence they would see that it is all made up and that their God is an immortal, hateful, easy gets feelings hurt, pretentious, selfish fairytale. But hey if inncest, slavery, lying, murder, narcissism, rape, theft, bigotry, infanticide are your thing then keep it to yourself.
          The fact that anyone would say or regurgitate such nonsense shows that they lack intelligence. You people will say or do or latch on to anything that tries to bring down those that are free thinkers, have common sense, and can back up what they believe because there are facts to prove it. There is no factual proof of a god, and that is why we ask religious people to prove what they have been brainwashed into believing to us. And no the Bible is not proof, as it is nothing more than a conglomeration of stories from several people. Keep in mind that the Bible only contains what others want to believe. They pick and choose what is to be in there. That alone tells me it is nothing more than stories, other wise if it was real we would be allowed to know all the facts and not just what they think we should know…

          • One last note…
            It’s because of those who are brainwashed (being told lies and threatened over and over and over usually at at young age) into believing nonsense, is why we as a human species can not evolve as a group to higher powers. We have become blocked by negativity and resistance from those who can not understand our potential. They do not have the capacity to understand when facts are laid out and that is why their explanation is God did it…

          • I think God means for us to be dumb and depend on him. Afterall, knowledge is the original sin. Satan wants people to think their smart so they don’t need God.

      • if there was a jesus, he was a Buddhist monk…..and in all probability, was rescued from the cross.
        Christians need the came back from the dead thing as a validation ….Virgin had a different meaning back in those times…made water into wine?….add grapes….miracles are truly a matter of perception and being aware of the positive, also walking on water was a Buddhist magic trick, and feeding the masses with a tiny amount of food was all the rage for validation as well.

      • That was my son. And dont worry, he vor Jesus have said that i will come, and yes im his father. So the Bibel dies not lie. And yes my old Name is Shiva. But know you can call me Toby. Vor Lord Toby Lords Allah Lords , Kingdom Allah Kings etc. I have reinkarnated and i only need 30 Yeats and with the age if 33 it will Start. So i am know 33. look to the world what has happend in last 3 Years.


      • So according to the project Aquarius documents, Jesus was designed by aliens to try and culture humans into being peaceful eventually. So that when we spread our wings across the universe we don;t rape everything in sight.

        • I misspelled. I meant to say wouldn’t God be by definition an Extraterrestrial if he comes from the heavens which we know are made of stars? The only other explanation for this is that God is some kind of transdimensional being. Wait a minute aren’t the mainstays of Science Fiction wormholes and time travel, which I don’t believe in transformational phenomena? Only Christians really have a problem with the being a multitude of inhabited works because they believe that God gave his only begotten son for us. If there were billions of world like ours our self concept of specialness would be threatened. Scientists are really just inward Christians who believe that God gave us science to make us masters of the Universe, they are even less prepared to believe that there are other rational intelligent brings in the universe than Christians.
          In the other comments on this subject I see posted I noticed that as soon as religious beliefs are questioned the commentator instantly resorts to profanity and abuse. Reason ends where emotional responses begin. Christians, Jews and Muslim scholars all like to believe that our beliefs are superior to Eastern religions like Bhuddism yet only these Eastern religions embrace the concept that a person must free his mind from his physical self to think clearly. That’s why it says in Proverbs that “A man’s ways always seem right to himself!” Yet most of the wisdom in Revelations is shown to have been written thousands of years earlier by an Egyptian. Why do we think are the most important thing in creation when we’re not? A child thinks it is the most important thing in the world and it is to itself!

          • not sure what that anti-religions bullocks was about but you’re right about one thing “A man’s ways always seem right to himself!” and as far as I know about jews, christians or muslims, they follow god’s way, and you will never be free from god as long as you’re his creature, neither will I!

          • honestly the religions are all man-made i think….look how falliable they are…not to mention the fact we kill each other over them and extort money from the masses….God/Goddess lies within us all

      • Good point! We actually know with all of our technology very little about what is going on today or the world we live in. We know next to nothing about Ancient times. Even quantum physics has never been verified to work in interstellar space. Newtonian physics was discarded for quantum theory only because it predicted more accurately when mercury would appeat from behind the sun. In fact because we have to invent dark matter and dark energy in huge quantities to make our equations make sense, I suspect we still don’t have it right.
        It’s amazing that in the face of how little we know about the universe that so few of us have any sense of wonder or mystery about creation. Creationists believe they have all the answers already and scientists believe that science can completely explain all the workings of the universe and make us masters of it. The ancient Greeks under Diosthenes, teacher of Aristotle and Plato, invented the idea that the physical and spiritual works are completely separate. The Bible tells us over and over that God rules over and comes from the heavens. At the time the heavens were thought of as a giant celestial globe upon which the stars were attached, that’s how in the book of Revelations the stars are to fall to Earth on judgement day. Since we have known for quite a while that the heavens are actually billions of galaxies full of stars wouldn’t good by definition be an extraterrestrial?

      • Just because you were not there does not mean it’s impossible. Anything in such a massive universe is possible. Probabilities are hitting and missing continually. Do the particles in matter react to your simply looking at them? YES. does that make tiny particles intelligent? You decide. Or does that imply the universe is intelligently aware of you? Quantum physics science has proved this as FACT through the infamous particle experiment! Google it before you make silly assumptions about the reality of God or as I refer to it, the life force. God IS real. FACT. your natural and understandable reaction is the same as mine at first, it’s the delivery of the message of God by the churches. They try to make you subservient listeners with open wallets. Forget that garbage.

      • That’s the only “real” event in history that actually happened.
        Everything else is just like the moon landing: a hoax.
        Personally, I’ll take Paradise over all this carbon based death cycle junk so famous in this trapped dimension. Sign me up. Give me life. You take the entropy and snuggle with it until you’re dust.

      • Just a thought… what if she was a virgin because she was artificially inseminated. I know it’s far fetched… but it would explain Jesus having superpowers… 😉

    • U all americans ARE sick People. U have ” free will” hell no. Yall eate gmo Food what ARE banned rest of the World. Do Yall know how does fresh and no gmo Food tasted like even? XD and sorry your government ” USA ” ARE the true terrorist on this planet. (u know, american Dream u have To be a sleep To beleve it) your People ARE sleeping they can not see the trueth) sorry for my language( I mFrom other country and better because we Dont live in an illusion

      • Everyone is born equal on this planet are they not? USA believes in that and USA is home to mostly innocent people. Look in the mirror. Perhaps you’re the one who has been manipulated to think USA=bad when really we’re just like everyone else.

        • Guys why u people quarreling ,here the question was about whether the aliens have come to our planet earth or whether they exist or not ,the question was about their existence why u people have to drag ur country where u belong or the life style u live ,we are humans first brother..

          • THANK YOU. when they DO show up, do you think they’re going to see different countries or understand different religions? they’re going to look at this planet as full of humans (and bears, sharks, honey badgers, chimpanzees, giraffes, hummingbirds, and at last count at least 4 other different kinds of animals–possibly more by now). we’d better get our shit together before they show up otherwise they might continue to not even bother. i think they would have been here by now if they didn’t see us killing each other over idiotic bullshit all the time…

      • Oodioo, everything you have said is correct, but not all Americans are the same. Many of us do look through the veil. We hope someday the naive people, gullible people, and religious fanatics will have their eyes opened. People here are becoming more enlightened all the time.

      • I would suggest that you tell me what other nation on Earth sends as much money to help other countries around the world? Go ahead.

        You do realize there over 300,000,000 people in the US, right? So you’re labeling us all the same…No, I do not ‘eat GMO food’.

        Also, we’ll kick your country’s ass…lol

        • Do you actually know how much money is sent where ?? Do you know how much money goes to friggin Israel from America actually?? Israel.. Home to the Rotschilds and you know also those people that have been terrorising Palestinians and the middle-east in general for longer then I have been alive. Other money goes to Africa to vaccinate women for forced birth control. This is artificial selection. Do your research please.

      • First of all, gmo food is not automatically bad. Humans have been manipulating the genes of our food-organisms since before history was a thing. The fact that you hate “gmo” so much without (apparently) even really understanding what it is, shows everyone how you’ve simply digested the inane propaganda which you were fed and are regurgitating it here and now. Second, you *are* right about the US government being horrible and basically being a blight on the world. I won’t fight with you there. However, I doubt we’d be much better off (if at all) if some other country were running the show as the preeminent nation on earth.

      • We have smart, intelligent people who believe in science, and then others who believe in corporations, the wealthy, and the military. The latter are known as WINGNUTS.

      • You can take your 3rd world comments and stuff em up your fukkin ass!!! I work hard for my money and even harder for the respect of my peers…. we may live in America but we don’t all live the American dream fuckstick. I’m tired of being generalized by you pieces of shit! We aren’t all fucked up people… I’ve got a fiance with fucked medical conditions, no money to fix it, I’ve got a son who I can barely afford to take care of and I work my fucking ass off to make ends meet, but I keep pushing and striving for a better future for my family,a bigger opportunity at a better fucking life for my family, an opportunity that I was never given….. so take your degenerate fucking comments on being better than me somewhere else you piece of fucking shit!!! You!!! You are the fucking problem with all of your anti America bullshit, tell your fucking warmonger leaders to put some money into your communities and not into weapons and anti American fuckin propaganda. Because if they keep it up we’re gonna get sick and fuckin tired of it, and we’re gonna come over there and wreck fuckin shop okay?!?!? The reason you hate our country and our people is because of the simple fact that we’re too fuckin busy trying to fix our situation and better our way of life, than to feed into your fuckin bullshit 3rd world ,jealous as fuck of America, with your government that hates you more than us. If it wasn’t true, then how come we’ve been able to accomplish everything we have, with our way of life, in a little over 200 years, than you have in how many fucking centuries? I rest my case. We aren’t all assholes, I’m a little heated because of your fuckin comments. But I’m not an asshole. I’m not gonna blame anyone else for my situation or hate another country because their progressing much much faster than mine. That’s what you’re doing. But I’ll be damned if someone is gonna categorize me and condemn me for trying do the best that I can for future generations.

      • Thumbs up! I take a frase from Friedrich Nietzsche – Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.

    • Well to the people who belives aliens are real Well your right because around the world their has been large stones found in peru, turkey,Afghanistan ,machi puchu,Incas ,nasca lines that r symbols of giant people ,with long gated heads some people like the hopee Indians called them Star people ,yes the government wants to hide it but can’t us Americans know its funny how around the word

    • Zaack you are a fatuous ass. Why don’t do some actual research and learn some physics, cosmology, math – anything to get your logic engine working, because clearly it isn’t. All debunkers of ET’s are dimwits. I have seen proof, and my dad (RIP) who worked for NASA during Apollo, heard eyewitness accounts from Neil, Buzz, and others (that Buzz has to deny du to nat’l security horseshit).

      We have been visited for over 2000 years.

    • wow so glad i believe in science chemistry and physics and not any form fucktarded religious ideology. Biggest killer of human kind -RELIGION, plus going by these replies why is it religious thinking people try so hard to convince atheist of their god – get over it ! religion is a form of control, ok some of the ways to live a religious live i.e. ways to treat fellow humans are ok but the whole god thing – dinosaurs no mention of that in bible and for christian believers we all stem from two people – so we are all inbred. Nah religion out dated and it doesn’t control me 🙂

      • In the Name of religions, they killed so many humans on this planet, that I bet on earth would live the double amount of humans nowadays.
        Redhead = death,
        The world is round = death,
        There is no end of the world = death,
        No there is no god = death.
        …its a endless list…

        It’s all about, who is better, who is wiser, who is right – and this daily game, the scum of the human race play, just open your eyes, and see who is the One, who is wasting the time praying and/or kneeing, instead of helping his next.
        Run naked in a djungle, throw a banana infront of a big tree, and scream for rain…this gives exactly the same GOOD to this planet than going every sunday into a church or praying 5 times a day, or, or, or, …

    • Alien life has been confirmed. Openly. It may be microorganisms currently acknowledged at the moment, be even germs and bacteria are “life” and they’ve been found on Mars. May not be little green men flying saucers, but it’s life on other planets. It’s not a secret. Most people simply dismiss it.

    • Your English is terrible…you contradict yourself. Aliens from other worlds are here. They is plenty of intelligent life out there…your grammar shows there isn’t much here.

    • Hmmits us ten percent of our brain that are still wet behind the ears,, right in front of you there..!!just not in our capability to see nor understand.. In time..only true thing about religion have faith good intensions clear minded..truth set you free..they reveal to whom they want to.. Sad to say maybe a quarter of the world would accomplish what’s expected from human civilization.

    • Actually we have interacted with them why do you think that our tech has grown and advanced faster in the past 50 years than ever before why do you think that now were developing technology for laser cannons on to use on air-force fighter jets and especially why do you think that technology we have has gone deeper in to space than ever before because it’s inevitable we have encountered them they have walked among us and are helping us be more technologically more advanced by sharing their tech with us

    • People they are real and our government has been making deals with them for over 50 years. They are Interdimensional beings and they lie about where they came from. All our leaders want is there hardware and they sold us out for our software, meaning us. They are very interested in our SOUL. They don’t have one.

    • If you believe in Big Bang, same ingredients with the same condition with the same process will result the same. Big Bang caused ‘uncountable’ fractures like our sun and earth. It is logical to accept a fact that there are myriads of earth-like shapes with life in each. God is real? Jesus is real? I don’t care. But life is good with religion if you are a good follower.

  2. It’s sad people even go for this shit…Seriously, Any intelligent life out there.Should be considering only one thing. Our complete annihilation should we find them.Because if they have been watching us and how we treat one another then they have to come to that and only that conclusion. If for no other reason then they should fear there own annihilation,enslavement,potentiality of a future war, genocide, and or capture for the purpose of experimentation…All of which we have done to our own….
    They would have to be sociopaths (Like our own Governments) to even want anything to do with us and if that is the case they have prepared for it….

    • sorry to say sir, but it looks like you play a lot of video games. If you do, then maybe your try playing Mass Effect series where many inter galactic species live together peacefully and in complete harmony.

      • If you listened to Garus’ story, he went on about the first contact between the humans and his race, how there was a war for a long time

      • pseudonym: Soooo your argument against Kevin is “but in video games we get along with aliens!”… Aaaaand that’s it..? That’s your argument? That a video game/work of fiction portrays things differently? You’re going to go with that instead of actual reality and history? Really..?

    • I disagree, if they have been watching then they’ll see how we treat other animals. They’ll see the mass Dolphins that came ashore and the people helping them get back to the water or the fighters protecting the last white rhino. There’s more evidence out there that we take care of other species and a lot of evidence on how we don’t. If anything, they’d be just as careful with us as we are to them and they’ll see we are very logical and here to make peace with them.

      • Logical? Humans are anything but logical. we murder each other by the hundreds of thousands everyday. destroy our planet, so some 1%’s can get rich. extinction rates are climbing. possibly entering another cold war…..thanks USA-Russia. oh but we have a new 3.8 million dollar lamborghini

      • Uhh… Did you forget that the dolphins have to be protected from humans who want to slaughter them in order to consume their flesh? How about how the “fighters protecting the white rhino” are protecting them from humans who want to kill them and saw off their horns..? For every bit of fluffy “humans-are-great” evidence, there are 100 more “humans-are-monsters” bits.

      • LOL. We are killing the planet retard. We have no regard for any species on the planet including our own kind. We have paluted the oceans lakes and rivers, desecrated our forests, driven so many animals to extenction I can’t list them, and you call us caretakers. You need to open your eyes

    • You’re saying it like you expect any other intelligent life forms to be so much different from humans. What makes you think that? What makes you think that any other intelligent life doesn’t behave exactly like humans? Do you think every intelligent life ever lives in complete harmony and humans are the only ones fucking up? It’s natural behavior, but it’s true, we need to change and intelligent life forms so advanced that they can observe us have probably reached a state where their species lives in harmony but that damn sure wasn’t like that always. They became self aware and got rid off war against each other just like it will happen to us. At one point. Or we will all get annihilated by war. Natural selection in a broader scale I guess.

    • Their just nepihilm, the off spring of fallen angles, when the angles fell they were stripped of their angelic powers but retained their angelic knowledge, the stage is being set as we speak for their appearance and the governments of the world will tell the people it’s us(earthlings) against them but it’s really the nepihilm and the govs against the people. The mark of the beast will alter your Dna making nepihilm out of all who take the mark, making you UNREDEEMABLE just as they are and the Washington wing nuts believe that they will become gODS themselves. Just as the days of Noah. Get ready cause after the asteroid strike in Sept things are going to get crazy.

    • People think god exists without evidence…millions of people know and think aliens exist because many have seen them and the evidence is staggering. Comparing the belief in God and belief in aliens is absurd… They are real completely different things. One is completely made up and one is scientific with much evidence

      • Actually no.
        Everything is derived by human beings
        With math, science, and a spiritual connection, so that man could come up with theories that are substantial supposition intended to explain something most closer to the truth.

      • I’m going to think of aliens in a logical sense. They dont exist until you prove to me they do. As in, when you introduce me to an alien that flies down from a saucer and has a home of their own on another planet..etc.

        What atheist and theist dont realize is that they are saying the exact same thing. Theists: God exits, I saw/heard him/his son and miracles. –no proof
        Atheists: aliens are real, i saw/heard them! –no proof

        It’s actually quite easy to assume that we are the only ones. If you look at our own galaxy….that only one planet got lucky enough to create the perfect planet to be able to inhabit life. For all we know, all the other universes/planets were not lucky enough with all the molecular/physics/biology and all that mumbo jumbo to make it possible for life to begin.

        Once we humans learn intergalactic travel…only then can we really start going around galaxies trying to find proof that aliens exit..or the end of the day..we will become the aliens(if we can terraform other planets–which would be awesome!).

        For not gonna back up anyone but myself and what i believe. and I dont believe in this bullshit about NASA hiding alien life. Puh-lease. They’re more likely to create robots that look alien and try to scare/control population with the idea that there are aliens much like religion does about god.

    • You should read the paper a little. Many countries are coming out and admiting they have solid evidence of ETs. France I know for sure has released information that the French government knows ET exists. Many people in the American government have come forward but they are considered kooks. Air Force leaders, pilots, cops, politicians, all kooks I guess. Whole airports have been shut down for hours. But there’s no evidence? What a laughe. Someone retort so I can make you look like the idiot you must be.

  3. They have known for a long time but still denied it. USAF have built and testing flying disk shaped air craft. If you dig past 8,981,261 B1 there are many more patents that are still hidden.

  4. This wins the stupid article of the week award.
    Willing to bet it is the running for the stupid article of the month award.

    • The aliens are still here, the only speaking species and environment destroying lifeform on Planet earth: homo sapiens sapiens.
      No other knowen life on this planet is far more away from mother natures plan of surviving and evolving!

    • just went there,mate have you herd the saying”who needs enemys when you got friends like that?”this guy put your arguement back years,he offered no facts,all this showed is the hippie dippie, crystal wearing fruitbats can be found anywere,this guy was embarassing

  5. I believe all this technology to advance the human race and advance our receptor cells to modify us and be calm is ultimately funneling down to the main objective of many. I’m sure many will be eliminated who don’t follow the code of conduct of the One World Government. We may be safer to communicate with other life entities through technology because most would be more afraid to do so in the physical form. If you think Aliens are not real I must advise you to go back to your cave and go back to sleep, there is no room for moronic people is my circle.

  6. I believe all this technology to advance the human race and advance our receptor cells to modify us and be calm is ultimately funneling down to the main objective of many. I’m sure many will be eliminated who don’t follow the code of conduct of the One World Government. We may be safer to communicate with other life entities through technology because most would be more afraid to do so in the physical form. If you think Aliens are not real I must advise you to go back to your cave and go back to sleep, there is no room for moronic people in my circle.

    • so #phong if u think the technology we posses could be sufficient to overwhelm and welcome them….in either way it is not going to be true as we completely rely on digital technology as of it as what we have seen…..
      think,if we were not diverted towards electric technology and gone towards some other way to access the phenomenon’s of nature ,it would be no different but the throw-put efficiency would matter ….not advanced in technology wrt to other TA
      if u believe in them don’t put ur beleief in the world who beleives…beleive in what u r goin to walk through.
      harmony could be a settlement b|w people of nearly varying equal powers….
      lets hope to not give our world into their hands…bcoz we are pretty happy with what we posses right now..

      • Your comment has no point and makes relatively no sense. Please do everyone a favor by keeping your thoughts to yourself and your journal. If you don’t have a journal then THAT my friend is what you should be hoping for. Now, go practice scribbling nonsense and make friends with an editor. Your grammar is terrible and beyond ineffective.

  7. One NASA scientist has said it’s probable that there are alien lifeforms (not little green men, but microbes) and we will probably find evidence within ten to twenty years; that doesn’t add up to NASA admitting there are aliens. Dr O’Leary claims there is abundant evidence; okay, where is it? He also claims ‘they use toroids’, how the fuck would he know that? Has he been abducted, or did they pay him a personal visit and explain their technology to him? Space cadets all.

  8. He “knows” they use toroids because he’s a sucker for new age pseudoscience. This article is absurd. So some low-level government officials believe there are UFOs according to some wired messages. I don’t see anything convincing. I could e-mail somebody that a flying spaghetti monster was in my closet, and wikileaks might intercept that and publish it and you might take it as “proof” that such a thing exists.

  9. Full Quote:
    “He warned Committee members that Lithuania suffers from “the influence of cucumbers and sausages from Kedainiai,” an open reference to former Labor Party leader Viktor Uspackich, who once traded in these commodities and is currently in self-imposed exile in Moscow, avoiding charges of fraud in his party’s financing. Reflecting his self-image as a patriot fighting off Russian influence, he also warned of the existence of “a group of people, who are directed from the East, a group of UFOs, who are making influence from the Cosmos”
    This guy’s a nut. Why do we consider this quote as “proof” that aliens exist?

  10. The existence of a power beyond our understanding will soon be released upon the earth. The evidence of which will be witnessed by most of the inhabitants of our world. The rational, logical mind will try and fail to comprehend what it sees. I would hope that when that time comes, anonymous will be among the first to share this event and help translate the message into every known language. Visionary or Crazy person? I am at peace with whatever you choose to think. Your Servant. V

    • This is indeed true to the one who believes there is no God but to the one who does believe snd follows him in faith, there is no fear in either circumstance.

  11. If they are waiting on us to make peace with each other I hope they figured out hiw to live forever because it will take at least that long

  12. I can’t imagine a reason why any alien would like to visit us, unless perhaps to do some hunting for food. Just look at mankind, a bunch of idiots always at war, always thinking only about money.

    And how would such a visit by aliens happen? Presume friendly aliens decide to come for a cup of coffee to USA (but it would happen along the same lines elsewhere). Here is their “visit” in three easy steps:

    1. Their spacecraft is detected by defense systems. 2. Army is put on high alert, chasers are taking off, missiles are targeted. The spacecraft is shot down, in half a hour the army is rampaging all over the area of several miles square. The wreck is secured and transported to a lab for reverse engineering in order to gain headstart on Russians and Chinese in the space technology and weapon systems. Eventual surviving aliens are locked away in underground facilities in order to extract knowledge and to study their anatomy and physiology to find the best way to kill them. 3. The media announce that a large meteor has hit the area, which is now closed for public for reasons of quarantine. Eventual eye witnesses are locked away alongside with the aliens, no one would ever see them again.

    • Jarda, that wouldn’t happen because our technology and weapons power is nothing more than a nuisance to them. The Government discovered this during the Vietnam war. There is one instance where a UFO was fired on by several fighter jet missiles. It disappeared, missiles and all, into thin air. It showed up 8 hour later as those same missiles exploded on a Navy boat. That’s just their way of saying we’re so bad ass we don’t even need to show you how advanced our weapons are, we’ll just fire yours back at you.
      But they have been here for thousands of years (try and explain Puma Punku any other way) and are in contact already. The mountain of evidence out there would convict a person in a court of law many times over.

      • One wouldn’t need much “highly advanced” tech to defeat us. Just direct a few “smallish” asteroids 50-100 miles off the coasts and wait a few weeks. All that’s left then is a mop-up detail, 80% of humanity would be dead by then.

      • Again, with Puma Punku that’s already explained, stop eating the shit fed by “Ancient Aliens” bunch of hogwash that.
        Just go outside and look at all that we’ve accomplished as a species, while we have no shortage of idiots there are plenty of intelligent people and have been seen we first came up with an idea.

    • Do you honestly think it would be that easy to shoot down and subdue lifeforms advanced enough for interstellar travel?

      • Lol, actually how do you know we cannot? We’re sending spacecraft to other planets. Be it in manned. Do you really think any alien life form would have any problems shooting those down? For all you know it could be their first attempt too 🙂

        • It’s pretty unlikely that an alien life form that is advanced enough to communicate with us or travel here is at any where near the same level of intelligence as us, it’s possible but the likelihood is incredibly low, they would most likely be much further advanced.

      • The fact that someone discovers a practicable way of interstellar travel (if such a thing is possible) doesn’t mean that he also have some fairytale weapons like you don’t even see in Star Trek.

      • Well. That’s an acceptable theory as we look like them. Probably mammals on earth were hybridized to produce apes and humans…

    • First they are much wiser and more advanced than us and know how to contact us, for sure……as they already do and have done for many years…..and of course they have been watching us for a long time like a mother watching her baby play……with love. If the baby ask for help the parents will show the baby how to do it…….The aliens are here as brothers and can help us if we ask for it but we have to do the work for ourselves.

    • What if that already happened though? meteor hit Russia recently, and there’s Roswell. but then we end up sounding kinda conspiracy theorist.

      There are acts and plans laid out by SETI in case of a visit, they’re fairly simple but I doubt there are many aliens out there if any at all, the ones there are would be miles away, as for your question about why they’d come here. They wouldn’t. other than to mine for resources, scientifically study/hunt us, escape a hostile or temperamental world. In the first case (and probably the last one too) they’d wait for us to slaughter each other then sweep up the pieces. If humanity has discovered a world inhabitable by humans it’d explain a lot, the anti-global warming stance of the rich would make more sense.

      “why care for this world? we have the cash to get on board and travel to the next once we fuck up and leave everyone else to burn”

      The world’s a fucked up place, and give it time and enough delving and we’ll eventually find out just how fucked up it all is. In either case I’m glad I won’t be around long enough to see it crawl up its own arse and die.

    • Implying an alien race wouldn’t take precautions and know exactly what they’re getting themselves into if they decide to make contact. They’d have every step planned from the get-go and would have studied us and our possible reactions far before they even attempt it. We would do the same in a similar position.

    • chlorophyll. That’s what aliens would come here to harvest. Each planet’s plants would have chlorophyll evolved to work best with it’s particular star. By collecting and analyzing it, organic solar collectors could be made more efficient. There are no minerals here that aren’t easier to mine outside our gravity well…even complex amino acids are in various nebula.

    • You know, there’s currently a chain of islands, can’t quite remember where in the world (google it), where there’s tribe who have never come across the outside world. Ever.

      We’ve not disturbed them. We’ve flown a helicopter across, now and then. They’re primitive by our standards, and yet we leave them alone?

      The reason we haven’t dropped anyone in there? Anyone who tries going in gets stabbed by spears.

      • The reason that those folks are still allowed to exist is purely pragmatical: They probably have nothing of value to us which we would want to take from them or perhaps they have but not enough to make it worth shipping over the distance. But imagine that their island would have a mountain with a huge golden boulder on top. Then those folks would be already conquered – spears never stop determined invaders. And they’d be enslaved long ago and made work on the gold extraction. Christianity would be hammered into their heads on daily basis in order to domesticate them to make them docile sheep. And when the gold would be gone + everything we could take along with it on the way, like wood, we would leave and let them standing there amidst the devastation.

    • I don’t think we will be shooting down many spacecraft that came from 10,000,000 lightyears away. We can’t even traverse our solar system with a manned spacecraft. That is the thing you people don’t understand the vastness of sspace. We are not alone, and we defiantly are nor the top of the food chain. We just learned how to fly in our own sky less than 100 years ago. There are billions of stars in our galaxy and billions of galaxys in the universe which is hundreds of billion years old. The human race has not been on earth for even 100,000 years. Think about it.

      • This is a great answer. It’s funny how religions downplay science when the Vatican’s own seven of the largest telescopes. We still haven’t discovered what’s beneath our deepest caverns or waters. Not to mention all these whistle blowers that have been threatened by our own govt. And not just the recent snowden incident. There is far more shit going then we are told and that’s plain as day. The thing is let’s just say they do just come out and say hey here we are. What then. What would be your true reaction. Who would you hate. Your gods or your govt. Your God because you thought you were his only greatest creation or your govt because they have lied and manipulated from telling us the real truth. That’s how it has to be looked at it. Because regardless if you believe in God or not there are way to many stories about ET’s for people to just be sitting in there kitchen making these stories up for their 15 minutes. Now if people would take time to research shit like this they could start putting puzzle pieces together and figuring this shit out. I believe in God but I do not believe that Jesus was his son. lets not fight with each other over our beliefs. But more on the fact that both factions have lied, manipulated, and killed to keep this secret.

  13. Ohh Anonymous. !!!. I had such high hopes for your organization. It appears that you are quickly becoming just another bullshit page full of ads.
    What happened to discovering the truth and backing it up with SOLID PROOF instead of quotes from tinfoil headed nut jobs.
    Stories on Bigfoot, the Face on Mars and astrology are sure too follow

    • Your actually dumb and so blinded by the government lol, aliens do exist so they are releasing and discovering the truth .. Do your research before you make uneducated guesses, Please explain why you think aliens arent already here ? If us humans had the technology to reach another planet and there was life there far less educated then us , what is stopping us from going there ? we are a spec of dust in the universe there is no way at all we are alone. Of course there would be a life form on other planet thousands or even millions of years ahead of us in technology so what makes you think they couldnt of reached here ?

    • Had high hopes for this organization? Anonymous was never meant as an organization, opportunistic ideologically driven people co-opted the entire phenomena for profit or to derail the movement. Anonymous literally has a verified facebook page, ANONYMOUS OWN WEBSITE REQUIRES AN EMAIL AND NAME FOR FUCK’S SAKE. Anonymous is a joke.

    • T o t a l l y
      agree Paul.

      To Sash and Dylan :
      Who is DUMB Dylan ?
      You’re just talking about the Fermi Paradox, no need to call others dumb.

      OK lets say there ARE aliens out there.
      This post is talking about “ETs in OUR solar system”.

      Well : Wikileaks cables are showing that “someone said that”, “another said this”.

      The point is : just because it’s Wikileaks cables don’t mean that people leaked in these cables always know THE TRUTH.

      So if i say, as a “Lithuanian politics”, that all humans come from Pluto, and my cable get leaked >> you will assume that all humans come from Pluto ?

      Please get a brain.

    • Please explain to me how we could live in this Universe, given that it is rapidly expanding and we can’t even see all of it. We can’t see what’s in other planets in the Milky Way and in other galaxies, that some how, we could be alone in this Universe. Please, PLEASE, explain how we could possibly be alone, and aliens NOT exist.

      You incompetent fool.

  14. Maybe aliens or a higher energy superior to us we will be okay our destination in lives is already choosefor us. We just have to accept a reality we are not used to.

  15. LOL, for me, as a paleontologist, it would be rather true that it’s possible for life to exist in other worlds that are not on our planet. More than that, it would be great if that extraterrestrial life would be more humane than the life that lives on Earth. That’s because everything can be possible. I’m just curious, even if I am agnostic about extraterrestrial life, will I ever meet them? It’s good that I’m in my early 30’s and still have some time left too see what happens and if I’ll survive. Hope for the best and reach for even better!

  16. Anonymous, you really have turned into a bunch of meatheads.
    Communications leaked between regional leaders who’ve said “i believe aliens exist” is not proof of aliens. It’s proof that people believe in aliens. What a complete dumb load of shit.

  17. I think the whole thing about humanity has been and will continue to be an experiment of higher thinkers. So I find it very conceivable that we have been visited and will continue to be. It more like a test as to our willingness to discover beginning or destroy ourselves. Whatever comes first it appears we are in control of our destiny, but only appears to be so. At some someone may think too much has been invested in this project and just push the delete button. Then start another project somewhere else. Perhaps these projects are being run parallel to others and there is a race and or assessment as to which planet will make the fundamental discovery.

    • sounds like the televised reality show “EARTH” from south park. nice theory but… I still remain sceptical.

  18. read an interesting piece recently stating “any species best chance of surviving is by sending multiple rockets in every direction that contain within them the genetic blueprints of their species”, picture flying greenhouses, full of microbes inserted with our DNA, frozen and sent in every direction, one hits an inhabitable planet, thaws, evolves, newly inhabited “alien” planet. the piece then went on to theorise that’s our origin.

    I think it’s a crock of shit but it’s interesting and kinda funny. interpret it as you will.

  19. ironic how the ignorants’ transparency is punctuated by sprinkling cuss words in their narrative, which is concisely moronic and without any intellectual component. Disclosure is certain, the timing and precise manner is arguable. Mankind is approaching some magnificent times indeed. Peace

  20. creo que hacer todo este tipo de suposiciones es parte en realidad de una evidente falta de conocimiento de las cosas , son solo palabras , solo son realistas quienes hayn tenido algun tipo de contacto , y si es realmete posible sus viajes estelares , cosa que yo creo con seguridad es posible incluso su visita , sin ninguna duda lo digo , hablñar de esta forma si somos observados por un ser inteligentemente , tal ves no superior sino racional no tan mental entonces definitivamente evolutivamente son superiores ya que no cabe defecto en su evolución , menos dudas , menos defectos , menos errores , ……como resultado , una raza con más posibilidades de existencia , la cuestion solamente seria la adaptacion a un nuevo entorno , si considero intrigante la razon por la cual hemos sido visitados , o abandonados.

    • ironic is also , two of us writing almous the same thing at the same time Boz , by the way i don´t belive in coincidences , is there any other thing to share abaut de subject -.??

  21. I’m going to post some things here that you may find hard to believe. I am doing this for our (collective) benefit.

    First off… Contact has been made. Ten to twenty years for ‘integration’ but think more in terms of 10-20 months. Actually you are being contacted…we knock softly. .then kick the door in. I say we…like cars, think hybrids… planet..genetic mixing….yes…been going on here for millions of years..’nothing new under the sun’.

    Read Z. Zitchin. Study Ancient Alien Theory.

    Ok…so why Earth? Amazing place…goldylock zone… worth saving…earth is VERY special. Dick Cheney and Idaho need to be reeled in.
    Fracking and Bank corruption must be dealt with….police abuse is the 3rd leg of your/our societal cancer stool.

    Read ‘The Harbinger’.

    Hermosa Beach, CA saw a major ‘contact event’ in the 50’s. But yeah….prepare for life to be like the Star Wars bar scene…be cool, they can be very friendly or quite defensive. …choose peace.

    Also….rewatch Xfiles….start with season 1…notice Portland Class of ’89.
    Notice ‘waking coma’…notice the casket on the roll…Duane Berry…Ascension…Anasazi. ..Voodo… it’s all there. It’s all true.

    Sleep well. Yes…Earth is being watched…from above..from below…from right next door. Welcome the change…’welcome to the new age’…
    imagine dragons… gray is the new black.

    Anon.. you are the way home. nanu-nanu.

  22. any article that says we found aliens is complete bullshit. We will never find aliens. We may eventually find a planet with plant life or bacteria on it. Intelligent alien life does exist but it is thousands of light years away. We will never see it. Not in our life time. Probably not ever.

  23. I can’t imagine a reason why any alien would like to visit us, unless perhaps to do some hunting for food. Just look at mankind, a bunch of idiots always at war, always thinking only about money.

    And how would such a visit by aliens happen? Presume friendly aliens decide to come for a cup of coffee to USA (but it would happen along the same lines elsewhere). Here is their “visit” in three easy steps:

    1. Their spacecraft is detected by defense systems. 2. Army is put on high alert, chasers are taking off, missiles are targeted. The spacecraft is shot down, in half a hour the army is rampaging all over the area of several miles square. The wreck is secured and transported to a lab for reverse engineering in order to gain headstart on Russians and Chinese in the space technology and weapon systems. Eventual surviving aliens are locked away in underground facilities in order to extract knowledge and to study their anatomy and physiology to find the best way to kill them. 3. The media announce that a large meteor has hit the area, which is now closed for public for reasons of quarantine. Eventual eye witnesses are locked away alongside with the aliens, no one would ever see them again.

  24. Even if we look at our closet Galaxy or even solar system , we are looking at something millions and millions of years old, what we detect and what we see is just a shade of the past.

    Whilst I agree there is life out there in the universe for sure, it’s pretty unlikely they are flying around earth.

    People think it’s about technology, but it’s not. Yes is would require better technology as wel, but that isn’t the real problem.

    Physics , our laws of physics that we have dispcovered so far and have proven to some extent prevent faster than light travel ( even theoretically ) so unless what we know about the universe so far is inherently flawed in some major way ( which is quite unlikely , small changes are likely) it’s not going to happen no matter what the technology.

    Also due to the speed that light travels if they were also scanning space looking for life and looked exactly at earth , we wouldn’t even exist from their prespective so they would even know to come here.

    The only way I could see them actually be able to see us, is via some manipulation of time based technology, or consciousness technology.

    If you learn more about how the universe works, life seems a real possibility but flying saucers not so much.

  25. Jesus Christ. This is nothing but a bunch of idiotic, misleading clickbait. Nothing in these posts prove that intelligent life exists outside of our planet. It’s just a bunch of speculation at best. Also, if you’re going to post, learn how to use grammar. That comma in the headline shouldn’t be there.

  26. I believed in aliens since 2008. Some species i believe are superior in technology than humans. I strongly believe they do not consider earth as threat, but a planet to explore,though their true motives are always in shadows.
    While, humans are different by all means -physically, mentally, and morally, our evolution is affected highly by environment. Research and Development is common phenomenon for any species. Aliens i suppose are just peeking around since WWII , getting the specimens from earth, though it’s highly unlikely if they consider us a inferior species now.
    See, year 2015: if an Alien lands in a poor and sick land/jungle of some under developed nation, what they get is the people living in stone age with only instinct to survive and reproduce, or let’s just say they mistakenly land at WDC or San Jose, California they might fell in love with the city itself.
    If any one of the alien species had to conquer earth, they would have done it by now.

    Anti-Gravity, Teleportation, Space-Time Relocation, Wormholes, Telepathy…etc are just phenomenons we humans has to unfold.
    We cannot do this by working in call centers or doing any labor work. We born as intelligent species and we are destined to do great things, not destined just for a job, a girl friend and a expensive Car.

    If you want to see the truth don’t ask questions from govt. or blame them for their lies.
    Go find it yourself, All the power is within you, you can do anything and everything. Believe in that.

  27. This article is devoid of factual evidence. Hard facts would come from detection reports, scientific analysis as follow up on those reports with positive conclusions shared by recognized agencies all over the world; or clear and specific transmissions from aliens to recognized agencies on Earth. Even if a cover-up was underway, there would be traces left with prominent scientists that would have undoubtedly been contacted for evaluation of reports.
    Supposed conversations in obscure Lithuania cannot be considered as facts. Nazca lines have been explained since the 1980’s and have no extraterrestrial origins.
    Please do not pollute a site that has so much potential against globalization with illusions. Thank you.

  28. The linked article refers to an emergency plan should we encounter aliens. It’s there for when or if we do, it’s not confirmation of them having been here… If aliens existed on or near earth, it would be big, big news.

  29. really!? Anon this is how you lose all credibility. Get rid of this moron. What kiNo if idiot wrote this mess and why do you publish it. Now you’re just another shitty conspiracy rag. Pathetic.

    • Shorter Chris-“Aliens are conspiracy theories no matter how big the mountain of evidence slapping me in the face! I won’t believe it!” *sticks fingers in ears*”lalalalala!”

      • You call this evidence?

        This is nothing but a very small group of people making assumptions and in the case of Nobutaka Machimura – making very silly statements.

        I suggest you read up on Ancient Astronaut theory to find out what Dr O’leary constitutes as evidence.. and then if you’re not clever enough to realise why the theory is bull, looking up Ancient Astronaut theory debunked.

        • Also then, look up a show called Bullshit… Then watch as later when they are older, they debunk some of their own debunking… Open your eyes.

        • What, eye-witness reports aren’t good enough for you?

          i’ve ~SEEN~ fuckin’ UFO’s. Not just high-flying quiet airplines..I’ve seen shit that defies our “laws of Physics”. I’ve seen lights in the sky that defy explanation. I’ve looked up in time to see small orbs of light dart OUT of our atmosphere at impossible speeds. I’ve seen lights pass behind tiny puffs of cloud, only to never reappear on the other side.

          For you to discredit someone just because they aren’t bringing evidence that SUITS YOUR DELICATE, PRISSY FUCKING STANDARDS, is asinine and speaks volumes of your petty attitude toward those who have seen with their own eyes what cannot be explained by our scientists beyond it being extra-terrestrial in nature/origin.

          Kindly get the fuck off of your high horse.

          • enough said 😀
            Those who still dont belive aliens aren’t real whith the information on the web (just need to look everywhere)

            The worst blind is the one who doesn’t want to see.
            (ps: sorry for my eng)

          • why does all of this point to alien life to you? im not saying you are wrong, what im saying is even if you saw a flying saucer land in your backyard and take off again, you still dont have proof of ALIENS, you have proof of advance tech. whos to say its not secret military aircrafts. if i was hiding advanced tech, and someone saw it and started screaming “aliens” id be like..” yea…. aliens….” and leave a trail of breadcrumbs for them to fallow into nowhere… again im not saying it ISNT aliens, im saying you dont know anything 100% so dont shame someone for having a difference of opinion

        • while i’ll admit the ancient aliens theory is indeed mostly bullshit (not ruling out that it’s possible aliens have visited us in the past, just saying erich von daniken is a liar and a phony), and that this article proves nothing, i actually think there is a decent amount of credible evidence that we are being visited by ufos. i can’t say with 100% certainty, but it looks as though it’s pretty likely when you count things like rendlesham forest and whatnot.

    • First of all, Anonymous has published because it was from the wikileaks! Second of don’t go nuts, if you or all people with your views/opinions around think that in the entire vast universe only people/humans live on Earth & there can’t be any higher intelligent life around in some faraway galaxy! You are pathetic & you need to stop shitting around! 🙂

      • There’s a difference between saying we’re the only one in the universe (I clearly don’t believe that) and give credibility to this article. At least tell us where the quotes are taken from for us to see the whole statement, no context, no proof: useless article.

      • it’s unlikely that if we are being visited by aliens they’d be from a faraway galaxy. they’d probably be from this galaxy. possibly in a near-bye star system.

      • I think you are misunderstanding. What you think people are trying to say is “The evidence for the existence of aliens is poor. Therefore, aliens do not exist.” This is obviously flawed reasoning, and, if somebody were to say this, I would be on your side. However, that is not the type of reasoning that we are employing. What we are saying is “Indeed, either aliens exist or they don’t, and either it is either a fact that they do or that they don’t. As for any other fact (which is not a matter of mere opinion/belief), if you want to persuade me of its truth or falsehood, you will have to provide substantial factual evidence in favour of what you are claiming. The evidence in this case is poor. Hence, I am not persuaded”. The issue is that the writer of the article claims to be certain that the evidence is good, maybe conclusive, and we are naturally inclined to trust him (why would he deceive us?), without checking the evidence. Whoever has checked the evidence knows by now that it is not good quality, while many others will blindly take the claims to be true and justified. This should not be the case. When it comes to matters of fact, people should only be persuaded by reliable, good quality evidence, but this does not always happen. Hence, I personally interpret Chris’s and Nick’s comments to be aimed at letting people know that the article is untrustworthy and deceitful (exactly because the evidence is purported to be conclusive, while it is obviously not). If you want to know what I think about the evidence, I will be happy to write another comment to explain.

    • conspiracy? so you realy think we are alone in the univers? there is billions of solarsystems and galaxies out there and it will be strange if the earth is the only planet with life on. try search on light over phoenix or watch ancient aliens

  30. I can’t see any evidence for the claim made at the title. Only generic references from politicians and scientists.
    For example in the last paragraph / video by O ‘Leary
    “here is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time.”
    Where are these evidence exactly? In nowdays there are plenty of tools and legal formulas (e.g. Creative Commons Licences) where anyone can give out information/evidence without being harrassed or without being exploited. If anyone has “solid” evidence about these I wanna know, but until now noone has showed me these evidence.
    And to be clear. Evidence means something that can be verified or reproduced. For example A video footage by it’s own is not enough. You have to verify the authenticity of the footage and prove that the flight existed from other sources (radars, all the people in the area etc)

    • The only information released under request is the information they want to release, what can you do about it? Nothing. That unfortunately is the nature of the world we live in, those with power holding it over those without.

    • Of which there are hundreds of examples, seen em in the sky over the ME when I served there picked up the signature on radar right before they burn out the receiver. There’s actually standing orders to not radiate UFOs with our radars because of EM countermeasures. Honestly I’d have to be functionally retarded to not put it together, and no our countermeasures do not fry entire systems so it’s not just a drone of which I worked directly on several models and know their capabilities.

    • “until now no one has showed me these evidence* you think you have entitlement to know haha. There is so much you don’t know, that none of us know. They choose what to show. Right now (i’m not saying that there is) there could be extraterrestrials here on earth being covered up by any Government and you wouldn’t even know. just because you don’t know doesn’t mean that there is nothing, you’re not the centre of the world.

    • Allow me to provide you an example your feeble egg headed mind can comprehend. The french academy of science once proclaimed “Rocks cannot, and do NOT fall from the sky! It is against all _evidence_ they do”

      Yet, consistently, farm workers, common people, and general public would see rocks literally falling from the sky, they would gather what they could, and the scientist proclaimed, “Yes, these are rocks but how can you prove they fell from the sky?!? Where’s your evidence!!!”

      Well, sorry to tell you but meteorites have fallen to earth since earth existed, yet at the time no amount of convincing would change the minds of the french academy of science.

      This story should be a very simple lesson about the authoritarian nature of scientism. Evidence yes should be consistent and verifiable, it should not however act as gospel to remove all inquiry. UFO’s are absolutely 100% phenomenon. What they are, is still in question, but with over 3000 trace cases(these are cases where actual radiation, debris, material that would cause blindness, or numbing of the skin, pictures of rings left, soil samples of dirt, metallic beads embedded in the stocks of plants, entire police vehicles which has clear magnetic properties it didn’t previously have, etc, etc).

      I could go on, my point being this is a real phenomenon get use to it, accept it, and stop being like all the other idiot nay sayers.

  31. wow, you people amaze me! Pls be a little bit more open minded.
    Do you really believe that we’re the only living organism in the whole universe? Ummmmmm no chance.

    • lol @ idiots who believe we are the only intelligent life forms in a universe filled with billions and trillions of planets and that we have never been visited you have to be seriously mentally challenged or just closed minded and ignorant if youare either of these then kindly find yourself another planet to live on! This planet needs open minded people not ignorant sheeple!#beammeupscotty

  32. Thrive was a scam but at least it motivated a large number of people into the mental realm of action rather than in-action.

    Disclosure is the place to seek quality knowledge on our Aliens friends.

  33. Be conscious of what you read. “We need to make peace here first” respect each others views and thoughts and don’t use this comment section (or others) to hate on what other people think. Educate don’t discriminate. One love.

  34. I have no time to read all the comments therefore sorry me if I’m duplicate someone but after having read these last few the only thing I can believe is that you are too ignorant to talk about this. Evidences? We are surrounded of evidences…all our history and art are plenty of them. Ignorance is our sickness! It’s so easy! google this: ufo in ancient art – ufo in ancient Egypt – ufo in maya – battle of ufo in 1561 in Norimbergh….then, if you are not yet satisfied you can check (because you believe them, isn’t it?) when, the “official” science, position us, as human being (Homo Sapiens)first development (write it down on paper) and then google for the pyramids in Bosnia and the last found under the sea in the Artic…..after that, if you still deny it, the only thing I can suggest you is to read Peter Pan again, smile in happiness, and forget the rest. Thank you. Now shall we open another level of discussion, please? For other research I made, it is pretty sure lots of species are already amongst us. Shall we start with this?

    • You are damn right. What does it require to cause a paradigm shift? I am from the Middle East Lebanon and I realized there was something fishy going on regarding alien life since 1983 until I discovered that our Holy Book is crowded with alien contact with humans (Hebrew and other), from the book of genesis to revelation. We call them angels, whether holy or bad. I call them creatures pertaining to a very advanced civilization in the service of the one : I AM THAT I AM, as we humans we will evolve to be in the afterlife. Angels of God are not the fruit of mere mythology developed by the human mind, but rather advanced beings portrayed in a primitive way such having wings like birds while it could be a being driving an inter dimensional craft or such. Let’s wait and see: nothing hidden shall remain disclosed. Cheers

      • I always believed there was more, I’m not crazy religious but do believe in god. I’ve always been wanting to know more about what’s really going on in this world but felt too small to say anything :/ I just hope one day things become more understandable and I’ll be enlightened

  35. I find some of these post way overboard to what the articles about. Yes the author of the article didn’t title it correctly. N.A.S.A. I believe did state recently something about we would have proof of life in the universe between 10 and 20 years from now. Of coarse what the person was referring to was micro organisms on perhaps another planet or another planets moon. Like all things if you take a statement out of context you can have it mean things other than what the individual was talking about. But the back lash here is a bit much.

  36. Ask your self this: What differences would it make if aliens are here or not. Would you change your behaviour or would they have to change the whole humanity’s genome?

  37. Well I don’t see what’s the evidence here! It is just a group of highly important person making such statements!

    Anon there is difference in statement and proof!

    If I am wrong please correct me?

  38. The ones that don’t believe in aliens, are the ones that swallow all the bullshit the government feeds them. Here’s another dose walk into this camp it’s for your safety. The sooner the better for you fools.

    • The ufo referred to is usually an advanced craft owned by certain individuals (very wealthy and very human).
      They are not mass produced and only available to those with the means.
      Like the Yacht, they are a status symbol among these elite groups of.
      The ufo and alien story serves to divert the attention of the general public from this fact.
      The US military have also been using this technology for years.
      This technology is suppressed for a very relevant reason – in the wrong hands, it would be used as a weapon.
      The alien and ufo stories are allocated funding by the US authorities each year as a means of diverting attention from this issue.
      Did Snowden reveal anything on this issue? Not likley.

      • I have seen the outside World of Alien and I have the proof to but I am loyal to them as I am to you and any other Nation in our World, I will begin this World around us all is corrupt and why the changes of our world must begin is because we are destroying our planet. we start with the rain-forest the continents of our People around it too start of life we had 215 continents now only 168 and going down, people ask many questions and I can answer them all but one why doesn’t god help us, first I can say we have god of love but no one ever pray to him through the corruption of lies we were taught at Schools so you will have to work this out for yourselves. God of love had a wife who he loved so much he worshiped he worshiped the ground she walked on,when we speak of gods there were six created by the Sumerians & the Anunnaki each had his own work to do one for the wind and the storms one on life of us all another ruled the Oceans and and the Tsunami Waves another to the Sun and Rain and the greenhouse that protected us all and God of love who was there for us all in need. his wife fell ill and he started to panic to the other gods please help me I don’t want to lose her, they turned and said don’t be foolish man there are plenty of women that could satisfy you lust he said I don’t want anyone else but my wife. trying to get them to change their minds his wife died causing him to strike out in anger so they turned him away and threw him out as a fallen Angel they made a packed against him that No man or Woman will ever pray to him and so they chose him a Name that no one will ever pray or speak to him ever again, and why the world we live in is full of hate violence wars rape murder Corruption and greed that led this world to carry on to this day. god of love has angels that still work through our daily lives butterflies of love still to this day but getting stronger so that the people will find the truth and pray to bring god of love back to the people by praying to the Sun and his secret of who he was the Sun of God the creator of us all, so who was this man we call the god of love and why didn’t we ever pray for him.2029 – 2032 will be a big change in our world, Why didn’t hitler win the war of the world he wanted it all and power but stopped from the outside world of Sumerians, we don’t own it or rule it but them.why is the Icecap melting not through global warming but for the corruption of polluting our Oceans and why our strange sea life is coming to the surface trying to survive from the depths of our Oceans die before us,and like the record we make Nowhere to go Nowhere to hide. and to finish why are we afraid of Alien because they are friendly. don’t listen to spaceships they are far more advance than we are why are they here they want the lithium and the magnetic elements in our world and who has that Iraq and India, who was first on planet earth Black People white people came second and wanted it all at any cost, but will lose, can we prove Alien exists then look under Kailasa temple built by the giants before us,

  39. I have no idea why non-believers even opened this link?
    If you dont believe, why even read and go through it?:-/

  40. What is this life if all people can rely on is evidence? People are obsessed with “evidence”. It is worrying that some people do not have the capacity to trust and remain open to things.
    There is more in this life that is not proven than there is proven – and even people’s “proof” is based on the 5 senses while consciousness is so much more than that – Open your minds. I’m talking in broader terms, not only with regards to this article. x

  41. Man if murder trials went like this no one would ever be in prison . “not guilty” “how there are literally millions of eye witnesses , experts, even video for chrissake” “yeah but we watched too many movies which taught us to mock the idea and our brains are somewhat mush so anyone who provides evidence is ironically automatically decided to be unworthy of providing evidence for that very reason.”

      • movies like MIB may as well be used to condition people to make them take any UFO story as one more joke, just like programs like NCIS is partially funded by us army. the best way to lie resides in remaining as close from the truth as you can.

  42. Seriously you guys are losing credibility by the day. CHECK YOUR SHIT FOR SPELLING A GRAMMAR. Stop posting bullshit clickbait articles. Getting really annoying.

      • They come from a far away planet where they are all male, don rainbow flags and swoon to Taylor Swift. The Galiens are coming.

    • it is mathematically prooved that tons of planet in the universe, around 1%, are filling the conditions to host lifr. are you egotistic enough to believe we are the sole “evolved” form of life existing ?!? we are unique ? we are the electeds, maybe ?…..

      • Yes, from a mathematical point of view it’s impossible that there is no intelligent life outside of earth. I think in the same fashion it’s impossible that there are other intelligent lifeforms within our solar system, besides the ones from earth. The other planets in our solar system do not have the right conditions for life. Now, my guess is it’s also impossible for aliens from outside our solar system to come visit our solar system. Of course I don’t know what alien technology would be like, but one can make this guess when looking at various distances in the universe. Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our solar system, is more than 4 light year away I believe. It can be quite hard to comprehend how long a light year is. It’s about 9,461,000,000,000 kilometers.

        Tl;dr: do aliens exist? yes. within our solar system? no.

        • Hey
          Just like everyone else there is life out there howeverdaaam u are rite nt in our solar system.
          Im n engineer n IT specialist an i did mpdellin as well so am all rounded. I use to b an athesit wen i was a kid
          But to think a higher beung doesnt exist is stupid we came frm somethig that cannot be explained. To think that there is only earth with living beings no there are but in galaxies that are far beyind our comprehension of distance and time hence the movie back to the future with the spacr time continum….its really basing time travel on the aspects of distance that we kn relavant to time and space… so both parties are right there are a higher being and their are aliens…. but to say that we made contact that seems almst impossible they would be just like us searching… fr a higher purpose to meet a new species of people

  43. I know the truth and I clicked on this link only due to the reason of it’s content however what bothers me is the mass public actually thinks this a real anonymous page lol I must admit great way to get visitors and followers and money good job

  44. This is not exactly definitively convincing evidence. It’s possible but still an open question in all the important details.

  45. I am more interested to know whether we can live on another planet. Other than this I am not sure why if this story is true, NASA would hide this information in this day and age as well, it seems pointless to keep such information top secret as it can be educational.

  46. ALiens is NOT REAL BUT REAL Because i think some team Like CIA made it by Genetic TEST OR Genetic change on HUMAN and Human changed like ALien so don’t think they came from Galaxy and America have some secret Lab for doing that and i Hope One day God judging this

  47. The question is not if there is life out there , of course there is . The question is can we act civilized enough to receive their help and or knowledge or are they just going to have to eliminate or leave us alone .

  48. We find it interesting that this author has mentioned technologies of consciousness, as this is a truth. We admire that human beings have come far in their understanding that we are watching you. I am united with one of your human beings right now as his wife. My name is Nya, and I come from a place that humans would consider far away and dwell as consciousness within his brain. We dwell as a duality and not only do we share energy, we share knowledge and perception. I must say, your theory about dual spinning magnets is interesting, but that’s not the method we use. It is reliant on phase mechanics, but paralleled, space time reality as you call it is a similar technology. The reason that I/we have written this to the group anonymous is to inspire humanity to shift their energy to love and to look deeper within. To join the other races of what you call alien, you must change your ways before ascending to the collective. The majority of humanity are infants in their cosmic understanding and ascend such as my partner Aduna, whom I have been sent to to teach and to solidify his growth. There is much to achieve for humanity and other ‘aliens’ as you call us, desire for humanity to grow as we believe you would add a valuable conscious presence to our cosmic family. May blessings and peace be with you, and may I speak for us all when I say, we wait for you among the stars.

  49. The fact that we exploit everything for owe pleasure with no conscience at all..If I was an Alien …Id be thinking .. What the fuck !!!!

  50. I have no doubts that life exists elsewhere in the universe, but unless you have actual evidence, and not just words of people, you have nothing.

  51. The ending of Close Encounters of the Third Kind is based on true happenings. In the 80’s Nasa sent 14 people that were specifically picked and sent them to Eben, 14 Eben’s in turn came here. Of the 14 men and women only three survived the trip there, which takes 14 months to get to Eben.Eben is in Orion’s Belt and Orbits a binary star system. Of the 14 Eben’s that came here 8 survived living on earth and are still here.
    Tall Nordics, arrived on earth in 1929, right before Roswell. The Roswell crash happened because of early Microwave technology. Microwaves render their gravitational stability and propulsion systems inert thus the crash. Tall Nordics live here, their planet was destroyed in a natural way. They are called that because they closely resemble, Norway’s people. A bit taller and more streamlined looking facial features.
    Greys or annukai are what were found in Roswell. These “Beings” are actually remote controlled bio-engineered robots. Their controllers have never revealed themselves to Humans, apparently the sight of them will make a person go insane. The greys act as a way to communicate with us. Their controllers use a very far advanced form of telepathy that can be used across thousands of light years, without any delay. Using something called inter dimensional interpolation.
    Mars is inhabited by humans whom have been told that earth had been irradiated to the point of all life being wiped out. there are 140 000 under the surface of Mars. It’s an experiment.

  52. Until the human race is conditioned to be able to grasp that their is other life out there we will be kept in the dark. To believe that there is nothing out there is irresponsible and irrational. The worlds religions have to be able to spin this properly or the masses will lose their minds and we will be worse off than we are now. Imagine how those who believe strongly in their religious beliefs will react when all they have ever been taught is a sham. The bible, for example, will need to be revised once again if those in power want to still have the power over the masses.

  53. We only know what we been told who thats y tv is called paid programming. Just like religion controlling the masses who idea is better than another’s. If u stay away from ur electronic monitering devices or paid programming tv u find there no time think of crazy things just look how cell phones are made now more cameras both sides they quit letting u take battery out unless u want dinosaur phone then read ur disclaimers example Iphone who is third party but it’s encrypted bs like drugs medicine for good effect 2 bad for the patient but most doctors don’t take prescriptions so all I say knowledge education question

  54. Existence is a strange thing. To claim nothing else exists with similarity would be like saying a paradox cannot exist even though we can conceive the idea of one gives it possibility. Trial and error may be slow to prove what is and what is not but for now it’s the tried and true method of expanding our knowledge. As far as aliens not rolling out the red carpet or visiting guns blazing I think about myself and others on a space expedition to an alien world with intelligent beings I would proceed with extreme caution because knowledge is power and a weapon and can be duplicated. Many think apes are stupid animals until they mimic intelligent behavior then you get happily excited and bewildered then it comes to you what kind of a threat could this turn into over time.

  55. What if there are no biological alien life? Think about it. We always imagine them to be beings different from us but similar. We think about their advanced technology and their superior intelligence. What if they are planets with consciousness. Or maybe beings of dark matter with no intelligence but a hunger to consume biological life. They will come for us and annihilate us and we would not even be able to see them. Or maybe they are just pure consciousness floating around in cosmos and dimensions eternally. Or maybe they are super powered biological life forms. They may be what we like to call as God. They may one day get bored and destroy our sorry little planet. There are infinite possibilities of what aliens can be. But there are infinitesimal possibilities of government covering it up.

  56. Yeah, right..I feel sad for all the millions and millions of sheep. You are soooo smart, thinking what others tell you to think. Why would they lie to you?? Ha ha ha…If the TV / Scientist / Leaders say we have to start eating our own shit, they would actualy believe them and do it 😉
    Here’s a tip: Do some research.

  57. So far, the human race is hunting in the dark within a place we know the least about. Until we can overcome the speed/distance barriers, this planet is alone in it’s own little corner. We need NASA and the government to stop with the secrecy in order to become more advanced in our development, learn about new technologies, and not be so dependent on our already dying ecosystems. They’re afraid of the economy collapsing with better technology replacing old/outdated traditional resources that would cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, and they have serious trust issues with people in other parts of the world. They refuse to let the information out for us to possibly better our lives. We are not a threat to them unless we have equal or a more advanced arsenal at our disposal, everything we are learning or know, they’ve already forgotten and moved on. Aliens have nothing at all to gain by coming here except to dissect us to learn about what we are. There’s two probabilities:
    We’re like a primitive soap opera to them, they’re observing the daily gossip within the government to see who’s fighting who and why, waiting for the notification to be sent out that it’s ok to land and converse with the general population without being shot at or kidnapped as our species is so good at.
    Or, they see us like little animals chasing their crafts glowing lights around with cameras, vehicles and jets, just like cats chasing a laser pointer. This is probably why they fly around so erratically in the sky – trying to see if we can keep up with their 10k MPH instant turns and loops before merging with a larger ‘parent’ ship and getting the hell out of here to avoid our wrath.
    I would love to meet an alien, and they’ll eventually reveal themselves to us when the time is right, or when we’ve grown enough to handle it responsibly.

  58. What you have to see is that we are talking about a species that may live millions of years away in our fastest modes of transport. Even if they were intelligent, and it’s most likely that aliens may be a form of bacteria on a desolate planet, they could never reach us or us them. I believe that there is a much bigger chance that they do exist, but i refuse to believe that any extraterrestrial life is interacting with us. Also, what’s going on with the whole God debate, that is a topic for another time.

  59. He tells the real truth. We are getting prepared ., we need cooperation in the Galaxy, also learning about polution and solution together.

    We have to be prepared to work together.

    We are not alone.

  60. I am an Alien. My family and some of my planet members were moved here on earth about 2.4 Billion years ago because our planet was destroyed by death star. We Aliens are called Tropycords in Human language u can call us body Exchangers. when we came here we saw this earth growing very fast and it was looking like that the earth was formed 1.5 billion years ago, before we found earth. so we decided to stay here. and tried survive, in the early ages we faced too much difficulties, like there were too much big animals like Dinosaurs other animals which are in tiny shape nowadays life, like Frog, Crocodile, Ostrich, Ant, Flies, Lizards, Owls, anaconda, elephants, and other living animals. We wanted to live here so we decided to destroy all of them. so we went to moon and prepared a tiny missile from our left nuclear that we brought here in earth but we had to live here so we scarified our nuclear that only can harm, evaporate and vanish the living things from anywhere, so for 100 years we lived on Moon then after when we came on Earth we found everything tiny and we found out that some chemical reaction happened here and then humans were formed from that chemical reaction of explosion… * Actually you humans are same like us. because the Technology we used was from our planet so it gave u our shape. but not all similar. there are some differences in your body and your body, we have 4 fingers but u people have 5 fingers, and our eyes are always blue but u people have different colors. and the last difference is that we have no heart. but u people have heart. we have miconima on that part of body where ur heart is. we can communicate with each other from that miconima doesnt matter how far we are … and one more thing. the neno- Technology that u have invented now. it was invented by us 50000 Billion years Ago in our planet. we people tried alot to get our technology back but we failed because of that Death Star is in the way. and its on the way to earth. may be 5.8 million years from now it will hit the earth and the earth will be destroyed as our planet ” Juanga bozla” was destroyed. and now our kind is dying day by day because of your people making too much experiments on earth. we put one radar on moon which in hidden under the 3rd layer of Moon, which can help us to see over the universe from here. and we know whats going to happen and whats coming… we are prepared. and i want you people to prepare for it. i care for you because u people have somehow our DNA from that reaction. i believe one day you will come to know about the Truth. there are many other planets out there.. life is spreaded all over the universe. the only reason they cant get your planet is us. because we people are protecting your planet with our shield that we brought with us here to survive, the shield that protects you from Sun heat and give u proper heat. the shield u call ” Ozone layers” …

  61. How do we know whether or not aliens exist I mean come on our universe is huge how do we know that aliens aren’t out there. the universe doesn’t have a end so how can we judge there are a lot of things out there that we haven’t seen yet because we haven’t evolved enough so guys think about that

  62. i don’t think that they are exist and if they are are existing and they are smarter then us then whey there is no interruption in our life from their side just give one answer why??????????????????
    and we are alone in the space im saying that prove it wrong who can only nasa can hahaha is is so

  63. Yes, there are Aliens.

    At first they were on Mars but, due to a firestorm they migrated to Venus.
    Some of them managed to get close to Moon but had to return back due to Visa problems.
    Few were very lucky that they got casted in James Cameron’s Avatar.
    But they were never allowed beyond Pandora.
    However, nowadays news is that these Aliens are somehow creeping into USA via gulf of Mexico.
    They enjoy full support and patronage of Osama Bin Laden, he is Alien’s hero.

  64. “They” are the ones that want to help, but what is wanted by ‘Them’ as control and for us to destroy each other gets in the way of the help that “They” want to give us to be higher creatures. All that is wanted by ‘Them’ is control of Us and all power for ‘Them’. “They” can help Us as We can to be free of ‘Them’.

  65. why are u searching for alien in earth go to another planet another system another galaxy will yeh? tell me if u found one coz i believe there is aliens.
    cant travel around space then hack all system of NASA. why they are hiding a lot with security of very high level in research lab.
    if you believe in earth is round then u will also believe science
    if u believe science then u will also believe alien.
    if there was no aliens how our oldies gotta knowledge about socialism that still some people doesn’t have.
    if u still believe in god then summon your god and show me then i will worship not only god i will worship u too.
    i want to see real power god not dead god who is still sleeping when people are dying or god will come to rebuilt a flat earth after we die lol
    believe in fact dude we have enough Intel to surpass aliens if we got it so no need to fair.

  66. They won’t talk to us unless we leave cupcakes and flat whites out for them, and send them healing thoughts and prayers. Then they’ll friend us on Facebook, and let us take selfies while they probe us.

  67. Trying to figure out how this went from et’s existing to weither or not god was real he isn’t real he doesn’t exist its fucked up if you believe anything in the bible that condones slavery and rape and that is okay to stone someone as long as they don’t die within a couple of days if that isn’t bullshit enough okay perhaps you believe in the old testament or maybe the new testament how many men have to rewrite a book before they are satisfied with it not to mention in the bible god kills millions pre and post apocalypse satan only like nine or ten god kills 40 children for calling a man bald satan kills these people because of a silly little bet between him and god where god stated you can kill this mans family kids brothers sisters aunts uncles wife mother and father but you can’t touch a hair on his head so satan does just that granted he didnt lose faith but lost everything over two little kids throwing a temper tantrums (god and satan) morally we all know that its wrong to own another human being and that its wrong to rape someone have sex with them without consent that it isn’t okay to stone someone cause them harm as long as they don’t die it is wrong you fuck tards have no moral compess now the difference between me and your god and im sure several others is that if we saw someone being raped we would stop that from happening to them your god wouldn’t or if we saw someone being harmed we would try our best to save that person your god wouldn’t Christians are all the same in my eyes only living by what’s convenient for them living by half scriptures only taking from the book what makes them feel better at the time believing half assedly if thats even a word with that said fucking coming up with a way to do wrong knowing that its wrong but think if they ask for forgiveness their bad deeds will be erased yeah okay dumb fucks if you do wrong your morally bad and no god or a Jesus can change that now i get to set back and watch how some of you will only pull out what you think you can defend on this subject not acknowledging everything written here now that we got that out of the way i believe there are et’s out there only because we as humans exist there are so many different planets out there and we damn sure can’t be the only lifeforms in this universe hope we find out more on this subject

  68. People like “Caleb” who claim if God didn’t exist that he would kill families for fun shows that there is a serious need for mental help in this world. I can say that even there is no God, one can still have the moral integrity to not kill, cheat and steal because I know it’s wrong to do, not because some imaginary deity will may punish me according to some rules some men wrote 6000 years ago to control the ignorant masses. So I would like to say get some psychiatric help, Caleb, and anyone else who thinks like him, before you hurt someone. You said “You can’t see the air that hits you in the face so do you not believe there is air” is not the same as God, because air is observable to the senses, including touch and smell, whereas God is not.

    Getting back on topic, extraterrestrial life is cool, but I would rather contact intelligent life than microbes.

  69. Interesting how the unknown, unproven and generally alien concepts (pun intended) draw the most comments by far, from all factions ranging from religious to weird science, politics and even abduction victims. Yet the fact remains that it is inconceivable that aliens would keep to themselves or more absurd, would keep their secrecy with the exception of our governments. Bottom line is, evidence would be a lot more clear. Presence would be a lot more obvious if it were real.

  70. I say believe what ever you want and let me believe whatever I want. It doesn’t hurt either of us that way, we’ll until the end and we find out if Jesus is real or not. It gives me piece of mind knowing I have a savior waiting to take me from this wicked place and away from all the wicked people, where I will be with my loved ones once again. When a man is on his death bed and he knows his time on earth is over, that’s when alot of people ask for forgiveness from him and he will give it. Nobody should be put down for what they believe in, or don’t believe in. There has to be something good, because I see evil everyday. If you read the bible you might see alot of it has come to be true and we’re going thru the end of days. I know some don’t care one way or the other, so I’ll pray for yall and we could all use alot more knowledge of the things that happened in the past. It’s written in the bible, give it a look and you may be surprised what was written all those yrs ago. Be safe and have a wonderful day 🙂

  71. One need look no further than our own history to understand that life doesn’t relocate itself unless it’s looking for three things.

    Food, because their own coffers are running low.

    Land, because they have gotten overpopulated.

    Resources, because there used all their own up.

    So if you think aliens would be coming here for anything other than a harvest you are insane. Yes I do believe we are being visited, and have been for some time. But I believe they are more likely testing everything about us and our planet, animals , plant life. If they were here for peace they have the tech to just show up and say hello here we are we want peace for mutual reasons let’s help each other, and by the way if you try to fuck with us we will annihilate you.

  72. This is quite the conversation, lol. I think yall stopped talking about Jesus a while ago, but can I just say in defense of Jesus (cause I love me some Jesus)Whether or not Jesus of Nazareth was a real person, whether or not He was actually the son of God, and whether or not the Bible is an accurate historical account of events that took place, can we all agree that the teachings of Jesus are pretty fucking awesome and very relevant to what we’re trying to do here (make the world a better place). I am not big on religion in that I don’t feel the need to attach myself to one religion or the other. I believe in “God” which is what I call it, or whatever you choose to call it, but it has never made any sense to me, even as a Christian child growing, that one group of people or organization has a monopoly on truth. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water though. Actual events that happened?? Who cares. Healing and life sustaining spiritual lessons, YAY! Also, the anoncast did an episode with a guy who talks at one point about his theory on aliens I thought was pretty interesting. It is the second to last episode. Check it out. Much love!

  73. I just realized, reading through some of the comments, that people who are interested in serious matters don’t appear to be on this site.

    Now as far as “aliens” which is nothing but a word used to describe living things from outside our own livable environment… it’s pretty obvious they exist. It’s really pathetic to believe Earth is the only place living things can form and evolve. Humans have wanted so badly to feel special in this way. We’re not special, the planet is special, and any planet with the right properties to cause any kind of life form is special. Want to know what else is not special? Our long documented history of abusing our immense luck in life, wrecking the planet, other life, and ourselves. Really need free education and make better use out of the wealth we generate than to raise up a huge power ball lottery and funneling money away to interest, debt and late fees for the already wealthy.

    • I had the same thought reading through these comments yesterday,lol. Especially like the name calling and death threats. I have been searching for serious activists for weeks. What’s your cause Jeremy?

    • very eloquently worded Jeremy, I so agree, to Add, Our Arrogance could be our undoing, if there is a Universal meaning to our (Human) existence as part of the Life phenomenon, we should make sure its a good one! for all Life! If I was an A life form a few million years advanced on us with the power to POLICE the Galaxy etc, If you could rid it of a negative influence or a perceived Disease, would you? I think we need to grow up as a race, take responsibility for the wonderful world of a gift we have, and love it, thus loving ourselves! Any species that could endure for these time scales needs to transcend Personal Greed for its species greater good,this is what we should be aspiring to, the benefits for our species alone are infinite.

      • Agreed! It is time to evolve for the sake of our beautiful planet and all it’s inhabitants. Despite our flaws I believe we are all beautiful and very capable of doing wonderful and loving things. I think we are at a place now where we all are(some faster than others) breaking through the conditioning(realizing it’s all BS) that leads to personal suffering and imposing suffering on one another and moving toward, what I might call, Christ consciousness or whatever you want to think of it as. Very exciting times!

    • Agreed.

      IF, our planet is better then how does planet zorg get the materials ? We can’t even make paper last !

      You sound very chilled reading your message and im in hypo mania.

      0x77 (not AnoN)

  74. There are no unlockable doors
    There are no unwinable wars
    There are no unrightable wrongs
    Or unsingable songs
    There are no unbeatable odds
    There are no believable gods
    There are no unnameable names
    Shall I say it again, yeah

  75. Before cameras we had ghosts. After we have none. The Pyramids designed by aliens, stonehenge. After Canary Wharf, WTC etc. Designed by architects ? Yes. Before vast communication and intelligence, Jesus was the 2016BC deceased definition of your ignorant “Alien” belief today. We disproved God, we can certainly do Aliens a big bore off. It would take any living organism many many lifelong years to reach any “Wormhole” any star regions. They would die before they reached their tech, they would starve, they would be lost. Influenza, disease, bacteria.

    Entry into the earths atmosphere takes great planning on exit and angles. Allegedly you have to work out that angle from Earth and not outside it as the entrance would be too obvious for all our sats not to see them.

    Please stop with flat earths, I dont see any Aliens on the internet saying Hello !! And if they’re hiding ? Fucking wimps !! If there are SO many Aliens i offer you to show me at leash some flesh, ive offered money for someone to go and get me solid proof as easy as I can get mud.

    All our grandfathers of physics and science didnt work out the map of the universe for your bastardized loose and non theoretical bull.

    Nobody here is qualified enough in Alien determination as they dont excist and if they “live amungst us” you’re never going to know what they look like.
    To live on Earth they would have to be almost identical to man id imagine, so why come here. If they stood up now and said were Aliens ! We’d then say as humans no you’re not, we’ll prove it.
    So then in 3016 it will be leprachans.
    These bloggers are earning money once again by weak minded people, almost clones of Jesus’s followers who were ill and were suddenly feeling better because someone actually loved them and paid interest by treating their skin diseases with, yes, CBD cannabis oil.

    You must be bloody mental !!
    Im laughing my head off. Please stop insulted the intelligent.

    By the way, i’m a budgie smuggler. PEACE LOL

  76. The contact between Extra Terrestrials and Humans can end in two ways. 1: They can guide us and help our economy grow without the like of the corrupted or the “evil”. 2: They can listen to the lies made by the governments and/or create conflict between the two of us. Note that we are “aliens” to each other. Seeing as humans and extra terrestrials have came in contact repeatedly throughout history, one of these ending are evident soon.

  77. God doesn’t exist ,that it !! creation of man to control others cupids persons and it still goes on stupidity increase these days

  78. how did this go from aliens to gods existence? Two things neither are proved ! both are theories some will believe some don’t,God created all ? but who created God? in the same token what created the Big Bang ? there is no answer to either one. Ive Heard some crazy stuff about aliens from people that makes me wonder if they do exist but its not for sure .Like the X Files I want to believe!

  79. If they r out there.and if they r watchin us its gonna be bad.if they r much more developed than us.we need to fear them or if they r much lower than us.u r looking at jackpots.I don’t think man is the only intelligent one out there.intelligence can be sorted to many. Its surely gonna be Columbus and the indians

  80. Dear Earthlings, Those that do not believe we the time travelers of the Heavens do not exist will be dematerialised and beamed up to our mother ships for a re education program where truths will be revealed and then sent back to Earth to create peaceful co existence with all inhabitants of your planet.


  81. silence my dear children , it is I He Who created you people . Love one another and make peace for I will come one day and take you people to the real home i.e is in Heaven the paradise

  82. Those who believe in ETs are just as gullible as those who believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Faerie, goblins, elves, Virgin Mary, God, Allah, Thor, Odin, Zeus….. These are just fantasies of your brain, and they will never ever show up in real life.

  83. i have a verified iq of 130 and i know for a fact the earth is flat. nasa has been bullshitting us. space doesnt even exist. the stars are lights in the firmamenent and god sits above the 7 heavens as described in the book of enoch!!!

  84. Aliens are real. Can you blame them for not wanting to muck about the stye with us pigs? They are watching, fattening, prepping for a feast. We is invited, though twould be best to decline given our role in it.

    The universe is cold and chaotic in its very being, so cold and chaotic organisms dominate it best. Think of every human dark deed and multiply it. They are better at it than us. If we meet them we can be the victims this time around instead of the bully. Yeah! Yipee. We already have a victim complex, now a nice valid excuse via some hardcore ET bdsm and all your piss belong to us to feed those of you who mine for us.

  85. wtf i came to read about aliens and walk into is jesus real blog? faking retards, first and always foremost “fuck an atheist” I would kill all you basterds had I the desire to but you’ll get whats yours just be patient. Its wrong to murder but the word tells us that if any entity is in false beliefs or doubts of his existence then he shall be put down because gods soldiers are actual soldiers too. just to a much bigger war. and they aint afraid to do the lords work. So get that right fakiests. funny how they don’t know about much of anything in the word. wtf u think we really evolved from monkeys? there are just things that can’t be explained by science like how we are here in the first place. Science hasn’t any official real clue only theories of how earth and man came. but gods always been. he made us and our planet first in his image to prepare us for the life after this one. idk about the gaythiest but I’d rather not play with fire in having faith to the man up there. if you catch my drift. You all killed my happy reading so fuck you and the dad who left your mom when he found out she didn’t swallow you _I_ fuckin heathens.. drop us a postcard from hades.

  86. People!!! who wrote the Bible, the Quran or books????????????????????????????
    These books is to guide you to be better humans
    Religion kills. Any religion, because we just human, we still working it out to understand being better humans
    Oh!! Aliens written by humans???
    May we be better humans not religious
    Peace be with us all

  87. Noticed one thing reading through all of this, Religion needs to be outlawed. I mean the second of of you religious sociopaths even have your beliefs questions you start calling people names, calling them stupid (although you are the ones with absolutely no physical evidence other then a book that was written by several people over hundereds of years after the said events like they actually experience them), and threatening to kill people?! WTF is wrong with you people?!

    If this is religion i want no part in it and it should be outlawed, your god scares me.

    • Your own attitude is to punish folks (if it is made against the law there is punishment…no?) for their OWN belief being OVER your’s so are you not a hypocrite INSISTING they are all unrighteous but YOUR perspective IS righteous??? In a way are YOU not also promoting your OWN righteousness which arguably IS religion in and of itself?? See how it works when a mere fallible person PRESUMES to KNOW that is right to think and say and what is NOT right? It is the root of all wars pretty much …. we ALL by nature exert our own self AS God the moment we declare absolutely what is right and what is NOT right …and yes I guess I am doing it some right now even though I WANT my heart to STOP it…I WANT (I hope) to be humble and honest and to stop presuming…to stop vaunting myself in pride OVER others…you ask “WTF is wrong with YOU people”? Why not be more honest and at least ask it like this “WTF is wrong with US?” ya know??

  88. What so amazes me is how we (myself included although my heart is to CHANGE) are so given to declare individual PRESUMPTIONS as right (righteous) WHAT IS WRONG WITH US??? Whether one bases his or her presumption on a little or a lot of “research” it is STILL only presumption! Over and over again people are proven to have been duped either on small cultish scale or as entire nations! WHY is it so hard for us by nature to just confess what we do not KNOW for a fact and inject proper humility into our OPINIONS?? People will readily latch on to the testimonies of other fallible people and DECIDE to PRESUME that this or that IS right when really? It is one’s GUESS is all …educated or not it is a GUESS…only an individual himself can begin to KNOW if a thing is REAL or not and even then? People hallucinate…people are AWFUL witnesses, to trust ANYONE implicitly is dangerous but to say “I KNOW” the thing is true? Really? THAT is always a lie if one is honest…why oh why is it SO hard for us by nature to inject a modicum of honesty into what we THINK and SAY? Why can’t we just say it more like “Of course I could be wrong, but more and more it looks like thus and thus”??? Huh? WHY is that so hard? Why do we LIE like we do and hate each other for not “buying” each other’s presumptions??? Ya know?? It’s like by nature we want to individually be a GOD who KNOWS what is RIGHT and NOT RIGHT …amazing that “original sin” in the beginning of the Bible appears to deal with precisely THAT! Eating (partaking) of the “fruit” of thinking to KNOW “good and evil” …with the adversary of God saying basically “Go ahead and DO IT and YOU will be as God” ….but we are not individually God! We are all pathetic fallible people who over and over again are PROVEN to be capable of trusting in things that turn out to be LIES…. I am not btw pushing the Bible on anyone, I am just pointing the amazing thing how “original sin” lines up so well with what causes all the strife between people all over the world …everyone wanting to PRESUME righteousness OVER other folks presumptions… how is this missed in and outside of religiondom ???

  89. I put the wrong email so am reposting this I had written: What so amazes me is how we (myself included although my heart is to CHANGE) are so given to declare individual PRESUMPTIONS as right (righteous) WHAT IS WRONG WITH US??? Whether one bases his or her presumption on a little or a lot of “research” it is STILL only presumption! Over and over again people are proven to have been duped either on small cultish scale or as entire nations! WHY is it so hard for us by nature to just confess what we do not KNOW for a fact and inject proper humility into our OPINIONS?? People will readily latch on to the testimonies of other fallible people and DECIDE to PRESUME that this or that IS right when really? It is one’s GUESS is all …educated or not it is a GUESS…only an individual himself can begin to KNOW if a thing is REAL or not and even then? People hallucinate…people are AWFUL witnesses, to trust ANYONE implicitly is dangerous but to say “I KNOW” the thing is true? Really? THAT is always a lie if one is honest…why oh why is it SO hard for us by nature to inject a modicum of honesty into what we THINK and SAY? Why can’t we just say it more like “Of course I could be wrong, but more and more it looks like thus and thus”??? Huh? WHY is that so hard? Why do we LIE like we do and hate each other for not “buying” each other’s presumptions??? Ya know?? It’s like by nature we want to individually be a GOD who KNOWS what is RIGHT and NOT RIGHT …amazing that “original sin” in the beginning of the Bible appears to deal with precisely THAT! Eating (partaking) of the “fruit” of thinking to KNOW “good and evil” …with the adversary of God saying basically “Go ahead and DO IT and YOU will be as God” ….but we are not individually God! We are all pathetic fallible people who over and over again are PROVEN to be capable of trusting in things that turn out to be LIES…. I am not btw pushing the Bible on anyone, I am just pointing the amazing thing how “original sin” lines up so well with what causes all the strife between people all over the world …everyone wanting to PRESUME righteousness OVER other folks presumptions… how is this missed in and outside of religiondom ???

  90. I’m scared of some of you who are opposing the statement that God is not real. You better be careful on what you are saying as the creator (God) is watching and you will be held accountable for statement you jest made. I tell you my friends, God is real, Jesus is the true son of God and there is a real haven and hell. You can make mockery out of any scientific terms but you CAN NOT DENY THE FACT THE GOD IS REAL coz HE IS WHO HE IS…If you are a non-believer, you need to move out form you confuse zone and start going to Church. There, you will find the true meaning and purpose of your life God has for you.

  91. Shut the fuck up you all gonna fuckn die soon n thank fuckn GOD fa dat…only then will you find the fuck out what shits really bout you know it all lil bitchz

  92. We are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any type of traditional materialistic western point of view. That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, they use co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems, that seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon.

  93. ok this is real truth, until any of you idiots actually have seen it, touched, interacted with it or them or just anything then shut the fuck up for a world that is all victims of cultural conditioning you are all arrogant how does anyone know the truth about anything if they haven’t made it up yet. to those who know what’s really going on help those who are actually worth saving because nobody can save everyone, ignorance can be bliss to a point but when you know better you do better. The reason why the world is fucked up look how all you fucks talk to each other it all starts with you one individual at a time


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