London Terror Attacks: Brits are celebrating ‘beer-hero’

Rush? Panic? Not for the guy on the right. He has totally different priorities... Photo: Twitter / Howard Mannella


Photo: Twitter / Howard Mannella

Rush? Panic? Not for the guy on the right. He has totally different priorities… 

On saturday evening, a white van hit pedestrians on London Bridge at about 22:00 p.m. (BST) before three men got out and start stabbing people in nearby Borough Market with large knives. Nearly all people are running away in panic and shock in the direction showed them by police.

Only one guy seems to take it easy.

And Twitter loves him for that!

As everbody around him is running, he is walking calmly so he wouldn’t spill any drop of his precious drink.

This guy will surely turn into an internet meme.


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  1. Liquid IQ, run rabbit run…………..

    Those lads are emulating the ‘baby boomers’, running off with the ‘great’ from the title Britain.

    Grow a fOOcking spine and stand ya ground…….


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