10 Rules For Dealing With Cops, By A Cop


Neill Franklin, as a 33-year law enforcement veteran and former training commander with the Maryland State Police and Baltimore Police Department, knows that it is pretty easy for the cops to intimidate citizens. Therefore, he shares with the public top 10 basic legal and practical survival strategies for handling police encounters, even the most frightening ones, in a 40-minte docudrama film 10 Rules for Dealing with Police.

According to Neil, the most important message is that it doesn’t matter what the officer says (because they are trained to shake people’s confidence); one must remain calm and protect his/her rights. The notion that “cops can do whatever they want” will remain a notion if people are educated about their constitutional rights. Police can be held accountable, both on the street and in a court of law, and police abuse and misconduct can be checked if the public knows how to protect its individual rights and recognize injustices against others.

10 Rules for Dealing with Police aims at reducing the tension between cops and the communities they serve. Remember to remember these and use them fearlessly before you move out of your home next time!

RULE # 1. Always be calm and cool: a bad attitude guarantees a bad outcome.


RULE # 2. Remain silent: what you don’t say can’t hurt you.

National Moment Of Silence Held For Victims Of Police Brutality

RULE # 3. You have the right to refuse searches: saying no to searches can’t be held against you.


RULE # 4. Don’t get tricked: remember, police are allowed to lie to you.


RULE # 5. Determine if you’re free to go: police need evidence to detain you.

Russian police detain a participant

RULE # 6. Don’t expose yourself: doing dumb stuff in public makes you an easy target.


RULE # 7. Don’t run: they’ll catch you and make you regret it.


RULE # 8. Never touch a cop: aggressive actions will only earn you a more aggressive response.


RULE # 9. Report misconduct: be a good witness.


RULE # 10. You don’t have to let them in: police need a warrant to enter your home.

Residents watch as police officers search house to house for the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings in a neighborhood of Watertown

Source: http://truthseekerdaily.com/2015/01/10-rules-for-dealing-with-cops-by-a-cop-2/


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  1. These rules only work if the cops follow the law but the majority don’t,these days every contact with law enforcement is like interacting with a violent gang.

    • Your car could be off the factory show room floor and he’ll still find something. The dogs are trained to hit on cue whether they’ve detected something or not.

  2. ive known several people that have refused a search and brought dog that always hits to end up finding nothing except inconvenience you by holding your car for days,trashing it so how is it we have a right to refuse a search when they call in a dog and do it anyways…..as far as i can tell WE dont have a right to not search but it sounds good

  3. i’ve encountered these situations numerous times until now, I’ve always been calm and polite , always asked if there was something against me or if they were detaining me. when i refused the search they still did it, but if I ever had something to hide from them that would’ve been a good proof of getting profiled and stuff…. i know some people might think they look like “pussies” if they act politely and stuff…. but since i have the right to remain silent, i have the right to refuse on something that i consider wrong or abusive then i take full advantage of those rights…

    never got my car trashed for dogs to sniff it , and i have never invited cops inside my house…. the only reason a cop would enter my house would be if i am dead !!! my house is my home , and my home is somewhere no one enters without any good , valid reason… got nothing to hide , but i don’t need to let cops search my whole damn house for a neighborhood program and stuff.. they can do their job without searching my home !

  4. 10 Rules For Dealing With A Citizen—By A Citizen

    1) Be respectful. Respect is not given, it is earned or reciprocated.

    2) Don’t cock an attitude. If you don’t want to be given an attitude from me, dont cock one with me.

    3) Don’t shoot me if I’m unarmed. That just shows everyone what a coward you are, and will lead to nothing but grief for you and your family by angered citizens.

    4) Don’t release attack dogs on me if you have me subdued on the ground. That is something that Hitler would have done.

    5) Don’t assault me with tasers, clubs, or punches and kicks if you have me cuffed. Your job is to arrest me and book me, not administer your own form of justice before a determination of guilt has been decided.

    6) If you want to use use grenades, tanks, assault rifles, and armor piercing weapons….join the marines and volunteer to go to Iraq. We don’t need Rambo on mainstreet.

    7) Being black does not automatically make anyone a gun toting gangster.

    8) Remember, you live in the same town as I do. Your family goes to the same schools and churches. We have ate lunch together in elementary school. We may have played together as children.

    9) Don’t murder our family pets. If I need to explain why, you have no business being a member of the human race.

    10) Help one of us occasionally. Perhaps do some volunteer work to show the public that you care. It cant hurt your present public opinion.

  5. It is illegal for an officer to detain you without probable cause and make you wait for a drug dog.

    The following is regarding an instance where the police illegally detained someone to get a drug dog to come sniff the vehicle.

    United States v Dewitt (946 F. 2d 1497 (1991) Tenth Circuit

    “If consent is refused, you must have reasonable suspicion of unlawful activity to detain. The reasonable suspicion factors must establish the reasons for the detention. You must be able to articulate each observation that is a potential indicator of drug trafficking or use.”

  6. #2 is a lie, the courts have ruled that your silence CAN be held against you. If you are being arrested invoke your 5th amendment rights by saying that you are requesting an attorney and that you are going to remain silent.

    If the officer is merely talking to you simply ask if you are being detained and if you are free to go and keep repeating that.

  7. None of these rules would work here in Ontario…. In the GTA the police will tell you they are above the law. Their favorite line is “we make the laws” and the “judges work for us”…. and if you see the crap the judges allow, it would appear to be true..
    Durham Regional Police are the really bad ones for it. They even have a pedophile police officer on their force….

  8. Okay, now what are the rules for if you’re being…”ethnic” while being detained by the SCREW IT I’LL JUST SAY IT. Where are the rules for if you’re caught being a Black person? I want to see those a.s.a.p. please.

  9. Why are there 10 rules for dealing with cops? I only need one rule for dealing with all people: treat others the way I want to be treated. If that does not work, I just go with the flow. I do not care if a guy has a badge or not. Unless they have learned to either dodge or deflect bullets, we are all on equal ground.

    I know one thing about dealing with law enforcement that many of you do not seem to know: the best (really only) way to prevent an officer from killing an unarmed person is for us all to always be armed. I will never be shot outside my house while I am armed. Well maybe if I were being rushed to the ER after suffering a heart attack while I was naked in my house I might be shot.

    • Don’t come here with your violent gun-toting shit, you have an equal chance of being shot if you are holding a gun or not, its not gonna stop anybody from pulling their trigger first. Armed or not you could easily be overpowered by a group of police officers. Plus there are more homicides in countries where the police force have guns, not to mention the civilian population. If nobody had guns the world would be a better place.

      • Ori, did you bother to read what I wrote. I do not want to be treated violently, so I do not treat others violently. I’m not sure why you think removing guns would make the world a better place. Before there were guns, we managed to kill one another, and we are capable of doing that now. Obviously, if someone shoots me and kills me, I believe I will probably let him off. However, if his shot fails to kill me, I will die a little easier knowing he is dying with me and that there is one less bad person for my loved ones to encounter.

        If I could remove all homicides by being unarmed amongst armed thugs, I have to say that I’ll keep the homicides. I’ve heard it said that owning a gun makes a person a citizen. That is crap. Owning a gun is of no inherent value. Owning a car will not get you from point A to point B a tiny bit faster than walking if you don’t get in it and use it. Possessing a gun makes a citizen free rather than enslaved.

        Ori, I do not know where you live, but unless things operate differently there than they do here, possessing a concealed handgun is your, as well as my, best odds of either living through an encounter with an armed assailant or ensuring yourself at least a 1 to 1 kill to death ratio. As I said previously, I do not care whether that armed assailant has a badge and the permission of its government or not. An assailant, to me, is an assailant.

        Bullets speak. Their language is never misunderstood. That’s good enough for me.

  10. Rules for interacting with the police.

    1. If you do not belong to the police, courts or are a politician, you are automatically guilty and can be beaten and incarcerated under false pretenses. God help you if you actually committed a crime, because you will serve the world’s longest prison sentences outside of countries still adhering to laws from the 4th century.

    2. If you do not have the means to fight charges in court, you do not have any rights whatsoever. The police may violate every one of your rights since you do not have the capability to force a judge to apply the law toward lawbreaking police.

  11. And yet the police sick the dogs on you anyway.

    “Did you know it’s illegal to pat me down without a warrant?”

    Bark! Bark! Big nasty k9 comes up and jumps all over me.

    And the police wonder why we’re all mad when they come on forums like these…

  12. If you’re black, following some of these rujustifying whatever the cop wants to do to justify the situation.

    Rule 2 will just piss the cop off, and be considered probable cause.

    Rule 3 will start an argument and end up with you arrested or shot. Police don’t accept no for an answer.

    Rule 4 is true, but you are required to believe the lies at the time, or risk being arrested or shot. If they can lie, how are you supposed to know what your real rights are?

    Rule 5: I thought they can detain you for however long they want, seeing who is the most stubborn.

    • WHY do people always make this a race issue??? What you see in the news isn’t all there is going on, I can promise you that. If you act like a dumbass, I can promise you that your outcome will be the same whether you’re black, white, Asian, man, woman, whatever! Guess what else?! There are black cops!!! What happened to Freddie was wrong and I truly hope those assholes get what’s coming to them for it. But not all cops are like that. And if you think they are, please don’t ever call them for help if someone has hurt you or a loved one, if you’re in trouble, etc. Deal with it yourself if you feel that way. THIS IS NOT A RACE ISSUE, THIS IS AN IGNORANCE ISSUE. Those men that killed Freddie were hardly cops… they were assholes hiding behind a badge they never deserved. That hardly represents all of America’s police force.

        • Just because 2 cops were black doesn’t mean it’s not a race issue. A society issue is not just a white man issue, it’s everyone’s.

      • Being “colorblind” is the worst thing you could do to actively improve society. If you refuse to become aware of the blatant racism that surrounds us, then I’m sorry but you participate in the issue. Being of a certain nationality definitely influence the outcome of the police actions, and i honestly wonder how you could not notice that… Additionally, there’s the whole class struggle that you can’t ignore, and that is directly linked to african-american’s history.

      • Since black men are being disproportionately arrested, assaulted, and/or murdered by police this is very much a race issue. You are correct in saying that not all cops are bad though. When we start seeing white people treated the same way black people are then we can stop thinking this is a race issue.

        • You don’t see the bad treatment of white people because the media doesn’t report it. You never see it or hear about it…..It doesn’t “sell”……

        • If we start seeing black people treated like white people then maybe we can start seeing some positive change.

          • If black people started acting like white people then maybe we would see some positive change. 😀

        • If you look at FBI statistics, actually there were more whites killed by cops than blacks killed by cops last year. The media doesn’t publicize this because it doesn’t cause any shock or awe. So it really isn’t as much of a race issue as it is an issue with piss poor cops who have no morals

    • Rule 2 will not be probable cause. Keeping silent is something you have every right to do. Be polite, answer questions that wont incriminate yourself (aka, im driving to work, i did not realize my headlights out, etc.) For rule 3, They need to either smell weed or see needles or whatever for it to be considered probable cause. You politely tell them you would prefer to remain silent. Always, always say it as polite and respectfully as you can, but you CAN and SHOULD refuse searches if they don’t have a warrant. PERIOD. The have no right to search you without a warrant or probable cause, and you not wanting them to go through your shit is not probable cause. Rule 4, your real rights are listed above. The cops are also required by law to read them to you upon request. You have the right to remain silent and not be searched for no reason. Most cops won’t flat out lie to your face because then you’re probably gonna get off when it comes time for court because the cop lied. Rule 5, they cant detain you longer than 24 hours without probable cause. They can hold you up to 96 hours if you’re suspected of something serious (aka, murder). And you can be held for 14 days if they think you’re a terrorist. For any normal black man or white man, if you refuse a search and they have no probable cause, they’ll probably let you go as long as you’re polite and respectful. If you’re unlucky enough to get detained, they cant keep you for more than 24 hours without charging you unless you killed someone or blew up a building or are a member of al Qaeda or some shit.

  13. Cops need to understand one thing when dealing with the citizens now. If they try to act like assholes to us, we will be assholes to them. They treat us with respect, we will treat them with respect. Its that simple

  14. Don’t you know today freedom in our country is an illusion. Except the mindless drones can’t see it because they are too busy being fed bullshit propaganda and gobbling it up. Wake the hell up people!! You are missing the bigger picture! You are being strategically distracted so you don’t focus on how you’re rights are being stripped away bit by bit until you wake up one day and realize you have no control and it’s too late.

  15. But yet a cop can touch you? I mean seriously..a few weeks ago,the local cops were on the lookout for a runaway. I was just standing at the corner,waiting for the crosswalk light to change(had my earbuds in blasting BFMV. I guess I resemble the child they were seeking. I did not see or hear the cop((seeing how my attention was on the crossing signal and my music) Dude walks up behind me,grabbing my shoulder hella hard((witch for me causes a huge panic reaction)) I jumped seriously high from panic


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