Israel: Soldier calls shot boy as “son of a b****” and shoots again (Video)


A viral video is quickly spreading in social media in which an IDF soldier at the border fence to Gaza shoots at a boy and calls him a “son of a bitch”. The military is investigating the case. The recent protests in the Gaza Strip have already cost 32 lives.

In the Gaza Strip, the people and representatives of Hamas are protesting against the blockade by Israel. Since the outbreak of the protests on March 30, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, 32 Palestinians have been killed and 1,296 injured. The injuries were caused by live ammunition and rubber bullets.

According to Haaretz, the Israeli military is now reviewing the video, because the use of sharp missiles requires the permission of the highest ranked commander. Critics of the Israeli approach feel the video confirms that the IDF fired on blameless Palestinians, even when they pose no danger.

The video should have been recorded a few months ago. The first voice heard in the video asks:

“Do you have a cartridge in the barrel?”

The second voice answers:

“I do not see anything because of the cable. (…) There’s a little boy.”

Then the shooter hits the Palestinian. In the video a cheering voice can be heard:

“Wow, what a video. Yes!”

Then one of the two says:

The son of a bitch. Which video. Go, run and get him out of there. Of course I recorded it.

In the further course of the video you can hear:

(…) What a legendary video, (…) he flew through the air! (…) son of a b***!

According to Israeli law, the IDF may shoot at people approaching the border with the intention of crossing it illegally and being 100 meters or less from the fence. The border is secured by two fences. If a person enters the area between the fences, they may be shot in the lower part of the body.



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