19-Year-Old Hunter Sparks Outrage On Facebook With Photos of Killed Rare Animals


A self-proclaimed teenager hunter has recently sparked outrage on social media, after posting countless photos of her posing next to the rare animals she has killed. 19-year-old, Kendall Jones was just 14-years-old when she shot her first rare animal, the white rhino.  A petition demanding the removal of the photos from her Facebook account is currently in circulation.

The young hunter had developed the urge to shoot things when she had first visited the continent at age 9. Among the animals she has killed are elephants; she defends these kills by stating that by  killing the large beasts she is able to help feed many hungry villagers. Watch the full story in the video below.

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  1. This is kinda old news isn’t it? I used to follow her on facebook just to see what the fuzz was all about – ages ago :).

    However – many people seem to think that the meat is produced in a factory or at the shop.. Many is not aware that hunting is needed, and is a huge advantage in the end. I do not like the way she shows off her kills just like it was stuffed teddy bears though.

    I do not appreciate endangered species being killed. But as I understand it, what she does is perfectly legal – but I don’t know the truth of course… It’s just something very wrong with the way she shows off, and the way she blogs about this stuff. But again, something is very wrong with a lot of people who blogs about a lot of things these days.

    So, for what I care – the pictures can be taken down and away from the internet – but let’s pay attention to real dangers instead, like illegal hunting of these animals, cutting down rainforests and so on… :).

  2. She claims to feed villagers by paying them for her safari rides and her dirty work but she is not accounting for the bad damage she is doing to our ecosystem.

    • Wow you are some kinda stupid. Do some reading up on conservation before you write something stupid like that. Damage to our ecosystem? Conservation HELPS our ecosystem you dumb twat.

    • Damages to the ecosystem? You’re kidding, right?

      Conservation is necessary for the ecosystem to stay healthy.

      I’m just saying, killing endagered species is not right no matter if it’s legally done or not, but the fact here is that most of the people being outraged is being so because of the way she do it – show off her dead teddy bears, and because they think it’s illegal or because of the immortality it shows. Most outrage in cases like this is not based on facts and that is whats pissing me off.

  3. If she’s that rich she doesn’t need to kill helpless animals, she could spend a bit of her money to feed the poor… little hypocrite with no knowledge of life.

  4. so, y’all are mad cus she poses with the trophies she has legally hunted? How about the hackers like anonymous who rob people’s personal bank accounts? Justification of actions is only valid in the eyes of the person who view them. But, if she isn’t poaching for monetary gain, then there really is nothing wrong with what she is doing? Instead of attacking a 19 year old for her hobby why don’t you cover the poachers and the Chinese who hunt the endangered species for their own personal gain. Wow, I used to think annonymous was in this for the rights of the people, to live peacefully and securely from the prying eyes of big brother. Defenders of each persons right to say and do as they like. Now I see their liberal left wingers who have their own personal agenda…SMH.

    • Hey idiot!!!!. There was a time where slavery was legal, and that doesn’t mean it was morally correct!.STUPID MOTHERFUCKER!.

    • of course you are holding a gun in your picture! if poachers would show off on FB they would be attacked too, there is a reason why they dont… From the bottom of my heart I hope you shoot yourself on the balls so you cant pass on your double digits IQ

    • That activity that you called a “hobby” is already beyond its limits. “Instead of attacking a 19 year old for her hobby why don’t you cover the poachers and the Chinese who hunt the endangered species for their own personal gain.” B*tch please, WHY NOT BOTH??!! I just can’t imagine how someone who saw the pictures of rare animals that was killed by that girl can still be in favor of her. And about the statement “by killing the large beasts she is able to help feed many hungry villagers”, I find it F*CKING NONSENSE. If she really want to feed the villagers, she may use her money and buy their needs. After all she just want to have these animals as HER “TROPHIES”. Idiot in favor of another Idiot.

  5. She is totally getting pleasure out of killing exotic animals, and unfortunately the animal kingdom has already been picked to the bear minimum it is today (almost all animal life destroyed). These are trophey kills to this girl. It has nothing to do with feeding people as other sources of food do exist and could be made available.


  6. Another stupid rich girl, we have to destroy all that stupid rich people, who thinks they can do whatever they want just because they have money!. They are the ENEMY!.

  7. It’s clearly the way she was raised, I’m sure it’s hard to appreciate anything (even animals) when you’re handed everything in your life. Sad.

  8. Wow guys you are a year behind. ..she was a cheer leader here at texas tech and since dropped out cuz of all the attention … im sure she wont be going on any more hunts

  9. If she was hunting for animals that weren’t on the verge of becoming extinct I would be okay with this but she is killing white rhino, which I believe there is only like 40 of them left in the world . And as for the villagers they can hunt on their own since they have lived there their whole lives . They Don’t need some inbred ugly blonde girl killing their animals for them .

      • Hunting is better then buying fruit, veggies, and meat foriegn countries where they have chopped down rain forest and polluted the world to bring it to you.

  10. So she kills the big animal to feed the ppl. Bull Sit. Those ppl can hunt better than her. If they needed the food they would do it.
    She gives them the body and keeps the head. It’s easy for her so she don’t have to clear it away.
    Never kill for sport. Only as defense of life.

  11. If she hunts for fun and to give food to the people, she can hunt the millions of water buffalo. I certainly am not against hunting, and I find it fun, but I wont kill a rare animal just because I can do it legally.

  12. The animals that kills has little edible meat to them the cheetah for instance is completely inedible as it is pure muscle and the muscle is firm and tough example
    known fact that the lioness is so buff that when the muscle constricts during death it stiffens up to the point that its an unmovable statue.

  13. This is exactly why Americans are called by the rest of the world as idiots stupid, blind, ignorant and fools, im probably missing like 5 other words though

  14. It seems to me like may of you, because you’re urbanized & comepltely detached from nature & don’t understand the dynamics of conservation & preservations of wildland & wildlife & endangered species go, FOR NATIONAL PARKS, AND FOR NATURE RESERVES AND GAME RESERVES, while it maybe a difficult choice for many guides & rangers, when there is an over-popualtion of a certain animal & not enough spaces & resources, and due to the lack support from many hipsters commenting on this page, and gov’ts & international organizations, they sometimes have to make the difficult choice of making the oldest, sickest, and the most un-producing of the bunch “the sacrificial lambs” for the Tropy hunters, because trophy hunters pay the big bucks $100,000-$250,000 to hunt just one animal, and this money helps them buy more land, get moer animals into the reserve & support the in the park of the reserve. Just Read what one Big Cat reserver says here. The reality is & Cornell UNiversity has confirmed this, Hunter are in fact 5 times more likely than typical hipster & everyday folks to do more & contribute more to conservation of wildlife. The only way this can decrease is if we stat putting our monies where out mouth is, please read & think again before attacking her, for making a legal hunt & paying her heavy fees & not being like a poacher to kill illegally & then sells parts in the black market. http://www.tigercanyons.co.za/newsletters110.htm


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