5 Most Dangerous Hackers Of All Time


As you may know Hackers aren’t inherently bad — the word “hacker” doesn’t mean “criminal” or “bad guy.”, it means someone who tries to find solutions or alternative solutions to a problem. Geeks and tech writers often refer to “black hat,” “white hat,” and “gray hat” hackers. These terms define different groups of hackers based on their behavior.
A white hat hacker is someone working for corporations like anti-virus or firewall companies or in general trying to help society like most Anonymous Hackers.
A Gray Hat Hacker is someone who usually doesn’t work for any company and is neither good or bad, meaning that he hacks systems kinda illegaly, but still not doing any harm to the system or anyone else.
A Black Hat Hacker is usually considered as the ‘typical’ bad guy who is doing harm, either financially or by just exploiting and hacking systems to push his own limits or better to day ego.

Here are the 5 most Dangerous ‘Black Hat’ Hackers of all time:

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    • actually you know most of that too, what you really need is conviction, oh w8, you have that, hey bring a few of the lads over to Ireland, we’d love to make you a cybernest, oh man the tricks I can see comming 😀 and cead mílé fáilté

      • There’s a black op by US Defense Dept called Directed Energy Weapons on Targeted Individuals considered dissenters or undesirable for electronic torture and slow kill. Canada & Europe participates, too. The manufacturer of these weapons are Raytheon and PreciseEdge. There’s even a Natl Assoc of DE Professionals who are meeting in Anaheim, CA to discuss latest development and kill list. Word needs to get out about this assault on innocent people, the kill list and dismantle the street anchors. Also see Myron May video.

  1. LOL…This title should read “5 Most Dangerous Hackers of All Time Dumb Enough To Get Caught” … There are way more successful hackers that have operated for much longer with zero to NO detection. Those is “Dangerous” and they are laughing their ass of at this post. You should maybe look at saying “Notorious” or “Attention Whore” as a better description. I’d also remove Anonymous from the video, it’s really kind of embarrassing to be associated with a bunch of attention whores dumb enough to get snagged. Lame.

      • Thanks for posting this Lance. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn cyber security. This article shows why. Not only is there a global skills gap which leaves about 1 million cyber security jobs unfilled, but as we can see here, there will be a time when even a non-tech will need to know fundamental cyber security best practices. Everyone will need the ability to at least defend their privacy, and as more and more devices become connected, that becoming increasingly more difficult. Thats why Cybrary is doing what we are doing, everyone deserves the opportunity to learn security!

  2. Gary McKinnon – Damages were never proved and only added much later. You didn’t mention USA request to extradite with no proof either. Facts please

  3. What about julian assange I don’t see him as bad by pointing out corruption in the government but other people may see him as that IE the government of the states and australia and maybe murdoch media. But is he still not a most wanted? and does anyone know where he is now?

  4. WOW all hackers have my respect… i wish one of them help me hack UAE immigration… i was stuck in this country without a visa for almost 4 years bcuz of my old company ran way without giving me visa… 🙁 now i have to pay the price. fine of 100000 hmmmm. wish i was one of hackers friend so i can remove my things from the system and be a free man.



  5. *sigh* More crap about Mitnick, the poor sod. He’s a great hacker, but Not for his technical skill. He showed the importance of what they brush off here, people-hacking. Ex: Dumpster-dive, get in-house project name, name of project leaders etc etc, phone friday night, Thanksgiving weekend. Script: “Man, is gonna kill me! Need to update on by monday and I forgot the Can you PLEASE help me? Be a pal” Who wouldn’t? Hyped by a dip-shit journalist who wanted to sell a trash book he was persecuted not prosecuted. Wiki: Mitnick served five years in prison—four and a half years pre-trial and eight months in solitary confinement—because, according to Mitnick, law enforcement officials convinced a judge that he had the ability to “start a nuclear war by whistling into a pay phone” – FIVE YEARS in SOLITARY? The real criminals are those who lied and Tortured him without trial for five years. I’d rather be water-boarded daily. When I got out I’d be mad twice over, and I’d be going Unabomber with a vengance, big-time.

    Should have used my old alias… HEXdef6 🙂

  6. On the time mark 03min 23sec in this video is a picture of a Belgian (more specific Flemishà Police force while the voice is talking about Greece police. LOL :))))))))))))))

  7. This list is wrong, I think that Jester is easily one of the most dangerous hackers of all time he single-handendly defaced and DDOS’d over 500 websites. Not like anonymous where it might be a few of us going after one. HE ALONE, went through and took down all of those websites, and i’m sure if he wanted too he could easily intrude into US Government systems.

  8. I always wanted to be a hacker because there is so much shit each and everyday we are told that we know is bullshit and yet there is no way to find out the truth aside from “breaking the law” and finding the truth ourselves. That is why hacking is important in our society, people should fear hackers not because they are criminals but because they shine light on all the horrible things that are kept in the dark.

  9. Garry McKinnon is by far the best black hat ever seen. His coding skills were as good as they come. The bloke has Aspergers Syndrome too. A small piece of genius here in my opinion. In Scotland he was released into the care of his mother. The US tried for years to extradite him. Scotland told them to fuck off. Not sure where he is now but I bet he has a good job. 🙂

  10. if you call your self a hacker most likely your not a hacker and you cant just start hacking with a windows based operateing system thats gay as fuck you use linux to hack or exploit with mabye even dos

  11. if you are good hacker everyone knows you
    but if you are a awesome hacker no one knows you.
    bcoz the anonymity is the most important thing for a hacker
    i can target anything ,anywhere ,anytime


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