6 Million Bitcoins Hacked |Hacked|


Paul Vernon, also known as Big Vern, is the founder of Cryptsy—the international cyber currency company (bitcoins). More than a year ago, Cryptsy was hacked by the developer of Lucky7Coin. During this time, the company was recovering it’s respect and reputation i.e. paying back money to user’s wallet.

How did the hacker (developer of Lucky7Coin) manage to access Cryptsy and steal bitcoins? The hacker injected Trojan malware into Cryptsy, which helps hackers gain access to the confidential data, allowing the hacker to grab the cyber currencies i.e. bitcoins.

In total, 6 millions bitcoins were stolen by the hacker. As Cryptsy is trapped by the U.S. court’s investigations, the company must still pay money to its users. During the attack on Cryptsy, users were still depositing money into their wallet without any notification or warning from the Cryptsy.

Cryptsy called the FBI and requested that they look into their matter and catch or trace the stolen stuff, however, they failed to help Cryptsy. As a result, Cryptsy has announced that it will award 1,000 BTC to anyone who can trace the stolen stuff or catch the hacker.

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  1. Your figure of 6 million bitcoins missing is way off the mark. According to Paul Vernon as posted on blog.cryptsy.com, 13,000 Bitcoin was taken.

    These are the approximate figures taken:
    Bitcoin: 13,000 BTC
    Litecoin: 300,000 LTC

  2. The point is bitcoint is a naive and weak currency.

    Can be banned at any time and hacked/shut down.

    useless, lost money in the long run.


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